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Chat Friend Finds Me

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I’ve been married for ten years now and I can’t complain a bit. My wife is a lovely woman who has little hesitation to try new and exciting things. A few years into our marriage we met a great couple that we shared a lot of interests with. Eventually we got into some “soft swapping”, had some great fun playing around, and still get together on occasions. Lately I had been having thoughts of playing with another guy. My roommate and I experimented a bit in college with mutual j/o and light oral action, and I found that I liked the feel of another man’s cock. It wasn’t something we did very often…usually after watching porn with too much beer was our usual excuse. I hadn’t thought much about it at all for the past twenty years, but now found myself wanting the experience again.

I asked Beth if she would consider trying an MMF threesome. She did give the idea careful consideration, but decided that really wasn’t something she wanted to do, and was certain that the male half of our couple friends would be opposed to the idea. I knew she was right about our friends. Even during our swap sessions, it was clear that there would be no contact between the guys. Beth did surprise me by suggesting that maybe this was something I could explore on my own. After all, she and Tracy had gotten together for a “girls night out” on several occasions. I really thought it was just a fleeting fantasy, but decided to check out the adult personals sites and see what was out there.

Having just turned forty, I still looked pretty good, even if I say so myself. Standing six feet tall, 165 pounds with a 32-inch waist, and a well-toned body from years of running and playing basketball, I felt good about my appearance despite the random gray hairs sprouting from my reddish-blond hair. Using a digital camera and a tripod, I took some pictures of myself clothed and nude and decided to place an ad on a popular adult site. I know many of the people on those sites tend to exaggerate or just flat-out lie about themselves. I could never understand why anyone would do that if you really want to meet someone. I made a sincere effort to be upfront and honest as I could convey in the small ad space. I listed myself as married, but looking for a male friend for special fun alone, and that my wife was aware of my other interests. If nothing else, it was entertaining to browse through the other ads.

My ad had been running for nearly two months without much of anything interesting happening. I had met two guys who clearly misrepresented themselves, and walked away. Some of the chat sessions were interesting, but often went nowhere. One evening I received an unusual page for a chat session. It simply read; “I know you…you’re hot…let’s chat” from a guy known as Horny14U. Before I accepted the page, I checked his profile. He listed himself as being 28, married, straight, and athletic with no indication he was looking for other men. “What the hell”, I thought to myself, and accepted the chat room with my handle of BiGuy40.

I was the first to break the ice, and typed; “Hi there…wish you had a picture on your profile so I could know you. How do you know me?”

A few seconds later the reply came back; “Sorry, no picture available…want to be discreet. You come to my work twice a year…seen you there.”

That was hardly a valuable clue. I have a job in field service, so I’m at a different location every day, installing and calibrating lab equipment. He could be one of thousands of people I encounter every year.

“That’s cool…so did you just want to say Hi, or do you have something else in mind?” I typed, wanting to cut to the chase.

“Need to get off. Wife is pregnant and won’t do anything for me. Thought about finding another woman for a quick fuck, but can’t bring myself to do it. Blow job might be good…figure a mouth is a mouth.”

I was a little taken back by his directness, but found it somewhat refreshing from the usual game playing. “I see. So, you just want to bust a nut…that’s fine with me, but interested in helping me out at all?

Several minutes seemed to pass before he finally replied, “Never been with a guy, just tired of jerking myself off. Not into anything else.”

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. It had been a long time since I sucked another cock and was anxious to try it again, but wasn’t sure I wanted a one-way transaction. “Sounds like it could be fun, but I need some relief too. Have you thought about finding a glory hole in some porn shop?” I suggested, thinking maybe I could help him out in some way.

“Don’t want to be seen in a place like that. Sorry I bugged you…thinking with my dick and not my head.” And with that last line he left the chat room.

I left him an email message, suggesting we could make other arrangements, but never got a reply. A few days later his profile was turned off. I just chalked it up to another dead-end. There were other messages and chat offers, but nothing seemed appealing. I decided to give up on the experiment and eventually deleted my ad as well.

