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Charlotte , The Pirate Ch. 05

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The following story is going to be at least a 10-parter, with each chapter in a different category. If you enjoy this story, I’m afraid you’ll have to go find each part. Hope it’s worth it.

Part 1: Non-Erotic.

Part 2: First Time

Part 3: Loving Wives

Part 4: Exhib & Voy

* * * * *

The Fortress of Al Jazzar. It was actually a series of walls overlooking the harbor. On top of the walls were over fifty guns. No hostile ship could approach the harbor without being blown out of the water long before it reached the dock. Inside the walls was a bazaar where slaves were bought and sold. The slave ship sailed into this forbidding harbor, with Charlotte aboard.

As soon as they docked, the captain led his slave to her new quarters. Charlotte wasn’t sure what to say. Her room was luxurious. There was a soft bed, and a basin with fresh water and soaps. There was even a tub for bathing. Surely her master was the most generous man in the world.

The captain had Charlotte’s things from the ship brought to her. She was told to clean up and rest.

“Tomorrow, I will bring you what I wish you to wear. You will bathe, perfume, and dress. Then I will escort you to the main hall. There you will dance for eight of the most important men in the world. Dance well, and I will be most pleased.”

“Oh master, I will dance for them. Anything to please you.”

Then the slave master retired, and to Charlotte’s shock, three servant girls appeared. They brought hot water, and filled the bath for Charlotte. The lady couldn’t believe the sheer ecstasy of being able to take a hot bath again. Charlotte stayed in the tub for almost an hour, and whenever the bath would begin to cool, the girls would bring fresh, hot water.

When she was done, Charlotte got up, and the girls immediately began to dry her. Then they brought her a clean robe, and left her alone in her room. Charlotte went through her things, and to her joy, she found her journal and ink still hidden in the one dress. She didn’t really know why she was keeping these things, but somehow she knew they were important. Anyway, Charlotte recorded how wonderful the day had been, and then she went to sleep.

The next morning, her master appeared at her door. With him was a long dress of shimmering silk. The dress was thin, and iridescent. The captain told Charlotte she was to bathe again. The girls would attend her and dress her. When she was ready, her new maids would escort her to the hall where she was to dance. As he left, the same three girls returned, with more steaming water for the bath.

Charlotte was delighted to obey her master’s wishes. The bath was such a joy. The hot water just made her feel pleasant all over, and the girls had put some delightful perfume in the water as well.

When she emerged from the tub, the girls had soft towels with which they dried Charlotte from head to toe. Then one of the girls dabbed some liquid all over Charlotte’s body. The lady didn’t know what it was, but it smelled heavenly.

After Charlotte was clean and perfumed, she was taken over to a chair. When she sat down, one of the maids began to apply lather to her private area. Charlotte asked what was happening, and the maid simply told her that it was the master’s wish. That was enough for Charlotte and she just sat back and let the maids work.

The maids finished soaping Charlotte’s vaginal region. Then one of them produced a razor and begin to trim the fur around that area. When they had finished, the maids gently washed down Charlotte’s privates and then applied the perfume to that area as well.

After her grooming, the maids brought Charlotte her dress. Charlotte asked about undergarments, but was told that none were to be worn, only the beautiful gown. Then the maids helped Charlotte into the dress, and then took her to the mirror. The sight was stunning.

The dress covered everything and nothing at the same time. One couldn’t quite see through it, but shadows of every inch of Charlotte’s body showed through the shimmering silk. She could even see the dark areas of her nipples and pubic region, although the details of the areas could not be viewed. The final touch was a pair of lovely sandals, and Charlotte was ready.

Her maids led her from her room, to a large hall. There, in the center of the room was a huge banquet table. Around the table were numerous men, all in very expensive clothing, with servants in attention at all times. Standing in the room, Charlotte could see her master. He was not sitting at the table, rather he was addressing the men, in that foreign tongue which Charlotte could still not understand. Then he was pointing at Charlotte and telling her to dance.

As he gave the command, music began to fill the room. Charlotte realized that musicians had begun to play in one of the corners of the room. The tune was lovely, and Charlotte began her dance to its rhythm. She approached the first man, and got as close to him as she could without touching him. She bent over him, and allowed poker oyna her breasts to get so close to his face, that the

silk covering her nipples actually brushed his lips.

