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Cheating wife parking lot

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Cheating wife parking lotIt was a nice sunny day and my wife had the day off from work. She had recently been away for work meetings and texting a new friend. That morning I went to work and my wife was home alone. As my day ended early, I decided to go home and see my sexy wife. Once I got home I went upstairs to the sound of the shower with some music on in our bedroom. Then I saw her phone on the bed and noticed some texts. I read what seemed to be an arangement between her and a new friend. As she came out of the shower she looked surprised but played it down and asked how come I was home early? I told her how work was done and he gave us the rest of the day off. She contined to get dressed and mentioned how if she knew I was coming home, she would stay home. I asked her where she was going and she said,to meet a friend for coffee. My car was in the way of hers so I went out to move it and she then said can you go grab me two beach towels. I ran in house and got them as quick as I could with a smile on my face, why would she need towels if she was just meeting for coffee? I handed her the towels and watched her back out and drive off as she blew me a kiss. I parked the car and then had a thought. sarıyer escort I decided to go try and see what she was upto. As I followed from a distance I got excited at the thought of her meeting with a hot stud alone. A few minutes up the road I notice her pull into a coffee shop parking lot for a few seconds then pull out with another car following her. No coffee today lol. She drove down a main road that turned into a more isolated area with open gravel parking spots. She pulled in and the car pulled up beside her. Next thing I see is a hot stud get out of the car and get into her Vehicle. Not wanting to get seen, I kept driving and circled around. I pulled over in side of road andwalked into the woods that looked onto the parking lot. I could not see much because of the tinted windows and sun. But suddenly as a cloud must have read my thoughts, I got a glimpse of her bent over him with big tits hanging as her head went up and down mmmmmmmm. They had gotten in back of her suv. There were other guys walking around and I saw two guys walking pretty close to vehicle most likely saw her but she did not stop, her head kept moving. esenyurt escort There was a guy walking up a trail close to me so I decided to go home and wait, not sure how long she woukd be, did not wanna risk being home after her or getting caught following. About 30 minutes later she got home and looked red in face. I asked her how her coffee was and she said good. Later on I asked her how her meet with her friend went and she started to talk. She said she met him and chatted quick then they drove to some parking spot in woods. Said he sucked her big tits for a while. Thats when she put seats down and got in back. He sucked and grabbed more and she pulled his cock out to suck good. She said that as she looked around she noticed other guys walking around outside as she sucked his cock. He came on her tits and then left they got out of rear doors as others saw them mmmm. She said he was hot and loved her tits, I was very hard at this point and walked up to her as she was getting ready to jump into shower again. I took all my clothes off so she could see how hard she made me. Then without talking she put a pillow on floor and kneeled on it in front of me. She grabbed avrupa yakası escort my cock and stroked it. As she started to suck on it her phone made a sound so I looked over at it on her dresser but could not see who it was. Suprisingly she grabbed the phone and handed it to me so I read the text. It was her new friend so I read the text to her told her her buddy says ” you tasted and felt so good”, “love those huge tits mmmm” without stopping she sucked my cock and moaned. Then I asked her if she liked sucking his cock she looked up at me and mumbled humhum with my cock in her mouth. Then she grabbed it and slowly deep throated my big cock, better than she ever had before. I grabbed her big tits as she started sucking faster and harder. I could not hold it anymore, here my wife was sucking my cock, just thirty minutes before, she had a stranger’s cock in her mouth that she met that same hour. I pulled my cock out and sprayed so much cum all over her face and big tits, I counted 7 strong cum sprays. She smiled then got up and jumped into the shower. We never talked about it again. She replied to her buddy later that day that it was fun but she was not interested in meeting again. Later she had told me that his cock was just average and he had lied about size. He was hot so it was the only reason she did not drive off once his cock was in her hand.Anytime we drive by that spot or any other of those parking spots, she looks over at them. I always tell her how hot it is and she looks back at me every time with a smile mmmmmm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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