May 23

Charlie sister-Boy seduced by Old Fisherman

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Big Dicks

Charlie sister-Boy seduced by Old FishermanHi, Dee. We have similar turn-ons. I was very young, when I opened up a dresser drawer and saw a small pair of white panties laying on top of everything!My Dads work friend and His daughter had just stayed the night. She was My age. It was Her panties! Daddy, His friend and the girl slept in one bed and Sharlee and Me slept together, in another room. The Men tried to keep the girl quiet, but She was Young and Willing to be taught ‘special’ things when Her Daddy shared Her with each of His friends on the weekends. She liked to giggle, I know that!Anyway, I looked up and down the hall and quickly closed the drawer and never looked again! I was affraid I was doing something wrong, I guess. I never forgot that turn on……Well, then, it wasn’t a turnon, till I was older and had to start sharing my sisters clothes. She didn’t wear her skirts around the farm, so I got most of her skirts and dresses. Sharlee liked getting me dressed up in Her skirts each morning, then sending me out to do Her chores! Sometimes She was nice to me and other times She liked to Hurt me and be mean to me till I cryed for Her!When we were both Young, Uncle told us to start sharing clothes around the farm! He told my sister, Sharlee, that the Trust Fund could only afford to restock our bins of rice and beans…..and new underware for Her! That always made Her giggle and then look over at me to see my reaction. She thought I would be jealous cause She got new clothes to wear around the farm, each month. I tried to cry when she did this, just to please her……I liked to see how Silly I could Her to act, when it was time for Her Shopping Day with Uncle. She knew how to ‘Submit’ Me by bahis siteleri getting behind Me and Jerking my Pony Tail Down, Hard, and then she’d SLAP My Sissy Tits, with a loud Crack with Her Right hand, then Push Me into the Dirt and watch me cry!…….I, though, knew how to get back at Her, by complaining to Uncle that I needed Him to buy me things, too, instead of HER getting Girly things, but if She found out that I was telling Uncle My complaint and Toying with Her, She would tie Me Up and Give It To Me, in the covered wagon, in the barn!!!!!Uncle told Me to wear anything Sharlee didn’t want anymore! Uncle liked to see us dressed up as twins, in the same outfits, when He picked us up each month for shopping. White skirts, a white top and bra and bare bellies and our pink sweaters. We both had long hair and held hands and smiled at each other as we followed behind Uncle, in WalMart.I got Her hand-me-down panty’s and bras and she got to try on and model Walmart’s ‘Teenage collection’ for Uncle while I waited around the Sporting Goods section in my Sissy Boy skirt. I knew Men liked to fish, so that’s were I hung out, in my short white skirt and pink sweater and shoulder length hair, like my sisters. Older Men would glance down the isle and see me studying the fishing stuff. I could sense when an Older Man was standing behind Me, looking at my Young Body.Men would stand very close to Me, pretending to examine different hooks and things hanging on the wall. I would look up at the Men and smile and step sideways, a little closer to Him, so my elbow was just touching his hip! Somehow, I knew Older Men liked to be friendly with Me and I liked that, a lot.The first time a Man stood next to me, He canlı bahis siteleri put his arm around my shoulder as He told me about fishing and how to do it, properly. I didn’t move and held my breath! His large hand pulled my warm shoulder against his hip as we stood side by side. I looked up at him and listened carefully. Then He got down on his knees, so I was about eye level.He explained that it’s important to be very quiet, if I was to ever go fishing with an Older Man. He told Me that Older Men like to have a Special Boy along with them, especially when fishing in a boat, alone, together.I never said a word as this Man whispered to me in my ear. He was facing the fishing wall as He gently pulled me in front of Him, so we both faced the fishing wall. I was standing and He was on His knees. His voice and lips were Right Next To My Ear, PantyBoy10! I felt His Warm Man-Body against the back of my skirt and Boy Butt! He whispered in my ear, why it’s so important to keep silent, when fishing with an Older Man. His large left hand slowly felt everything from my shoulder, down my side to My Bra strap, then down my bare, girly waist to my skirt waist band and then across to my Sissy Belly Button. His Hand was soooo warm…His breath was so warm on my cheek! His lips tickled my ear as I listened to what I was supposed to do.I was breathing so fast! His Hand covered my belly! He pulled Me against His Body and kept up His Man Talk in my ear! My Uncle would do the same thing when Sharlee wasn’t around. I knew what a Ripe MAN smelled like! Uncle showed Me what a Wet Man looks like when He was Tuned Up, Wet and Hard for sex with a Girl. He made me pull out his underware to see His Large Mushroom canlı bahis Cock Head! He made Me smell it, close! He made me take deep breaths till I knew what a Man in Heat smelled like. He made Sharlee do this too, She told Me, later. Uncle taught both of us this Life Lesson.No stranger had ever put his Man Hand on my belly before! The Old Man’s hand was so warm and strong! He whispered in My ear as He gently pulled my Sissy Body against His Man-Front! I kept silent and smiled and looked up and down the isle, so I wouldn’t get in trouble. A clerk walked by and made a noise and He Stopped seducing Me, for a minute. I think She knew my Uncle, but I didn’t care.I watched Her walk away, then, leaned back against a Man’s Front Side. I SMELLED HIM! HE WAS RIPE! THE BACK OF MY SKIRT FELT HOW BIG HIS PANTS WERE, IN FRONT, AND HE STARTED WHISPERING IN MY EAR, AGAIN…..He whispered in my ear, if I wanted to pretend to go fishing with Him and I said “Yes, Sir”. I pushed my Butt back against His Pants and wiggled my skirt, a little. Uncle could always tell when He got Me Ripe and in Heat. He said He could smell Me when my panties were sticky wet, when He was playing with Me, alone. I think this Old Man could smell Me, too.As He got up off His knees, He wiped His hand from my bare belly, up to my bra and small, pointy titties and stiff nipples and then to my face. His large hand held my Sissy Cheek, turned my face up to His and said to follow Him, secretly, to His Pretend fishing place.I straightened out my skirt and pushed my long hair behind my ears and waited for Him to go around the corner…..and I followed the Man……I was breathing sooooo hard and I tried to look like a normal girl just shopping by herself. But, I was affraid that another Man might smell my scent trail, and catch Me Ripe and Alone, amongst the Men’s clothes near the Men’s changing room. The Man opened the changing room door and went in and I followed, Pantyboy10.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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