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CAUGHT HAVING OUTDOOR FUN WITH WIFECaught having outdoor fun with wife 1I bought a camera after getting married and joined a local club; it was ok but not really me so it did not last long. I used it for motor sport and wildlife to start with but it wasn’t long before I was nagging the wife to pose for me. Reluctantly she would model for me, her outfits getting skimpier then in lingerie and eventually nude and of course sex always ensued. Roll on years later when the k**s were grown up and we had more time to ourselves, I coaxed her into posing outdoors and having sex after. She was always very nervous and looking around even though we went well off the beaten track. I am sure she got a buzz out of it and tried to get her to pose in slightly more public places like woodland parks and just off byways.I don’t know why but taking pics of her outdoor gave me an adrenalin rush, of course that lessened with time and I suppose to heighten the thrill, l I deliberately tried to get her to pose were there was a greater chance of getting caught or having her the subject of a voyeur. She didn’t seem to notice what I was up to but was always very alert and if anyone came our way she always managed to spot them and cover up. I totally gave up trying to expose her she was too prim and proper with high morals and I was k**ding myself that she would let any exposure occur.Our outdoor adventures had lessened but then whilst away in Cambridge at a caravan site for a mid week break, I suggested we check out the local country side and she agreed. I quickly stuck a denim mini skirt and see thru top and my camera in a back pack; I don’t think that she had in mind to dress for some pics. She just had a country walk in mind and maybe a bit of outdoor sex. We drove out into the country past a little village and I noticed a footpath and parked up, we set off down a long hedge lined path. I could see over to the left there was a small quarry and fields to the right, we came to a wood and the path turned left at its edge but there was a small path into the wood I led her into the wood looking for a way through to the fields but there was a fence and ditch so we carried on.The wood was sparse but I thought we had gone far enough and stopped, this will do I told Sue she could change into her outfit. Sue made a fuss saying it was too close to the wood entrance and insisted we went a bit farther and took the lead, we came to a bend in the path and the dabbled sun shone through there was a good view of the path in front and behind so Sue said she could spot if anyone came. I told her to relax it was mid week afternoon and deserted; I put the pack down and handed her the top and skirt to put on.Sue stripped to her matching wine coloured bra and pants, she had put a few pounds on the last year or so but I like normal middle aged curves. It wasn’t the best outfit and I knew she hadn’t shaved her pussy lately and usually I had her wear heels too but hey it was a bit of a spur of the moment. Sue started posing flashing her güvenilir bahis pants and then her bra as I clicked away. Did you hear that! What I said as Sue scanned around the trees and bushes. Relax the paths are clear and I carried on. (pic1) Sue continued posing bending to display her cleavage with the front of her blouse pulled down, then she plopped her firm C cups out of her bra and I continued to snap away. (pic2) Let’s see your pussy, Sue put her tits back in her bra, pulled her panties down but not fully and lifted the front of her skirt.(pic3) Just as I snapped a pic Sue looked to her right, what was that ! Nothing calm down, Sue scanned the trees and bushes for a minute until she relaxed again, I took a couple of her bush but she wouldn’t take her panties right off. Get your tits out as well I instructed she started to pull her blouse and bra down, take them off I proffered but she wouldn’t. I moved to get a different angle and as I did I spotted a guy over to Sue’s left standing by a bush he was in running shorts and vest, my heart pounded but I didn’t want to freak Sue out so I just carried on and took a few pics. I was really excited now, all those years hoping and trying to have her voyeur and here it was happening when I least expected it. I knew he wasn’t getting the best view just her tits and hairy bush so I changed position and suggested Sue should bend over and show me her ass and pussy (pic5) knowing this would give our watcher a better view. I glanced over at him and he made no effort to hide so he knew I had seen him. I made sure I was off to one side so he could see past me and instructed sue to bend further and spread her legs a bit more so I could see her pussy. As I snapped a couple of pics Sue looked back over her shoulder at me and as I looked through the lens she scuttled to her knees and forward letting out a yelp as she went.(pic6) What are you doing I asked, dropping the camera down only to see our watcher was virtually on my shoulder. Sue’s ass was still on view as she now pulled herself up a tree trunk to her feet swiftly pulling the skirt down before turning around.Sorry said our voyeur but when I saw you looking over at me I thought you were giving me the come on to come get a closer look, I wasn’t looking at you said Sue I just heard a noise. He looked about late twenties dark haired 5.10 ish and in good shape and it was clear he wasn’t shy. Come on you looked straight at me and you turned to show off your ass and pussy he said. I thought it time to interject, we didn’t know you were there I said and gave him a wink. Well you are right by the footbath it’s just there and it seemed you were putting on a show. We didn’t know the path was there said Sue composing herself, we were just having a bit of fun, I caught her glancing down at the guys shorts and it was obvious he had a hard on and it didn’t go unnoticed by him either. Well I have been watching for the last ten minutes and you can see what you’ve done to me. Sue looked shocked what do mean, türkçe bahis your nice tits and legs not to mention that nice white ass got me this way. Sue looked at me in shock