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Catching Over Lunch

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Let me begin by saying that my involvement with men has been rare at best for many reasons. The main reason is that, although I consider myself bisexual, I rarely find men sexually attractive. That said, I sometimes find myself horny for cock and when I do, I find myself attracted to top men who know what they want, and know how to use it.

I found myself in such a mood this past Sunday. I logged onto Gay.com and cruised their chatrooms to see what was out there. Usually this is a fruitless search (no pun intended) and that day seemed to be no exception. Still, I decided to enter one of the rooms and hang out and see if anyone was interested.

Although I have a pretty good profile, nice stats, etc, I don’t have a pic and that eliminates a lot of traffic. Anyway, I was busy looking at other sites when a chat window opened.

I’m white, in my mid-thirties, in good shape since I work out religiously, clean shaven (though I am hairy otherwise) and I’m a redhead. The guy contacting me was white, in his mid-forties, shorter than me (I generally prefer football types a.k.a. big and beefy) with short dark hair, but he had a great pic of his clean shaven, smiling face.

He started the conversation by saying that he was a top who lived nearby and had a place. (Scored some points there.) As we continued, he let me know that he was into hairy men (that’s good because, though I am no bear, I am definitely not smooth) and he loves to spread a tight ass and rim a hot hole. (Major, major points there!) I tell him that I love to lay back, spread and be rimmed. It really gets me hot, especially when I know my partner is going to follow up by fucking me. He told me that if we were to hook up, that is exactly what would happen. (Sold.) I asked him how hung he was and he replied a thick 7-8 inches, which was fine by me.

It was about 9:30 in the morning and we agreed to meet nearby at noon. If we liked what we saw, we would go to his place for some lunchtime fun. I got cleaned up inside and out, just in case because nobody likes those kinds of surprises.

Noon rolled around and I was waiting for him dressed like I was going to the gym. I was wearing compression shorts that hid nothing and a loose fitting tank top. He pulled up and got out with a smile. I could tell he liked what he saw, as did I. Though shorter than me, he was in good shape. He asked me to turn around so he could see my ass. I did, and he surprised me by caressing my ass right there in the parking lot. He definitely knew how to get my motor running. At his suggestion, I agreed to follow him back to his place.

At his house, I followed him down to the den where he suggested I get more comfortable while he put on some porn. I took off my top and shorts, leaving me naked except for my poker oyna socks and tennis shoes. My cock, which had been hard since the parking lot, was painfully erect in the cool air. He turned around and walked towards me with a knowing smile. Behind him on the TV, a guy was on his knees blowing another guy.

He reached out to me and asked, “Do you kiss?”

I think I surprised him when I said, “Sure.”

With that he pressed himself against me and we kissed, our tongues dueling in our mouths. I could feel his erect cock against me and I reached down to caress it and his balls. He was busy too, cupping my ass cheeks in his hands. As we continued to kiss, he alternated between spreading and kneading my ass. I moaned slightly as all this activity was making me hot. I unzipped his fly and caressed his cock through his boxers.

He then moved one hand to my front, caressing my balls and searching lower. I knew what he wanted and, as I lifted my leg up onto a nearby chair, he reached under and circled my hole with his finger. He proceeded to kiss, lick and nibble on my neck while he held me and caressed my hole.

He said, “Mm, I love a tight hole.”

All I could do was moan as he repeatedly had me lick and suck his fingers, which he then used to finger fuck me. He had me really hot now.

He then told to lay back on the coffee table and spread my legs. I didn’t need any encouragement. As he stripped, a guy in the movie was being loudly fucked. My attention from the movie was distracted by the appearance of my top man’s cock. It was hard, cut, thick, about 8 inches as advertised, and leaking precum.

He knelt down and I felt his tongue caress my hole. Long encircling, caressing strokes were followed by thrusting strokes, which snaked their way up my loosening hole. He had me in heaven and moaning like crazy as he expertly rimmed me to the point of cumming for about 15-20 minutes. Clearly, this was a man who enjoyed rimming as much as I enjoyed being rimmed. By the end of it, I was begging him to fuck me.

He grinned and said, “Be patient. I’m not quite there yet.”

He rose and turned around so that he straddled me in a sixty-nine position. I grabbed his descending cock and greedily sucked it into my mouth. I worshipped it with my tongue and mouth tasting his salty precum. Meanwhile, he was sucking my cock expertly as well. I slicked up his cock and pumped it with my hand into my mouth. That elicited a groan from him and he proceeded to pull my legs back so he could continue tonguing my hole.

All of a sudden, he stood up and said, “Now, I’ve got to fuck you. Get on your knees on the sofa.”

While he went to an end table and pulled out a condom and some lube, I shakily did as he ordered. He’s looked at me with a big grin canlı poker oyna as he wrapped his cock in a condom and coated it with lube. He strode over to my raised ass.

