Oca 24

Cindy Learns a Lesson Ch. 01

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(Written by a young lesbian, for lesbians).


Ms Scarlet glanced up from her papers, surveying the room of students over her reading glasses. It was Friday afternoon and the class of girls had started to buzz with restlessness. The teacher was in her 40’s and stood 5″7 tall. She had worn her long hair out, shiny and carefully straightened; its dark tone beautifully contrasted her blue eyes. A white tailored shirt, the top few buttons undone hinting at her deep cleavage, hugged her soft G-cup breasts. As the days were growing colder, she wore a pair of black knee-high leather boots under a charcoal pinstripe skirt. Ms Scarlet had an air of dignity about her which underlined the authoritarian manner in which she taught.

After a moment, she let her eyes wander to the back of the classroom where Cindy Augustine sat. To her surprise, Cindy was talking to the popular group. She recognized instantly that they were probably trying to get the innocent girl into trouble. Cindy had just celebrated her 18th birthday but didn’t look her age. She stood just 5″2 tall, very thin, with short auburn hair and big brown eyes which made her look innocently cute. She was a very shy girl.

Recently the two had spent an increasing amount of one-on-one time together on lunch breaks and after class. Ms Scarlet had started to look forward to Cindy’s attempts to get closer to her. Her glance fell briefly to the girl’s thin cotton shirt, taking in the subtle curve of her small breasts. Just the sight of that little uniform was enough to make the older woman clench her jaw with arousal. A moment later, the teacher had promptly returned to her papers, pushing the forbidden image away.

Several minutes later the air was jolted by the loud *SNAP* of a plastic ruler breaking. The low murmur of the students instantly stopped; the atmosphere of the class transformed in an instant to a state of tension. All eyes were on Ms Scarlet as she stood up, resting her hands down and leaning authoratively over her stately desk. Her eyes narrowed glaringly as she scanned the room of anxious young students. In the back row a guilty red face stood out next to the popular girls.

“Cindy Augustine!” Said Ms Scarlet sharply.

A moment later, the final bell sounded.

“Good afternoon class.” She said loudly, dismissing the class without taking her eyes off of the girl.

“Good afternoon Ma’am.” The class replied in hushed unison, giggling and whispering as they quickly headed for the door. Cindy started to move too, but jumped stiff in her chair when was she was answered by a loud, domineering: “NO.” Her heart began to pound with fear – and with an arousal she didn’t quite understand. All she could do was gaze at the older woman she had lusted after for so long. When the class was finally empty, Ms Scarlet circled her desk and made her way towards the girl. As she walked, her large heavy breasts swayed from side to side. She stood in front of Cindy, crossing her arms.

“Disruptive?” She questioned, gauging the student’s reaction; toying with her like a predator. She knew it was wrong but she also knew poker oyna about the girl’s crush. All year Cindy had been getting in trouble. At first, Ms Scarlet couldn’t quite understand why an ‘A’ student would never hand in her work on time. Why she would linger at the end of every class just to be able to get the last look from her teacher. Why she constantly stayed behind during lunch breaks and after school to get extra tutelage she obviously didn’t need. Then one day, as Ms Scarlet was leaning over another student’s desk in conversation, she caught her student staring slack jawed at her breasts. Everything finally clicked. However, this realisation didn’t make the older woman stop the behaviour. Despite her beauty and carefully groomed image, the isolation of her lifestyle and dedication to her career had resulted in her having little romantic attention. She had become so very lonely. When Cindy came across her path she couldn’t ignore the connection. Instead, she found herself soaking up the adoration and attention to the point where she began encouraging the girls staring. Some days she would wear a very low cut shirt underneath a woollen cardigan. When their time alone came, Ms Scarlet would take off the cardigan and rest her huge breasts on the table. Then, she would put a book down right against her tits and read from it, allowing the girl to stare under the impression that she was reading along. It made the older woman so wet having the Cindy stare at her so hungrily – it was as if it put the girl into a trance.

“Every day for the last two weeks, I have had to keep you behind after school. Clearly, my detentions here aren’t enough. Write down your home number, now.” Ms Scarlet demanded.

Little did she know, but Cindy’s weekends invariably entailed her parents being out of town on business. The housekeeper Nina, a closet raver with a seamless hustle, was supposed to watch Cindy for the weekend – but as soon after the parents departed she would begin getting ready for a weekend out on the town. Nina usually collected Cindy from school already in a dress and heels. On the kitchen counter she would leave a new DVD and an envelope of cash: a bribe for the girl’s discretion. So when the call came through that Cindy had after school detention, and that Ms Scarlet would drop the student off personally, the housekeeper welcomed the news:

“You just keep her there as long as you need to Ms Scarlet. Hell – have her do some chores at your house for the weekend if that’s what it’ll take to get through to her. She’s a hard headed little thing”.

The teacher managed to resist the strong urge to defend her cherished girl: she knew she was anything but ‘hard headed’.

“You know what? That might just do the trick.” She replied as she hung up.

Cindy listened on; guiltily aroused by the uncertainty of what Ms Scarlet was doing. Her fantasies about her teacher so often had beginnings just like this; so had Ms Scarlet’s fantasies about her student.

“Ms Scarlet?”

“Cindy.” She said, cutting the girl off. “I am very disappointed in you. At this late stage in the year this type of action canlı poker oyna could seriously jeopardize your eligibility to sit the exam for this class.”

