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Car Trouble Pt. 02

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Saoirse kissed him and they gazed at each other, small smiles teasing their lips as their eyes fixed on each others.

“Oh my! You are strong!” she teased in a breathy voice.

“Don’t go all damsel in distress on me!” Neil laughed.

“No, that was you earlier. Stranded at Starbucks!” she teased. Neil shook his head as he laughed then kissed her.

She started unbuttoning her blouse as they kissed passionately but he stopped her and kissed slowly down her neck. Saoirse’s breath caught in her chest and she gasped feeling his beard tickle her skin as his hot mouth kissed her neck. He reached her collar bone then worked his way up the other side of her neck. Neil inhaled her scent and exhaled subtle little groans as he kissed back down her neck again.

Saoirse gasped and her breathing got heavier. She clenched her knees against his hips and stroked her hand up the back of his neck. She was overwhelmed by the feeling Neil kissing her neck, she stroked his neck and grasped his hair and rocked her hips gently against him, feeling his cock hardening against her left thigh. She didn’t even notice Neil had begun unbuttoning her blouse until she felt his beard and his soft kisses brush against her skin. She looked down to see him looking up at her as he unbuttoned the last button and caressed her naked torso gently with his hands. She dropped her arms behind her back to allow him to take off her blouse. “You’re gorgeous!” he whispered with a smile as he surveyed the surgery scars on her abdomen. Saoirse smiled and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck and caressing his shoulders with her hands. He kissed her shoulder and caressed down her back with his hands and then struggled to unclasp her bra. Saoirse giggled as he leaned forward to look down her back and she felt him concentrating. “Three clasps? THREE?!” he exclaimed. “Never knew there was such a thing!”

“Have to try and keep these bad boys in check somehow!” Saoirse replied, reaching round her back and assisting him to unclasp her bra. She sat back and let her bra slide down her arms before throwing it on the floor beside the bed. Neil stared in awe. “I know, I’ve got a massive rack!” she said, matter-of-factly.

“Holy shit!” Neil exclaimed as he finally looked up to her face.

“You see me nearly every day at work, you’ve felt me up when we’ve made out on dates, you know they’re massive!” she laughed.

“Nah but I haven’t really considered just how big…I mean, they’re very nice!” he tried to compose himself. As he began kissing her chest he squeezed one breast in each of his massive hands then he paused. “Oh my God they’re heavy!” he exclaimed.

Saoirse frowned at him. “What did you expect?! That’s why I need that stupidly expensive crane to hold them up!” she laughed, gesturing towards the floor where she’d thrown her bra.

“I know but…” Neil exhaled loudly.

“You’ve got big hands, you’re well able!” Saoirse raised her eyebrows, sighed a laugh and smirked at him as she ran her hands up his sides making him squirm. “Is that your mind blown for tonight? Massive scars and a massive rack. Shall I leave now?” she asked in a joke, moving back off his lap but feeling self-conscious.

“Nah!” Neil said, grasping her round the waist. “We’re only getting started!” he said, flipping them over on the bed so Saoirse was lying on her back on the duvet then he stood up at the foot of the bed and pulled her down the bed by the ankles.

Saoirse giggled as she sat up on the edge of the bed, hooked her calves around the back of his knees and kissed down his chest while she unbuckled his belt. He shuddered when she reached his left nipple so she stopped and teased it again gently with her tongue before moving to his right one. Neil ran his hands through her hair. She stopped with her chin on his chest and looked up at him while her hands rested on the firm outline of his hard cock in his jeans. “Sensitive nipples?” she asked softly, looking up at him with a coy look in her eye. Neil breathed out and nodded as he glanced down at her. He gently squeezed her breasts and caressed her nipples in his warm hands as her tongue repeated the soft flicks over his nipples and Neil gasped and shuddered.

“You can be firmer.” he said, his voice in a weak, surrendering tone. Saoirse licked his nipples harder and unbuttoned his jeans. “Yeah!” he breathed as he thumbed her nipples and looked down at her.

She sat back and stroked her hands down his arms. “My nipples are the opposite.” she said, almost apologetically. He frowned. “They’re not sensitive at all.” she said. Neil stopped. “If you enjoy it, you can touch my boobs. I just mean, it doesn’t get anywhere near the same reaction.” she said.

“You mean like the reaction when I kiss your neck?” he teased. Saoirse groaned and melted against him slightly and Neil laughed.

Saoirse unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to reveal his black pants and his cock bulging. “Mmm you’ve got your Calvin’s on!” she said. He gazed bonus veren siteler at her as he kicked his jeans off then he pulled his socks off his feet before grabbing her left foot and starting to pull her sock off.