A şişli bayan escort month went by and work was hectic as usual. I was in a town about two hours from home moving equipment for a customer from their old facility to a new building. Charlie had been working there many years and I usually called on him when I arrived to do his service. For two days Charlie and I moved pieces from the old to the new building. On the third day, I was to start installing everything in the new facility, but Charlie needed to stay in the old place to coordinate computer issues. Jason, who I had seen there for the past two or three years, volunteered to be my escort. He was a nice guy, and I was glad to have someone to talk to in the still largely vacant building.

Much of the morning was uneventful. Jason met me at the new building, let us in with his key card, and I started moving equipment to its proper location. Jason was in and out of the area, taking phone calls, and doing whatever he had to do. After lunch, he stayed with me and watched while I completed an endless string of tedious tasks. He did his best to make small talk, but seemed a little on edge, and didn’t have much to say.

“You still playing softball for the company?” I asked him, remembering a conversation we had last year. He was probably their best player. Jason was in his late twenties, with a muscular but not huge build, wavy blond hair, and stood a little taller than me. I had thought to myself he was a nice looking guy. Dressed in cargo pants and tight-fitting t-shirt for the move, he didn’t look the part of the lab technician I was used to seeing.

“No…we couldn’t find enough teams to play, had to call it off this year. I miss the exercise.” He said, sounding genuinely disappointed with the situation.

“Looks to me like you’re getting plenty of exercise. Hope you don’t mind, but you’re in great shape…you must have been the star player.” I said not meaning anything other than a mild compliment.

“Thanks, nice to hear.” He said as I grabbed a box and headed for the small room next door.

The box wasn’t overly heavy, but was bulky, and it resisted my efforts to place it on the shelf over my head. I decided to call Jason in before I let it crash to the floor. “Hey man, can you come in here…just need a boost to get this on the shelf.”

“No problem.” He replied as he stood behind me, his chest pressed to my back, and eased the box into position.

My waist was pressed into the counter in front of me as he wrestled with the box over my head. At the time, I thought he could have done this standing along side of me, but really didn’t think too much about it. The next series of events, however, took me completely by surprise. After the box was secure, he placed both his arms at my sides, resting his hands flat on the counter in front of us. I was trapped in place, his chest still firmly against my back, when he brought his lips close to my ear and whispered; “I know who BiGuy40 really is.”

I was frozen in shock as he eased away from me, moving his left arm between us. I could hear the distinct sound of a zipper being lowered. “Turn around.” He commanded as his right hand gripped my shoulder and spun me to face him. “I could really use your help.” Jason said as he firmly pressed my shoulders down with both hands forcing me in a kneeling position in front of him. I resisted at first, still in a daze as to what was happening, but soon caught on.

His half-hard dick was just inches from my face, protruding from the opened fly of his cargo pants. Even semi-erect it was a good six inches, and twitched slightly from his growing arousal. Memories flooded my mind as he grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into his groin. The tight curls of his blond pubic hair brushed my nose as he pulled me tightly against his stiffening member. Overcome with instant lust, I acted on instinct and began licking his cock from base to tip and guided it into my mouth with my tongue. His rod continued to pulse and grow between my lips until it reached a very thick seven inches. The heat radiating from his flesh was intense and I struggled to coat the invader with spit as he pushed me farther onto his pole. “Oh fuck yeah!” he grunted as he began to slowly piston in and out of my mouth.

My own cock was straining against the fabric of my khakis, struggling for release. Jason’s cock was no longer than my own, but certainly thicker, in almost perfect proportion to his bigger frame. My hands gripped the back of his thighs in an attempt to steady myself against the thrusts of his hips into my face. I savored the long forgotten taste of cock and the musty smell of his crotch as my nose passed into the folds of fabric from his pants and boxers. I longed to lick his balls and roll them around my tongue, but his frantic and purpose-driven thrusts gave me little opportunity to explore. I raised my left hand and grabbed his ass while my right slid under his t-shirt and caressed an impressive set of rippled abs. Moans of pleasure told me that he appreciated şişli escort the attention. I could also tell from the jerking motions of his prick that he wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Oh fucking shit, dude…you’re the best cock-sucker I’ve ever had.” He said panting as I teased the underside of his shaft with my tongue with every pass through my lips.

