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Candy’s Daddy Ch. 04

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Monika Hollingsworth decided to risk it and let her Corvette go full out on the country back roads. She was looking forward to getting home and seeing both of her parents again. Most kids her age didn’t get along with their folks. That was not true of Monika; she thought that the sun shined on her family all of the time. She could talk to them about anything under that selfsame sun and know that they would not judge her. When she had called her mom to let her know she was coming home for Spring Break, Monika got yet another happy surprise. Her aunt Laurel was expected to arrive at the same time for a long-overdue visit. Monika adored her aunt, she was her favorite relative. Next in line was her cousin Candy, but Monika’s mom informed her that Candy would not be coming along on this trip as she was out of the country with her Daddy. Monika was disappointed, but looking forward to her family’s company. She was in a cheery mood as her ‘Vette tore up the roads. What a difference a week could make. Last week, she was seeing red.

The elfin redhead had a wide circle of friends at the university she attended. She could have gone to the university where both of her parents taught, it would have been convenient. Wisely, the 22-year old had chosen to go to a university some distance away where she could live her own life. Even still, a few of her professors knew her parents and would pass on their best wishes.

Her social circle included a number of attractive young women and men, a few of them older. Spencer Parker was one such man; he was 29 and worked for a large brokerage firm. He had a habit of throwing money around like it was confetti and he charmed all of the girls. Monika saw him and wanted to get to know him in the biblical sense of the word. She might have been petite, but Monika packed a punch. She was aggressive in her pursuit of the handsome man and Monika’s friends all knew better than to interfere with her. Within a month, she and Spencer were dating exclusively and she was over the moon about that. For the past year, Monika was sure that she had met the man she was going to marry. She even got a bit dippy about it, going through bride magazines and planning her dream wedding in her head.

Unlike her normal, in-control self, the new Monika seemed to lose herself in her relationship. Spencer liked blondes, so for a while, she bleached her hair blonde. It suited her but it was ruining her hair and scalp, so she stopped. He didn’t like girls in jeans, so Monika stopped wearing jeans. He thought running shoes or sneakers weren’t feminine, so she always wore stylish shoes, even though they took a chunk out of the money she earned at the café. She didn’t mind, she liked the added height her heels gave her and it pleased Spencer. If Spencer was happy, Monika was happy. Until the day that she wasn’t.

Monika’s social circle was tight and they were also loyal to a fault. When word reached one of them, they all convened and knew that Monika had to be told. One of her best friends told her all about it.

“Spencer is cheating on you and he has been since Day One,” Sophie told her. “He’s been boffing one of the secretaries at his office. I’m sorry baby, it’s true. We all did some digging and we’ve confirmed it. He’s a two-timing louse and he doesn’t deserve someone as sweet and sexy as you,” Sophie had said as she hugged her closest friend.

Monika was livid and she drove her car to Spencer’s condominium to confront him. She also did herself up fine to remind Spencer just what he was going to be losing. Even if he admitted it, even if he confessed and promised not to see this woman any longer, Monika was done with him. Her parents had instilled the value of honesty in her. If he hadn’t wanted to be exclusive, he could have said so from the outset. Monika might not have pursued a relationship with him, because that had been her goal, a one-on-one relationship. Still, she would have known where she stood with Spencer.

She walked up to the front door and the doorman let her in. Spencer lived on the top floor; he had often commented that he could afford the best view. Now that Monika was coming to her senses, she was beginning to see that some of his charm had been based on money and power. He could be arrogant, rude and controlling. Monika’s blinders had been removed and she now realized that she would be much better off without him. All that remained was for her to tell him that.

She rang the buzzer and the door was opened by a young woman who appeared to be close to Monika in age. She realized at once that this young woman was not Spencer’s other lover, because she had a good description of the “other woman” that she had obtained from Sophie. This stunning young woman was not she. Whoever she was, she was stunning and dressed in pretty black lingerie. “Hello, may I help you?” The girl smiled. She had a voice like honey with the vague trace of a Southern accent.

“I was looking for Spencer?” Monika asked.

