Şub 12

Captain Jack Ch. 07

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Tail Plug

What a trip this had been, I was glad to know they we were one hour out of San Diego. I would be able to get Sheree and Sandra of the boat. The trip back had been a real pain in the ass. Sheree was drunk the whole time and Sandra was bugging me to fuck her. However, I was busy with Sally, my little “sweet pea”. She had a voracious appetite when it came to her angel. What can I say the girl thinks I’m her angel? That little slip of a girl was all I could handle and I’m not complaining.

It felt good to enter the breakwater and into the harbor, we were settled in our slip and Singhi notified the passengers they could leave the ship. I watched as the limo pulled up and the chauffer came on board and took the luggage and Sheree and Sandra entered the limo and were gone.

Sally was approaching the bridge and smiling all the way.

“Should I leave my stuff in that cabin or do you want me to move it to another one.”

“Aren’t you leaving the ship?”

“Hell no, I’m not. I’m staying with my angel. That is if you want me. I know Singhi does, he told me so.”

Smiling she stood on her tip toes and kissed me, then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me one more time.

“You’re going to play hell getting ride of me angel of mine.”

“Ok, sweet pea, you’re the boss.”

We moved into the main suite and I figured that we would live there till she got tired of me. I was hoping it would be for a long time. The three of us worked like dogs to get the boat clean and ready for the next charter. Sally had two months before school stared and would live on the boat with me, then she would live with her mom when I had a charter.

I was nervous as hell, her mom and brothers were coming for dinner on the boat and I was shaking like a leaf.

When they arrived I was astonished to see her mother, sally could have passed for her twin sister except for her height, April was 5’8″ but had the same type of body. Her mom was two years older than me fifty-five. I could see that Sally had her personality vivacious and bubbly. Her brother Bill was average size, good looking and his wife was kind of mousy. She had a flat chest and straight legs, not sexy at all. Her other brother was very good-looking resembling Sally and her mom. Bill was into real estate and Robert was going to Law school.

We took them on a tour of the “Good Feelings” and they were all impressed with the -boat. Hey, a seventy-five power yacht is nothing to sneeze at. I could tell Sally was nervous.

Her Oldest brother Bill was a pompous ass and he proved it a couple of times with his statements. He asked about the boat in a condescending manner, implying that the boat was not mine. I told him the boat was paid for, and was valued at nine million dollars and I could show him the title if he liked. That shut him up for the rest of the evening. Robert was nice and mellow I liked him and I could tell he was close with Sally.

April, was a different story, she fascinated me with her elegancy. She was a real lady with a lot of class. If I had met April before I am sure I would have tried to make a move on her. She was fifty-five and looked thirty-five. She looked at me wondering what her daughter saw in me. She crossed her legs and I got a good shot of her panties and I looked away. I think she did that on purpose to see what I would do.

Her legs were long and very shapely, I tried to imagine her in a bikini and I liked what I could imagine. Gee’s what the hell am I doing, trying to undress her in my mind. Damn, those long legs wrapped around you and pulling you into her triangle. The sound of the talking brought me back to reality. There was something about her that was familiar and I could not figure what it was. It was driving me crazy.

We walked them up the gang to the parking area and said our good-bye and April gave me a kiss and thanked me again for helping her daughter. Damn, she smelled nice and as she kissed me, it felt very sensual; it kind of turned me on. I don’t know maybe I just want to fuck anything that has a pussy. I know that I would jump her bones in a minute. Then I looked at Sally and felt like a big fucking asshole.

“You know you should try to get your mom to spend a couple of days on the boat with us. I think she would have a good time, what do you think?”

“I was thinking the same thing, Jack, would it be ok with you?”

“Anything you want sweet pea.”

As we walked back to the boat I was thinking about what April looked like in a bikini or even better what she looked like nude, laying on my bed with my cock in her.

We went to bed that night and made mad passionate love and we decided to invite her mother for next weekend. We were going to Catalina to fish and just relax.

That Friday afternoon April arrived at noon, and we slid out of the harbor and headed to Santa Catalina, I was a beautiful day. It was eighty-eight degrees and the winds were nice and soft. Once out of the harbor I set the autopilot and I found Sally and her mom in the saloon. poker oyna Sally had set her mom up in the Queen suite, next to our suite.

