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Caught in the Act Ch. 02

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Mum lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, a big smile on her face as dad ran his tongue along the juicy-looking groove between her cunt lips. I had now come to terms with being allowed to join my parents for some really hot sex, after dad had caught me in the act sniffing a pair of mum’s used panties, and had lost my self-consciousness in my nudity as I discovered, with a quick pang of pleasure, my true erotic nature, handed down to me by my sex-mad parents.

Since dad had invited me to join him and mum – not forced I hasten to add – once my initial and now, I realise, groundless fears had been conquered, I decided to go for it big time. If mum and dad wanted to have a threesome with me, their own son, then who was I to object? Besides, I couldn’t think of a better way to show and seal our love for each other.

I resumed masturbating in front of my patents, my hand flying up and down the long shaft of my thick rod and my balls swinging nineteen to the dozen, mum’s eyes darting across to me to watch me tugging on my tool. Again I detected her maternal pride as her smile grew wider while dad continued to lap at her pussy, dominating my attention and completely unpeturbed by the fact I was witnessing the almost hypnotic-like spectacle of mum and dad making hot sensuous love.

The lady from whom I had emerged nineteen years earlier was at the very peak of her physical beauty and as dad continued to eat her pussy, her grunts of pleasure grew louder while my stiff pole began to throb even harder in my hand. The whole afternoon was changing our lives forever and I couldn’t think of two better people with whom to lose my virginity to.

“Here, son,” said dad, relinquishing his tongue from mum’s gash and beckoning to me with a nod of his head, “come and takeover and get your first pussy.”

“Yeah, sweeheart,” urged mum, her voice huskier than I had ever heard it and full of pure wanton lust, “there’s no need to sniff my panties anymore, you can have the real thing anytime you want.”

I knelt down next to dad and breathed in the scent of my own mother’s love box. The scent was intoxicating; she had obviously showered and I caught a nice whiff of lilac, the aroma of which brought me out in goose bumps as I inhaled deeply. I reached out a hand to fondle the folds of skin in mum’s extremely exquisite and delicate-looking pussy, enjoying the silky soft feel as I started to work the index finger of my right hand into the now no longer forbidden depths.

“Oooh, sweetheart,” mum groaned, “that feels really nice. Didn’t take you long to get the hang of things.”

“Lick her, son,” my father said, “show your mum how much you love her.”

I began to tentatively cover mum’s pussy with lots of little kisses until dad laid a hand on my shoulder as he began to instruct me on how to really lick cunt.

“You need to use your tongue, son, like I did,” he said, “a woman can never resist a long hard cunt-licking. Makes then go all do-lally.”

With dad’s words ringing in my ears, I stuck out my tongue and began to work it up and down the groove, tasting the sacred place from which I had first seen the light of day. Mum was not only damp from dad’s recent tongue mauling, her own juices were seeping through the folds of skin, matting her pubic hair, and I lappped them up as the walls of mum’s sodden twat tightened around my exploratory tongue.

Though I had never licked a lady’s pussy before, it didn’t take me long to get really into things, especially with dad egging me on all the time with his words of encouragement. I was completely relaxed now and enjoying myself immensely as my tongue found mum’s clit which was fully aroused, sticking up through the strands of hair, and I felt a warm glow run through me, knowing that I was now the one responsible for turning her on. Making her go do-lally, in fact, judging by her screams that alternate between little moans and low husky whimpers and I giggle to myself as dad’s words echoed again through my ears.

“That’s the way, son,” dad said, “you’re doing really well. Your mum loves having her clit seen to.”

Dad stood up and moved back and began masturbating as he watched his son making love to his wife. I knew all men wanked but it still seemed odd to see my own father doing so. Mum’s groans were still alternating between soft whimpering and outright screaming, especially when I pulled her trigger with my tongue, filling my mouth with a further round of her sweet-tasting nectar. I tugged on my cock which seemed to be in a perennial state of hardness, my foreskin retracted and the bulging knobhead slick and slimy with pre-cum.

I carried on licking mum’s pussy for a good five or ten minutes, then, suddenly, mum gently pushed my head away and smiled down at me. The smile this time was less tender than earlier but no less bewitching as she hauled me to my feet and beckoned to me to join her on the bed.

“Let me show you something really special, darling,” mum said.

