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Carley Ch. 06

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On Wednesday morning, we checked out of the hotel and took a taxi to the train station. I had pre-paid tickets on the high-speed train to Venice. We had a private compartment, but the door was clear glass, so we couldn’t do any serious fooling around. The countryside zipped by and, as usual, I was amazed at the amount of farmland and just plain wilderness that covers large parts of northern Italy.

The train pulled into the Santa Lucia train station on the Grand Canal in Venice. A water taxi took us to the Hotel San Cassiano not far away. The hotel was small and not especially luxurious, but it was quiet and I liked the location. I’d booked a room on the top floor looking out over the Grand Canal.

When we went out for lunch, I was careful to point out the landmarks and signs the girls would need to find the hotel again. There are no wheeled vehicles in Venice. People get around by walking or taking the water busses called “vaporettos”. Most streets are only five to ten feet wide with four or five story buildings on both sides. The streets would be called “alleys” anywhere else in the world. The streets basically follow the S-shaped Grand Canal. It’s easy to get disoriented. GPS is useless, since the devices can almost never see enough sky to lock onto a satellite.

We ate in a very small café with a canal on one side and a plaza on the other. After lunch, Lora announced that she wanted to explore on her own. She walked off heading more-or-less east.

“She’ll be lost in ten minutes,” I told Carley. “It’s a small town, though. She’ll be okay.”

I bought Carley a gelato.

“Lora wants to go to the island of Murano tomorrow,” I said between bites. “Did she say anything to you about it?”

“Yes, she did. It sounds like fun. I like the chandelier in our room and it’s from Murano. It’s a cool style.”

“Okay, now I know you’re nuts! Murano glass is the ugliest shit in the world. Woof! Ugly, horrible, gaudy crap! You girls have fun. I’ll stay here and troll for pussy.”

“It’s not ugly, it’s lovely! The colors are fantastic! You have no taste at all!”

“Well, you’re not the first one to make that observation, but try to remember who I’m standing here with. If I have no taste, what am I doing with you?”

“Damned if I know. I just hope you don’t come to your senses.”

I stroked her cheek. “I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you.”

We wandered aimlessly, exploring the wonderful little town. Carley admired the old buildings and complained bitterly about the spray-painted graffiti covering every available wall. I hired a gondola and paid the gondolier an extra 40 Euro not to sing for us. The afternoon went quickly.

I called Lora’s cell phone and found out she was on a vaporetto not far away. We met her at the San Stae vaporetto stop and walked to a restaurant across the Grand Canal from the train station. We consumed 200 Euro worth of wine, seafood and pasta, then strolled around, stopping in shops and sipping various wines in the outdoor cafes. I bought two cases of a local red wine and arranged to have them shipped home.

We got back to the room about 10:30. We were all pretty tired. We got undressed, took our showers and hit the sack.

Carley and Lora left first thing the next morning for Murano. They were excited about their little adventure and I got no more than some kisses and hurried groping.

I bought breakfast and spent a couple of hours wandering around and taking pictures in the Cannaregio district north of the Grand Canal. Parts of that section of Venice are more residential than the tourist areas to the south. It’s actually possible to find a grocery store there.

I worked my way east and south to the Rialto Bridge and started across, toward the hotel. In the middle of the north side of the bridge, I spotted a familiar face.

“Marja, hello.”

She turned and her smile was just as I remembered it.

“Jack! What are you doing in Venice?”

“I’m here with Carley and my sister, Lora. They’ve never been here before.” I shook my head. “They insisted on seeing Murano. I’ve seen it too many times. I think the glass is ugly and the factories are boring. I’m on my own for the day. Where’s Juliette?”

“She went off with two local girls. I think she’s trying to teach me a lesson.” Marja smiled sadly. “She was very upset with me for giving you permission to put your penis inside me. When I spit your seed into the glass and showed it to her she thought I was insulting her. Well, I was taunting her. I admit that. I didn’t mean to insult her, though.”

“I’m sorry, Marja. I’m afraid I made it even worse. I was looking at her when I came. She saw the expression on my face. I was taunting her, too. I’m sorry if I caused more trouble for you.”

“It’s not your fault. It was my decision. Juliette will come back tonight, I think.”

Marja touched my hand. “And if she doesn’t, I won’t be alone. I have no trouble attracting new friends. You may have noticed.” She laughed. “I find my appearance poker oyna to be an advantage in that regard.”