“My brother is out güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of town for a few days,” the young woman smiled. “My apartment is being painted so I’m staying here and cooking and cleaning for him. He’s hopeless at that, he thinks it’s girl’s work,” she laughed. “I’m Shauna, his sister, but I guess I said that already, didn’t I?” The girl said as she held out her hand. Monika had never touched skin this soft in her life, it was like velvet. “Sorry, you caught me having a nap. I got tuckered out from cleaning. My brother might be a rich broker, but he lives like a slob. I’ve told him that he should hire a maid,” Shauna told Monika and then she covered her mouth. “I’m babbling, sorry. I’m a motor mouth. So, what can I do for y’all?” She asked.

“Not much, I guess,” Monika sighed. “I’m Monika, Spencer’s girlfriend. Well, sort of.”

Shauna put her hands on her hips and looked at Monika with a sigh. “Don’t tell me, y’all are about to be an ex. He’s done it again, hasn’t he? I’d heard all about you and thought you might be the one to put a stop to it, but …” she didn’t finish the sentence “Come on in sugar, you probably need someone to talk to. Do you?”

Monika nodded and followed Shauna into the large apartment. She had been here before and had never seen it like this. The place was immaculate. Shauna was right, Spencer tended to be on the messy side and she often found herself tidying up after him. Shauna hadn’t “tidied”; she had been a whirlwind of activity that had removed all of the debris.

“He cheated on you, didn’t he sugar?” Shauna asked sympathetically. Monika nodded. “My brother. He does have his good points sugar, he is good to me and to our parents, but he’s a shitheel as far as boyfriends go,” she said in that sweet voice. “This time, I know he’s out of his mind. You’re the prettiest little old thing I’ve ever seen,” she told Monika. “All he’s done for the last little while is talk about you and now, he’s done blown it.”

Monika quite liked Shauna; she was refreshing, open and honest, not like the “shitheel”. “I know your family is originally from Montana, so why do you have an accent?” Monika asked the lovely, delicate blonde.

“I lived in Georgia for the past two years until I split with my partner,” Shauna told her. She cleared her throat and spoke again with no trace of an accent. “I can stop if I concentrate, but I find people treat me nicer when I talk the other way.”

“Don’t stop, please,” Monika smiled. “I think it’s lovely, it sounds sexy, coming from you.” She realized what she had said and went to correct it and then stopped. It did sound sexy, Shauna was sexy. Why deny that? Monika wasn’t bi-sexual, but she could appreciate a gorgeous woman. The way that the young blonde was dressed, it was hard to miss just how beautiful she truly was.

“Okay darlin’, I’ll keep talking like this,” Shauna giggled. “I like it too and I liked Georgia. I wouldn’t have left, I was happy there, but you aren’t the only gal in this room who got cheated on.”

Monika almost used Shauna’s own words on her. “Whoever cheated on you has to be out of his mind. You are absolutely perfect, how can you improve on perfection?”

Shauna giggled and they didn’t seem to stop. “I guess Spencer didn’t tell you much about me, did he?” Monika shook her head. “He can’t quite get used to the fact that his little sister likes girls. My girlfriend Cody had a wandering eye. I didn’t mind in the early days, we even shared a few times, but it got to be a bit much. You know, it’s funny — you talking about perfection. I was thinking the same thing about y’all, I do so love redheads. It’s too bad you’re my brother’s girl or I’d go after y’all myself.”

Monika had blurted it out before she even could stop herself. “I’m NOT your brother’s girlfriend, not anymore. I mean, I …”

Shauna waved her hand and laughed. “I getcha sugar, I understand.” She looked at Monika with the purest blue eyes that Monika had ever seen. “Does that mean that y’all are a free agent?”

Monika knew what giving the answer she was about to give would mean to Shauna. She gave it anyway. “Yes, yes I suppose that it does, doesn’t it?

Shauna came over from her chair to join Monika on the couch. “In that case, I am going to do something I’ve wanted to do since I opened the door.” Monika couldn’t wait and just melted into Shauna’s arms as the younger girl kissed her. She had kissed a girl for fun a few times, but not like this. Not where her senses joined with all of her to make her feel all warm and liquid. Even Spencer had not made her feel this alive and aroused. Monika was kissing back with full desire, hoping that this would go much, much further.

“Do y’all want to take the next step, sugar?” Shauna asked her, a soft smile crossing her perfect face. “We don’t have to do anything that y’all don’t want; you are so special that I don’t want …”

“I do want, I want very much,” Monika breathed with a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri near-sigh. “You made my heart pound when you opened the door; I think you’re the most incredible person I’ve ever met. I’ve only known you for about twenty minutes and I already feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime,” she said.