“I’m going to the galley and make us some lunch Jack, you and mom get acquainted. I won’t be gone too long.”

She was gone and we sat there for a while looking at each other. She was wearing white shorts that really showed off her nice ass and great legs; she was wearing a red halter-top that was loose and it was hard to see what her breast looked like. Her eyes were deep blue and her hair was golden. Her daughter looked just like her.

Finally she broke the ice, “I want to thank you for having me on you beautiful boat and I want to apologize for my son’s rudeness the other evening.”

“You don’t have to apologize, I’m sure he did not intend to insult me.”

“You’re very gracious Jack, May I call you Jack or would captain be better.”

“Jack is fine and may I call you April?”

“You surely may Jack. Were you born and raised in the San Diego area, Jack”

“Yes I was born and raised in Del Mar, I went to Marina High School.”

“Really, I graduated from Marina in 1963, what year did you graduate.”

“Damn, I graduated in 1965, that’s amazing did we every meet, I don’t remember if we did.”

“Did you play football Jack?”

“Yes, I lettered four years, we had a pretty good team back then.”

“Where did you go to college Jack?”

“I went to Stanford on a football scholarship and gradated in 1969.”

“Yes, and while at Stanford you were All-American two years and Married your high school sweetheart Michelle Russo.”

“How in the hell do you know that,” I was puzzled an astonished that she knew those facts.

“I knew Michelle well in high school, we were friends and when I heard of her death it was very sad for me. I was on the pep team when you played. Do you remember a tall skinny girl named April Henderson? Well that me.”

I was flabbergasted, what a small world. I looked up and Sally headed into the saloon with lunch. She asked if we were hungry and we both sat there still trying thinking about our conversation.

“Hey, you two is everything OK?” Sally asked with concern in her eyes.

“NO, Darling Jack and I just realized that we went to the same high school and I knew his wife Michelle very well.”

“Come on lets have lunch and then I want to get some sun, and fish for or dinner.”

After lunch I set up some chairs on the bow on the ship and I sat and waited for Sally and her mom. Sally came out first and she was wearing a conservative yellow bikini, it still showed every thing she had and then some. When April came out she was wearing a two-piece suit, it was white with a flower print. She really looked nice and she had an ass as nice as her daughter. Maybe, she was a little larger in the boob department but not much. She sat on my right side and Sally was on the left. The sun felt great and I was wondering if Sally would take her top off like she usually does. I was hoping against all hopes that they both would take them off.

Singhi was not on board this trip he had some business he had to take care, so it was just the three of us. Thirty minutes later Sally got and said she was going to fish off the stern and left us alone.

“Do you remember me from school yet Jack, I was always so skinny until my senior year and then all the boys noticed me.”

“When we first meet I had the feel that I knew you from somewhere but could not put it together. April Henderson, I’m sorry but I just don’t remember.”

“In my senior year we had four dates, you still don’t remember?”

“You were the first boy that ever touched me.”

“What do you mean touched you, I touched you?”

“You had all the girls after you Jack, starting in your freshman year to your senior year. I am sure you touched a lot of girls their first time. I don’t mean to embarrass you but that’s the truth.”

I didn’t know what to say because she was right, I had any girl I wanted till I met Michelle in my sophomore year just before school ended. I did have a great run and now I’m trying to remember how I touched her and where.

“I hate to ask this question April, but did we ah, you know did we?”

“Yes, we did Jack and I was happy as could be when it happened, I’m surprised you don’t remember.”

“Did we, you know do it more than once, shit, this is maddening.”

“Yes, we did and don’t ask how many times because I don’t remember. I had a big crush on you and I guess I was easy, that’s why you don’t remember.”

I was turning three shades of red and I was blushing, this was damn embarrassing. She was really turning the knife.

“What were we doing and where were we when this happened, that might jog my memory.”

