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Caribbean Blue

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The beach in Jamaica certainly lived up to the brochures. Kate and I walked along, hand in hand with the warmth of the Caribbean sun on our backs. The beach was moderately busy with other tourists but not too many as we were slightly off the tourist trail. The hotel complex we had chosen for our holiday, had beach bungalows which gave us straight access on to the beach without all the security that seemed to abound around some of the other hotels. There were around 20 bungalows and then the main complex of the hotel behind us. The bungalows were mainly occupied by younger couples like us.

We must have walked about 2 miles along the sandy strip before getting to a wider section of beach which rose back into little dunes where one or two couples were sunbathing. Some traders were walking along selling their wares and a sprinkling of other black Caribbean guys were just hanging about chatting to the tourists and trying to mooch a cigarette or even a drink from the few foreigners. We noticed another couple from the hotel bungalows lying there and walked up to talk to them.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m Matt and this is Kate; we recognise you from our hotel.”

Dave and Lynn introduced themselves as such. They looked about 28/29 and were lying in the nude but covered with towels to protect them from the sun. Their little dune was very private except from the “full frontal” aspect to the secluded beach and this is how we had seen them. This put them around three years older than us.

“We love it up here,” they said, “you feel as though you are in Jamaica rather than just in a hotel complex which could be anywhere. We have been coming here every day since we arrived four days ago.”

We chatted until conversation started to dry and headed off. Kate and I decided it might be nice to get a cool box from the hotel and walk up here the next day to also enjoy the solitude.

Next day we did just that and set up home just a little further up from where we had seen Dave and Lynn the previous day. We didn’t want to interfere with their peace and quiet. We settled into a secluded dune and started to sunbathe. It was late morning and within about fifteen minutes we were approached by a young black guy who didn’t seem to be selling anything, but just making conversation. He wasn’t threatening in any way but he was a tall guy and had this habit of adjusting his cock in his shorts as he spoke. We chatted about home in Britain and then he wandered off. I commented to Kate about his fiddling and she said she was sure he had an erection!

I stood up to see where he went and saw him about 300 yards up the beach standing and talking to Dave. He shook his hands as though he knew him and they chatted as they stood and also kept looking into the dune where I assumed Lynn was lying in the sun. I was about to lie down again when I saw the black guy walk into the dune and disappear. For a moment, I thought something was wrong but Dave’s body language suggested differently as he stood over the entrance to the dune looking around and particularly looking in. I could only see his head and shoulders.

I assumed the guy was selling something that Lynn wanted to see close up so really wasn’t paying much attention as I stood and scanned the beach. I sat down again for about ten to fifteen minutes and when I stood up once more, I was just in time to see the black guy re-emerge and talk briefly to Dave before giving him a “hi-five” and heading off. Dave then went into the dune and that was it. I sat back down and thought nothing more of it. Kate was still reading and then looked up and smiled.

“Do you think black guys have much bigger cocks than white guys,” she suddenly said?

“Eh, they’re supposed to,” I answered. “Why do you ask?”

“I was just thinking about that guy who was talking to us about half and hour ago and he was kinda sexy,” she continued.

She went back to reading. We hadn’t ever really done anything outside of marriage though we had talked a lot about it and, of course the talk had brought us both to orgasm on many a night.

“He had nothing to sell,” I heard myself say.

“What,” said Kate?

“The black guy had nothing to sell.” I repeated.

“I know,” she said. “He was just being friendly.”

“He went in the dune with Lynn while Dave watched and he had nothing to sell.” I was beginning to sound like a cracked gramphone record.

“I’m lost,” said Kate.

I explained what I had just seen and the impact of what it might have been brought my cock to a very painful erection which did not go unnoticed by Kate.

“Are you turned on my the thought of watching Dave watch Lynn getting fucked by a black man, turned on that the same black man could have been fucking me, or turned on that Dave and Lynn might be swingers and we could perhaps do something with them?”

My cock was now painful and I had to ease it out of the side of my swim trunks. “All of it,” I said.

She bent forward and took my cock in her mouth and gently sucked me while beşiktaş escort holding my balls. It took no more than 3 minutes before she was swallowing my cum. “That should ease things,” she said.

