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Caught by my lodger

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Caught by my lodgerCaught by the lodgerI’d just finished taking the last picture for a new gallery to upload to xHanster. It was my day off and I was dressed up in a basque, my micro plaid skirt, stockings, suspenders, a tiny pink thong and 6” heels, and one of my butt plugs deep in my ass. I heard the key in the front door and panicked. It must be Tom, my lodger, coming home early from work. Although he knew I was bi, he’d never seen me dressed up. ‘Hi, how was your day?’ he called, as he walked into the living room.His eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped open as he took in the scene. There I was standing in my outfit, my ass and semi erect cock in full view! ‘Oh my’ he said. ‘That’s a very sexy look you’re rocking there. Oh my oh my!’ He just stood and stared. ‘Ummm, I’m glad you like it’ I mumbled. ‘Like it? I love it’ he grinned, and I’m sure I noticed a bulge growing in his jeans.Still he stood and stared, so I gave him a twirl, my cock swinging as I turned. When I’d completed my turn, my cock was hard and erect. He walked over to me and grabbed it, rubbed it a few times, watched as precum oozed out and slowly dripped towards the floor in a long swinging strand.‘Mmmmmmm, that is a lovely cock. I better let you get changed’ and he turned and walked out, leaving me hard and panting a little.Nothing kaçak iddaa more was said about it that evening. He made dinner for us both and took his to his room to eat. I was a little disappointed, and kept getting hard thinking about him staring at me, then stroking my cock like he did.I watched a film on tv, although I couldn’t concentrate properly, washed the dishes, then told him I was off to bed. He looked at me, smiled and said ‘Ok, I’ll see you later’I went to the bathroom, all sorts of naughty things going through my mind. What did he mean by later? Tonight? In the morning? Stop being silly, I said to myself, just go to bed and try to sleep!I brushed my teeth, washed my cock and wet wiped my pussy…. just in case….. and put on my favourite sheer panties. Before I went to my bedroom, I stood in the living room door and said night night to him. He looked up, his eyes went straight to my crotch, and I couldn’t help it, my cock just went rigid, it was something in his look. I blushed as he grinned a goodnight to me, turned, my erection straining against my panties, wiggled my ass and went to bed.I tossed and turned, sleep wouldn’t come. I listened to him in the bathroom, watched him pass my open door and heard his bedroom door close. I kicked the duvet off, I was far too hot, and lay there, trying to kaçak bahis think boring thoughts to get rid of my erection.I’d almost fallen asleep when something made me open my eyes. There was Tom in the doorway, watching me. He was naked, and excited too. I’d never seen his cock and it was gorgeous. It was my time to stare. He was uncut like me, and it was his foreskin that caught my attention. Even though he was erect, the skin completely covered the swollen head of his cock and the puckered skin at the end stuck out a couple more inches. I rolled onto my back, my cock springing out of my thong and sticking straight up, my foreskin had rolled completely back, the curved end purple in the dim light from my bedside lamp. He smiled and climbed over me, straddling my chest, his cock nodding gently inches from my mouth. I lifted my head and kissed the folds of skin, precum moistened my lips. I placed my fingers around the shaft and slowly pulled his foreskin back. The smell of his wet cockhead as it slowly appeared nearly made me cum, and I when I had his foreskin completely pulled back I took him in my mouth. He groaned as my tongue, swirled around his manhood, tasting him, thanking God silently that he hadn’t washed. I sucked and licked, stroking him slowly, played with his heavy balls, until he started to illegal bahis groan and tried to pull away. I tightened my grip so he couldn’t pull out of my mouth and a strangled ‘fuck yes’ escaped from his lips as the first spurt of his cum splashed against the back of my mouth and slid down my throat. Four or five more spurts of lessening force filled my mouth with is creamy sperm and he pulled out and collapsed on my chest. I took his head in my hands and kissed him, felt his tongue inside my mouth, stirring his cum around.As we were kissing, I reached out and took the tub of lube on my bedside table, scooped out a big dollop, pulled my cock out from between his ass cheeks, and covered it in slippery lube. I smeared the rest between his cheeks and over his tight pussy, slipping a couple of fingers inside him. His kissing became more intense as my fingers fucked him for a few minutes before I pulled them out and put the fat head of my cock against his slightly open hole. He stopped kissing, cum dripping from his open mouth onto my chest as he he moved himself down and on to my cock. He sat upright my cock going all the way inside him and started to ride me, his mouth still open, his cum dribbling down his chin. Hands on my chest, he fucked me hard, groaning with each thrust, my hips bucking, trying to get as deep as possible. I didn’t last long, my thick cum oozing out deep in his ass as my balls emptied.We lay there panting for a while, my cock eventually slipping out of him as we both drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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