As I positioned myself with my head up against the pillows, mum turned her body beşiktaş escort the other way so that her dainty little feet were adjacent to my head and started to mount me sixty-nine style, lifting her right leg in the air so that her pussy gaped open right in front of my eyes. I could make out all the finer details of my birth box as I feasted my eyes on mum’s lovely pink hole while mum likewise studied the head of my pulsating quiver bone, her love and affection for me evident in her usual sunshine smile that I have come to know so well over the years.

“Fuck, that looks real great,” my father said, tugging harder on his cock while my mother fondled my big sweaty balls in her hands, “you’re presence is certainly helping to spice things up, son.”

“Thanks, dad,” I said, “mum’s pussy looks fantastic.”

Indeed, I couldn’t get enough of it and, without any warning, I sent my tongue careering back into her delicious depths as mum’s head came down on my cock and she swallowed it whole, her warm breath coming in short sharp gasps as she once again treated me to another of her hot scintillating blowjobs, her soft lips clamping my cock in a vice-like grip.

My father was almost paralytic with joy as he watched the hot incestuous scene taking place on the marital bed. His right hand was wrapped firmly around the hard shaft of his cock as he tugged on it as if wanking was an Olympic sport, his eyes not wavering as mum and I made passionate love to each other. As I again found mum’s clit and started to work my tongue around it, mum let my cock fall out of her mouth and went to work on my balls, slurping her tongue around the heavy nuts while dad moved round to the side of the bed, knelt down and began to fondle my arse as mum and I, without breaking our sucking, rolled round until we were both lying on our sides.

“Oh this is so good,” mum said, after releasing my entire scrotum from the deepest darkest recesses of her mouth into which they had subtly found their way, “your dad and I have waited so long for this day.”

“I’ve waited a long time for it too, mum,” I replied, coming up for air from what had been a continuous non-stop assault on her pussy with my quick-learning tongue, “I never expected anything like this when I asked my boss for the afternoon off.”

“Neither did we, son, when you arrived home unexpectedly like that,” said dad, “it just kinda happened, didn’t it? But we have to be careful nobody else knows about this.”

“That’s right,” said mum and I felt very pleased with myself that I had had the good sense to shut the bedroom window, the neighbours are a nosey lot and mum, dad and I engaged in our first ever threesome was the last thing we wanted them to get wind of.

A sudden sense of urgency seemed to overtake mum as she hauled herself round until she was lying on top of me as the tip of my cock made contact with her pussy, our hearts beating fast. I snaked my hands round mum’s back to grope her arse while simultaneously lifting my head to munch on her luscious tits, devouring them with my hungry mouth before running my tongue along the valley of her cleavage.

I could feel my mother’s warm breath on my skin as I ran my tongue between her tits and shifted my hands from her buttocks, running them up the small of her back before bringing them to rest in the down of her soft slim neck. The guilt that had descended on me like a fog, numbing my nerve-ends, when dad had discovered me with mum’s panties up to my nose, had evaporated completely as the exquisite vestiges of joy overwhelmed all of us, blithely disregarding the dissolute nature of our actions.

“Suck my tits, darling,” mum said, “you have such a lovely hot tongue.”

I shifted my tongue from mum’s cleavage and began to munch long and hard as mum had asked me to, first on the right tit and then the left. They tasted delicious and the harder I licked, the tastier they became.

“Yeah, son, suck ’em hard,” my father said, watching and wanking as he leaned in to get a closer view.

“He is, honey,” mum said, “you’d never think he’d never sucked tits before.”

“I’m a quick learner, mum,” I said, looking up and smiling at her before burying my head into the melons again, pinching mum’s nipples as gently as I could between my teeth.

“Fuck, that looks fabulous,” said dad and I smiled at him out the corners of my eyes, pleased that I was doing such a good job and making my parents ever more proud of me.

Indeed, I also felt immensely proud that the first tits I was ever being allowed to lick were those of my own mother as I had done when she breast fed me with them when I was a baby. Determined to show her what I was made of, I lapped at the delicious jugs while dad moved round, enjoying the pornographic show mum and I were putting on for him.

“You’re really getting me going, sweetheart,” mum went on as I carried on munching, “but I’d really like to get fucked now. Let your dad show you how it’s done.”