Next day, we headed out a little earlier and were in a dune slightly closer to where Dave and Lynn had been, but just past them. We had been quite wild in our fucking the previous night, charged with the thought of what might be happening around us. I spotted Dave and Lynn walking up the beach about 30 minutes later and we ducked down to lie and sunbathe. Kate and I decided to be naked but discreetly covered, as Dave and Lynn had been on the first day we saw them.

Plan one was to wait and see if some local guy came along, plan two was to go up and talk to Dave and Lynn naked and hope to get them to play or, if we saw them start up, to walk up and catch them at it. Plan three was just to have public sex ourselves and hope to pick someone up as we did it.

It was fully an hour after arriving that the same black guy walked up with a smaller friend. I took a good look at him as he approached. He was about 6 feet 2 inches, broad built with tight black hair, a fair sprinkling of gold jewellery and whiter than white teeth. His shorts were off white, spotlessly clean and showed a sizeable bulge. He looked to be about 32 or so. His friend was considerably younger and I would have put him as about 18 or 19. He was also quite tall, say about 5 feet 11 inches, but much thinner. He was wearing hideously bright, baggy surf shorts and a white vest. He was a very attractive young black and had matching dazzling teeth!

Having been rebuffed the previous day, they were heading past us with just a wave, when the older guy realised Kate and I were naked. He swerved over to talk, bringing his friend. After a brief introduction when I think I caught his name as Winston (it would have to be, I suppose) and his friend a very plain Joe, they started to make small talk about how much they loved this beach with all the beautiful white women. Kate was lying quite demurely with her hand just covering her sex and the guys continued their light conversation about how long had we been together etc.

I felt my cock start to rise and attempted to cover it but the more I did, the harder it got. The situation was so heavily laden with innuendo and Winston kept adjusting his shorts. I could see his cock outline clearly and it looked impressive. He looked at Kate and said to me, “I bet she’s a noisy one when she is being laid.”

“She can be,” I replied.

“You gonna do her with that after we go then,” he said nodding to my stiff 7 inches.

I took the plunge and hoped I was correct. “Not unless you do her first.”

“You want some black cock maam,” he said?

Kate just uncovered her front and exposed her slit. He knelt in front of her and parted her cunt lips with his black hands and pushed his tongue into her slit. She was already panting. The young guy was smiling, his white teeth dazzling as he watched and caressed the front of his shorts.

“Joe’s going to fuck her for me,” said Winston. “He needs to get a white woman as he’s never done one.”

Joe dropped his pants and exposed a ramrod straight hard, circumcised cock. For an 18 year old it was an impressive 8 incher. I grabbed a condom from my bag and handed it to him and watched as he stretched it over his cock. There was going to be little preamble, I could see. Winston stood up and let Joe kneel between Kate’s legs. She held herself open as his cock, inexpertly entered her. He raised her legs way over her head and started to pump her.

Winston stood up and dropped his shorts to reveal a dick that must have been all of 10 inches. It bent slightly to the left as he wanked. “You like it,” he said to me?

“Fine piece of meat,” I replied.

“You give head,” he asked?

“Me,” I spluttered?

“Get down and suck me while Joe fucks your wife,” he said.

I wasn’t really sure though the thought of lubricating the monster that was going into Kate appealed to me. I dropped to my knees and started to suck it. I couldn’t manage much at first but he started to pump the brute into my face and my saliva was noticeable against the black skin. I was really horny.

Kate was gone! She was gasping as Dave fucked her quite enthusiastically. All caution had gone as we continued and I had stopped checking the beach for passers by. I heard a voice. “So you’re providing the entertainment for them today?”

It was Dave and Lynn watching us. Dave’s shorts were tenting which suggested they had been there for a good few minutes. “Mind if we watch?”

Joe was obviously cumming in Kate as he groaned and pumped more slowly. Kate was completely oblivious to the audience. Winston pulled his cock away from me, grabbed a condom and stretched it with much difficulty over his cock head. He knelt between Kate’s legs and pushed his cock into her. His bulk hid us from her so she was still şişli escort unaware she was being watched by Dave and Lynn.

“Nice meat,” said Lynn as she fondled my balls. “I hope I might be rewarded later for letting you share our secret lover!” She nodded towards Winston who was hammering quite violently into Kate. “He won’t last long,” she continued knowledgably.