“Well, Marja, I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you this, but you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Your face and your body are almost beyond belief.”

I gestured at the people around us. “Every man and woman in sight is jealous of me right now. They’re wondering how I know you and whether I’ve had sex with you.”

“And you have,” she said with another smile. “You certainly have!”

“Marja, may I buy you lunch? I’m getting hungry and there’s a nice restaurant right down the street.”

“Why, yes,” she said. “I’d like that.”

We walked a couple of blocks south-west. The restaurant had outside tables and we were seated. We each ordered a glass of wine, made our choices from the menu and ordered our entrees.

“Jack, I haven’t forgotten my promise to you. I told you that if we met again, I would allow you to spill inside me. How do you say, ‘cum’? I didn’t think we would ever see one other again, but now we have. I always keep my promises. I will keep this one.”

“Marja, thank you, but in the club you were very positive about not allowing a man to cum in your pussy. I don’t want you to do anything you’d find distasteful. I can’t tell you how much I’d love to have sex with you again, but I won’t hold you to your promise. As you said, you didn’t expect to see me again. Your promise was intended as a politeness and that’s the way I took it. I don’t want to take advantage of your kind nature.”

“You’re right, of course. I was being polite. But you should know that I meant what I said. You behaved as a gentleman should. Your offer today to, what’s the phrase, ‘let me off the hook,’ proves that you are a good person. Unless you tell me you don’t want me, I will keep my promise.”

“Oh, I want you all right. If you like, we can go to my hotel after we eat. We’ll have all the time we need for you to keep your promise.”

Marja held up her glass and I touched it with mine. “To promises,” she said.

“What’s life like in Finland?” I asked. “Tell me about yourself.”

It turned out that Marja’s great-grandfather had been in the timber business and her family had been wealthy for generations.

“My mother died when I was only two years old. My father hadn’t wanted children and didn’t pay much attention to me. I was raised by servants, mostly women. I was terribly spoiled. Growing up, I got everything I wanted. Luxury was all I knew. Being rich, pampered and beautiful turned me into a horrible person.”

Marja sighed and took a bite of her pasta. “When I was eighteen, I fell in love with another woman. We had wonderful sex, but when she didn’t do exactly what I wanted her to do, I became angry and hateful. One day she’d had enough and told me what she thought of me as a person. She was the first to have the sisu, what is your word, ‘courage’ to tell me the truth. I was very upset, but I eventually realized that what she said was true. I only thought of myself. I wasn’t interested in the feelings of others. I didn’t care about them at all except for what they could do for me. I had no true friends. I began to change that day.”

“Now I am obsessive about my treatment of other people. I still behave in a selfish and aloof manner sometimes. I give orders and I’m demanding. But I try. I demand respect and politeness from others, though. If I don’t get it, I can be very difficult to be around.” She smiled. “I appreciate the way you’ve treated me. Your behavior has been above reproach. I look forward to having sex with you again.”

On the way to the hotel, we stopped for a gelato and ate standing on a bridge looking over one of the many narrow canals. The day was nearly perfect; sunny with warm breezes from the south.

In my hotel room, Marja started to unbutton her blouse.

“Let me do that, Marja. If you don’t mind, I’d like to touch you and undress you.”

She nodded and stood quietly, looking stunning. I touched her arms and shoulders, then the sides of her body. I reached around to hold her ass. I was starting to get an erection. I puller her close, pressed my erection against her and kissed her. In the club, our kisses had been almost formal with no tongue play. Marja opened her mouth and we kissed deeply.

I have a mild fetish about touching women through their clothes. Most of the time when I touch a woman sexually, she’s already naked. I take advantage of the opportunity to indulge myself whenever I can. Undressing Marja would be a treat.

I cupped both of Marja’s breasts, squeezing the firm flesh and feeling her nipples. I kissed her neck, moving my lips up and down, using my tongue gently.

I unbuttoned the top four buttons of Marja’s blouse and slipped my hand inside. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She didn’t need one. I opened her blouse the rest of the way and kissed her pale pink nipples. They stood up and I sucked them. Marja swayed back and forth, presenting one breast, canlı poker oyna then the other.

I pushed her blouse off and let it fall. Her skirt had a single button and a zipper on the side. I unfastened them and held her skirt in place while I slid my hand down the front of her body. She wasn’t wearing panties. Before I could reach her pussy, Marja held my wrist.

