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Chad and Blaine Ch. 04

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Okay, so this is my first story with my new editor Jezebell875, if you send me private messages send one to her too as I know she would love to hear the comments. So without further ado here it is. The chapter you have all been waiting for. Just to clear things up, I forgot to mention that Chad got held back a year in high school so that is the reason why he is 19, just thought I should clarify that.

-I just wanted to add to Baby’s comments: First I want to thank her for the opportunity to edit her work, I know I said this earlier but I believe she has a lot of talent and her work will only get better with time. That being said when I edit her stories all I really do is make grammatical changes and give my opinion here and there, I don’t want to change her work or style just help with the process. We have updated this chapter and brought as much continuity to it as possible without trying to change the storyline too greatly. We aren’t going to go back and update past chapters, just move forward from this one. (Ok enough talking back to our boy’s). Happy Reading!


“D…Dean.” Blaine stuttered out.

“Hey, fag, how are things with your new boyfriend?”

“How…How did you get this number?” Blaine twined his fingers with Chad’s and smiled reassuringly at him. Chad frowned but kept quiet.

“The phonebook, there aren’t many Rosewood’s in the area, so I ran it and your daddy picked up, imagine my surprise when I’m told that little Blaine is shacked up with another fag.” Dean’s voice was angry and cold.

“Why do you care?” Chad kissed his cheek than rubbed his hands through his honey blonde hair. He wished he could hear what Dean was saying on the other end.

“I want you back, fag, I hate that you’re a guy but you suck cock so much better than any other bitch.”

“I’m staying here.” Blaine said firmly.

“We’ll see.” Dean replied and hung up the phone.

Blaine threw the phone at the wall and watched as it smashed into little pieces. Hiding his face in his hands he sobbed, he was going to bring pain and suffering to Chad and his family. He knew he was going to because he had done it to his own family. Still even as Chad wrapped his arm around him he couldn’t bring himself to push him away, instead he turned and buried his face in Chad’s chest.

It was two hours later that Becky, Chad, Blaine, Tina, Jack and Katie were all sitting around the dining table. Becky was short, with black hair, brown eyes and was chubby; she was also the detective that had saved Blaine the first time from Dean.

“Okay, Blaine sweetheart, tell me exactly what he said.” Becky said and poised her pen at her notebook.

“Um…he…he said that he wanted me back.” Blaine twisted his hands together and sighed.

“Anything else?”

“I asked him how he got the number and he said “The phonebook, there aren’t many Rosewood’s in the area, I rung it and your daddy picked up, imagine my surprise when I’m told that little Blaine is shacked up with another fag”; “I can remember every little word he said.” Blaine sniffled and wiped away a stray tear.

“Everything is important, Blaine, Dean matches the description of a man who raped a boy, and he looks very similar to you and is only a year older.”

“Oh, God”” Blaine whimpered and shook his head, he couldn’t believe this. “He said…” Blaine didn’t want to say this bit but he knew if he didn’t another boy could get hurt because of him. “He said…that he wants me back, that he hated that I’m a guy but I…I suck cock better than any bitch” Becky jotted all of this down and sighed. Blaine could feel Chad trembling in anger next to him.

“Good, Blaine.” Becky stood up and slipped her notebook back into her pocket.

“Did…did you find the phone number?” Chad whispered, still angry, wrapping his arms around Blaine again.

“No, it was from a pay phone. Sorry.” Becky patted Chad’s shoulder and smiled at them.

“Don’t worry; we had him once we will get him again.”

“Yeah, I was wondering, how did he get out the first time?” Jack asked and stood to make coffee.

“He got bailed out almost as soon as we bought him into custody; obviously he planned it or he got lucky, we’re never going to know. We’ll let you know if we find anything, Blaine.”

“Thank you again, Becky.” Blaine whispered and closed his eyes, he wanted to sleep, and he needed to sleep. Maybe then if he woke up it would have all been a very bad dream. The only good part of the day, was the sex before the phone call.

“Come on, baby, let’s get you to bed.” Chad murmured in his ear and picked him up; Blaine squeaked in surprise and held onto Chad’s neck. Chad carried him to their room and slowly stripped him down, leaving his boxers. Urging him into bed, Chad sat down beside Blaine and ran his fingers through his hair. Blaine sighed blissfully and settled into Chad’s hard, warm body.

“Can I draw you?” Blaine whispered, rubbing his fingers through the fine hair on Chad’s chest.

“Huh?” Chad stared poker oyna down at his boyfriend and smiled. He only had to look at Blaine and all his anger drained away.

“I want to draw you.” Blaine tickled his fingers around Chad’s hard nipple.

“You can?” Chad asked in a breathy voice. His cock had hardened and he was uncomfortable.

