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The evening started out innocently enough. We have been married for 18 years and we are very happy with each other. It was our anniversary and Lori and I decided to celebrate at a local casino. We are not big gamblers but love playing the slots… and stretching out our losses to make $100 last all night. Yeah, uh we are not high rollers! For the special occasion we got a room for the night. The rooms are very nice with granite counters and marble floors in the bathroom. The rest of the room is also nice with a love seat seating area and 2 large king size beds that were very plush and comfortable.

Before we went down to the gaming room, he had a little fun with each other. She had taken a shower and I could not resist pulling her on the bed, forcing her to lay down with her legs apart, and was loving her freshly showered and still damp pussy. Ok, forcing her might be an overstatement as she was eager to have my tongue was lapping at her clit and occasionally darting into her pussy. And when she gets warmed up I first slide one finger into her slowly. Slow and gradually all the way. She squirms around my finger working it to the spot she likes. After a few minutes I slide it out, lick 2 fingers and very slowly work then into her pussy.

When using 2 fingers she loves to go at her pace so I just hold them still, firm and slightly curved. She then works her body gliding those fingers deep into her. I feel her muscles contract and squeeze them tight. Then she grinds her hips and guides them deeper and deeper repeating the motions until both fingers are deep in her pussy gently pressing her g-spot. By now she is ready to come and does so intensely, shivers and muscles squeeze and I hear her gasp for air.

“OK stop, stop!” Lori said as she was catching her breath.

I slowly remove my fingers and keep my tongue still but pressing on her as she works through the orgasm and relaxes. As soon as she comes, like normal she is ready to take my cock in her mouth but we decide to wait. Wait for after we come back up from the casino.

She had on a beautiful black dress, stockings, heels, red lipstick and my favorite perfume. I knew she was getting admiring glances from both men and women as this Midwest casino usually had folks wearing jeans and NASCAR shirts. I was wearing dark slacks and business white shirt with no tie and for being in our 50’s, we were looking pretty good! I would watch her walking towards a slot machine and just knowing what was underneath her outfit was making me crazy! I love that woman! We stopped at the bar in an hour or so and had a couple of drinks. We pretty much had the bar area to ourselves except for a couple of business men in view of us a few tables away. With the drinks and the earlier fun she was feeling pretty frisky. She was getting brave and was showing off her nice legs and also knowing her like I do, she was liking the attention even more than I was.

There was a band playing that night so talking quietly was not necessary so when she told me she was going to the bathroom I asked to her to bring me me those black lace panties when she returns and I will order another drink for her! With a nice kiss she was walking away and boy did those guys in suits love that walk. I got them gazing they just smiled and nodded, knowing what I was in for that poker oyna night! All I could do was grin and nod to them.

She returned, sat down and held her folded hand out and handed me what I had requested… and I was amazed at how damp they were and I felt my cock move! This is gonna be a good night but at that time I had no idea just how good it would become. We played a few more slots, spent some time at the bar, and just walking around people watching and we also being watched! Earlier we had noticed a couple about our age playing at the poker table. They were similarly dresses but her dress was red. And she was beautiful with her long dark hair and he looked sharp with his slacks and Hawaiian shirt. I noticed both were well tanned and in great shape. Both of them made eye contact with Lori as we walked past. About 20 minutes later we made one more stop at the bar for a drink before heading up to the room, and there was the poker couple sitting at the bar.

We took the seats close to them while Lori complimented her on her dress and I introduced us to them. Her name was Kerrie and his name was Will. We made some small talk while sipping our drinks but I was anxious to get those panties out of my pocket and the dress off of my wife so we said our pleasant goodbyes to them and headed towards the elevator. The elevator dinged, we walked in pressed Floor 8 and then I planted a deep passionate kiss on those lovely lips. The door started to close and as it got about half way.

“WAIT!!” we heard a female voice say as the door was half closed.

I stopped the door and around the corner and into the elevator came Kerrie and Will! They looked over to press their floor and smiled when they realized the 8 was already pushed!

“Looks like we are going to the same party!” said Kerrie and I am not sure what got in to my head but I seemed to have lost my shyness.

“Well there is no party but we can have one. Feel free to stop by room 834 and have a night cap. We have a bottle of wine in the ice bucket, BYOC… bring your own cups! I said.

“834? That’s amazing, we are in 832. Howdy neighbors!” said Will , followed by his wife.

“We will be over in a few after we freshen up” said Kerrie.

Lori and I had often fantasized about swinging or maybe some soft swinging but did not expect the possibility to even come about, especially that night but we both were thinking the same thing. After we got to our room, she spritzed on a little more perfume and we both brushed our teeth while giggling like kids! Do they want to? Will we be too nervous?

In what seemed like an hour but actually only about 10 minutes, we heard a knock at the door, and invited our guest in. Will had another bottle of wine and quickly it was pretty obvious that they were both well drunk and ready to party because when Kerrie walked by me into the room, she leaned over and lightly kissed me on the cheek and felt her hand reach for my crotch and she easily found my bulge. She gave it a little rub and went on in and sat on the corner of the bed showing off her fabulous legs. I looked back towards the counter where the wine was and to my surprise, Will was already leaning over and kissing Lori with his hand on her ass. I think what sealed the deal for him was when he pulled up her dress canlı poker oyna and feeling her bare moist pussy. Her panties were still in my pocket! What surprised me more was that she was seriously kissing him back and had her hand up on the back of his neck.