“Not yet, please. I’ve been walking all morning and I need to bathe. We can bathe together and wash each other.” She smiled. “We can touch in the bath. Would you like that?”

“You’re reading my mind. But first, let me finish undressing you.”

I dropped to one knee and lowered her skirt. She had a flawless, smooth pussy. She’d shaved the small patch of hair above her vagina and was now completely hairless. I kissed her belly button and stood up.

As I finished undressing, Marja held my shoulders and looked into my eyes.

“Jack, there is one thing I must insist on. When you are inside me, I must be in control. If you are on top of me, I will feel very uneasy. Also, I cannot tolerate being entered from the rear. We can fuck standing up if you like, as long as we are face to face. Is that satisfactory?”

“Yes, of course. I want you to feel at ease. If something doesn’t feel right to you, tell me at once.”

Washing Marja was an amazing experience. Her breasts seemed to defy gravity. Her waist couldn’t have been over 27 inches and her back had a wonderful “V” shape. At six feet tall, she was no lightweight, but there was no fat anywhere. Her body had a firm, solid feel, but her shape was unmistakably feminine. I’ve never touched a more “female” woman.

I was careful to be relaxed and gentle. When I reached her pussy, she was wet. I rubbed her clit and fingered her. She responded by pushing against my hand and kissing me. I pushed two fingers into her and stroked her firmly. She held me tight and kissed me. Her breathing was steady. I could tell she was enjoying my touch, but she wasn’t going to cum. She knew it, too. After a few minutes, she pushed my hand away.

“Let me wash you, now.”

Marja went slowly, washing each body part carefully. She knelt to wash my legs. I moved my feet apart and she gently soaped my balls and cock.

“You’re very hard. Do you wish to spill here in the bath, or wait until we’re in bed?”

“I’ll wait. Wash the soap off, please. If you don’t mind, I’d like to fuck you a little here before we get out.”

Marja rinsed me off. She moved to the corner of the shower and put one foot on the edge of the tub. Her back was against the wall. I slid into her and fucked her slowly. Marja held my hips and closed her eyes. My right hand was on her ass and my left on her breasts.

I’m a very visual guy, and the sight of Marja, naked and wet with my cock thrusting in and out of her was almost overwhelming. I took deep breaths and ran through the chord progressions to “The Way You Look Tonight” in A-flat. Miraculously, I didn’t cum.

Marja was also breathing deeply. Her hips had picked up my rhythm. She moaned.

“Jack, please touch me. The way you tried to do in the club.”

I moved the fingers of my left hand to her clit and began rubbing with all four fingers.

“Hold yourself still, all the way inside me. Touch me. Yes! Pull my nipples. Pinch them!”

Marja’s hold on my hips kept us balanced. I pulled and pinched her nipples with my right hand. I pushed into her as hard as I could, pressing my fingers into her clit. I pushed and rubbed and pinched and pulled. Marja mumbled the same phrase over and over in Finnish. Between phrases, she gasped and moaned and sighed. Since I wasn’t moving inside her, I was able to concentrate on her pleasure. She was pressed against me so tightly that I wasn’t able to see much.

Marja pulled me against her with all her strength. I rubbed her hard. I pinched and twisted a nipple. Her inner muscles tightened dramatically.

“Uhhhhhh, Ahhhh, Ohhhhhh, Mmmmmm.”

Marja shook and hugged me so hard I almost lost my balance.

Her grip on me lessened. I leaned back and looked down at her body. Her breasts were flushed. Her erect nipples looked even paler against the reddened skin. I was still deep inside her. She trembled for a moment and pushed my hand away from her clit. I held her breasts with both hands and squeezed gently.

Marja said something in Finnish, then stopped and shook her head. She started again in French, paused and switched to English.

“Oh, that felt so good I can’t even tell you in the right language! I’ve never had such a strong orgasm with a man inside me. I can feel it still. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“You’re very welcome. It was good for me, too. I could feel you squeeze me when you came.”

“Did you spill? I didn’t feel you spill.”

“No, I didn’t.” I pumped slowly inside her. My hands were on her breasts, squeezing and caressing. “I love the way you look and feel, but I want to wait until we’re on the bed.” I hadn’t internet casino stopped pumping. “I’m going to stop real soon. Any minute now. Damn you feel good!”

I slipped out of her slowly, teasing myself.

We dried each other and got onto the big bed.

Marja pushed me onto my back and mounted me. She was very wet from our time in the shower.

