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George had just gotten his rocks off and went to sleep while I lay there awake. What happened to our romance, wild sex, all night fucking, Long gone? I got up, went and made a cup of tea. So horny, so depressed.

I’m Sally, married 22 years now. I stood in front of the mirror studying myself, nice firm tits, slight hint of a sag. Firm legs and ass, flat tummy. A little mousy, I didn’t do makeup and I always dressed plain. Could that be it, I wondered. That afternoon when I was out I stopped in Victoria’s Secret and bought a sexy see-through nighty. When George saw me in it, he didn’t even seem to notice. The next day she looked through the paper and found the ad she had seen before about marriage counseling. Ok, she thought, let me check this out.

I set up an appointment and was eager to get some answers. I was nervous as I went in for my interview. A very handsome young man was sitting at the desk. He asked my age of kids, income, that sort of thing. Then he asked

“Sally. If I may call you that, do you suck dick?”

“What” I asked.

” Simple question, please answer.”

“No” I stammer.

“Take it up the ass?”


And so it went. Finally, he put down his pen to look at me.

“I can see what your problem is.”

“You can really?” excited about finding an answer.

“Yes, take off your dress.”

I sat staring wide-eyed.

“See, you’re such an uptight prude, the thought of taking off your dress paralyses you.”

“No, your wrong.”

“Do it then.”

I timidly take off my dress

“What are you ashamed of?”

“Then stand up straight, proud, and take off casino siteleri your bra and panties.”

I was a little embarrassed, I was sure he could tell I was more than just a little wet, this was making me so hot.

I was standing proud shoulders back completely naked when he came and stood in front of me he unzipped his pants pulled himself out and told me to suck it. I dropped to my knees, it was like and out-of-body experience. It must have been someone else kissing his cock, then taking it in her mouth. I slobbered and drooled on his cock like a true amateur. He gave me directions and I got better. He put his hand on the back of my head and started to ejaculate in my mouth. Not only that, but he held me there till I swallowed it all.

“Well that’s it for today go ahead and set up another appointment, we have a lot of work to do. Next appointment no underwear please.”

I drive home in a daze, the taste of cum still fresh in my mouth, I was surprised, I liked it. I just sucked my first cock, and it was a strange man. I’m so hot right now I can’t stand it, I head for the shower and get myself off.

Heading back for next appointment no panties, no bra, I can’t believe myself. `I was so hot thinking about going out that way, so naughty, so not me. I enter his office.

“Don’t sit, take your dress off.”

“Now you can sit, you look good naked.”

“Thank you.” His eyes on me almost making me orgasm.

“That’s how we will conduct all our future secessions. Did you enjoy sucking my cock?”

” Yes, I did.”

“We need to speak plain and bold, what did you enjoy?”

“Sucking güvenilir casino cock.”

“Then you don’t mind being a cocksucker?”

“No, I don’t mind being a cocksucker.”

” I want you to sit in that armchair, put your legs over the arms spread yourself out as wide as you can and masturbate till you cum.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing it, I have never been this exposed in front of anyone, as he watched, I had a tremendous orgasm. It was fantastic.

“That’s it for today, next session take an enema before you come, find a shorter dress and tighter blouse.”

Wow, what an experience. I stopped at the drugstore and the druggist gave me something he said was better than an enema.

The next session, I dropped my clothes as soon as I came in.

“Go kneel on the couch, face away from me.”

Very awkward my ass in his direction fully exposed. I felt his hands on my hips, and he began pushing his cock into my ass. I’m so stupid, I finally realized why I needed an enema. I felt his cock pop in and begin to push deeper. He was fucking my ass, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t say a word as it went deeper and deeper, finally I took it all. His cock buried deep in my ass he began a slow fuck, it hurt, but it hurt good. I could feel a rising orgasm. I couldn’t help myself.

“Yes! fuck my ass harder give me more oh yes fuck my ass.”

I felt him dump his load deep in my ass. He pulled out leaving me feeling empty.

“Well, that ends this session, next week multiple partners.”

I took in a deep breath, he was just trying to test me. The drive home, I swear I could canlı casino still feel his cock up my ass. I was changing so fast, I was noticing I have been getting a lot more attention lately, and George doesn’t get much of a thought. I have been getting so much satisfaction at the therapist.

“Well, well, your doing great, tell me about yourself now.”

“I feel more confident, sexier.”

Just then, three naked men walked in the side door. I was shocked, then I noticed how wonderful they were, muscular with huge cocks. They smiled and came over to me, their hands all over me. Sitting on the couch between two of then one leg across each lap, one of them between my legs eating my pussy. Something I’ve never experienced. I’m about to explode.

I had no idea sex could be this intense. Soon I was on all fours being fucked while I sucked. Both cocks so large it was difficult for me to handle, but not impossible. They kept switching me around. I’ve never swallowed so much cum. I was sore stretched and so very hot. The finally was me sitting on one, another was pushed up my ass and I sucked the third. I can’t put a number on my orgasms. Finally, it was over, I wanted much more.

“Well dear that should be our last secession, you have done well.”

“Oh no I begged I need more.”

“The only way to get more is to sign a contract to stay on.”

“Yes, I stammered, I’ll sign a contract.”

He smiled, it was an evil smile, “you must write George a letter and tell him your leaving.”

After writing the letter to George without a second thought, I signed the contract without really reading it. The counselor laughed and picked up the phone. A few seconds later two large men came in, he looked at them and told them to put me in the van.

“What?, why?” I protested.

“You’re going to get plenty of cocks where your going.” Laughing as I was dragged out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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