Şub 15

Care Package From Home

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Getting on the bus with only a few minutes to spare, Jen rushed towards a seat at the rear. Not too many on the bus, but that was to be expected – it was the ‘red eye’. She threw her overnight bag and a small box on the seat beside her. Andy’s mom had sent a ‘care package’ for him – frozen spaghetti sauce, homemade cabbage rolls, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate peanut butter brownies to die for! Andy might never taste those brownies if the midnight munchies hit.

She was heading back up to college after having spent the weekend at home with her family. Andy would pick her up at the bus station in the morning. Hopefully she could catch some sleep overnight but her track record of sleeping on a bus was not good – all that jousling made it hard to sleep without getting car sick!

She had been reading for over an hour when she put her book down…if she didn’t try, she’d never get to sleep and be in no mood for fun the next day when Andy picked her up. A quick trip to the washroom and then she’d try to sleep. On route to the toilet, she passed just one girl sitting a few rows back from her. She looked up and smiled a groggy-kind of smile. Guess she’s not the only one who can’t sleep on buses.

Bus bathrooms were the worst – barely any room to move and constant movement as you try to sit down on the toilet! Adjusting her skirt as she left the bathroom, Jen looked up to see the pretty blond looking at her. She smiled, embarrassed to be caught adjusting her skirt in the aisle way. If the blond knew she had no panties on agrı escort underneath in anticipation of Andy’s pick-up, she’d be even more embarrassed!

As she passed by, the blonde said “Can’t sleep, either?”

“No” Jen replied, “The red-eye’s tough – hours of driving, too dark to do anything and too much jiggling around to catch any sleep.”

“Wanna join me? We’ve got a long ride.”

“Sure” said Jen “I’m Jen”

“I’m Tara, come sit down.”

Jen and Tara talked easily for hours. Jen stared at Tara. She was beautiful, and what a great body. Her breasts were supple and you could see the nipples pushing through the fabric of her blouse. You could see a small buldge below her nipple; she must be wearing a nipple ring. She looked up to see Tara smiling at her. “Yeah, they’re pierced. I like it. Makes me feel sexy.” Tara said. Jen smiled back.

It must have been 3 am and they were still chatting and giggling about all their people watching experiences. Jen told her about the last time she rode the bus home, the guy sitting in the row next to her had a hard-on for what seemed like hours….must have been a Viagra overdose! Tara told Jen about the couple she watched the last time she took the bus – “The way he rode his pretty girlfriend gave new meaning to ‘smooth bus ride'”The red-eye’s definitely the best opportunity to do it on a bus…not too many riders, low lights and seats that recline! You ever done it?” Tara asked.

“No, you?”

“A friend and I did some serious escort ağrı touching and groping one ride. We had to be discreet though, too many riders. My friend had a great body like you. Long legs and pretty little tits like you.” Tara added.

Jen blushed and grinned.

“Wanna play a little bit? No one’s around…” Tara said.

Jen smiled shyly at Tara and before she could answer, she felt Tara’s fingers near her clit. Tara laughed as she realized Jen had no underwear on. Her fingers moved swiftly into Jen’s vagina and a quick stroking rythym began. As Tara’s fingers pulsed in Jen’s clit, her other hand pushed up under her shirt and plucked at the perk nipple.

To spite herself, Jen let out a soft moan. She had never played with another woman. What was she doing? She was on her way back to the city. Andy would be picking her up in another couple of hours. But God, it felt incredible. Her excitement was mounting. With a few more strokes, Tara would have her cumming.

Tara fidgeted in her seat and stopped stroking altogether. Jen looked on bewildered. Had they been seen? Couldn’t be, the lights were all off… Before she knew it, Tara was kneeling in front of her, pushing Jen’s leg aside to get a better position. Her tongue delved into Jen’s twat and shear ectasy ensued!

It was amazing. Andy had given Jen oral sex before but something about doing it woman to woman…Tara knew just where to lick, how to thrust her tongue inside and hit all the right places. And when she sucked ağrı escort bayan the tip of the clitoris, Jen felt like she would explode. Her ass began thrusting and Tara kept her face in tight, licking and fingering until Jen came like never before. Tara looked up from between Jen’s legs, face wet with pussy juice and sweet saliva. Jen pulled her face upwards and kissed until she could experience the sweet taste of her own pussy.

As their lips parted, Tara asked, “Enjoying the ride?”

Jen replied “Best ride I’ve ever had. Shall we make it a round trip?” With that, she lifted Tara’s skirt and went down low. Her first pussy kiss…and on a bus! Jen learned quickly that it was just as good to give as to receive. Tara’s pussy was clean-shaven and sensuous. Jen’s tongue couldn’t keep out of the pretty little pussy. She watched as Tara came and came again.

Exhausted, Jen sat up beside Tara on the seat. It was getting light outside, they must have been at it for almost two hours. How was she going to tell Andy what had transpired? It was like a guy’s dream – two girls going at it in public! But even better, one of those girls was his girlfriend. He would never believe she had it in her.

The driver announced that they would be arriving at the station in 5 minutes. Jen smiled at Tara and said, “Thanks for the company. It made for a good ride.”

Tara looked over and said “The company was great. Next time, we should invite your boyfriend to join us. It could be fun.”

“Sure” said Jen “next time.”

The bus pulled in to the station. Jen could see Andy standing waiting and she waved.

“He’s hot.” Said Tara. “Whatcha doin today?”

Jen smiled.

As the two women got off the bus, Jen presented Tara and said “Andy, I brought you home the sweetest care package I’ve ever tasted.”

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