After that she turned, and as she danced toward the next sheik, she moved her bottom around in front of both men. When she was in front of the next man, she leaned back and parted her legs. The only thing hiding her vagina from her audience, was the thin silk that had fallen between her legs. The man watching her could actually see glimpses of pink flesh, shimmering through the gown.

Charlotte continued her dance around the table. It was obvious that her audience was fascinated with her. She was asked to dance again and again. Finally, when she had lost count of the number of times she had teased each man, her master retrieved her and took her aside. He led her to a corner of the room and told her to wait there. And he told her that she had done very well. Then he went back over to the table, and a great deal of loud talking began. Charlotte couldn’t understand what was being said, but a long argument seemed to ensue. Then one of the men appeared to have won the discussion, and the room became quiet. Afterwards, her master returned and took her back to her room.

The captain was thrilled beyond words. The lady had performed better than he’d imagined she could. All the sheiks were enchanted and they all had to have her. The bidding went on for almost fifteen minutes. When it was over, Charlotte had been sold to Sheik Galad Al Taran, for the price of forty-two thousand pieces of gold. It was an amazing sum, and the captain had become wealthy beyond his dreams.

Charlotte had just finished recording how she had pleased her master again, when he arrived and told her to dress and gather her things. The lady removed the silken gown, and put on one of her normal outfits. Then she gathered her clothes, still being sure her journal was secure, and went off find her owner. She found him standing with one of the men she had danced for. They appeared to be talking, and the man looked extraordinarily happy.

The captain told Charlotte she was to accompany this man from the fortress. Charlotte pleaded with her beloved master not to send her away, but he explained that she had been sold to this man and that he was her new master. The lady broke into tears. She begged her master to tell her how she had displeased him.

“You little fool, you haven’t displeased me at all. You have made me a very rich man. Now go with this sheik and serve him as you would me.”

With that, her master left, and her new owner escorted her from the halls. In a daze, Charlotte simply followed him outside the fortress. There, under the bright sun, was a caravan of camels and servants. Charlotte was led into a carriage, and when she was inside, the caravan departed.

Charlotte was so lost. Why had her master sold her? Hadn’t she pleased him? She had devoted her whole life to pleasing him. Her whole life… HER WHOLE LIFE!!!!!! WHAT WAS SHE SAYING???? DEAR GOD!!! What had happened to her?

Somehow the shock of being sold, brought it all back to Charlotte. She began to remember her previous life. She wasn’t a slave. She was a French lady. Still, that wouldn’t help her here. Here she was a slave, and until she found some way to escape, she had to be careful. She had seen what these people were capable of doing, and she didn’t expect that her new master was any nicer.

The rest of the trip was spent with Charlotte reading and writing in her journal. She was still trying to understand what had happened to her. How had she so accepted being that man’s slave? Somehow, though, between the horrors she had seen, and the way he had paraded her naked, it had just become how life was. Well it was over now, and Charlotte had to make sure that it never happened again. She was likely going to have to do things as a slave, but she would never again give her mind and being to a master.

Sheik Al Taran’s domain was actually very near the fortress. In less than a day, the caravan reached his palace. And a palace was the only way that Charlotte could view this home. It was beautiful, and it was huge. The entire outside surface appeared to be made of white marble, and it simply sparkled in the sun. Charlotte was taken inside where she was escorted to the women’s quarters. There she met several other women, all obviously slaves, and was given a bed of her own.

Charlotte had a bed, a small closet, and a piece of furniture for storage. This appeared to be identical to what every other woman in the hall had. Actually, the hall appeared to be some sort of dormitory, with living areas lined up along the walls. In an adjacent room, Charlotte found bathing and cleaning facilities. The lady looked around as she tried to settle in.

There appeared to be a dozen or so other women living here. All except one, were that same dark tone as the men who had brought her here. None of these women spoke French or English, and while Charlotte was trying to learn the canlı poker oyna language, she still couldn’t understand them enough to converse. But the other woman was white, and when Charlotte spoke to her, she turned out to be English.