She was right. Basically all Winston did was enter Kate, fuck her about a dozen strokes and empty his balls into her. The condom head sagged with the weight of cum as he pulled out.

Kate saw Dave and Lynn and looked suddenly embarrassed. Lynn took control quickly, sensing her awkwardness. “Since you stole my fuck partner Kate, Matt has agreed to substitute for him later if Dave can lose his cock in there,” she pointed to Kate’s gaping cunt. At that she turned and as she left called back and said, “Meet you in the bar at 9.00 tonight.”

Winston tucked his meat back in and mumbled a thanks. “She’s a mean fuck,” he said. “My mates love white cunt and they’ll be pretty envious of this one so expect some interest in her while you’re here.” At that, they left.

I knelt in front of Kate and licked her wide open cunt. The smell of sex, and the liquid from her natural lubricant were an aphrodisiac to me and a stroke at my hard cock brought me off pretty quickly. “I love the taste of used cunt,” I said to her.

“I could get used to having it used,” she said.

“Which villa are you in,” asked Winston?

We gave him our number and he suggested that he might pop round after 11.00 with another friend if we were interested. I pointed out that we were meeting Dave and Lynn and he just said, “Do you want her filled with black meat or not?”

I meekly nodded to which he “hi-fived” me and said, “See you later.”

We had an early meal and met Dave and Lynn shortly before 9.00 at the bar. Lynn looked really sexy in a short white dress with her white flimsy bra and pants clearly showing through and the white contrasting against her warm golden tan. The thought that I might be fucking her in an hour or so got me really horny. The conversation was light initially but slowly came round to the episode on the beach. Dave said that the scenario they had witnessed was exactly the same as had happened to them on Day 2 of their stay. Dave had done nothing at all but just watch Winston fuck Lynn on Day 2 and Day 4 of their stay. He told me he had found it highly erotic. They went on to say that they had just started swinging about 3 months previously and the beach they were on had been mentioned to them by a couple they had swopped with recently. That is why they had booked the late holiday to Jamaica.

I pointed out that we had never swung, though we had not only talked about it, but frequently had sex fantasising about it. I had to confess to Dave that watching had almost been as much enjoyment as doing. He agreed. I quickly cleared up any confusion about my sexuality and the fact that he had caught me with my mouth wrapped round a black cock.

“Hey,” he said, “When you swing, you have to take what comes at you. If you had said six months ago that I would ever have been turned on by another man’s cock I would have punched you in the nose. Now I have done a few things with guys that I can’t believe but sometimes it just seems right in the circumstances and, of course a lot of the guys we meet are bisexual so almost expect a bit of cock too.”

I was amazed at his honesty but it helped me understand my actions of the morning. I told Dave about Winston’s invitation for tonight. He told Lynn and we jointly agreed to grab some wine and beers and head to our villa for around 10.00 and start something regardless. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Lynn and was aware that my cock had been hard throughout the entire conversation.

Back at the villa, it took a few visits to the toilet to “freshen up” and some small talk and a couple of drinks before Dave went over and lifted Lynn’s dress up, pulling her briefs down. I caught a glimpse of hair before her skirt dropped back down again but the “V” of brown hair was very noticeable. He unclipped her bra so she was standing in an almost transparent dress.

Kate was in white dress shorts with a rather smart coloured t-shirt which showed her best assets, her tits. What she did next amazed me. She walked over to Dave, put her hands straight on the front of his cotton trousers, unzipped him and pushed her hand inside. He turned and kissed her. I wasted no time and headed for Lynn. I kissed her warmly while my hand explored her legs and upward to finger the folds on her cunt. She was wet. I popped her shoulder straps off and her dress top flopped to her waist exposing her tits. They were smaller but much firmer that Kate’s and my lips soon found her nipples. They were rock hard and I alternated back and forth from left to right. I glanced across to Kate and was excited to see her fully naked in front of a still dressed Dave, bahçeşehir escort bayan whose erect 6 inches or so were sticking out of his trousers. She dropped and took his cock in her mouth. He loved it.