At hearing this, the girl’s mind quickly turned to panic. Her eyes filled with tears and a look begging for forgiveness which aroused her teacher even more, fuelling her power trip.

“Unfortunately, even though we try to reiterate to all students the importance of good behaviour, some simply fail to recognize just how important it is. I used to think you were such a good girl. But again and again you end up in my detention. Where, if you’ve noticed, no one else dares stay.”

“Oh, please Miss, I’m sorry. I never meant to…”

Ms Scarlet leant down, taking her student’s jaw in her hand, staring fiercely at her and whispering again: “I used to think you were a good girl.”

“Ms Scarlet, please. I have to pass!” She cried.

“You’re not questioning me are you?” Ms Scarlet demanded, cocking her head.

“Oh, n-no no Ma’am!” The girl appealed desperately.

Ms Scarlet sighed. “Well, I suppose you are wondering why I made that phone call. You see, I know you are usually well behaved. However, I am obligated to report this incident. The board won’t care that you’re usually good, you understand. I know — it’s unfair. I know you girls think I’m unkind. I can be unkind. But; I have something of a soft spot for you Cindy.” She said, stoking a tear from the girls face. “I think I’ll give you a chance, one chance, to redeem yourself at my discretion.”

At hearing this, Cindy’s eyes lit up and she begged: “I’ll do anything! Anything Ms Scarlet, I want to prove to you I’m a good girl.”

A shot of sexual energy ran through Ms Scarlet’s body at hearing this – if only the girl knew how perverted that sounded to a mature lady. She sighed, as if considering her statement carefully.

“Perhaps one chance is fair. But Cindy, I suggest you do exactly as I say. NEVER question me – unless you want to be taken back home to explain to your parents why you are no longer eligible to sit your exams.”

The girl nodded obediently. Ms Scarlet checked her watch.

“Clean the board and then pack up your things.”

Cindy quickly obeyed her instructions, rushing to the front of the room. She took the eraser to begin to clear the whiteboard but paused, suddenly feeling shy under her teacher’s watchful eye.

Seeing this, Ms Scarlet gave her direction: “Do it slowly, do it right.”

The student started dutifully cleaning away her teacher’s workings. The older woman slowly approached the girl from behind as she balanced on the tips of her toes to try and reach the top of the board. Ms Scarlet put her hands on the girl’s waist to help steady her, squeezing the girl’s hips slightly as she inhaled. The girl felt so tiny. She slowly lent in so that her large breasts began to push against the young girls shoulders. Cindy’s heart skipped a beat. The most contact she’d ever had with her crush was feeling her hand on her arm; this was nothing like that and she didn’t know how to react. The student gave a little smiled internet casino as she thought that her innocent nights of longing to kiss her teacher might come true. Ms Scarlet’s fantasies entailed so much more. Before the little girl knew it, the woman moved away to collect her things.

When they had finished their tasks, Cindy was led her out of the classroom. The pair walked quietly down the deserted hallways, past the empty class rooms and yards, to a side road where the teacher’s car was parked. When they were seated in the late model Audi, Ms Scarlet reached over and pulled the girl’s seatbelt over her as if she were a child. They drove in silence.

Ms Scarlet’s home was almost an hour’s drive from the city. Cindy looked out over the dashboard, wondering if every house she saw on the horizon might be where they were destined. As they drove, the older woman discreetly undid a few more of the buttons on her blouse, loving the excitement it gave her. Eventually, they pulled onto to a road hedged by dense ancient woodland. A few miles later Ms Scarlet came to a stop in front of a set of large black iron gates and reached for a remote to make them open. The car drove up the long winding drive until they came to the large clearing where Ms Scarlet’s carefully restored Victorian home was situated, secluded in the middle of a densely wooded estate as if in a fairy tale.

When parked, the woman unfastened the girl’s belt, this time petting her on the head like a mother. “Good girl.” She added as she exited the car. They made their way up a few wooden steps to the main door; the sound of Ms Scarlet’s high heals filled the air.

“Take my bag.” The woman ordered. Cindy hesitated, but it only took one look for her to immediately do as she was told.

“Thank you. Follow me. You know, back in the old days they did things a little differently. Before, a teacher had true authority. And…” She turned to make eye contact… “It resulted in well behaved girls. Do keep up my dear. I think that there is a chance for you. After all, you did say you were willing to do anything.”

The woman led the girl, who was gazing up at the high ceilings and expensive furniture, into the lounge. It was gorgeously decorated in neutral tones; the centrepiece a large soft sofa. The older woman snapped her fingers at and pointed at it. Cindy nervously sat as instructed. Ms Scarlet looked down, allowing a slight smile as she saw her cherished young girl sitting so innocently on her couch with no idea of what was about to happen.

“Firstly, all of this disobedient behaviour over must be accounted for and corrected. It just shall not do. You must do everything I say – and I mean everything Cindy. If you fail to do so, you will have blown your chance and you will be right out that door. No exceptions.”

“Ms Scarlet, I always do what you say. I always obey you.”

The teacher bent over, putting her hands on her knees. She pushing her long heavy breasts together knowingly after having opened her shirt further in the car. Cindy’s face went red.

“What a silly girl – so innocent. You don’t understand what it means to ‘obey’ yet. But don’t worry, you will learn quickly. That’s fair enough now isn’t it?”

The girl nodded.

“Good, we shall begin then. Take off all of your clothes for me little girl.”

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