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Chatting with a Stranger

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One night, I was at home surfing through some porn. I started to get horny so I played with myself a bit. I was in an adventurous mood so I logged into my blog where I knew I had some messages. I decided to read through messages until I saw a new message from someone who was online.

Him: Your blog is hot ????

I didn’t mention this before, but my blog is a gay NSFW blog which is rather explicit. Many of the messages I get are in this same fashion. My usual course of action is to check out the others blog before responding.

I clicked through to his blog and the first picture is see is of a young man, not much older than 18, with a giant hard cock in his mouth spewing cum onto his face.

As I scroll through his blog, I see more twink on twink and jock on jock porn. My 6 in cock becomes fully erect as I look through the blog. I’m now ready to respond to the message and hopefully continue a conversation ??.

Me: so is yours. ??

Him: is that you in your profile picture??

My profile picture on the blog is that of an absolutely gorgeous guy. I have no idea who he is, all I know is whenever I see the picture I wish I could run my hands (or mouth or cock) down his abs. He’s incredibly good looking.

Me: Ha! No I wish though. He’s hottt…

Him: you’re gay right?

Me: yeah. You?

Him: no I’m straight but I’ve always wanted to try stuff with another guy.

What type of guy do you like??

Me: i usually like a cute twink or jock. But I don’t really discriminate.

What sort of things do you want to do with another guy??

Him: hmmmmmm…

I’ve wanted to try sucking a cock, I also want to know what it’s like to have a cock deep in my ass.

I also want a dude to suck my cock and play with my balls.

Me: mmmmm. I love a good cock in my ass, and someone who knows how to fuck me. I also love to fuck someone.

I’d start slowly. I’d start by giving you that blowjob you want. I’d run my tongue up from your balls to the tip of your hard cock. I’d run my tongue over the sensitive tip of your dick. Then I’d use my spit to lube up one of my fingers. As I plunge my mouth down on your cock, I’d slide my wet finger into your virgin ass.

Starting to get very horny now my cock is at full mast. I start to grab at it and rub it through my shorts.

Him: fuuuuuuuuuuck!

I’m so horny…my cock is so hard.

Me: how old are you??

Him: I’m 18. You?

Me: I’m 24. Send me a picture of your hard cock.

There is no response, and I’m a little disappointed that I’ve scared him off. A few minutes later he outdoes poker oyna my request. My phone vibrated and showed me video message on the blog app. Eagerly I went back to our conversation. When I opened the conversation I found the video he had sent me. It opened showing the body of a thin young boy. He was thin enough to have the outline of abs but he had not yet worked out yet to have fully defined washboard abs. In the video he was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. He stepped closer to the camera and I could see the outline of his big hard cock in his underwear. There was already a wet spot where the precum seeped through. He hooked his hand around the band of the boxers and started to push them down revealing his trimmed pubes and the base of his cock. As he did the underwear became tight around his dick showing more of its shape.

Before he revealed his cock he turned around and slid his underwear down over his round ass. He let his boxers fall to his ankles and bent forward revealing his balls hanging between his legs. He then bent his arms around and pulled apart his cheeks revealing his tight unused round hole. Leaving his ass in my memory he pulled up his underwear most of the way and turned around. He ran a hand down his chest and played with his nipple before slipping his hands into his underwear. His cock only just being contained, slipped up and the tip was revealed. He then used his hands to push the underwear down around his cock allowing it to stand free, fully erect. He wrapped a hand around his cock, gave it a quick squeeze encouraging a drop of precum to seep out. At this point, he cut the video.

Now fully erect, I dropped my shorts and played with my raging boner through my own boxers.

Me: fuuuuuuuuuuucccck!! You’re body is perfect!! ????

Him: you like that??

You have kik??

I did, I have used it once or twice before but if I was right about where this was going it would be a first. Like I said I was in an adventurous mood so I gave him my username. In the next few moments I ran upstairs and grabbed a few supplies. I also decided to change out of my boxers and into my favourite jock strap. I concealed my new underwear with a pair of shorts. When I went back downstairs I saw a notification from kik.

Him: hey

Now that you’ve seen me, it’s my turn to see you.

Me: hey. Will you do a video call?

I wasn’t sure if this would be too much for him but I set up my phone anyway so the front facing camera would film my body but not my face. My concerns were answered when a message appeared saying;

Him: sure but no face.

Immediately followed canlı poker oyna by him video calling me. I answered and chose full screen. Immediately his video feed showed up, showing him sitting on a chair with his boxers replaced over his crotch. His cock seemed to have reverted to flaccid. My own camera turned on and showed me fully dressed. “Give me a show,” he said. “I want you to make me hard.”