“I can tell you’re ready to spill. I’m ready, too. Please don’t delay.”

I was ready, alright. Marja fucked me differently this time from the way she’d done it in the club. She moved forward and back, gripping and releasing me with her muscles. The friction was intense. I held her breasts and marveled at her body. In less than five minutes, I was gasping for air.

“I’m going to cum, Marja. Are you ready for it?”

Marja had her eyes closed. She nodded. I felt her grip me. Her muscles rippled on my cock.

“Ahhhhh, fuck! That’s so good!” I held her waist and pushed into her all the way. My cock pulsed. “Uhhhhhh, yessss!”

Marja’s expression changed from one of satisfaction to surprise and then to concern. She frowned. I didn’t know what was wrong, but it was a good bet that my orgasm was the cause.

Marja got off me without a word and walked unsteadily into the bathroom. I followed her cautiously. I found her sitting on the toilet with her hands over her face. She was trying hard not to cry.

“Marja, I’m so sorry! Hurting you was the last thing I wanted to do. Can I help you somehow?”

“No. Give me a moment to recover. I’ll be fine. You did nothing wrong.”

Marja blew her nose and wiped her face. She pointed to something on the bathroom counter. It was a single-use can of douche. I handed it to her and she used it at once. Afterwards, she wiped herself several times. She blew her nose again.

Finally, Marja stood up and led me back to the bed. She lay down and pulled me down beside her. She smiled weakly and patted my face.

“I’m sorry I reacted that way. I was only nineteen when the last man spilled inside me. That was twelve years ago. I’d forgotten what it felt like. I’d forgotten how ….. No, it’s not fair to you. You don’t need to know what it’s like. Lay next to me for a little while.”

We lay there quietly for about fifteen minutes.

“Let me tell you a little about my sexuality.”

“I knew I was a lesbian before puberty. I was attracted to girls, but boys seemed crude and not physically appealing. As a young girl, I experimented, as all young girls and boys do. Boys seemed too aggressive. They were in too much of a hurry. Girls are more patient and giving.” She touched my chest and smiled. “You are an exception. You are a generous lover.”

Marja moved her hand to my cock. “Penises are fascinating, but not attractive. One minute they are soft and the next they’re so hard! The end is like a sponge with a tiny eye.” She caressed my balls. “Sometimes the testicles hang down and sometimes they’re tight against the body. It’s strange.”

My erection grew as she touched me.

Marja bent and licked my shaft. “It’s fun doing that and seeing your penis twitch. It happens every time.” She licked me again and stroked my sac.

“I learned that, while I love having sex with girls, I also enjoy giving blowjobs. I love the power it gives me over a boy. With my mouth and tongue I can control a boy. I can give great pleasure or withhold it.” Her lips slid over my cock and she bobbed her head slowly. I felt her tongue circle the head of my cock. I groaned.

Marja sat up and crossed her legs. She folded her hands in her lap. “You see? When I stop, your hips rise. Your penis searches for my mouth.”

“I have many friends, both men and women. We share our bodies often. I still enjoy giving blowjobs. I still love the feeling of power. I rarely fuck with my male friends. When I do, I always finish them with my hands or my mouth. I’m usually happy to suck them. I’m told I’ve become quite good at it.”

She nodded her head and grinned. “I love feeling a man swell and spurt when I force him to spill in my mouth. I love the way he loses control of his body. When I feel his seed shoot onto my tongue, I feel triumph. I’ve been in complete control of his body. I’ve made him thrust and jerk and cry out. It’s a great feeling. But when a man spills inside me, I feel only disgust. I feel degraded. I feel I’ve betrayed myself by allowing such a thing. Never again.” She shook her head. “Never! Never!”

She licked her lips. “You want my mouth on you again, don’t you? Tell me you want my mouth.”

Marja was definitely a complex person. Giving blowjobs was a power trip for her. It was a game most men would kill to play and she was offering to play with me. It was, as they say, an offer I couldn’t refuse. “Yes, Marja, I want your mouth very much!”

She smiled happily. “Don’t try too hard,” she said. “I’m going to tease you, but in the end I’ll make you spill.” She winked. “I promise you’ll have a nice, long orgasm, but I’ll control when you have it. You will have no choice. My mouth has all the power. You have none.”

She moved between my legs and lowered her mouth onto me, using her lips and tongue expertly. I propped two pillows under my head and stretched my arms out to the sides.

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