Shauna’s lovely smile grew even brighter. “Well, I just finished making my bed, but I guess we can mess it up again,” she said to Monika.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Monika said with an evil grin. “Let’s use Spencer’s bed, we can make love on his bed and he’ll never know we did it — but we will.”

“Oh, y’all are positively wicked,” Shauna laughed. “I love a wicked girl, let’s go!” She ran ahead of Monika and Monika felt a flush of excitement. She had never felt feelings like this before, a desire she did not understand. She thought that she should be honest and above board with the young girl who was about to become her new lover.

“I’ve never — been with another girl before,” Monika said as she sat on the bed beside the lingerie-clad blonde. “I have friends that are bi-sexual, but I’ve never done anything. I want to Shauna, I’m not trying to back out, I’m just being honest. I don’t know if I’ll be any good, but I want to try. I want to learn,” she sighed happily as Shauna’s hand brushed her cheek.

“Y’all are just precious,” Shauna smiled at her. “I think maybe we were supposed to be here today. Don’t worry about not being any good, you will be wonderful,” she told Monika. “Y’all already turn me on some and I’m going to show you how much. We can have as much naughty fun as y’all can handle, so just lie back and let me undress you, okay sugar?” Monika nodded and gave herself over to the caring and gentle hands of the beautiful young blonde.

It proved to be the smartest choice right from the outset. Right away, Shauna touched and stroked her body, taking her time to explore Monika. She didn’t even have her shoes off and yet Monika felt stripped naked and exposed before the perfect blonde. It was as if Shauna could sense her innermost desires and urges. Spencer had never made her feel this good, not even once. She had to put him out of her mind. He was the past and Shauna was in her future. Already, the pretty redhead knew that she and Shauna were destined to become lovers for a long period of time. It was simply too magical already for it to be a one-time thing.

Monika’s breathing became shallow and labored as Shauna nuzzled her neck and touched her legs and her body. With deliberate slowness, Shauna undressed her prize. Shauna felt an intimate connection to Monika, something she had never felt before. Even the time she had spent with Cody had not awakened these kinds of feelings in her. She wasn’t a person who believed in metaphysical things, but Shauna would have had to say that she and Monika had connected spiritually.

Not that there was anything wrong with their physical connection. She slid Monika’s stiletto heel from her foot and stroked the other girl’s calves and up her legs. She wore stockings, expensive ones. Shauna knew, because she favored pretty lingerie and had worked for a lingerie store back in Georgia. She continued her slow, deliberate movements up Monika’s sleek legs, not rushing. She didn’t want to do anything that might cause the lovely redhead to panic.

Shauna needn’t have worried. From the first brush of her lips against Monika’s, the other girl had committed to this. It was sensual and erotic and made her feel cherished. She let Shauna undress her, piece by piece, enjoying the lingerie that she had worn to deliberately provoke Shauna’s brother. She wanted him to see what he was never going to have again. Now, with Shauna, the intent was the opposite. She wanted her lover to see what she could have any time she wanted it. Her heart thumped every time she looked at Shauna’s lovely face. She would have scoffed if any of her friends had talked about love at first sight and she would have been 100% wrong. Shauna’s face could make anyone fall in love and Monika knew that she was Shauna’s for as long as she wanted her.

“My God,” Shauna breathed as she saw the petite redhead decked out in black, frilly underwear. “Y’all are just amazin’, I can’t believe that y’all are in bed with me and I get to make love to you.”

“I don’t even compare to you,” Monika said in a voice that seemed to be coming from somewhere else. “You’re like a goddess from another dimension and it’s like, I’m being blessed by getting to spend time with you.”

“I love hearing you say things like that,” Shauna smiled as her eyes misted over a bit. “I guess that I’ll have to undress and prove to you that we are both beautiful.” Monika nodded as she had never wanted to see someone naked so badly in all her life. Shauna’s lingerie was peeled away almost like a striptease and she smiled the entire time she was doing it.

“Lord,” Monika gasped as she reached out to touch her new love. güvenilir bahis şirketleri “I am never, ever going to forget this moment. I think this image is emblazoned in my mind forever.”

