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Christmas Wish Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: This is an adult story that should not be read by minors under the age of 18. It involves adult over the age of 18 in scenes of Incest, FF, M/FF, M/F, Oral, Anal, and a damn good plot.

I had a bit of trouble writing this story, which is why it took so long, but I think it worked out well. Had to get some help from an on-line porno though for the sex scenes.

Christmas Wish Part 2: Ghosts of Christmas Present

She stood out in the doorway, a ghost that had returned from the past. But some ghosts should always remain in the past.

At first I thought that this was Kate, Sarah’s young aunt, and the one who brought us into the army. She was a good likeness for the sexy aunt, straight red hair that hung down to her jaw, the right side of her face covered by her bangs, military style clothing consisting of a green beret, black tank top with an open camouflage jacket and matching pants that hung down below her hip bones. The top of her thong underwear was yanked up over her hips in club fashion. She even stood like Kate, the same bend at the hips with her duffle bag over the shoulders.

What finally convinced me that this wasn’t Kate though, was the crooked grin on her beautiful face, and that her left eye was blue, while Kate had two green eyes. And the fact that she stood about six feet tall, while Kate was under 5’8”.

“Hi Max,”

“Max, is that Aunty Kate,” Sarah called out, her tone a lot softer now. As she came around the corner to greet her favorite aunt, she dropped the china plates that she had been holding. They fell to the floor with a loud crash, but nobody noticed.

“Hi Sarah,” she said, her tone more shy then when she had greeted me, as if afraid of not being welcomed.

Sarah could only stare at our guest, before whispering, “Erin?”

“Yeah,” her pale skin turned crimson as she blushed. “Been a long time, hasn’t it?”

“Erin!” Sarah cried as she pulled her sister in a deep embrace. Erin also started crying, finally letting out her pent up emotions. “You’re home, you’re finally home.”

I just stood there, not knowing what to do. It felt great having Erin home, but something felt off about this. This wasn’t the same Erin that I grew up with and went on Special Forces missions with. The last two years had changed her, and I didn’t think we’d ever see the old Erin again.

It was when the twins hugged that I noticed it. It was only for a second, but I wasn’t mistaken. “Erin… your eye.”

The twins separated and Erin looked up at me. The warmth of being home left her face, replaced by a look of sorrow.

Sarah looked from me to Erin and gasped as she saw what I had noticed. She brushed aside Erin’s hanging bangs and covered her mouth in horror. “Oh baby.” Erin turned her head away, not comfortable with the attention.

“It’s not something I want to talk about,” Her bangs fell back to cover the black eye patch. I had seen enough survivors and rescued P.O.W.’s to recognize a missing eye. You have to understand, aside from their stunning good looks and great bodies, the one thing that made the twins really special where there eyes. They were identical in every way except for them. While Sarah had a blue right eye and green left eye, Erin had a green right eye and blue left. It was their eyes that got them the guys (and girls) most of the time. Though they had really nice, big, round breasts that screamed for attention when they wore tight shirts everyone always noticed their eyes first. But now Erin was missing her green eye, and it was obvious that it pained more, emotionally as well as physically.

Realizing that I caused this uncomfortable moment, I put a smile on and changed the subject. “Why are we still out here in the doorway, come inside Erin. We were just about to have Christmas Eve diner.” She smiled in appreciation, and hugged me as I took her bag and Sarah led her to the living room.

I let the twins sit alone while I brought Erin’s duffle bag to our spare room. In the past we would all three sleep together, but I didn’t know how things were now. I was quick to learn that this was a topic that I didn’t have to worry about. When I came back down the stairs, I was momentarily shocked to see the two girls were already making out on the couch.

Within the one minute that I was gone, Erin had removed her jacket and black top, letting her huge breasts out to be mauled by Sarah. Sarah still had all of her clothes on, but this was only because she was too busy, her hands crawling all over Erin, and her mouth pressed with Erin’s mouth.