“Yeah, I love to paint and draw and make stuff. Look.” Blaine got out of bed and was rooting inside a bag for something. Plopping back on the bed he handed Chad a piece of paper. Chad slowly unfolded it and gazed in wonder at the perfect picture of his face, the only thing coloured in the drawing was his eyes.

“I didn’t know you could draw.” Chad whispered.

“There is a lot you don’t know about me, Chad.”

“I want to know everything; I want to go out on another date with you.” Chad pulled Blaine close to him.

“Do you think that’s safe, with Dean knowing where we live?” Blaine rested his head on Chad’s chest and sighed.

“Yeah, let’s show him were not scared, baby.” Chad closed his eyes; God he was tired.

“When do we go out then?” Blaine was apprehensive but, excited he loved dates.

“Soon, baby, soon.” Chad whispered before he dropped off into a deep slumber. Blaine kissed Chad’s chest and fell asleep soon after his boyfriend.


“Chad, wake up, Chaddie, get up.” Chad grumbled and batted the hand away that was shaking him.

“Come on, Chad I got you a present.” Blaine’s voice said in his ear. One of Chad’s eyes cracked open into a slit.

“A present?” Chad rumbled his voice dry from sleeping with his mouth open.

“Uh-huh.” Blaine nodded with a huge grin on his face. He wanted to forget about everything that had happened in the past few days, so he went shopping this morning with Tina.

“Is it another foot job?” Chad asked with a grin.

“Chad!” Blaine whined and bounced up and down. Chad licked his lips and watched his man bouncing up and down on the bed, his gaze slowly traveled down to his shirtless chest, down Blaine’s flat belly, and finally landing on the crotch of Blaine’s new black skinny jeans that hugged his body in all the right places.

“Chad! Stop ogling me and pay attention.” Blaine said with a pout. His arms crossed over his chest.

“Sorry, baby, you’re just so fucking sexy.” Chad said then pounced on Blaine, mindful that his boyfriend was still healing. Blaine struggled and giggled when Chad tickled at his sides. Blaine stopped giggling enough to bite Chad’s nipple. Chad gasped and grabbed the abused nipple.

“You play nasty.” Chad growled and bent down to kiss Blaine’s soft full lips, Blaine opened his mouth almost instantly. Chad still remembered their first kiss, when Chad had forced Blaine up against the lockers in school and kissed him until the bell had knocked them away from each other. The kiss started soft but before long it grew in passion and Blaine was grinding against Chad, He ran his hands down, rubbing his fingers over the sensitive scar tissue left by Blaine’s painful and tragic encounter. Blaine burrowed his fingers in Chad’s honey blonde hair and sighed. With a nip to Chad’s lips Blaine pushed him away.

“I can’t, sorry,” Blaine said and looked away, he heard Chad sigh and tears filled his eyes. Blaine squeezed his eyes closed and stood from the bed.

“Wait, Blaine.” Chad whispered.

“Why? Your just like him, all you want me for is sex.” Blaine cried and tried to race from the room, he was stopped with a gentle hand to his shoulder.

“I love you, Blaine, I told you this earlier.” Chad whispered. He was hurt at being compared to that monster Dean.

“I shouldn’t have sighed, baby. I’m just so used to getting it when I want it I just need to adjust…that sounded cruel.” Chad said with a nervous chuckle.

“I want to but I freaked out.” Blaine whispered. Ignoring Chad’s comment about getting it whenever. He didn’t want to know about who Chad had fucked.

“Why did you freak, sweetheart?”

“I don’t know I guess I just need time, but if we have sex Chad promise me one thing, please never fuck me from behind. I always need to see your face.”

“I promise, baby.” Chad wrapped his arms around Blaine’s slim body and hugged him close to him.

“I’d give the world to you if I could. Wait, does that mean you want to have sex with me?” Chad asked into Blaine’s raven black hair.

Blaine snuggled into Chad’s warm hard chest with a happy sigh and gave a little nod; he did love Chad he just couldn’t tell him yet. Blaine was so nervous about sex that as soon as Chad and he started…playing, he freaked, he really wanted to be intimate with him…just not yet. Chad kissed the top of Blaine’s head and smiled down at the boy in his arms, he would love Blaine forever, even though today was his 19th birthday, even if Blaine never said the words Chad knew Blaine felt the same way about him.

“So, what’s my present?” Chad whispered in Blaine’s ear before sucking on the lobe.

“It’s…um…you know…” canlı poker oyna Blaine stuttered. Chad laughed and licked along the shell of Blaine’s ear.

“Stop…I can’t think when you’re doing…that.” Blaine gasped. With one final kiss to his ear Chad pulled away to stare down at those beautiful green eyes. Seemed Blaine had sensitive ears.