Her name was Priscilla, and she had been the maid to an English Lord and Lady. However, her masters had gambled with some of these people, and had lost a great deal of money. In exchange for the debt, Priscilla had been given as a slave to the sheik. She had been here for over two years now, and had no hope of ever leaving.

Charlotte asked her what would happen to her, and Priscilla told her the situation.

“We belong to the sheik. Most days we do nothing. We are well fed and well treated, but we are not allowed to leave this room. Every few days, one of us will be called to the sheik’s quarters. There we serve him in any way he asks. And he asks some awful things. But you will do whatever he says. Any refusal, no matter how slight, will get you punished. And the punishments are terrible. He will not mark you, but he will do things to you that will make you scream to God to be allowed to die. I was punished only once, and I have never even questioned his requests again.”

“Also, he may occasionally offer you to a visitor. You must obey him as you would the sheik. But aside from that, we are left to ourselves. We may talk and do as we like in here, and new clothes, soaps, and perfumes arrive frequently. They are brought by two men who are the only two people who ever enter here. I believe they are eunuchs. Try to learn the language. It helps to be able to talk.”

Charlotte was delighted to find that Priscilla had arranged to take the bed next to hers. Over the next couple of days, they became good friends, as Charlotte tried to adjust to her new surroundings. Then, on the third day, Charlotte was called to the sheik.

The large men, and they were indeed eunuchs, simply entered the room and announced that Charlotte was wanted by the sheik. Charlotte couldn’t understand everything they said, but she caught her name, and the meaning was clear enough. The lady took a deep breath, and then stood up. Without another word, she followed her escort from the room.

It was actually quite a long walk to the sheik’s rooms. Charlotte tried to remember the way, but there were so many twists and turns it was hopeless. Finally, they arrived at a set of large double doors. The two men with her did not even knock, they simply opened them, escorted Charlotte into the room, and then turned and left without saying a word.

The room was amazing. It was as big as some houses Charlotte had been in. The bed was twice the size of any she had seen, and the cushion appeared to be silk, filled with goose down. The furniture in the room was of fine woods, with jewels embedded in it. There wasn’t as much style to it, as there was sheer wealth. It must have cost a tremendous amount of gold just to furnish this room.

Sitting on the bed facing her was the sheik. This was the first chance Charlotte had really had to look at him. He was of medium height and build, and dark in color. He appeared to be in his forties, but it was hard to tell. He had dark hair mixed with gray, and a short, pointed beard which was graying as well. Physically, he was not an overpowering sight, but there was something about his eyes.

His eyes were cold. There was no feeling in them whatever. Charlotte knew that this man was every bit as merciless as the others she had met. He would demand what he wanted, and if it wasn’t forthcoming, he would have no qualms about making his displeasure known in whatever manner suited him. Charlotte felt no attraction to this man, but she knew she had better please him. She didn’t know exactly what he would do if he was unhappy with her, and she didn’t want to find out.

The sheik simply removed his clothes and sat on the bed, with his legs hanging off. Then he signaled for Charlotte to come to him. There wasn’t much question about what he wanted, and Charlotte unhappily came over to give it to him. Charlotte undressed, and then she walked over to the sheik, knelt down in front of him, and took his penis in her mouth.

Charlotte despised this person, but she had no desire to find out what he would do to her if she refused. So she sucked and sucked, and worked her tongue along his rod. Then, to her surprise, he pulled out of her mouth. Charlotte was confused for a moment, but then he was pushing her up to the bed, until she was bent over with her upper body laying on it. A moment later, Charlotte felt the sheik enter her vagina from behind.

The woman hated allowing this man to use her body like this, but at least she didn’t have to look at him. She tried to think about anything else, while this bastard rammed in and out of her hole. Then, she was jolted back to reality, as he pulled his rod from her vagina, and set the head at her other opening. GOD! He wanted to bugger her.

No one had ever done that to Charlotte, and when he pushed against her internet casino nether hole, it HURT! Charlotte couldn’t help it, she screamed “NOOO!!!!” Then, to her utter amazement, the sheik pulled away and actually stopped. For a minute, Charlotte thought the man was actually displaying some kindness. But then he clapped his hands, and those two large men returned to the room.