My only response was to start by slowly lifting my shirt up revealing my well defined and decently tanned abs. I lifted the shirt up over my head and let it drop to the floor. I then undid my shorts and slowly pulled them down revealing my skimpy underwear. I saw his hand drop down to his crotch and start massaging his soft cock. I turned around and let my shorts fall to the ground revealing my round ass. I then bent over and stuck a finger in my mouth to lubricate it. I used one hand to open up my already partially gaped hole and stuck the moistened finger in. I could hear him moan in the background. “Do you like that?” I said.

“Yeah” he gasped.

“Do you want to put your dick in that hole?”


I slid my finger out of my hole and used both hands to spread my cheeks. I relaxed my ass and allowed my hole to open for him. Again I heard him gasp. When I turned around I could see through the camera that his cock was again hard. My first task was done. Now I could play with him a little. I pushed off my jockstrap slowly enough for it to catch my cock. Once it was released from my underwear my cock sprang back and slapped my chest. Seeing me he pulled out his cock and discarded his boxers. We were both now fully naked. He started slowly rubbing his dick. I guess he couldn’t resist any longer.

I stepped away and went to the bag of supplies I had brought down. From it I grabbed a bottle of lube and my 7 in. lifelike dildo. Facing him with my hard cock pointing at the camera I lubed up my dildo. “Yeah, fuck yourself with it” he encouraged. I dropped a dollop of lube onto my hand, turned around, bent over and rubbed the lube into my ass. I slipped a finger into my hole and then a second. “Fuuuuuck” he said in a soft voice.

I turned my head a bit so I could watch him stroke his cock. “Oh I want that cock” I said, I slid the tip of the dildo into my ass.

“Mmmmmm” he groaned.

I slid the dildo and slowly into my ass. I started thrusting the fake penis in and out of my ass. “Ohhhhhhh” I groaned.

“Yeah take that dick” he said as he started jerking his cock more vigorously.

“Fuck me,” I said. “Oh yeah, fuck my ass.”

I started fucking myself more vigorously internet casino with the dildo. I reached my hand around and pushed my dick down so he could see it between my legs. “Oh yeah give me that dick” he said.

“You want it”

“Yeah, I want that dick in my mouth” he said as I continued fucking myself. I could feel my orgasm approaching so I stopped thrusting my dildo and slowly let it slip out of my now gaping hole.

“Fuck that’s hot,” he said. Now I pulled up a chair, close enough to the camera that my sweaty, glistening body was visible as well as my big hard cock. I pushed the suction cup of the dildo down on the chair so it stood upright on its own. I then lowered my body down onto the dildo. I felt the pleasure and pressure of the dildo sliding into my very ready hole. I began to ride the dildo.

“Yeah you ride that cock” he said.

I could see the precum dripping down his cock, his body also glistening with sweat. I began to use my already lubed hand to slowly and methodically stroke my cock as I rode the dildo. At this point a large drop of precum formed at the tip of my dick. Using my dry hand I wiped up the precum and brought the salty goodness to my waiting tongue. I looked up at my partner and saw that he was beginning to breath harder. He brought his free hand up to his chest and started playing with one of his nipples. “I’m gonna come” he exclaimed. When his abs clenched, I could finally see their outlines, as his body jerked, his dick hopped and he let out a guttural moan. A giant rope of cum shot out of his dick and landed in his forward stretched face and made a mess of his neck and chest. As his cock jerked, rope after rope streamed out of his cock onto his hands, chest and face.

“Oh my god” I exclaimed. “I’m gonna cum.” My orgasm hit with a ferocity unlike any I’ve ever experienced. I leaned forward and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue waiting for my load. The cumshot hit with so much force that I actually had to retreat a bit.

“Fuuuck” he said. “Have you ever taste your cum?”

“All the time” I replied, as I squeezed the last drops onto my hand. I used my fist to clean the cum off my cock and licked it off my hand. I stuck out my tongue to show my partner the bounty then swallowed. I then rubbed my hand across my chest collecting the cum and deposited it into my mouth. I watched as my partner did the same.

“Ohhh yeah,” he said, “that’s so good.

“Mmmmmm” is how I respond. “You have a beautiful body, even soft your cock is amazing.”

“Yours is good too. I wish I could kiss you..”

“But you’re straight.”

“I think maybe I’m not, just looking at you…you make me hot.”

“Where do you live??”


“Seriously,” I said, “I’m from Toronto too. Maybe we should meet up…”

“Maybe we should.”

… to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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