“Let me think, we went to a movie and after we went to Angelo’s drive inn and had some burgers and cokes. Then we went to La Jolla, at lookout point and you kissed me and we necked for a while. I felt your hand on my breast and I pushed it off and canlı poker oyna finally after maybe ten times I let it stay there. I was so aroused to feel your hand on my breast that I was mesmerized and did not know how to stop you. The next thing I knew your hand was in my bra and I was tingling all over. Then I let you take my blouse and bra off and you kissed and sucked on my breast for a long time. I did not let you touch my panties that night.”

“Hey, you two look what I got.” We both turned and there was Sally holding a salmon about six or seven pounds.

“Jack don’t say anything to Sally about this please, I should tell her if I think it’s appropriate. She was speaking in a very soft voice and Sally heard nothing.

Sally was excited and beside herself with joy, because she had caught our dinner. I had a huge hard on and it was very hard to hide it, Sally did not see it but April sure did and she did not look away.

“Now, I am going to clean and fillet this fish, then I will marinade it and you two are in for a real treat,” and she was gone again.

“Tell me April when did I touch your panties, if I might ask?”

“Two night later, it was a Sunday. We had been to the beach for the better part of the day and we bought a pizza and you had a six-pack of beer and we went to lovers cove. After two beers I was ready for anything, when I felt your mouth and tongue on my nipples I knew then I was going all the way.”

“How do you remember all this so clearly April?”

“You ask any women how and when she lost her virginity and she will remember every bit of it.”

“Would you tell me how, I mean how did we do it, did I hurt you, did you like it?

“I remember laying on the blanket and you pulled down your swim truck and I saw your penis and I got real scared, it looked so big and I didn’t think I could ever get in me. I did not go in easy, it hurt a little but it went in and it felt very good. I could remember thinking that I like this a lot and would want to do it again. Then I had an orgasm and I really wanted more.”

“Is that it, did we do it again that night?”

“No, we didn’t do it again I was a little sore, so you just sucked on my nipples, then we went home. I can see that my account of our date is exciting you and she motioned toward my hard on.

“I feel like I’m in the twilight zone, this is really weird. Yes, I am excited as you can see, I take it you’re not?”

“Don’t kid yourself I am plenty excited, I just don’t show it like you do.”

“You look so relaxed April, it does not show.”

“Believe me I can feel the excitement. How do you think I felt when I met you that evening, my heart was in my mouth and when you took my hand in yours I was faint, I had butterflies. I don’t want to hurt Sally, that’s the last thing I would ever want to happen.

“How many more times did we go out on dates.”

“We had two more dates and once you came over when my folks were out of town.”

“You know April, I do remember that night at lovers cove, I remember the slender blonde with the nice ah, ah, you know what I mean.” She laughed and said, “Yes, I know what you mean boobs.

“Can I ask a stupid question that you don’t have to answer.”

“Sure, go ahead and ask.”

“Was it good for you, did you ah, enjoy doing it with me.”

“Yes, it was good for me, and yes I enjoyed it very much because it was you and yes I would to do it again, especially with you.”

She got up and told me she better change because she didn’t want to burn and she went to her cabin to change. I wanted to follow her and take a look at what she was covering with her clothes. I went to the galley and Sally was marinating the salmon and boy did it look good. I told her mom was changing and she asked if we were getting along and I said sure. I heard the autopilot warning sound and left. We were thirty minutes from Catalina, shit this has been an interesting day, and unfucking believable day! I was standing there with this huge hard on and April is back and staring at my tented shorts. She had a big smile on her face and I was wondering if she would like to play with it. She was wearing a white summer dress short and a full skirt, it was sleeveless and showed her shoulders and nice cleavage. She was also wearing short heel white sandal shoe

“That’s a pretty dress April, it really looks good on you.”

“Thank you Jack, I’m glad you like it, oh by the way Jack is yellow still your favorite color?”

“April you’re freaking me out with all this information you have about me.”

Her mouth looked so inviting that I found my self leaning toward her and wanting to kiss them. I caught myself just in time and I think she could sense that I wanted to kiss her. She was running her tongue over her lips to moisten then and looking at me the whole time.