I didn’t really need to be shown how it was şişli escort done, having watched several porno DVDs round my mate Brian’s house in the past year, the pair of us wanking together but never touching each other as we watched the versatile performers fucking like rabbits on the t.v. screen. But I didn’t say anything to mum; I had been commandeering her for almost an hour now while dad, patiently, had bided his time. If we were to be a complete incest family, then the action should embrace all of us, not end up with somebody standing on the sidelines as a mere spectator.

“Here, dad,” I said, as mum climbed off me and I slid off the bed and stood with my proud prick extending out long and hard from the rest of my naked body, “mum wants a fuck.”

“Your mum always wants a fuck, son,” dad said, grinning impishly as he positioned mum on her hands and knees on the bed. “Did you enjoy sucking those lovely de luxe tits of hers?”

“Of course I did, dad,” I said and then, before I could stop myself, went on: “silly question.”

“Boys, boys,” said mum, giggling, “don’t start arguing, this is supposed to be a fun time. Come and fuck me, honey,” she continued, speaking to dad, “my pussy really needs a good seeing to and Scott’s dying to watch, aren’t you, sweetheart?”

“Sure fucking am, mum,” I replied as I resumed masturbating.

Mum looked over her shoulder and smiled at her menfolk, that glorious smile that has melted my heart since childhood, as dad moved in behind her and lined his cock up at the entrance to her slick wet pussy. I tugged on my cock a little harder, my excitement now risen to Alpine-like heights and I felt very priveleged indeed to be, after months of dreaming of this moment, a witness to my parents fucking.

“Scott,” dad said, “there’s some KY in the top drawer of the chest,” he went on, indicating the said chest with a nod of his head, “fetch it for us, will you?”

I opened the drawer and didn’t have to search, the tube was lying on top of a clean blanket neatly folded to fit inside and, judging by the squidgy look of the tube, mum and dad had already used plenty of the lube and would soon be in need of purchasing a further supply.

“Here you are, dad,” I said, unscrewing the cap and handing the tube to him. Dad smeared some of the gel onto his hand and then greased his prick, then he smeared another liberal helping into mum’s vagina with the fingers of his right hand. Then he slid his torpedo gently into mum who let out a soft sigh of contentment as I watched dad start to demonstrate how he and mum had created me.

“That looks great, dad,” I said, masturbating like mad alongside them as I watched the mesmerising spectacle of my parents in the throes of their love-making and again feeling so full of love for them and pride that they had allowed be to be a participant with no force nor coercion whatsoever.

Dad’s beautiful tight arse cheeks were clenching vigorously together as he rocked back and forth on his strong hardy legs, his face drenched in sweat as he exerted every ounce of energy he possessed into making sure mum had a good time. Mum’s boobs were flailing about all over the place while her hot steaming pussy made a nice temporary home for dad’s aroused prick as, I had no doubt, it would mine before our first marathon threesome came to an end.

“Oh yes, honey,” she said, “keep going! There’s nothing quite like a good fuck on a hot afternoon.”

“Enjoying watching, son?” dad managed to say, inbetween grunting and groaning and smiling at me, his eyes taking in the spectacle of me masturbating my undiminished hard-on which was a sufficient enough answer.

Nevertheless, I nodded and smiled back at him as mum looked over her shoulder at me, her mouth hanging open. It was a meeting of minds and I didn’t need to be told what mum wanted, a few steps was all it took for me to be standing directly in front of her and I slammed my cock into her mouth which she gobbled up so hungrily, anybody would have thought she’d been starved of sex had sex for years.

“Yeah, mum, suck my cock,” I breathed, huskily, surprised to hear the different tone in my voice, a more lustful sound than usual, as mum responded to my request, taking me in so deep that my balls swung against the underside of her chin. I was so turned on, I needed to sniff something, even though mum had said earlier there was no need to now that I could have the real thing but that wasn’t the point. The thought of sniffing mum’s panties while dad and I spit-roasted her was just so tremendously exciting, so very O.T.T. and I stretched out a hand to try to grab hold of them.

Alas, they were just out of my reach but I managed to hook my index finger around my own sweaty white briefs that had languished on the bed since mum had taken them off for me. I had never sniffed my own briefs before, having never been turned on to my own scent, but as I couldn’t get hold of mum’s panties without breaking the truly splendid blowjob mum was giving me, my briefs it bahçeşehir escort had to be, being the next best thing, and I held them up to my nose and sniffed deeply.

“Oh fuck, honey,” said dad, his words slurred, “look at Scott sniffing his own pants. Ain’t that just so fucking kinky?”

