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Carin’s Christmas Adventures part 1

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Carin’s Christmas Adventures part 1As the Holidays approached, and life just busy, I really didn’t expect to get into any trouble. I’m a good church girl, married and proper, so I couldn’t get into any trouble, right?Silly me, and silly you if you thought so too. All I did was get into trouble over the holidays. Best of all, my toes still curl when I think about it too much!The Friday before Christmas, the clinic did our Chris Cringle exchange, and then hugs and kisses, just like we have every year I’ve been there. Only difference this year was that the hugs and kisses as we said good bye included some groping. Doctor A grabbed my butt, which surprised me, and got me going too. If fact, all four of the doctors I work for took liberties with me, and I did nothing to stop them. Even a couple of my fellow nurses ran their hands over me, and I admit I reciprocated for them. By the time I got to Dr. K, I would have willingly gone down on her there in front of everyone, instead of just settling for her kiss as she pinched my nipple.Monday I had the morning shift, and it was the usual nonsense of silly injuries and dumb requests for painkillers these people had to know they weren’t getting. So when my BFF Dawn texted me asking for some help with her last gift, I was more than willing to drive over after I got away at lunch. Really, I had no idea what she needed help with, and I would have helped her even without the sexual tension that now existed between us, but as I walked up to her door I did hope there might be more to this than just wrapping gifts.She let me in wearing her robe and heels, an odd combination in my mind at the time, and as I took off my coat and boots(winter in Canada needs boots, not sexy but warm) she explained that she needed something special for her husband for under the tree. Since her k**s were away, I was available, fethiye escort and her husband was working, we had just enough time. Time enough for what I wondered. Yeah, I’m blonde.She handed me her camera, and we headed upstairs as she explained what she was going to, and all I had to do was stay quiet and keep her ring hand in the viewer when she wasn’t talking. No problem, I can do that.Ten minutes later I was a squirming mess in my pants at the end of her bed, as she spouted off the nastiest fantasy, rubbing her naked body before me, grabbing from the collection of toys on her end table. Yes I was rubbing myself as she went crazy for her husband on camera before me. Each orgasm she had teased me, and reminded me I hadn’t had one lately, never mind her ongoing run as she picked out a bigger toy for the next one. Watching her would have been enough to get me as wet as I was, but hearing how she would do such perverted things for her husband, and listening as she moaned over and over, had me as close as ever. It was all I could do to not drop the camera as I rubbed myself, first over my jeans, then under, and now under my panties as well.When she calmed down after her last toy had sent her over the top, laying there naked and covered in glistening sweat, she stared into the camera, and said“Now I have to thank my camera crew by doing what I’m told sweetheart, Merry Christmas and I love you.”Then she handcuffed herself to the headboard, and gave me our agreed upon signal to turn off the camera. I put the lens cap on, and made sure it was off. This was the point where I had agreed to free her, but my lust overcame any inhibitions I may no longer have, and I quickly stripped bare. She was just laying there, and I don’t think she was expecting me to join her on the bed, but simply put I was lost in my lust. I straddled her prone body, and escort fethiye lowered myself onto her, inhaling her sweet smell from just inches away. I might have chickened out right then had she not started licking me, and soon enough I was moaning into her treasure as she lapped at me, my hips grinding down on her amazing tongue!I had just tasted her honey nectar again, and was ever so close to what was sure to be an incredible orgasm, when I lifted my head and saw the door opening! At that moment, all I was thinking was how her husband was going to use me, have his way with me, share me with other men like he does Dawn. It was this point I really lost contact with reality, my eyes seeing stars and my mind a muddled mess.Without a doubt, it was the best orgasm, the toe curling mind blowing sweet release I wanted and needed.As I caught my breathe, and my legs stopped quivering enough to move off my best friend, I saw it wasn’t her man, but her cat that had opened the door. Unlocking her from her cuffs, we cuddled naked against each other, and I knew I could never say no to her, so when she asked what set me off so well, I admitted I thought we had been caught!Showered and dressed, all proper and relaxed, we wrapped up his gift and had a snack, and I was just about to leave when he came in the door. I had my coat in my arms in fact, but she insisted I get a proper holiday kiss, and having her kiss me like that in front of him was basically an invitation for him. Standing between my best friend and her husband, pressed between them as he kissed me under mistletoe, I felt him getting hard against me. His kiss was intense, and having four hands roaming about my sides was getting their desired effect on me, and I was just about to commit myself when Dawn traded spots with me, and I found myself pressed against her back as she stole the kiss fethiye escort bayan I wanted. I was jealous, horny, and surprised I was willing after the workout she had given me over the afternoon. I’m sure it was exactly the reaction she wanted out of me, because her smile as she knelt down and looked up at us said it all. She undid him jeans, took out his hardened muscle, and started sucking on him right in front of me. I’m not sure how long I just stood there watching, but soon enough his hand left my ass, and pulled my head to his as he kissed me. Not the sensual kiss from before, not the platonic kiss men give their wife’s best friends, but the deep lingering kiss every woman wants from a lover. How long I stood there kissing him while she sucked him I couldn’t tell you, but by the time he was moaning in mouth, I was grinding myself against his hip, his hand down the back of my jeans clenching my cheek as he thrust into her mouth.He broke the kiss as he started to fill her throat with his cream, and I stood there watching as Dawn drained him, taking all his length into her, over and over as he moaned. When she popped his manhood out, making a sound like a bubble bursting, he flinched, squeezing my ass as he did. Then he took both of us by the hair, waited a moment to see if I would protest, then had us kiss.She still had his warm cream in her mouth, and it tasted so much better than I ever thought it could. Before I knew it, our kiss was broke, and I stood there wanting, well I stood there wanting both of them to just ravage me.He promised he would never do anything with me without Dawn’s permission, and that I could stop them anytime I felt uncomfortable. Then his hand squeezed my cheek one last time, and she put his impressive popsicle away. I was about to say “Take me”, when they smiled and wished me a Merry Christmas, and walked me to the door.“After you think about it”, like I was thinking about anything else! But still I was out the door and on my to normal life, wondering if it was all a dream, or a decision I had made that I now had an opportunity to enjoy?

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