Looking at them now, I couldn’t tell that they were twins. Both of the girls had changed so much. Sarah was no longer pale, having developed a bronze tan over the years from sunbathing naked, as well as a few missions into deserts, and her long hair was no longer fiery crimson, but more like red gold. Contrary to her sister, Erin was still lily white, though her hair was cut a lot shorter with long bangs. They izmir escort both still stood tall, topping about six feet, and they still had great, muscular, though feminine, figures, and each had an awesome rack that could feed an army (which they had put to the test, and were successful). Though they also both had numerous scars (even I had many), I noticed that Erin had at least twice as many now.

I didn’t want to ruin the moment, so I fought against my instincts that screamed, “Jump in you moron!” Instead I just stood in the shadows and watched. For a second, the thought of being a creepy, psychotic, ex-boyfriend went through my head, watching his ex-girl friend with her new beaux, but I laughed that away. But I did feel weird just standing there watching, so I silently went up to my room, where I grabbed one of my digital cameras, and came back down to film them. I also turned on some music, to help them get into a rhythm.

By now Sarah had lost her top as well, and Erin was suckling on one of her nipples. Her little pink tongue wrapped around Sarah’s nipples, pulling the budding nub into her mouth. When she had them sticking far out and as hard as my cock, she would bite them with he pearly white teeth.

“Oh, yes.” Sarah purred, her fingers running through Erin’s short hair. She kept her eyes closed, so she could fantasize that they were back in better times. I knew this, because I recognized the look of peace on her face. It was the same face she’d make when we were all still in high school.

After a minute of this, Sarah fell back against the arm of the couch, pulling Erin down with her. Erin kept her head between Sarah’s breasts, while her hand went down to massage Sarah’s pussy. Sarah was still wearing her black skirt, but Erin simply went underneath it to grope her underwear. Sarah often went without panties, but she enjoyed wearing them for special occasions, because she found it fun when her lovers pulled them off, and how they felt against her cunt when they became soaked with cum.

I came around the other side of the couch so as to get a better angle of the action going on. On this side, I got a great view of Erin’s sexy ass sticking up in the air. She was still wearing her pants, but her muscular cheeks could be made out through the material, along with the thong underwear going up her crack. One thing I could never complain about the army was their training uniform. I had many fond memories of training with the many women wearing those loose bottoms and tight tops. I wanted so much to go over and grabbed that ass, run my fingers over that sweet pussy that could be made out right now. But this was the twin’s moment more than my own, and I could wait until they called me over.

“Hmm, yes, touch my pussy,” Sarah whispered.

Erin had pulled her face off of Sarah’s breasts in order to look at the dripping pussy beneath her. Her face was split by a beautiful grin, as she became excited from her sister’s own excitement.

“You like this? You want me to continue?” She rubbed harder.

“Oh yes, I love it.”

“Then we’ll have to do something about these.” With her free hand, Erin unzipped Sarah’s skirt and pulled it off, throwing it to the floor. This left Sarah’s long muscular legs bare, and her white thong panties exposed. Erin was still massaging Sarah’s pussy through her panties, but when I did a close up, I could see that the white material was almost completely see-through as Sarah kept cumming. Erin’s fingers were practically pushing the flimsy material into the gapping cunt.

“Mmmm, look at this,” Erin said as she pushed Sarah’s legs further open. “You’ve been working out since I last saw this. But I want to see how strong it has become.” And with that, she used both hands to slowly slide Sarah’s panties down her legs. When they slid off her feet, Erin tossed it over her shoulders, where they landed on my head. At no time did Erin aim, or look in my direction, but I swear that she hit me with them on purpose. I didn’t care. Sarah’s scent filled my nostrils, and some of the white cream slid onto my face. I took them off my head and was tempted to throw them back at Erin, but instead I just let it fall onto Sarah’ skirt.

Now that her pussy was bared, I did another close up, focusing in on Erin’s tongue pushing into Sarah’s lower lips. Erin started slow, but when Sarah’s moans became louder and wilder, Erin devoured Sarah’s crotch. She would flick her tongue against it, bite her clit and even shove her fingers inside. Sarah’s pussy had developed over the years, reaching a point that I could fit my whole fist inside without hurting her to much, and Erin took advantage of this.

“Yes, oh god, yes!” Sarah cried out, her hips thrusting upwards, pushing her bald pussy into Erin’s face, and covering her pale white skin with equally white goo, as orgasm after orgasm shook through her body. I panned the camera over Erin’s body and focused it on her wiggling alsancak escort ass. Her pants were quite wet around the crotch now, as she came into the material. It must have been getting hot and itchy down there, because I could see her muscles wiggling.

