Oca 04

Carl Surprises Us All

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The weekend started out as a couple’s trip to the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Robin, Eddy, Carl and I met for a few days of football and partying. We were staying at an Old Cuban Revival hotel on the end of the Riverwalk. After taking in a great football game where our beloved team kicked their opponent, we went back to the hotel bar to celebrate. It was not very crowded and, within an hour, we had the place to just us. The boys each got a cigar to celebrate the victory, I guess it’s a guy thing, and went out on the deck to smoke.

“Did you wear the tank top and panties we got in San Francisco?” I asked Robin.

She pulled up her shirt and showed me, “Of course!”

“Me too!” showing her mine. “Think Eddy is ready?”

“If he’s not, tough! I’m wet as fish!” she giggled.

“Let’s have another Mojito for them and show off our tanks!” I added with a devilish tone.

We told the bartender to bring four more and then took off our shirts. There were four very stiff nipples poking through the material of our pink tank tops when the boys came back in.

“Like my tee?” Robin quizzed Eddy.

I watched his expression as he read “Two drinks from some girl on girl action”.

He just sort of grinned and shook his head.

“Want to watch?” I asked. “We’re on that second, no, third drink!”

“If he doesn’t, I do!” Carl chimed in.

He had been a witness to several of our little encounters, and knew what to expect. Eddy, on the other hand had never seen Robin and I together in that way, so I was unsure how he felt about it.

“Surprisingly Eddy asked, “Do I just get to watch?”

I thought Robin was going to fly out of the bar. She grabbed her Mojito and took him by the hand and headed for the door.

“Guess we’re leaving!” Carl said with a big grin.

We took our drinks and headed for Robin and Eddy’s room, just across the hall from ours.

As Eddy opened the door, Robin sprang inside and went right for the bed. Before I could even get through the door, she was taking her jeans off, revealing a soggy pair of matching pink boy shorts with the same logo. She got on the bed and stood up, modeling them for everyone.

Not to be outdone, I slid out of my jeans and got on the bed with her. My cute little matching shorts had the same problem. The crotch was soaked through!

She reached down and gave my crotch a brief rub. “Guess someone else is a little damp, too!”

The boys just stood there with their mouths open as Robin pulled me close and kissed me deeply, sliding her tongue into my mouth, allowing me to suck on it as she flicked it in and out as if fucking me with it.

“Get comfortable, guys, this could take a while!” Robin said with a sexy growl.

I watched as Carl removed his shoes and socks, then, unbuttoned and pulled down his jeans, throwing them onto ataköy escort the floor. I could see that Carl already had a stiffie, from the bulge in his boxers. Eddy followed suit and so…… Robin and I proceeded to put on a little show for them.

We stood there on the bed and returned to our lip lock, this time running our hands over each other and trying to duplicate what the other would do. I slid my hand down the back of her panties and curled my finger around to her sex. It was absolutely soaked with her juices. I could feel the sticky dampness coating and soaking through her panties. She was definitely ready.

I soon felt her fingers doing the same to me, and knew that I was as wet as she was

I brought my fingers out and put them to my mouth, sucking them in and watching the expression on the boy’s faces. Their eyes were glued to what was going on between Robin and me. I also noticed that both of them were now slowly stroking outside their shorts, obviously enjoying the view.

Now that I was certain that they were with us, I began to slowly pull Robin’s top up over her head. After getting her top off, I lowered my lips to her breast, sucking a nipple into my mouth and pinching the other with a free hand.

She let out a low moan as I moved my lips back and forth between each nipple, causing them to become rock hard and jut skyward.

She began pulling my top up and I had to break away from her breasts to allow her to remove it over my head. As soon as it was off, she went right for my nipples with her mouth, rotating between then, causing me to moan a little myself, as they were now almost painfully hard and tender. I saw her occasionally glance over at the guys, just to make sure they were enjoying it. They were! Penises had now left the boxers and were being slowly stroked. This was a much better result they I had expected.

I now knelt down on the bed and slowly peeled Robin’s panties past her knees, allowing her to step out of them. I then got up and she did the same for me. I guess great minds think alike, because we threw the soaking panties to the guys. Robin threw mine to Eddy and I threw hers to Carl. They caught them without missing a stroke.

“Enjoy those for a while, guys!” Robin giggled, and then added, “But don’t get any cum in them.

I cracked up.

Now that we were both naked and totally aroused, we decided to get down to business. I lay down on my back and motioned for her to get over me in that favorite position. She knelt over my face and then buried her face in my wet sex. I began sucking on her clit, causing her to force down a little harder on my face. I could not see what the boys were doing, but at that point didn’t really care. Robin slid two fingers in me and placed her lips over my clit, her tongue flicking across it rapidly. She avcılar escort kept pulling her fingers out and sticking them in her mouth, sucking my juices off, before plunging them back in me and returning her lips to my clit. By now, we were both in a world by ourselves and were doing everything to please each other.