“Let’s see if we can make a few more things stay there, alright darlin’?” Shauna giggled as she rolled into the other girl’s arms. Reaching out, grasping, kissing, licking and rubbing their bodies together, they managed to give each other an orgasm just in that manner. They hadn’t even gotten hot and heavy yet. Two lovely young lesbians knew in an instant that they had found their special love. Shauna insisted that Monika straddle her face. “I’m going to make y’all’s head explode,” she teased as she reached up to touch Monika. It only took an instant for Monika to learn that her girlfriend was not bragging. Her tongue was electric on Monika’s trimmed bush and she set off wave upon wave of pleasure in the older girl. Monika almost tumbled over, managing to use the bedpost to keep herself upright. Shauna was relentless in the pursuit of her lover’s orgasm.

“Oh God, that was intense,” Monika panted. “Please baby, please tell me we can do that again. Please tell me that it will only get better.”

“You bet sugar, lots better,” Shauna smiled, licking Monika’s sweetness from her lips. “There are all sorts of things that two sexy young women like us can do in bed. We can trib and we can `69′. I’m sure a sexy gal like yourself knows what that is,” Shauna asked. Monika nodded that she did, yes. “If y’all need to be fucked, there are ways to make that happen. I don’t like them much myself, but I have fucked a few girls with a strap-on and I always make them cum — always,” she insisted.

Monika fell back into Shauna’s arms, content in the moment. “No rush sweetheart, I’m happy just being here with you like this.”

“Say that again.”


“Sweetheart. I like it when y’all call me that,” Shauna sighed.

Monika hadn’t realized that she had used the word because it was one word she did not used lightly. She had never used it with Spencer. With Shauna — somehow, it fit. “Sweetheart,” she said softly.

“I could get used to hearing that.”

“Good, because I could get used to saying it,” Monika smiled and kissed her over and over again.

The young lovers were a bit puckish and got up to have coffee and a bite to eat. For her lover’s visual delight, Shauna changed into another pretty outfit, a blue lace teddy. “Just because I’m a lesbian doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy being a gal,” she told Monika.

“They call those Lipstick Lesbians around here,” Monika told her. “I have a few friends that are.”

“Me too,” Shauna grinned. “I guess we are too, or I am. I don’t know about y’all,” she said to Monika.

“I think so, at least for now,” Monika smiled as she made some pancakes. “I have enjoyed sex with men, but not like this. Not with the same kind of intensity.”

“Let’s finish up fast and get back to bed,” Shauna grinned happily. “I have a lot that I want to show y’all.”

“Will I survive the experience?”

“Probably not, but y’all will die with a big old smile on your face,” Shauna laughed and drank her coffee. They piled their dishes in the sink and hurried back to bed. Amidst messy sheets, Shauna showed her new love just what `69′ was all about. Monika didn’t even hesitate to eat pussy, she loved Shauna and making love to her this way was a demonstration of that love. The two lovers thrashed around the bed until they were exhausted. “Are y’all gonna stay the night?” Shauna asked her love as they cuddled together.

“When did you say that Spencer is getting back?”

“Tomorrow night.”

“Then yes, I’m staying. Who makes breakfast?”

“We can decide that later. Right now, food is the last thing on my mind,” Shauna said as her fingers drifted in the direction of Monika’s pussy.

Monika’s Corvette was nearing her parent’s home. It was almost unfathomable that it had only been a week since she had dumped Spencer and fallen in love with his kid sister. They were already talking long-term and Monika almost had Shauna convinced to move in with her. Spencer still didn’t know that she had dumped his ass or that she had traded up — with his sister. She hoped that it would knock him on his ass, although she also hoped in time he would be able to forgive Shauna. She also didn’t want to cause a rift.

She and Shauna were a couple and both of them knew it. “Let’s have some fun too, I don’t mind a little extra-curricular if I know y’all love me,” Shauna told her with a kiss. Monika didn’t think she would ever need anyone else. She had found who she wanted.

She pulled into her parents’ driveway and saw that her aunt had also arrived. Monika wondered how they would take the news that their daughter was gay. They were pretty liberal, so she was sure all would be well. She knew her aunt had been with a few girls in her youth, so Laurel would be fine. Monika wished that Shauna could have come along and her family could have seen how charming she was, but Shauna had to work and earn her half of the rent. Not everyone in Monika’s circle came from money.

Monika whistled a happy tune as she got her bags from out of the trunk of her car. Yes, a week had made a world of difference. It was nice to be home.

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