As if reading my thoughts, Erin paused in her meal, sitting up on Sarah’s crotch. Without saying a word, she leaned back onto her sister’s legs and stretched her own as she slid her pants down her hips. Sarah helped by tugging on her pant legs, until they finally flew off, falling on the floor behind her. Next to go were Erin’s black panties, which glistened whenever light struck it. When Sarah had them off, she tossed them aside, where they landed on my head. I was beginning to think that I might have a target in my hair, but I let it slide as I watched Erin turn 180 degrees and position her pussy over Sarah’s face in a 69. Turning the camera’s attention to Erin’s pussy, a sight I hadn’t seen in two years, I was surprised to see that she had let her bush grow back. It wasn’t thick and wild, like it hadn’t been shaved in years, but was instead a soft downing, enough to cover the sex muscle, but not conceal it. It actually gave her cunt the impression of an abyss surrounded by fire. It was quite the sight.

Also exposed with the disappearance of her pants was a new tattoo. I don’t think I mentioned this before, but after we had come back from our first mission, the three of us had gotten tattooed. We all loved dragons, so that’s what we got. Erin had a green dragon on her left shoulder, and Sarah a blue dragon on her right. They represented the other sister always being together. I had gotten a black dragon put on my back shoulders, its head trailing over my left shoulder and just over my breast. This was to represent me always being with the two of them. You could understand it if you saw us standing together. Plus it made us look dangerous.

But now Erin also had a tattoo on her tailbone. I thought at first that this was in honor of Kate, but as I zoomed in, I saw that it was a fire dragon: a red dragon ablaze with red and orange flames. I knew what this meant because I was the one who told her the story. The fire dragon represented revenge.

I let this pass for the moment. It was a story for later. Right now I had more important things to do. Moving the camera back to the real show, I zoomed in on Sarah eating out Erin. She had used both hands to spread open Erin’s pale white ass, hard as rock after years of military training. Sarah would flick her tongue, going from pussy to ass hole, making Erin’s hips squirm in pleasure. Every few seconds Sarah would slap that white ass. She wouldn’t hit her hard, but the sound could be clearly heard throughout the room. Every time she did this though, I noticed Erin flinch, and when Sarah looked over at the camera, I silently shook my head, telling her that it wasn’t a good idea. Sarah frowned, not understanding why, but she stopped the slapping after the fifth slap, returning all of her attention to eating her sister’s cunt. Erin’s ass was now bright red, but luckily no welts were forming. I couldn’t help but wonder if Erin had suffered the same thing during her disappearance.

I so wanted to jump in there now and fuck either of the twins, my pants were crushing my cock, but they still hadn’t invited me. I knew better than to just jump in, because the first and only time I had done this, they almost crushed my balls to raisins, and refused to fuck me for the rest of the day. So I let them continue. When they finally stopped slurping (after each had a wild orgasm that shook the couch) I thought that they might finally pay some attention to me. I was wrong. Instead, they just slid apart, grinned at each other like they had never been apart, and aligned their pussies together.

“Oh, this is going to be good.” I said as I panned out to get the whole shot.

When they were in the right positions, the two girls moved closer again, grinding their cunts together with enough force to turn a lump of coal into a diamond. They often did this together, but usually only when they had a toy in between. But I remember Sarah telling me one night that they sometimes found the contact of their sensitive flesh to be the most intoxicating without the interference of plastic between them. This was such a time. They believed that this was a time when twins were the closest. If one of them had been a boy, it would be when he shoved his cock inside her cunt, but since they were both girls, the feeling of their clits being ground together was even better. The mixing of their juices was symbolic. Once they got going and started having orgasms, they would wrap their arms around each other, but when they start, they did it laying down like this because they could put more strength into each thrust.

I couldn’t take just watching anymore, so still holding the camera with one hand, I used the other to unzip my pants buca escort and let my cock break free. Unlike Sarah, I had chosen not to wear underwear tonight. It got incredibly itchy when I would sweat, but I preferred the freedom and easy access.