He came quickly and forcibly. I struggled to keep up with the continual flood of his sticky cream. Jason must have really needed to get off, as his dick shot thick streams down my throat in five or six heavy loads. I managed to swallow most of it…a real surprise, as my roommate and I never swallowed…the rest dripped down my chin and into a puddle on the floor. Jason tried to catch his breath as he placed his head on folded arms on the counter behind me. I watched his stomach undulate over my head with every breath as I licked clean his softening staff.

“Shit, damn, shit!” Jason said repeatedly as the fog left his brain and the reality of the moment settled in. He quickly tucked his deflating dick back into his pants, zipped-up, and left the room still muttering obscenities to himself. I was still kneeling on the floor with a raging hard-on pressed against my pants and a puddle of cum between my knees. At first I thought I had done something wrong, but soon realized that he had done something on impulse, and wasn’t sure how to handle it yet. I decided it was better to just leave him alone.

I rested a few minutes and allowed my own erection to subside before completing the task at hand. I knew Charlie would be by soon to check on progress. As I wiped Jason’s cum off the floor with a paper towel, I wished for a better experience. I just hoped he wasn’t going to be too hard on himself.


After what I had been through during the afternoon, I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and rub one off. I didn’t see Jason the rest of the day, and wasn’t really surprised. I thought it likely he would call in sick tomorrow. I took a quick shower, sprayed the walls with my pent-up cum, got dressed and went downstairs for dinner. All through the meal all I could think about was Jason’s dick and how good it felt to taste cock again. It didn’t help that bratwurst was the daily special. I called Beth and told her about the experience. She was disappointed for me, but also shared concern for Jason. We both decided that he would be able to resolve the experience in his own mind in due time.

It was ten o’clock at night when I heard a knocking on the door of my hotel room. I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone as I watched television in my boxers and a t-shirt. I tossed on a pair of jeans and went to the door. Looking through the peep-hole, I could see Jason standing nervously in front of the door. I opened the door to a young man who looked visibly distraught. His hair was slightly damp, and was wearing different clothes from those earlier today. The nylon running pants and t-shirt made him seem even more athletic and showed off his toned physique.

“Look man…I’m sorry to track you down at your hotel…I’m sorry about the whole damn thing. I just wanted us to be cool before we saw each other at work tomorrow.” He said, still standing in the hallway.

“Really, I’m OK with it. If I didn’t have any interest in doing it, I would have buried my fist in your balls. Why don’t you come in for a while…I still have the two complimentary beers from the reception downstairs.” I replied as I motioned him in.

Jason chuckled slightly and seemed more than a little relieved, but hesitated to come in the room. “Thanks man, but its late and my wife is at home asleep…told her I was going grocery shopping.”

“As I recall she’s pregnant…probably not getting around well all the time…leaves you to do the chores, huh?” I asked, trying to relieve the tension.

“You got it. Like I said, need to go…hope I didn’t hurt you or offend you.” Jason offered as he stepped to leave, but didn’t quite make it.

“Get in here. I think it’s obvious you have more on your mind, and you should get it out in the open before you leave. Otherwise, you’re likely to have a very restless night.” I said sympathetically.

Jason just stood there for several minutes as though crossing that door was a major hurdle. “OK…one beer and I’m gone. I owe you that much.”

I was thinking to myself, “no shit”, but was really more concerned that he was OK. We sat silently for a few minutes, chatted about the movie on HBO, but he seemed visibly tense.

“Fuck it…here’s the deal, man. I left you in a really bad spot, and I’m sorry about that. It’s been hard to admit, but I really got off on your blowjob…more than I expected to. If you want, I’ll blow you in an even exchange and we’ll never bring this up again.” He said looking me straight in the eye as he swigged the last of his beer.

Looking at his expression and sizing up the situation, I thought this was the only opportunity I’d have to get Jason to really embrace what he wanted. I had been there before, and knew mecidiyeköy escort there were deeper fantasies waiting to get out. It was just a matter of whether he was willing to act on them.