I took the cue and quickly stripped naked, while Lynn did likewise. I laid her on the large queen size bed and opened her legs to lap her cunt with my tongue. She was breathing in short gasps. Dave decided to do the same to Kate and I looked across at him as she lay naked with her legs wide open and Dave lapping between them, his short and thick, hard cock swaying straight out from his body. We almost copied each other as I climbed up Lynn to stick my cock in her mouth while pushing my knees on both of her shoulders and we were both kneeling there each on top of a women, side my side with our cocks being sucked,

“I’m going to love watching you fuck her Dave,” I said. “Please don’t cum too soon though just in case Winston does decide to pay us a visit.”

The condom stretched over my cock and at last, I was entering a strange cunt. She was slightly wider than Kate and very soft and velvety. My cock entered without any resistance and I was soon in her up to my balls. Dave had Kate doggy fashion and was entering her from behind as he softly fucked her. “Nice tight pussy here Mate,” he said. The women loved the fucking and more than once I had to stop and wait till my impending orgasm subsided. I felt like I was watching a film. Both of us just fucked relentlessly for around 25 minutes, turning the girls over her and there for a better position. I heard Kate cum and she grabbed Dave’s buttocks as she climbed to her usual, normal, noisy peak. Dave actually succeeded in bringing her off twice and also told us twice that he was almost ready to shoot, but held back. Lynn managed one orgasm while I fucked her from behind, my cock twisting around inside her as I tried to grip her wider than normal cunt. I had a distinct feeling that Kate was enjoying Bill’s slightly thicker cock than Lynn was mine.

After about 30 minutes, we stopped and poured ourselves drinks. My erection did not subside and I noted neither did Dave’s. The women absent-mindedly sat on opposite chairs fingering their recently fucked cunts while drinking wine. I heard shuffling at the door and a gently knock. I brazenly walked across stark naked and swung the door open to find Winston’s smiling face. “Quick man, before security come back round,” he said as he ran into the room following by two other guys.

For one moment, apprehension hit me in case they had other intentions but their body language reassured me.

“I told my buddies here there was white, willing cunt and they begged to join me,” he said. “I see you started without us but we’ll make sure the girls get real man meat.”

Lynn was positively drooling at the prospect as the guys, still fully dressed, sat down and popped a can of beer each. Winston introduced the guys as Daz and Jimmy. Daz was a thin wiry young man who could have been 17 but I figured might be older, and Jimmy was a thicker set guy with a small beard and black as coal. All I could see what the sparkling white of his teeth. All three of them kept rubbing the front of their shorts and pronounced bulges were visible.

“You girls going to lick each other for us,” said Winston and continued, “as it really gets me going.”

Kate looked slightly afraid at the prospect but it was obvious the request was not so odd to Lynn as she dropped quickly to her knees between Kate’s legs and started to lick her wet cunt. Slowly Kate’s legs opened as she looked at me with a “what else can I do” look.

I knew what it was doing to me and my cock was absolutely rigid. The guys started to strip. The big surprise was Daz, the young lad, whose semi-erect cock slung low between his legs and even in that state looked about 8 or 9 inches long. It wasn’t as big as Winston’s and Dave’s looked tiny. The other guy had about 7 inches but his cock sprung out of curly black hair and was extremely thick, even by Dave’s standards. Winston dropped behind Lynn and started to lick her buttocks, his tongue straying quickly down to her hole. This guy was no shrinking violet.

Jimmy was stroking his meat as he walked forward, climbed on the bed and walked round to Kate, sticking his cock in her mouth. She loved it. I noticed that Winston was already pulling on a condom and going for Lynn’s cunt from the back as she still licked Kate. He was going to fuck her doggy fashion. The young lad just stood and wanked his cock gently as did Dave and I. Jimmy flipped Kate over and raised her legs. A rubber was stretched over his cock and he started to enter her. She had some problems in getting him in and resisted a few times before he entered. Soon the room was filled with ecstatic sounds as both women were being humped solidly.

I was standing next to Daz and looked at him, smiling. He smiled back and I looked down at his big cock hanging above his normal size balls and dropped to my knees. I took the cock from his hands and put my mouth over it. The lad looked a little surprised but I assume as there was nowhere else to put it, he allowed me to suck. It was slightly salty and was leaking clear precum but the hard monster was a delight to suck. Dave went over and stuck his cock in Lynn’s mouth while she was being fucked from behind.

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