Saoirse squealed and kicked out at him and Neil dropped her foot. “SORRY! That was a reflex, I don’t like my feet being touched. Sorry, sorry! Did I kick you?” she said urgently.

Neil shook his head and sniggered. “Nah! Reflexes of a cat!” he joked, stretching his arms out in front of him before trying to take her sock off again. “Ticklish or OK?” he asked gingerly. She giggled and nodded. He took off her left sock and she took off her right one and unbuttoned her trousers. “Ah ah! Let me!” he scolded before realizing she was leaving the rest for him. “Good.” he smirked.

“You like being in control don’t you?” Saoirse asked coyly.

Neil smirked to himself as he unzipped her trousers. “I like undressing you.” he said. “I like the thought of what it does to you.” he said in his low tone as he glanced at her.

“Mm hm” Saoirse hummed as she lifted her hips up allowing him to pull her trousers off her. “Been thinking about it for a while?” she asked teasingly. Neil threw her trousers on the floor and ran his hands up and down her outer thighs as he looked up at her with a wanting look in his eyes and he exhaled loudly. Saoirse sat up quickly and kissed his chest while sliding down his pants. His cock bounced as she grazed it with the waistband and Saoirse ran her hands up his thighs and round to his ass. Neil was trying to push his pants off his ankles with his feet when Saoirse grasped his cock, pulled back his foreskin and gently licked at the beads of precum that trickled from the head of his cock. He exhaled loudly and held her by the shoulders. “I’ve been thinking about this for a while.” she said, looking up at him while she slid her mouth round his cock and grasped it firmly at the base with her right hand. Neil’s breath jerked as he adjusted to her rhythm and the warmth of her mouth.

He caressed her hair and held her face and he watched as she sucked his cock. She slowly ran her tongue over the head and against the frenulum. His face creased and he inhaled sharply then she eased off and he exhaled a slight whimper. “Mmm you tease!” he groaned quietly, looking at her with a fire in his eyes.

She smiled up at him with his cock still in her mouth and teased his frenulum again with her tongue. He exhaled slowly. Then she took his cock out of her mouth. “What about your balls?” she asked, half rhetorically as she continued slowly stroking his cock with her left hand while she gently ran her right hand fingertips over his balls and rolled them gently between her fingers as she watched his face. Neil inhaled quickly, his eyes closed briefly then he nodded slightly as he looked down at her.

“And my taint.” he said in a long breath. “Go easy!” he exhaled sharply and a small groan escaped his lips.

Saoirse’s eyes widened and flashed with delight. “Oh really?” she drawled gleefully. Neil nodded and lifted her head up as he leaned down and kissed her. She gently massaged his balls and moved her hand behind to his taint.

She stroked her middle finger round in small circles with light pressure and he sighed into her mouth. “Aww fuck!” he exclaimed. Saoirse smiled and hummed in satisfaction as they kissed. Neil grasped her wrist gently. “Wait.” he whispered as he pulled her hand away from his taint and placed it on his cock.

He kissed down her neck and thumbed her now really hard nipples. She panted with each kiss and her skin shuddered with goosebumps as his hands moved up over her shoulders and caressed down her back softly and he kissed her neck slowly. Her breath caught in her chest and she let go of his cock, ran her hands up his thighs, over his hips and round to his ass.

Neil kissed slowly back down her body as he lay her back. When he reached her pants he stopped and when she looked down at him, he smirked before moving to kiss her thighs as he gazed at her. Her whole body was covered in goosebumps and she gasped and moaned slightly as she instinctively bucked her hips towards him. “Is that enough anticipation for you?” Neil asked with a smirk as he looked at her. “Hmmm?” he teased. She nodded as he stroked her thighs and her pussy over her pants. “Nah, I don’t think so.” he teased, kissing along her bikini line.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Saoirse asked, sighing and gazing at him.

He chuckled and nodded, signaling her to lift her hips so he could take off her pants. “Oooh yeah!” he replied, kissing her inner thighs. He inhaled her scent and groaned quietly as he placed soft kisses around her pussy. Saoirse gasped then started to giggle. Neil stopped and looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

“Sorry!” she blushed. “I was just thinking I’m glad I got waxed the other day.” she said with a nervous laugh.