Before she could even move, the two men had picked Charlotte up and thrown her on her back, onto the bed. Then they simply lay across her so that she couldn’t move. Charlotte couldn’t imagine what was happening. She was trapped on her back on the bed, with the very lowest parts of her legs over the edge. A moment later, the sheik growled something at her. Charlotte looked up, and the man was holding a wicked looking leather strap of some kind.

Charlotte struggled, but she couldn’t move an inch. Then the sheik moved out of her sight and she struggled to see what he was doing. It was only a second or two later that Charlotte screamed in horrible pain, as the leather strap was slashed right across the soles of her feet.

The woman couldn’t believe how bad that hurt. Then the strap hit again. Charlotte writhed and pushed, but she just couldn’t move. Again and again that strap bit into her feet. Charlotte screams turned to the kind of howls an animal might make. Nothing had ever hurt as bad as that whip on her feet. The woman began to beg for mercy, but the sheik would have none of it. He continued to whip and slash at Charlotte’s defenseless feet. Fully twenty stripes were landed on the soles of the lady’s feet, before the sheik threw the whip aside and commanded his servants to take Charlotte back to the women’s quarters.

The two men lifted Charlotte off the bed, but she couldn’t stand. The moment her feet touched the floor, she screamed again and fell to the ground. The servants never said a word, they simply picked Charlotte up and carried her out. When they arrived back at her quarters, they just dumped Charlotte on the ground, and signaled for some other woman to follow them. A moment later, they were gone, and Charlotte was writhing in pain, grabbing at her poor ruined feet.

Priscilla ran over and scooped Charlotte up. She was a sturdy woman, and was able to pick up the French lady with little effort. She carried Charlotte over, and laid her on her own bed. Then she ran to the bath and returned with wet cloths. She spent the next half-hour cleaning and caring for Charlotte’s poor feet.

The English girl worked on Charlotte, until she was finally able to stop crying. Then she laid Charlotte down, and tried to wipe the tears from her eyes. The French girl was really so pretty, and so nice. Priscilla couldn’t help herself, she bent down and kissed Charlotte.

For a second, Charlotte didn’t know what to do. She was not a Lesbian, but affairs between women were not uncommon at the French court. Certainly, Charlotte was not disgusted or shocked by the advance. In fact, she had just been kissed by the only person in ages who had shown Charlotte any kindness at all. So, after a very short hesitation, Charlotte reached up to pull Priscilla to her, and kissed her back.

Charlotte was still completely naked, and Priscilla was so thrilled that the lady had returned the kiss. Gently, she pulled Charlotte to where she was sitting, and then the two women proceeded to simply kiss and caress each other.

Afterwards, Priscilla went back to look at Charlotte’s feet. They were very angry looking, red and blistered. Priscilla washed them again with warm water, and then she gently kissed Charlotte’s toes. After that, she slowly kissed her way up the French woman’s legs. Priscilla wasn’t sure how Charlotte would react, but the lady wasn’t doing anything to stop her. When she reached the juncture of Charlotte’s legs, Priscilla gently planted her lips on Charlotte’s lightly furred furrow.

All Charlotte could do was purr. That felt good, and it had been so very long since something had felt good. Priscilla was getting bolder now, and Charlotte could feel her actually running her tongue along her whole private area. Charlotte couldn’t help hissing each time Priscilla would hit her little love button. Then Charlotte let out a shriek of ecstasy as Priscilla plunged her tongue right up inside her. Oh, that felt so good. Priscilla kept working her tongue in and out of Charlotte, and the pain in her feet seemed to just fade away.

Priscilla was so happy. This beautiful woman was pleased by her efforts. It was going to be so nice to have a friend here. She continued to run her tongue in and out of the woman’s passage. She was getting so wet, that Priscilla had to swallow a bit of her juices in order to keep at it. But the woman was so sweet, Priscilla was delighted to do it.

Charlotte was going to cum. God that felt so wonderful. The woman just relaxed and let it happen. It would let her forget where she was for at least a moment or two, and God knows she needed something pleasurable. That tongue plunged in, and then swiped up to her button. Priscilla kept repeating that move, and about the fourth time, Charlotte went off. She just moaned and panted, and her body arched in orgasm. Then Charlotte just sagged back onto the bed in contentment.

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