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catching the wife and brother (fake and from hubbi

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catching the wife and brother (fake and from hubbiI was at work one day getting really bored at my desk having the worst day ever watching the clock I finally saw it was time to go home and I leapt out of my chair and almost ran to the lift to go home to my wife I got to my bike and as I rode home all I could think about was the pics she sent me that morning of her naked and begging for the day to hurry up as she wanted me.I got home walked indoors and I could hear her upstairs moaning I thought great she knew I was home and got starting but as I quietly walked up the stairs I heard her calling out “me Dennis that’s it baby fuck my arse hard I love you in me “I thought what the fuck why is she playing with herself calling my brother’s name as I got to the bedroom door it was open a little and güvenilir bahis when I looked there she was naked on her knees and my brother was behind her fucking her hard.I couldn’t believe it first my wife never let me fuck her arse she said it hurts and is disgusting and second she is fucking my brother so I decided to leave it and I watched to see how far it would go and I stood watching getting hard as I could hear her moaning and groaning as she came again and again then I heard him cumming inside her arse as I watched I was wanking my cock as he pulled out I saw her arse wide open and his cum dripping out of her my brother quickly spun round and laid down so my wife could suck him clean her arse facing the door where I was standing so I thought right this will show her and I quietly took güvenilir bahis siteleri all my clothes off crept in to the room I got right behind my wife and I gently knelt on the bed and then as I was right near her arse I then grabbed her hips and pulled her back so my cock slid deep in to her arse and she moaned then screamed when she found out I caught her she started calling out “Dave no please I don’t like it in there Dave I am sorry you found out about me and Dennis but please stop fucking my “oh god yes” no stop my arse hurts it is too tight please Dave stop” I said “bitch I was watching and hearing you beg Dennis to fuck your arse harder and deeper and now your sucking his dirty cock clean telling me not to fuck your cum filled gaping arse” she looked back at me and then iddaa siteleri said “oh fuck Dave go on then fuck me fill me like your fucking dirty brother did as I suck his cock and make him hard again and cum in my mouth use me like your dirty fuck toy again and again please Dave” I fucked her arse harder and harder as I heard her screaming with my bothers cock in her mouth and then after she had cum a few times I finally came in her arse.I turned to Dennis and I told him “your turn on this bitches fucking holes as she sucks me clean” and we swapped over we did this about three more times filling all her holes with cum making her scream and beg us to stop when we finished and my brother was about to go home he looked at me and said “how about we do the same to my wife next week she told me how she fancies you Dave and then you can come tell Jane all about it after the day is over” I looked at Jane and she said “that’s fine with me Dave seeing as I fucked Dennis behind her back and he will tell her all about it” with that he went home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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