“I was thinking I’m glad I changed the bed yesterday.” bedava bahis he chuckled. “Move up.” he directed, tilting his head towards the head of the bed. Saoirse pushed herself up the bed, Neil climbed on top and grasped her thigh as Saoirse wrapped her legs round his hips while they kissed. She moaned as she gently grinded her hips against him and felt his hard cock. “I can feel how wet you are against me.” Neil said, breaking their kiss and grasping her thighs as he moved down the bed and lay between her legs. Saoirse pushed herself further up the bed and propped up the pillows to give Neil room to lie down. She felt his warm breath on her skin and exhaled a slow breath. Neil glanced up at her as he placed kisses round her vulva then spread her lips with his index finger and thumb and began licking her pussy.

Saoirse let out a long, low sigh and her body adjusted into position on the bed. Neil’s mouth and tongue were warm and he licked and sucked her pussy with great enthusiasm, his beard brushed roughly against her skin and it all made her gasp. “Softer!” she whispered. He softened his mouth. “Softer, Neil.” she said louder.

“Softer again?” he asked in his soothing voice, looking up at her. She met his gaze and smiled as she nodded and stroked his hair and down to his beard. He started licking her again. She hummed and gasped and reached down to stroke his arm. He carried on licking her softly and she gasped and moaned softly in response. He caressed his hand up her torso and over her breasts and she grasped his hand. “Are you breathing?” he asked quietly as he stopped. She looked at him, puzzled. “Your body feels tense.” he said, leaning up over her.

“I tend to hold my breath and not realise.” She took a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh, relaxing her jaw and stretching her body. “Just need a good stretch.” she smiled as she shook out her limbs.

“I’ll give you a good stretch in a minute!” Neil teased, smirking at her.

Saoirse laughed, her face in a shocked expression and then bit her lip. Neil laughed at her face. “Oh yeah?” she asked. Neil nodded. “Cos that’s not intimidating at all!” she said, widening her eyes and nodding towards his hard cock bouncing against her torso. Neil shook his head and they both laughed as he kissed her reassuringly before moving down her body again. “Can I put my feet here…” she asked as she bent her knees and placed her feet on his back.

“You’re so polite, Saoirse!” Neil sniggered. “Whatever’s comfortable! Put your dirty kebs wherever you like!” he chuckled.

“Oi, cheeky! They’re not dirty!” Saoirse laughed, nudging him with her foot. “And consent is important!” she said.

“Valid point. Stop means stop, agreed?” he raised his eyebrows and she agreed. “OK, for anything else, you do you boo!” he teased with a smirk and stuck his tongue out playfully. She nodded and giggled. He held her thighs with his shoulders and began licking her again. She sank into the bed and breathed in long, slow moans. She lay her head back and closed her eyes, submitting to him. Neil licked her softly in long tongue strokes. His beard tickled her skin making her gasp. She tasted sweet and she got wetter the more she relaxed into his mouth. Her juice trickled down her pussy and she grinded her hips in a wave motion towards him as breathy moans escaped her mouth. “Yeah, that’s it!” Neil groaned in between licks. “Yes or no?” he asked as he stroked his fingers over her and slid a finger inside her, exhaling loudly as he felt her clench.

She tensed. “No for the moment.” she inhaled sharply. Neil withdrew his finger and continued licking her without a fuss.

“Mmmm!” Saoirse breathed. Her breath became more shallow. “Oooohhh that feels so good.” she moaned. She reached down and teased her fingers through his ginger curls, gently tracing patterns on his scalp with her nails. Neil groaned in agreement and licked her in faster, shorter flicks of his tongue. She basked in the pleasure his tongue was providing, calm and relaxed on the bed under his touch. She slid her feet further down his back and he held her thighs at 90° angle as he began concentrating on her clit. “That’s too much!” Saoirse inhaled sharply. “Sorry…” Saoirse said, feeling awkward. He raised his eyebrows and gently shook his head. “Move to the left.” she said.

“Show me?” he asked softly. Saoirse looked down to see his eyes fixed on hers. She smiled at him and he kissed her left inner thigh. She reached her hand down to her clit and gently teased the area to the left with her fingertips as she exhaled loudly. “Here?” Neil asked, stroking it gently with his finger. Saoirse’s face creased with pleasure. “Like that?” he whispered as he licked it softly.

She nodded her head but could barely keep her eyes open as he carefully licked her in slow tongue strokes. “Can I hold your hand?” she mumbled as she reached down. She opened her eyes and looked down to see him looking at her as he licked her. “Let hold your hand while deneme bonus you lick me.” she moaned urgently.