With my cock finally able to stretch its full 10” length, I was able to stroke it back to life. I swear the thing was dying trapped in my pants. I don’t know why I left it in there for so long, except that I guess I didn’t want to distract the girls. That was something I didn’t have to worry about. The twins were still too busy to notice me.

“Yes, yes, I’m cumming Sarah,” Erin shouted.

“Me too. God this feels great.” Sarah called back.

They had leaned forward again, their legs entangled, their cunts still crushed together as they embraced. I moved the camera all over them, zooming in on their pussies, and being grateful that we had covered all the furniture with plastic just for instances like this (we went through two couches and three chairs before we thought of this idea.) Their pussies where just gushing cum, and what didn’t go into the other’s hole, spilled over their thighs and onto the furniture beneath them.

I moved the camera to get shots of their ass, Erin’s pale white, and Sarah’s tanned bronze, looking so sweat. Moving up to their slim waists and firm bellies, I caught their huge breasts crushed together. The sight of their rock hard nipples pocking out looked like helpless mountain climbers being crushed by tremendous boulders. When I got to their heads, they were heatedly kissing each other, their tongues flicking between their mouths, their eyes closed. Then it finally happened. They had stopped kissing and their mouths formed large Os’ as the orgasms struck. These were the big ones. The twins began to pant and Erin even growled as they held each other through the muscle spasm that made their pussies burn like fire. I swear I could feel the heat resonating off of them from where I stood. Even their dragon tattoos looked like they were fucking each other, as their arms where wrapped together.

When the orgasms finally ended, the twins fell back, their legs still entangled, and their pussies still together, but looking from above, I could get a great shot of them, Sarah’s bald white cunt and Erin’s fiery bush. Their bodies glowed with perspiration as they panted like thirsty dogs. I put the camera down and went into the kitchen, from where I came back with a glass of water each, and an ice bucket with a bottle of wine. The water was to keep them from dehydrating, and the wine was for after they recovered their strength.

When they could sit up again, they were both struck by a fit of the giggles. “That was so good,” Sarah said as she hugged her knees to her chest.

“Yeah, I’ve missed our times together,” Erin agreed.

“I’ve missed you.”

Erin’s elation vanished. That look of sorrow had returned, crushing her spirit. “I’ve missed you too sweetie.” She wiped away Sarah’s tears with her fingers. “I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long.”

“You don’t have to apologize,” Sarah replied as the twins once again wrapped their arms around each other, this time both freely crying.

I left the water and wine on the coffee table, uncomfortable around so much open emotions. I have always been thankful that they were never this blubbery with me.

After a minute of crying, the twin sisters wiped their faces again and drank the water I handed them. When they had regained their composure, and had finished their water, I handed them each a glass of wine as we shared a toast to having Erin home.

All three of us drained our glasses in a single gulp, after which I quickly refilled, and sat down in between them. While the girls where naked, I was still fully dressed in my diner suit. Sarah had insisted that I dress appropriately for our diner with Kate, including a tie, so I…. That’s when I remembered Kate. She should have been here by now. “Sarah, what time did Kate say….” Erin stopped me with a deep kiss before I could finish. I was caught off guard at first, but as the seconds passed, I closed my eyes and wrapped my hands around her head, pulling our embrace deeper.

After a few minutes (to this day I still thank the army for teaching us how to hold our breaths for almost three minutes) Erin broke the kiss and sat grinning at me. All thoughts of Kate fled my mind as I stared at one of my oldest and best friends finally returned to me. Though she had been home with us for almost an hour, it wasn’t until this moment that it finally hit me. Erin was home.

Not wanting to be left out of this, Sarah leaned over my back, her breasts pressing against my diner jacket, and kissed the corner of my mouth. Erin leaned forward again, and we shared a three-way kiss that lasted even longer than the last. While we kissed, the girls quickly removed my clothes; Erin unbuttoning my shirt while Sarah pulled my jacket and shirts off. I had always been muscular, but years of military training and missions had really improved my physique. My mass had almost doubled, while my fat stayed low, leaving me with a broad and muscular chest that could make a movie star ashamed to strip. Not to mention my bulging legs and rock hard ass that could put Brad Pit to shame.

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