It didn’t take long for things to get very hot. Like I mentioned, Lori and I had thought about this but I really thought it would never happen. Man was I wrong and man was I loving it! I quickly poured some wine for Kerrie and I and as I was reaching out to hand her the cup, she was reaching for me belt buckle and clumsily unbuckling it. But she took the cup, downed it in one gulp and slid off the bed on to her knees and pulled my pants down and started to suck my cock like I have never had it sucked. She was taking it all too. It was not solid yet but got there quickly. By the time it was hard, she was deep throating all of me. She had reached out, grabbed my ass and was pulling me into her. This went on for a few minutes and just as Lori was about to get on her knees and service Will’s cock there was a pause.

“Hold on a minute boys, here are the rules for us. No fucking other than your own spouse if it goes that far. Other than that, well there are no other rules!” said Kerrie with a very serious but fun smile.

I was pretty sure we all agreed to that instantly. With that, Kerrie started back in on my dick while Will and Lori had moved over to the other bed with and she was in between his legs with her head bobbing up and down and honestly just seeing that was so hot I almost blew my load right there but I realized I needed to see what was underneath that red dress. I stood Kerrie up, turned her around so she could watch her husbands dick being sucked by a relative stranger in a black dress. I slid the zipper down all the way and pulled the dress down over her shoulders to the floor. Wow what a sight as I ran my hands along and up her smooth and tan legs. She was wearing a red slip with little white circles and was incredibly soft and hot. She turned around, unbuttoned my shirt and so I just had my shirt on and nothing else at that point.

I looked over at the Lori and Will and they had switched, she was down to her slip, laying on the bed with her knees up and spread, and Will was obviously doing great things with his tongue because she was writhing in pleasure grabbing the sheets in pleasure. I laid Kerrie back on the bed and I could hear Lori’s orgasm moan and she came like an animal, moaning and grunting like I had not heard in a while. Looking down at my partner, she was laying on the bed with her head on a pillow and I slid my hands up her and gently parted her legs and moved up to touch her pussy. It was drenched and as soon as I touched it, Kerrie reached up and pulled my head in between hers legs pleading me to lick and taste her now! It had been a long time since I had tasted another woman’s pussy and she was delicious. The difference was subtle but amazing. The shape of her clit was smaller and where she liked to be kissed down there was soon easy to find. I slid a finger into her pussy and it was so wet but still tight. She shivered, grabbed my head and held me against her as she quickly came. I was really surprised when I pulled my finger out and she was squirting little shots of liquid out of her as internet casino she moaned with pleasure. The liquid dripped from my chin and moistened my lips. We kissed in such a soft and sensual way. The connection was hard to ignore and she was so beautiful that I began to hope that we would be able to see them again and soon!

All of us must have been on the same time table, as the ladies pulled the men by the hand and got back on their knees at the foot of the beds and took our cocks in their mouth’s. The men were facing towards each other so it was easy for us to watch our spouse sucking another man’s cock with passion. Both heads bobbing in and out, lots of slurping and as if it was choreographed, the women both reached up grabbed their partners ass, and kept pumping in, and out, in and out. Not sure how long this went on, seemed like a long time for me anyway. But again as if planned, Will and I began to get to the point of no return. We both were grunting loudly and our muscles tightened as we began to cum. He shot first and I could see his first huge load shoot over her head and land on the floor between us. My first shot sprayed all over Kerrie’s cheek and the second one landed on her top lip and she licked off and swallowed it. I pumped again and a long drip fell on down to her red slip and oh man that looked so hot. Then my last shot came out with a spurt and landed on here breast and ran down into her cleavage.

Lori had taken him back in her mouth and he finished shooting his hot cum into her warm and wet mouth. She took her finger and caught all of the cum that missed her mouth and put the finger in her mouth and licked it clean. Then Lori did something she had not done in a while, she swallowed all that she had gathered in her mouth. She never really liked cum in her mouth but this was a night for new things and believe me ALL of this was new for us! Kerrie did the same, while making deep eye contact with Lori. These women were incredible. For some time, we all laid on the bed quietly but very very happy. Kerrie and Will went back to their room to finish cleaning up and showering. After they left the room, Lori and I kissed and the passion of our kiss was like we first met. I think we both could feel the wetness from out partner. In fact Lori had a little drop of Will’s cum on her forehead, I took my finger and wiped it up and let her lick it off.

We could have not asked for a better evening. Good drinks, good friends and great sex! We quickly showered and in a few minutes they knocked on the door and invited us over to their room for a nite cap. What a great couple we had met that night. It was amazing how comfortable it was with them. The wine tasted even better than before and both Kerrie and Lori looked even more beautiful. Of course we went back to our room, and had the best sex of our lives. I have never felt her pussy as wet as that night and she was literally dripping out as I slid my hard hard dick into her. We fucked for almost 20 minutes, just straight fucking. She came several times and I pumped another load that night. This time deep into my wife, the women I love.

Kerrie and Will were both pleased that the rules were not an issue and we learned they they had done this type of thing before and took kind of a chance with us but they had a feeling that we were genuine. A chance that paid off for all of us! We made some new friends that night and let’s all hope that more stories come from this new adventure!

Stay tuned to our stories and watch for more Lori and I and from Kerrie and Will!

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