“Okay…now tell me.” Chad asked with a grin.

“I’ll show you.” Blaine said with a grin and raced of away. Chad laughed and chased him through the house, while pulling a shirt over his head and ran smack into Jack.

“Hey Dad have you seen a little guy running around anywhere?” Chad said with a grin. He could see Blaine’s black, spiky hair sticking out from under his Dad’s arm.

“Can’t say I have, son, but there seems to be this little monster behind me.” Jack yelled the last bit with a laugh and plucked Blaine out from behind him.

“Hey, you’re mean.” Blaine said with a pout towards Jack. Jack just grinned. Blaine stuck his tongue out and sighed. “You were supposed to hide me.”

“How was I supposed to do that when your hair is so tall?”

“It’s not that tall.” Blaine replied with a giggle.

“Ok, out back, boys, it’s time for Chad’s present.” Tina shouted from the backyard.

Chad raced outside and gasped as every single one of his friends and his family yelled “Happy Birthday.”

“Oh…” Chad said, shocked.

“Happy Birthday, Chad.” Blaine whispered from behind him and kissed him on the cheek. Chad grunted and turned to pin Blaine against the wall to ravish his mouth. Blaine whimpered and kissed him back. Blaine threaded his fingers through Chad’s hair and moaned he loved being kissed by Chad.

“Get a room.” Thomas, Chad’s older brother shouted. Chad grunted again and kept kissing Blaine until he made him feel like a puddle of goo. When the boys separated from their kiss, Blaine was a little bit dazed.

“I am so giving you a proper thank you later.” Chad growled at Blaine. Blaine blushed and visually shuddered. Chad turned around and started chatting to everyone in the cramped backyard.

Blaine sat down on the swinging patio chair and watched his boyfriend strut around. Blaine didn’t know how long he was sitting there before a boy similar to him; except he had dark blue hair and was wearing bright green nail polish; sat down next to him..

“Hi, I’m Michael…nice to meet you.”

“Michael from the science club?” Blaine asked quietly.

“Yup…did Chad tell you about us?” Michael asked nervously with a blush.

“Kind of,” Blaine whispered with a frown. He didn’t want to talk to one of Chad’s ex’s.

“I cheated on him…that’s why he dumped me” he said bluntly, and grinned widely.

“How is that a good thing?”

“Chad was chasing you at the time so I kind of made an excuse for the both of us to get out of it it’s not like I loved him or anything…”

“He…he was dating someone while he was after me?” Blaine was shocked.

“Oh no honey…it wasn’t like that he was going to break up with me but he didn’t want to hurt me I knew it was going nowhere so I cheated. He loves you Blaine.”

“Oh…” Blaine whispered feeling embarrassed, he let his feelings over rule him once again.

“So do you like my hair?” Michael asked with a mischievous grin. The boys chatted until the sun went down, with Chad sneaking a little kiss here and there, Blaine smiled each time but always kept chatting to Michael. Blaine knew he found a new best friend and was so happy. When Chad came up and told Michael to get lost Blaine was disappointed that he had to leave.

“When can we talk again?” Blaine asked, excitedly.

“Give me a call, here’s my number.” Michael handed a piece of blue paper over to him and smiled, “Call me”, he said as he was walking away.

“I will”, on the way back to their room Blaine noticed Chad was quiet and withdrawn. Blaine watched as Chad walked into the bedroom and stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed without even acknowledging him, Blaine was hurt but he quickly stripped then crawled into bed. Blaine kissed Chad on the lips and waited for him to respond. He didn’t.

“Chad?” Blaine whispered, hurt lacing his voice.

“What?” Chad asked with his eyes closed. Anger laced his voice and it scared Blaine.

“Have I done something wrong?” Blaine stroked his hand down Chad’s cheek.

Chad shrugged and “It’s stupid.” he whispered.

“Tell me, please, I don’t like knowing I made you angry.”

“It wasn’t you…not really.” Chad still had his eyes closed.

“Then what?”

“Now you…have a friend…you’re going to ditch me to hang out with Michael.” Chad finally opened his eyes and looked up at Blaine his eyes luminous with unshed tears.

“Chad, sweetie, you have friends are you going to ditch me to hang out with them? We’re going to be fine…because…well…” Blaine stuttered about.

“What is it?”

“Well…I love you.” Blaine said quickly.


“I said…I said I internet casino love you.” Blaine whispered. Chad stayed quiet and eventually Blaine had to look up. Chad was laying there with a huge grin on his face. “I am going to make you feel awesome.” Chad said as he crawled on top of Blaine.

“Stop…Stop Chad.” Blaine said his hands pushing against Chad’s chest.