I came out of my deep though when the autopilot sounded, I took the helm and headed toward a nice spot no to far from the beach. I dropped anchor and Sally came back up and was internet casino all smiles. Let me change and I’ll be ready for dinner and she left and we headed to the saloon. I asked if she would like a martini and she smiled and accepted my offer. I mixed a pitcher of Kettle One martinis and poured three, when I saw the sweet pea coming. I handed April one, then Sally and I lift my glass and made a toast to a good time on the “Good Feelings”, which we all drank to. We had another martini and then sat down to dinner.

I had a bottle of Krug, Brute Champagne Grande Cuvee opened and in the ice bucket, a special bottle for a special night. I filled the flutes and Sally brought in the salad and we were all hungry and had a wonderful meal. The salmon was exquisite and I ate my piece and a smaller piece that was left over. We drank the whole bottle of champagne and sat and talked.

Then we all had a Remy and I had a Cuban cigar. We talked and were really having a great time and I did not realize how the drinking had affected Sally, she had two martinis, three flutes of champagne and two cognacs. I asked if she was ok and she said she felt dizzy, I took her back to the cabin and told her to lie down for a while and she would feel better.

I finished my cigar and checked in on her and she was sound asleep, I shook her and she would not wake up. I put a sheet over her and left her to sleep, when I got back April had cleared the dishes and we washed and saved them and went back on the deck. She went to check and see if she was ok. I watched as she approached me her body swaying and I was thinking of one thing.

“She is out cold, we won’t see Sally till morning.”

We went back to the saloon and I sat on the couch and after a while she sat next too me. I could smell her body and her scent was intoxicating. I wanted to touch her so bad and could feel myself getting hard. We just sat and didn’t say a word; she leaned in and kissed me and then got up and walked to the window.

“I’m sorry I did that, I never should have kissed you Jack, please forgive me.”

I just sat there dumbfounded not knowing what to say or do. She turned and looked at me and stood by the entrance. I got up and took her hand and led her to the bow the sun was going down and the colors were beautiful. I told her that I was glad she kissed and she looked at me yearning for approval. The sky was red and orange and it was now starting to run onto the sea as the colors mingled in a dark purple as the sky got darker. I put my arm around her shoulder and she moved closer to me and I could feel her body pressing into mine. I lifted her chin and kissed her back.

Our lips met and her mouth opened and her tongue pushed it way into my mouth. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she kissed me again, I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. I could feel her body pressing into mine, her breath was hot and her breast were rising and falling into my chest. My hands were moving up and down her back and she was breathing hard. She kissed me again our tongues were entwined and I sucked hers into my mouth. My hands moved down to her ass and just rested on her cheeks.

She was moving back and froth brushing against my bulge and I started squeezing her cheeks. Her ass was magnificent and I moved my hands down her legs until I felt flesh, then I moved back up till I had her ass in my hands. Her panties cover some of her ass but her cheeks were bare and I massaged them and she was pushing her hips into my bulge. One of my fingers moved along her panty-covered pussy, I could feel her shutter and she moaned and kissed me deep. I pushed my hands up her back and her dress went with them. I felt her bra strap and the clasp was right there and I undid it and I put my hands on her waist and ran them up to her breast cupping them both one in each hand.

Her nipples were long and hard and I wanted to suck on them so bad, I lifted her dress higher till it was over her head and I tossed it to the deck. Her bra slipped off and he nipples were free. I took first one then the other sucking and kissing; she was naked except for her panties and my mouth covering her nipples. She was rubbing the bulge with both hands as I was sucking.

I picked her up and carried her to her cabin and laid her on the bed and pulled her panties off. She was trying to get my shorts off, she get the button undone and unzipped them and pulled down taking my shorts too and my cock sprung out. I went back to sucking on her nipples and she was moaning and making sounds coming from down deep in her throat. I could feel her hands surround my shaft and squeeze. I moved down her chest to her belly button and kissed and sucked it for a while, and then I moved lower to her golden triangle; which was bathed in her juices, the air was filled with her aroma. Her lips were swollen and they were parted and dripping her nectar, the smell of her was overpowering.

I leaned into her and kissed her pussy and sucked her lips into my mouth and she stiffened.

“Ahhhhhh! Oh my God!” April screamed as she felt my lips and tongue on her pussy.

My mouth and tongue were everywhere at the same time sucking and then I pushed my tongue into her cunt hard and the fireworks started to go off April screamed,

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