but I just shrugged. Well sorry to disappoint you but we have to go now, she picked up her skirt and top she had changed out of and the pack under them, putting them and my camera inside.My names Simon he blurted in an attempt to engage her in conversation, we have to go you’ve had all the show you’re getting. Don’t be mad look you can’t leave me with this; I couldn’t believe his nerve he pulled his erect dick from his shorts. It wasn’t massive about 6.5 maybe 7 inches just a bit longer than me but circumcised unlike mine and I couldn’t help but look at his bell end it was bulbous with a hood and looked too large for his shaft, Sue was taking a good look too.Just give me another little show before you go while I get rid of this, he said looking pleadingly at Sue. Before Sue had time to think I said just let him see your tits and then we can get out of here, she looked at him and he was slowly stroking himself. Without looking at me Sue pulled her top and bra down, her nipples were red and hard giving away her state of arousal. I could feel the hardness of my dick pressing on my shorts and my heart was pounding with excitement, I couldn’t believe she was doing this. Not wanting to distract her I carefully backed away a bit to watch the proceedings.Simon surprised me then by saying that her tits were nice but they weren’t doing it for him. I thought oh shit he’s going to muck this up. I am more of an ass guy, could I see your ass and wank off at that. I held my breath waiting for Sue to say something, “Alright but just get on with it”. Sue turned around hiked her skirt up and pulled her panties halfway down her thighs, leaning slightly forward with her hands on the tree in front of her. Simon stepped in behind her stroking his cock bell end was barely 2 inches from her white flesh. It suddenly dawned on me that Simon was very crafty; he had manipulated Sue into a position where she couldn’t fully see what he was doing and got her to uncover her pussy under the guise of getting a look at her ass. Sue was too up right for him to get much of a look at her pussy though.Simon was telling Sue what a nice ass she had, I noticed him stop wanking and he gripped the base of his shaft pushing his cock down he inched forward and rubbed it on the inside of her thigh. Sue clamped her thighs and feet together trapping his cock as she swung her head round to look back over her shoulder. Sorry I just wanted to feel your soft skin he said as he rocked back and forth oh yeah that’s good that’s doing the trick hold it there he said. To my surprise she did as requested. He moved his left hand up to her hip gently stroking it to start with then holding her. His short rocking motion changing to longer strokes, moaning and telling Sue “oh yes that’s so good “.Sue looked down between her thighs I knew she was watching his bell end pushing güvenilir bahis siteleri through her thighs. He continued like this for a couple of minutes it was obvious he wanted her pussy and was trying to manipulate her. Sue was keeping her thighs closed though, Simon changed tactics pushing harder and pressing his abdomen against her ass claiming he was near to cuming, the force of the harder pushes forced Sue to alter her stance moving her feet apart and opening her thighs to keep her balance. His cock moved up against her labia and as if to distract her Simon exclaimed he was nearly there “ oh yes yes that’s doing it that feels so good ” as he picked up his pace. Sue was looking between her legs and as if to encourage him rocked back but this just caused her hands to move down the tree and now her ass was higher her legs wider and there was nothing to stop him entering her, she had fallen for his rhetoric . Just as the thought ran through my mind I watched as Simon rocked back and as he went forward his hand directed his cock upward penetrating her wet pussy with his bulbous bell end. He quickly moved his right hand up to her other hip holding her at his mercy as gave her a few short rapid pumps, that bell end did the trick drawing a large moan from Sue. I could she was biting her bottom lip, her eyes opened and she exclaimed “no no stop “. I didn’t know what to do, was she serious she wasn’t struggling so I assumed she was feigning. Simon pushed in deep, Sue’s eyes closed and she dropped her head as he picked up a good pace slapping against her ass. He paused teasing her with a couple of short thrusts before pulling right out of her, just as she turned her head to look back at him he pressed his bell end into her slowly burying his cock to the hilt. Simon pounded her as Sue moaned and gasped at his onslaught settling to the pleasure of his rhythm, just as she did so he quicken going harder and deeper causing Sue to burst into an orgasm. He wouldn’t let her recover selfishly piling her for his own orgasm which built through Sue’s yelps and moans, Simon slowed then paused in deep pulling Sue’s hips tight to him as he let out a deep aarrrggg filling her pussy, Sue letting out a satisfying moan. Simon held still into her before slowly pulling out of her opening his body to my side making sure I had a view of that large bell end exiting my wife’s sticky wet pussy. Her pussy gapping held my attention his cock had obviously swelled with that bell end as he got into riding her no wonder she moaned so much, I never left her gaping like that he was obviously a lot thicker than me ! There was just an agreed silence as they cleaned up with Sue’s wipes, she pulled her panties up and changed her top and skirt back as Simon tried to interest Sue in the fact that her ran here most days at this time. I could tell Sue was embarrassed now that her heightened sense of excitement had subsided and she didn’t speak. Simon took the hint tucked his shirt in his shorts and took his leave without so much as a thank you, not that I think Sue was interested.It was a long silent evening back at the caravan site, the actions of the day seemed surreal but I thought it best not to mention it, the next morning though we had a great sex session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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