“What is it?” Chad asked in concern.

“I want to make you feel good for a change; you’re always making me feel good.”

“Are you sure…I mean I can wait.”

“No…I want to.” Blaine said and knelt next to Chad as he lay down on the bed.

“Only if you’re sure.”

“I’m sure,” Blaine whispered as he tugged the boxers over Chad’s hips and gasped, lying soft in a bush of pubic hair a shade darker than the hairs on Chad’s head was the biggest cock he had ever seen! Even soft it must have measured in at about 6″. Blaine reached out and hesitantly wrapped his around it. Chad’s cock grew in a matter of seconds and Blaine was left staring at roughly an 9 and a half inches, of hot, cut, cock, lying beneath it was a hairless sac holding two egg shaped nuts. Blaine’s middle finger and thumb wouldn’t even touch.

“Oh my God!” Blaine whispered to himself.

“Don’t be scared, baby.” Chad whispered and stroked Blaine’s hair.

“I’m not it’s just…” Blaine trailed off as he heard a noise coming from outside the door, moments later the door came swinging open and Thomas came rushing in and sat on the edge of the bed. He was shockingly fast for someone so muscled.

“Tommy!” Chad yelled and tried to cover himself up. Thomas was gaping at him.

“Damn brother, the cock fairies were good to you..”

“What are you doing in here?” Chad growled, Blaine had taken his hand away and his face was a shade of cherry red.

“Came to see if you were okay? You seemed a little bit wigged out earlier.” Thomas’s attention had turned to the bulge in Blaine’s boxers.

“Do it and die brother.” Chad growled. He knew Thomas was gay, as did his parents. Blaine started to whisper dirty words in his ear ignoring the fact that Thomas was in the room. His man had gone from shy to incredibly bold in a matter of moments.

“What are you telling him?” Thomas asked and chuckled as Blaine turned scarlet and kept his eyes on Chad.

“Get out!” Chad almost yelled as Blaine murmured all the dirty things he wanted to do to him.

“Going,” Thomas said as he left the room and slamming the door shut behind him.

“You have such a bad mouth.” Chad said with a chuckle

“Sorry, I wanted to be alone with you.”

“Stroke it” Chad growled and rubbed Blaine’s head. Blaine’s tiny hand wrapped around his cock and started to stroke up and down the meaty shaft.

“Squeeze it harder…oh god…faster babe.” Chad moaned and arched his back.

“Am I doing it right?” Blaine asked and looked up at Chad.

“Perfect, baby.” Chad groaned and wrapped his hand around the bulge in Blaine’s boxers. Blaine moaned and pushed Chad’s hand away with a shake of his head, this was all about Chad.Blaine squeezed Chad’s cock hard and stroked at a furious pace, he felt his own cock harden, as pre come dripped down the head and onto his hand.

“Come for me, let me see you shoot.” Blaine grabbed Chad’s balls and squeezed.

“I’m going to show you…here it comes…” Chad roared as hot white, come spurted from the head of his cock and splattered on Blaine’s face and into his open mouth; Blaine licked his lips and moaned as the taste of Chad swept over his tongue. Blaine wiped away the come with Chad’s boxers and rested his head on his pillow. Chad groaned and pulled him closer to him.

“Wow.” Blaine whispered and looked up at Chad.

“Are you sure you haven’t done that before babe?” Chad came so hard, and that was only from a handjob, he was going to die if they had sex.

“Only on myself” Blaine giggled and blushed a deep red.

“Keep it that way” Chad growled feeling possessive all of a sudden.

“I’ll only every need and want you, Chad.”

“I love you, Blaine.”

“Can I draw you?” Blaine asked.

“Now?” Chad asked in disbelief, he had just come and was enjoying the afterglow.

“Yes, you look so sexy right now, your hair is all ruffled, your eyes are glazed over, and you look so damn sexy.”

“I guess so.” Chad whispered, he couldn’t deny Blaine whatever he wanted. Chad grumbled as Blaine covered his groin with a sheet and grabbed a sketch pad and pencil case, and got to work.

“Keep still.” Blaine growled for the tenth time.

“I have an itchy nose.” Chad grumbled, he had been sitting here for almost an hour and his ass was numb.

“You used that excuse last time.” Blaine said, never once taking his eyes away from the page.

“Come on, Blaine, I want to sleep.” With that sentence, Chad let out a jaw cracking yawn.

“I am almost finished; wait just ten more minutes please?” Blaine batted his eyelashes and smiled.

“Fine.” Chad whispered, true to his word ten minutes later Blaine waived a piece of paper in front of his nose, it was a perfect replica of Chad basking in his afterglow. Blaine had even drawn the come that had splattered his stomach and matted his chest hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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