“Ohh fuck!” Neil groaned with his mouth against her and thrust his left hand up to her. She entwined their fingers and her breathing and moaning got more urgent as he licked her closer and closer to orgasm. By this stage Neil was nearly kneeling on the floor, Saoirse’s knees were over his shoulders and he held her left thigh with his right hand. He felt the strong thrusts of her hips towards him get more forceful as her body began writhing on the bed. She moaned breathlessly.

“Oooohh Neil!” she moaned and clasped his hand in hers while her other hand grasped his hair. It gave him a thrill to hear her moaning his name and feel her body writhing in response to him, teetering on the edge of an orgasm. “Please don’t stop!” she whispered urgently. Her breathing became heavier and faster just as she gasped and her body went stiff then convulsed. Deep, gutteral groans escaped from her mouth, the most titillating sounds Neil had ever heard her make. She groaned and panted and thrust her hips against his mouth as Neil kept licking until she squirmed and squeezed his hand again. “Stop, stop!” she panted. She collapsed, weak, with her arms and legs flopped out on the bed. Neil kissed her inner thighs and her knees.

He sat up and admired her lying breathless on the bed with a pink flush across her chest, up her neck and onto her cheeks. He smirked as he climbed onto the bed, leaned on his right hand side and stroked his left hand up her torso. She shuddered and moaned quietly as she breathed heavily. She opened her eyes and smiled at him an intoxicated and blissful smile. “You taste so sweet.” he said with a smile as he licked his lips and stroked his beard. He gazed at her and she leaned up, searching for his mouth. He kissed her in slow, sloppy kisses.

She moaned as she tasted herself on his beard and it ignited a new energy in her. She pushed herself up and him onto his back and straddled him. “Seems like I’m having all the fun!” she smirked. “I want to play with you now. What do you think?” she asked. She gazed at him with a subtle grin and leaned down to kiss him as she ran her hands up his chest and into his beard.

“Mm hmm. There’s that look again.” he groaned. Neil kissed her passionately as his hands caressed down her back, over her ass and down her thighs. Neil breathed out a long, slow sigh as Saoirse kissed and caressed her way down his body. He stroked her hair and down her shoulders and arms, watching her lean down between his legs, her hips in the air as she kissed and stroked his thighs. She moved on to his balls, gently sucking at the skin while she grasped his shaft firmly in her hand. Neil groaned and gasped and bent his knees, planting his feet on the bed. She moved down to his taint placing sucking kisses and licking it gently. Neil inhaled sharply. “Just don’t go too close to my asshole, I’m not THAT into it.” he said urgently.

“Is this OK?” she asked, glancing up at him.

He reached down and grasped her hair with one hand and his balls with the other. “Yeah, yeah that’s good.” he breathed. Saoirse continued licking and sucking his taint and stroking his cock while he breathed deeply. “Oohh fuck!” he whispered as he pulled at his balls. “Stop!” he breathed. Saoirse glanced up at him and he tilted his head, indicating her to stop and move up towards him. Saoirse crawled up the bed, they maintained eye contact and she smirked at him. Neil pulled her up to straddle him and they kissed passionately, groaning as their tongues caressed each other and their hands caressed each other’s bodies.

Saoirse broke their kiss and exhaled slowly as she pressed her forehead against his. “Alright, gorgeous?” Neil whispered as he maintained eye contact.

She nodded. “Mm hm. Are you?” she whispered. He nodded, smirked and swallowed hard. She kissed him and sat up. She leaned on her left knee and pushed herself up with her right foot as she lifted his cock and rubbed it along her pussy lips before cautiously sliding it inside her.

Neil supported her thighs and hips and they gazed at each other as they both exhaled. Saoirse tensed slightly trying to get the position right. “Take it as slow as you need.” Neil said softly. She gasped and panted and Neil’s forehead furrowed feeling her pussy slowly envelope his cock. “Don’t forget to breathe, I don’t want to have to use my First Aid training in practice!” he said softly with a smirk and stroked her thighs as she lay forward on his chest. She pursed her lips in a smile then she moaned and gasped feeling his cock further inside her and lay still, kissing him slowly on the lips.

“Oh my God! It’s been so long that I forgot how this feels!” She mumbled. “You’re so big!” she sighed and her face contorted with pleasure as she adjusted to him. Neil sighed a laugh. She began slowly riding him, sitting back and pushing into the bed with her knees as she leaned her hands on his chest. They breathed and groaned as Saoirse increased the pace. Then she found herself concentrating more on maintaining the pace and less on her pleasure. “I should’ve done some stretches!” she joked, brushing her hair out of her face as she leaned down to kiss him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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