“Great offer…but I think there’s more to the package then you’re letting on. I love my wife, and have no intention of losing that life. I don’t think you want that either. You’re here just to get off and nothing more…that’s all I’m looking for. You should just relax and enjoy the moment…were talking about sex, not a relationship.” I said swallowing the last of my beer.

Jason was indeed a very good-looking guy, and his offer to reciprocate what I did for him caused my dick to swell in very short order. The loose fitting jeans I was wearing did little to hide my enthusiasm as my cock snaked down the leg of my pants. Jason was seated in a chair across from me, and it was obvious he noticed my condition.

“Just pull it out and get over here.” Jason said as his eyes stayed fixed on my crotch.

I got up from the edge of the bed, walked to the door and locked it. I decided to see how far I could push this. I was horny as hell and wanted more than a quick blow and go.

“Stand up, take off your clothes, and get it up. I want to watch you stroke.” I said in a tone unusually demanding for me. I lay back on the bed, sitting up against the headboard and waited for the show.

Jason just stared at me for a few moments, unsure of what to do next. “Fine…if it gets you off…fine.” He said in a dismissive manner.

He had a more impressive body than my brief exploration would have led me to believe earlier. His torso was well developed, not overly bulky, more like a cross between a swimmer and a gymnast. The real prize was when he hesitantly dropped his pants. The familiar cock was mostly soft, but beginning to stir. It was his balls that really held my attention this time. I’ve always wished I had a set of large low-hangers, and Jason’s equipment certainly qualified. Each orb was easily the size of a large walnut, and contained in a smoothly shaven sack that hung at least an inch below his now six inch long and growing penis. They pooled between his legs as he sat back down in the chair and began slowly stroking his expanding meat.

My cock swelled to full size almost immediately and I loosened the button of my jeans to allow access to my swollen rod. I matched him stroke for stroke as I gazed at his near hairless body. Aside from some light fur on his legs, and the neatly trimmed patch of blond pubic hair, he was smooth as a baby’s bottom. I keep everything neatly trimmed, but don’t completely shave my balls. I have some chest hair, but could not be called hairy in the least. We were physically very similar, but my reddish hair and fair skin was a contrast to his tanned body with a swimsuit outline.

I took off my shirt and sat on the edge of the bed. “Take off my pants.” I directed him while I watched him stroke to full hardness.

Jason didn’t say a word. He just got up and stepped in front of me, his dick swaying left and right as he walked, those glorious balls resting between his legs. His hands went immediately to my zipper, which I pulled away and rested on my cloth-covered cock.

“Slowly…I’m going to show you what you really want. Kneel down and nibble at my cock.” I said as I guided his head to the growth in my jeans.

Jason did exactly as he was instructed without a hint of protest. He lightly chewed at my cock head through the material as I watched him from the large mirror on the wall in front of the bed. I had to admire his tight ass with its light covering of golden blond hair, and those impressive balls dangling underneath.

“Tell me what you want, Jason. Let me hear you say it.”

“Your cock…I want your cock.” He replied, his voice nervously shaking.

“Good answer…you can have it. Help me out of my clothes.” I said as I stood from the bed in front of him.

Jason stepped back and placed his hand on each side of my hips, slowly kneeling as he lowered my jeans to the floor. My cock hadn’t been this hard in years, and slapped against his chin as he released it from the cotton prison. It was equal in length to his, but slightly less thick. My balls were average by any measure, and hung loosely in the now very warm room. I stepped out the jeans and kicked them aside as I gripped my aching member and dragged it across Jason’s face.

Jason stared into my eyes from below as I slowly teased his lips with my dripping cock. I spread the pre-cum over his lips and instructed him to lick it from my piss slit. So far, he was an eager learner. With no prompting from me, he took the head into his mouth and slowly inched his way down, working hard to coat my tool in ample saliva. He was obviously new to this as he occasionally choked and gagged on my raging pole, but never backed away. About halfway down was all he could seem to stand before hitting a serious gag reflex. I developed a slow rhythm in and out of his mouth as I watched him stroke his rock hard cock below me. Other than his mouth around my dick, he still hadn’t touched me, and I felt it was time to encourage him. Reaching down to his arms, I pulled one had away from his own dick and guided it to my balls, the other I placed on one cheek of my ass.

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