“Mmmm,” said mum which was all she could manage as she too didn’t want to release her mouth’s hold on my cock. I continued to sniff my briefs for another five minutes and then dad reached out a hand and slowly took them from me, holding my unwashed underwear up to his own nose to inhale the aroma of his own horny son and without breaking his cock’s firm hold on mum’s cunt.

“Oh boy!” cried dad, pumping in and out and mum squealing to high heaven as dad found her G-spot, not once but several times over, “these smell fucking fabulous,” he went on, breathing in deeply.

At that moment in time, nothing else in the world mattered, I had forgotten all about the wretched insurance office in which I worked, all the usual nondescript day-to-day things completely swept aside as mum, dad and I abandoned ourselves to the joys of some of the hottest, hardcore taboo sex that anyone could possibly be allowed to experience.

I had always known that sex was the dominating factor in my parents’ marriage, from the many times I had wanked while listening to them making love through our adjoining bedroom wall. Now, they were proving it to me as the bed creaked and groaned under the weight of mum’s body and our naked bodies writhed and squirmed together in unison.

Without breaking her hold on my cock, mum stuck her right hand up in the air, wiggling her fingers and dad, knowing exactly what mum wanted, handed my briefs to her so that she could inhale them, too. I was rapidly discovering that mum didn’t like to be left out of anything and if her husband was goiug to have a good sniff of their son’s underpants, then so was she.

“Fuck her hard, dad,” I said, as mum somehow managed to keep her balance as she continued to suck me off while simultaneously breathing in the odour of my midriff that that clinged to my sweat-laden briefs as dad upped the pressure on her steaming pussy, “she’s loving it.”

Indeed she was and so was dad. Almost before I had finished speaking, dad screwed up his eyes, threw back his head and gasped as he shot his load deep in mum’s pussy. Spurt after spurt hurtled from his balls and along his thick shaft before discharging them deep in my birthplace. Seconds later, mum let out a low guttursl moan as she orgasmed with dad still deep inside her.

At the other end, my own cock felt like it was on fire, buried still in mum’s hot wet mouth and ready to burst into flames at any second. As dad pulled his sated cock from mum’s cunt, I felt my balls start to constrict as they bubbled up, my shoulders shook and my body tingled with the thrill of my approaching orgasm as I realised that my own explosion was now just a few moments away.

“Oh yeah, mum and dad, I’m gonna cum!” I cried as I rocked back and forth on my football-playing legs and mum let my cock fall out of her mouth so that she and dad could watch their own son spewing forth his load, beaming with parental pride as they did so.

The first spurt shot out like an express train emerging from a tunnel, a long hot ribbon of creamy white incestuous sperm which landed fairly and squarely on mum’s face. I had seen facial cumshots in the films I watched with Brian but never in a million years had I ever expected that I would be allowed to dump a very full load of my own spunk on my beautiful mother’s face.

“Oh yes, baby,” mum cried, slinging my pants back onto the bed with a quick flick of her hand and looking upwards with an expectant look on her face, “cover me with it. Shoot it all over me.”

“Yeah,” said dad, “your mum’s a real spunk queen, she can never get enough.”

Dad didn’t really need to tell me that, the evidence of my hot sticky cum flayed out across mum’s face spoke for itself. Dad’s spunk was seeping out of mum’s pussy as my own continued to rain down over her nose, cheeks and mouth. Surely I would wake up in a moment and realise, to my chagrin, that this had all been a dream, wonderful as it was?

But no! I didn’t even need to pinch myself to realise that this was no wet dream like those I’d had in the early days of my adolescence. My parents and I have always been close but even in my wildest imaginations, I could never have envisaged getting as exceptionally close as this.

Mum and dad’s bedroom had taken on, not surprisingly, a very strong and very pleasurable smell of rampant hardcore sex, proving that I was very much awake and taking part in not one but several acts of supreme love played out with the two people I loved and cared about more than life itself.

“Oh fuck!” I continued to scream as my ejaculation continued, the jets of my love cream spewing forth one after the other in rapid succession. Dad smiled as he watched me discharging the snow-white flakes through my piss hole while mum lifted her face to take as much of my cream as she could, opening her mouth to swallow the third and final helpings while dad collapsed into the armchair to get his breath back. A smile of paternal pride on his face as he watched me, his horny loving son, in the throes of my seismic orgasm, shooting my load all over his wife.

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