He said, “You really want this don’t you?”

I looked back at him as he was pumping his cock with his hand and moaned,” God yes! Please fuck me with that cock. I’m so hot for your cock! Please fuck me!”

Still grinning, he said, “Then spread your cheeks slut.”

I did as he said and he slowly eased his cock into me. Despite all his efforts, the intrusion of his cock was still uncomfortable and it took my breath away. After giving me a second to relax, I pushed back at him. He took that as the signal to begin stroking. Quickly the discomfort was replaced with pleasure as his cock is thrust into me. He varied his strokes from long, slow, deep thrusts to short, rapid ones. In no time, he had me moaning and begging for more.

We changed positions so that he was sitting on the sofa with me facing him, straddling him. I impaled myself on his cock letting my weight take him deep. I ground my ass on his cock while he licked and sucked my nipples. I was so hot for him that it was making me crazy. His cock felt so good, all I wanted to do was make him cum so he could feel as good.

I smiled at him and said, “Time to change positions.”

I climbed off him and lay back on the couch, spreading my legs. He quickly entered and thrust into me establishing a steady rhythm that was heavenly to me. I pinched his nipples as we French kissed. I wanted him. I wanted his cum so badly.

So, on impulse I said to him, “You’re negative, right?”

He slowed and looked at me questioningly, “Yes, are you?”

Without hesitation I replied, “Yes.”

He started to continue his efforts when I asked him a little apprehensively, “Do you want to get together again… maybe on a regular basis?”

I noticed his change in expression and I quickly added, “As a fuck buddy, I mean?”

He looked at me with obvious lust and said, “I’d like nothing more.”

At that moment, lust overcame reason and I said, “Then, we need to make an adjustment.”

I reached down and pulled his cock out. Then, I pulled the condom off and looking into his eyes, guided his raw cock back into my hole. Even without much lube on his cock, it slid right in. We kissed passionately as he fucked me furiously. Waves of pleasure lifted me up as my awareness narrowed to focus on his hard, raw cock pounding in and out of my ass.

In no time, my legs were quivering as my orgasm threatened to wash over me. I felt his body tensing and his cock seemed to get even bigger inside me. With a loud groan, he thrust urgently, deeply into me as he unloaded his cum into me. That last thrust took me over the internet casino edge and I spurted cum onto him, my neck, chest and stomach. He kissed me deeply as he held himself deep inside me for a while as we savored the moment.

All too soon he pulled his semi hard cock out of my ass and stood up. He must have cum quite a bit because I could feel a significant amount of his cum dribble out as he withdrew. It was a wonderful feeling that I found very erotic. I sat up and grabbed his still engorged cock sucking him into my mouth. I rubbed my cum from my body onto his cock so it was easy to pump, and I gently licked and sucked his sensitive cock. Soon, I felt it harden again.

As I looked up at him, he smiled and said, “Well, that hasn’t happened so soon in quite a while!”

I replied, “Well, let’s not let it go to waste!”

We laid down on the sofa with him behind me. I lifted my leg and I guided his cock into me. He entered me and began to leisurely fuck me as we watched the video. There was a threesome going on that developed into one guy being fucked from behind, spread legged against a wall. The third guy was underneath licking away.

I said to him, “That’s hot.”

“What?” he said, “The guy underneath?”

“No” I said, “The guy being taken from behind that way.”

“What makes it so hot for you?” he asked.

“I just think it would be really hot to be used like that .“ I replied, “Don’t look back… just feel his cock pound into you and then feel him unload. Its being violated, almost raped, but in a consensual way. I think its kind of sexy in a submissive, animalistic way to anonymously service cock like that.”

He said, “You want to do that now?”

I replied by getting off the sofa and standing, facing the wall with my legs spread and my ass arched submissively to meet him. He entered me forcefully causing me to groan in protest. And, at times savagely, sometimes sensually, he fucked me until he pumped a second, large load in my ass.

I honestly don’t know how long he fucked me like that. Since it was his second orgasm, I suspect it took longer than the first time. However, during the entire time, he didn’t say a word to me. I was moaning and spouting all kinds of things as he fucked me silly. But when he came, it was just understood that he was going to cum where he pleased, which was deep in my ass, whether I wanted him to or not (which I did).

Afterwards, he surprised me by turning me around and forcing me to my knees to service his cock with my mouth. Despite his two orgasms, his cock was still rigid enough for him to fuck my mouth. He did so slowly all the while calling me his cum slut. He stepped back and smiled. My ass was sore, my legs were shaky and there was cum from my orgasm on his wall. And, I could feel his cum leaking down my thighs. All I could do was smile back at him.

We cleaned up and as we were getting dressed, we made plans to meet for lunch again next week. I can hardly wait.

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