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Caught Cheating

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My best friend Paulina and I had a lot in common except for one thing, chemistry. We were in the same class for that subject and while she was excellent in it, I was terrible, struggling with homework and lab. Paulina was nice enough to help me whenever possible.

Our midterm was coming and she tutored me as best as possible, but I was still struggling, then an idea came to me, why doesn’t she help me during the test? She was appalled I could think of cheating, but I was out of ideas and if I failed this test, I will likely fail the class, preventing me from graduating on time. Paulina refused, knowing the ramification if we got caught, but I begged her nonstop to do it if she was really my friend. She soon agreed, but said she would not this again, which I was okay with. Our exam was multiple-choice and we sat at the room’s rear corner with me behind her, so it would be hard for our teacher, Mrs. Hunter, to notice her giving me hand signals to say which letter was the correct choice.

That day we finished first together after Paulina gave me all the answers, but as I did not want to make Mrs. Hunter suspicious, I pretended to struggle until everyone else finished their tests. I was relieved, believing we got away, but a week later, when Mrs. Harris returned the tests, she did not grade mine nor Paulina’s and asked us to see poker oyna her after class. I knew at that point we were busted.

After everyone else left, we sat by her desk together as she asked about Paulina’s odd hand signals during the test forcing us to admit to our cheating. Mrs. Hunter was stunned and threatened to fail us both. Not wanting Paulina to suffer for my idea, I begged her to just fail me, but Paulina felt she deserved to be punished too as she agreed to help me cheat.

We argued for a bit before Mrs Hunter said she would forget this happened and pass us both under two conditions, we not try this again, which we agreed to, and have threesome sex with her at her beachfront home that weekend, surprising us. We found it gross to have sex with our teacher even if she was young and attractive, being just 28 and it would be legal as Paulina and I were both 18, but after she threatened to expel us from the class if we did not do what she said, we agreed to it.

That Saturday, she drove us to the house and seeing how nervous we were, had us relax at the beach first. Paulina and I stripped to our bikinis. Mrs. Hunter, who wanted us to call her by her first name, Ellen, stayed clothed. We lay facedown in towels on the sand as she gave us lotion and massages to calm us. She also untied our tops or bottoms, which felt canlı poker oyna great.

After a while, we were ready for our threesome and went to the house, but after putting our towels away Paulina went to use the bathroom as Ellen and I lip-locked. She took off my bikini as I unbuckled her belt and unzipped her pants. As Paulina got out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa, Ellen and I followed her. I sat by her as Ellen sat on the floor in front of her to lick her vagina as she kissed and sucked my breasts and I took off her bikini, leaving just her sneakers on.

Paulina then lay on the couch, saying Ellen sucked her vagina well, as I lay atop her. We kissed and fingered each other’s vaginas. Ellen sat behind us to finger our anuses. This was our first time getting that, which felt so nice. Ellen kissed my buttocks, which too felt nice as I kissed Paulina’s neck and breasts. I lay on the sofa and Paulina put her head between my legs to lick my pussy. Ellen knelt beside her to kiss her breasts. She then took off her pants and shoes and squat above my face to grab my breasts as I moaned from Paulina’s oral sex. She sucked my breasts and fingered my vagina. Ellen fingered it also and lifted my legs to spank my buttocks.

I moaned louder while rubbing her thighs and kissing her buttocks above me, then she asked if I wanted internet casino to suck her vagina and anus. I pulled her panties aside to do that. This was my first time giving oral and I loved it. Ellen got off and sat by Paulina and they sucked my vagina together. Paulina kissed up my stomach, chest and neck to my lips, then sat on my face to let me suck her vagina. Ellen lay facedown on the sofa with her head between my legs to keep licking mine. Paulina held my head yelling in joy, then about faced to let me kiss her soft, round buttocks and suck her anus. My first-time giving anal oral felt so great.

She sat on my torso to let Ellen lick and finger our vaginas together. We moaned. Paulina sat on the sofa and Ellen put her head between her legs to suck her vagina. I sat next to her kissing her breasts. Ellen fingered my pussy as I fingered Paulina’s. We cummed. She sat behind me to kiss her buttocks, then went to the restroom.

I lay face-up on the sofa with my knees bent. Paulina lay facedown with her face between my legs to lick my vagina. We traded roles and positions, as Ellen returned. I kissed up Paulina’s stomach and breasts to her neck. We kissed as Ellen sat behind us to finger our vaginas and anuses.

Tired, I put my head on Paulina’s shoulder as she fondled my hair. Ellen kissed my buttocks and licked my anus, then put her head to my cheeks holding them and asked if we liked this. Paulina and I said yes. She kept her end of the deal. I swore I would study harder from now on as she drove us home the next evening after more sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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