I grabbed her by the hips and began pushing her up and down on my face, stretching my tongue out as far as it would go, fucking her with it.

She responded with a long groan, as I penetrated her depths further and further each time. I continued this as long as my tongue held out and then replaced it with two fingers. I slid them deep inside her, then, pulling them back out, rubbed on each side of her labia, pinching her clit between my fingers with each stroke before returning to her vagina. Fluids were running everywhere.

I began to quicken my pace on insertion and soon was fingering her so fast that my hand was a blur in front of my face. She continued to stoke me, and then suck me, now also increasing her pace, knowing we were getting close.

“I’m gonna cum!” She gurgled into my hole.

All I could do was nod. She understood!

She locked her lips over my entire mound and I did the same to her. We fucked each other’s face, striving to reach our goal at the same time. I felt her tense up and began contacting into my mouth. This sent me over and we both locked our lips over each other’s sexes until we stopped spasming. What an orgasm that was. It seemed to peak and ebb, then start all over. By the time we were able to come back to reality, all we could do was roll over a little, faces covered with juice and smiles.

“Did you like that?” Robin asked the boys.

“I did!” I replied.

The guys were sitting there, cocks in hand, and, I think a little dumbfounded after that little show. Robin finally broke the ice.

“Get over here and fuck me, Eddy!” she demanded.

Eddy wasted no time in getting out of his chair, dropping his shorts and walking to the bed. Robin got up on all fours and offered herself to him. He knelt behind her and I grabbed his gorgeous cock and guided it to her entrance. I then got under him to watch some of the show they were about to give.

From my position below Eddy’s legs, I could see his cock slide in and out of her in a slow rhythmic motion. Each time he would pull back, his cock would be coated with her delicious juices. I couldn’t help myself and decided to take a lick as he pulled back. It must have startled him a little as his cock popped out of Robin and dangled in front of me. Before I put it back in her, I gave it a nice lick and a little suck on the tip. That caused a groan from Eddy.

I slid his cock back into her a resumed watching from below. I was really getting into the view when I felt a hand beylikdüzü escort pulling me back from under them. I thought Carl must want to fuck. To my surprise, he replaced me under them and I was relegated to watching from the side. Eddy began pistoning a little faster into Robin’s gaping hole and I knew was going to lose it soon.

Robin sensed it to and ordered, “Don’t cum inside me, cum in her mouth!”

Panic hit me! Robin didn’t know Carl was under her now and that I was watching from beside them. I thought Carl would get out and let me back under them. I pulled on his shoulder, thinking he would move. Wrong! He maintained his position under them as I heard Eddy release a big groan, pulling out of Robin. Eddy’s cock fell directly into Carl’s open and waiting mouth as I watched Eddy’s balls contract in his eruption. I saw Carl swallowing for all he was worth, until the pulsating stopped. I was in shock. Good shock very aroused shock, but shock.

Eddy pulled back away from robin and saw Carl laying there, a big grin on his face.

“I was just watching, and then didn’t have time to move!” Carl said with his little laugh.

“What just happened?” Robin asked with a puzzled look.

“Eddy just came in Carl’s mouth! We switched positions earlier, and he didn’t have time to get out of the way!”

“Oh my God!” was all she could say. Then she laughed.

“How was it?” she asked.

“Primo!” Eddy replied.

“Different!” was Carl’s only comment.

I looked over at Eddy, and noticed he was still flagging.

“Not a satisfying blow job?” I asked giggling.

“Viagra!” he retorted.

He’ll go all night on that!” Robin added.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Carl took Eddy’s still raging hard on and began giving him another blow job. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Robin and I sat back and watched as Eddy knelt in front of Carl while Carl jacked him off into his mouth. Carl gave a blow job like a pro. He sucked and licked the full length of Eddy before taking him all the way into his mouth and began bobbing up and down , never allowing it to fall out of his mouth.

‘He’s good!” Robin kidded me.

“Practice makes perfect!” I replied with the wink she knew too well.

“Oh yah!”

Soon Eddy was forcefully beginning to fuck Carl’s face. The blowjob had been going on for nearly ten minutes and I knew Eddy had to be close. Just as I thought he was never going to finish, he let out a loud groan.

Carl pulled back a little and cum shot out of Eddy’s dick and into Carl’s mouth, bypassing his outstretched tongue completely. Rope after rope made a direct hit in the back of Carl’s throat as he struggled to contain it all.

When Eddy’s cock stopped spurting, Carl swallowed it all and sat back on the bed. He grabbed my head and forced it down onto his cock that was just starting to spew a load. It filled my mouth and I held it there until he was finished. I brought my face to his and dropped his own sticky load into his waiting mouth. He swallowed that too, and collapsed back on the bed.

“Three loads in one night! Must be a new record!” he laughed.

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