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Claire (Chapter 5)

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Claire (Chapter 5)Mom phoned me a week before my wedding to Lyn asking about the hen night to be honest I hadn’t given it any though Lyn and I had dropped out of the club scene a couple of years ago I knew I would have to stay in a hotel as tradition states I mustn’t see the bride before the wedding as Lyn was leaving from the vicarage it meant I would spend the night in an hotel room. Mom casually asked if I remembered the hotel room where Mom and I became lesbian lovers.We stayed two nights at the hotel on the first she seduced me the second was a threesome with a maid Yvette working in the hotel I could hear the wheels turning in Mom’s mind I could guess what she was about to say. ‘If I booked the room we could replay our first night ’I asked if she was clean shaven ‘naughty girl and yes I am’ I told her to bring a jar of liquid honey, Mom’s response was ‘you really are a naughty girl’ she asked if she could include Yvette I knew this was my last chance for a threesome once I married Lyn I knew I would never go with anyone else.The week passed quickly with the final arrangements for the wedding during the week my final exam results came I could now be called Doctor thanks to Lyn I had archived my dream just one day to go I couldn’t wait for the big day.Has I packed my white wedding dress we were to be married in identical outfits Lyn came into the room we hugged and kissed Lyn looked at me ‘I love you, for five years I’ve waited for this day take care my darling’I made my way to the hotel it brought back memories of two fantastic nights of sexual pleasure I saw Mom in the lounge sitting by her holding hands was Yvette. I hadn’t seen Yvette since our paths crossed in the Silver web we chatted over dinner before making our way to our room.One inside Yvette put both bursa escort her hands on my breasts my nipples hardened she slid her hand inside my blouse and undid the front fastening of my bra she removed my blouse and bra cupping both breasts felt the weight of my 36b breasts she bend down taking one nipple into her mouth sucked on my breast Mom came behind me removing my skirt and panties she led me to the kingsized bed I lay down legs apart whilst Mom and Yvette undressed each other soon both women were naked I could see both were freshly shaven.Mom kissed my breast taking my hard nipple into her mouth reached down rubbing my clitoris I soon came to my first orgasm of the evening my vagina tingled with pleasure I felt wet between my legs as my vaginal juice flowed Yvette reached for a wine glass slipping it under me collected my sweet vaginal juice there was more than half a glass Yvette offered it to Mom then me finally Yvette drained and licked the glass.Mom put her head between my legs sliding her tongue into my wet vagina Yvette sat astride my head with rubbing her vagina over my face I sucked and nibbled the lips of her vaginal reached up caressing her two breasts. Yvette started to move up and down my tongue sliding in and out of her vagina I quickly reached my orgasm but couldn’t cry out as Yvette was sitting on my face her thighs gripping the side of my head I heard Yvette shout ‘yes yes yes oh god I’m cumming I’m cumming at that she collapsed across my body.Mom raise her head her face coated with my vaginal juice Yvette and myself licked the juice from Mom’s face again tasting the sweet juice of love. I lay by Mom’s side sucking her breast Yvette had her head between Mom’s legs I watched as she licked Mom’s vagina forcing her tongue deep into Mom’s open vagina escort bursa Mom locked her legs around Yvette’s head gripping the side of her head Mom reached her orgasm crying out ‘more more deeper deeper oh god I want you’ Yvette’s face was coated with Mom’s vaginal juice Mom and I licked the sweet tasting juice fro Yvette’s face.Mom lay naked her legs apart watching Yvette and myself both naked move around the room I asked about the jar of honey the jar turned out to be a large bottle of liquid honey the bottle was the squeezable type which was even better I squeezed honey on both Mom’s nipples then ran two lines of honey from her breasts to her vagina I nodded to Yvette the first to Mom’s vagina got the prize of removing the honey from Mom’s vagina. Yvette and I licked sucked the honey from mom’s body who was in hysterical with laughter as we kissed our way to the prize I won the prize of Mom’s honey covered vagina my head between Mom’s thighs my tongue licking to the mix of honey and Mom’s vaginal juice Yvette had planted her lips on Mom’s and was stroking her breasts Mom shuddered and shuddered as the orgasm followed orgasm Mom was rolling about on the bed lost in a world of intense sexual pleasure. I raise my head my face was coated with Honey and vaginal juice both Mom and Yvette licked it off. Mom grabbed me pressing me on to the bed Yvette squeezed the Honey bottle now it was my turn as Mom and Yvette raced for the prize my honey soaked vagina Yvette won the race of tasting my vaginal juice and honey I had orgasm after orgasm my juices flowed I couldn’t cry out Mom’s lips were pressed on mine. Yvette raised her head her face was a mixture of honey and my juice.We grabbed Yvette Mom squeezed what was left in the bottle over Yvette’s naked body a large amount bursa escort bayan was put on her vagina Mom gently squeezed the honey into Yvette’s vagina. The race was on Mom won the prize as she licked the Honey from Mom’s vagina I kissed Yvette and rubbed her erect nipples. Yvette’s body shook as orgasm followed orgasm she couldn’t cry out my lips were on hers and my tongue inside her mouth. Mom slowly raised her head smiling her face was covered with Yvette’s vaginal juice and Honey Mom and I licked it off.I glanced at the clock it was past midnight there was one more treat lying on top of mom vagina to vagina breasts to breasts and lips to lips Mom wrapped her legs around mine Yvette had two vagina’s to lick and suck. Mom and I both came to multi orgasms’ Yvette put both of us in a world of sexual pleasure I lost count of the number of orgasm’s I had it was a never ending cycle of sexual pleasure orgasm followed orgasm.The three of us were totally exhausted Mom and I watched as Yvette dressed to return to her own room she bend over and kissed Mom sliding her fingers into Mom’s wet vagina she then put the fingers on her lips she kissed me and I felt her fingers slide into my vagina she touched my lips with her wet fingers.I rested my head on Mom’s breast she stroked my hair soon I fell asleep the knock at door woke both of us it was the girls for our hair and make up after they had gone Mom watched as I started dressing for the wedding sh gave me a hug we kissed I felt her hand rub my clitoris I soon came to my orgasm I kissed Mom removed my wet panties and gave them to Mom as a keeps sake she held them to her lips and kissed the wet gusset.Lyn and I decided we would go down the aisle together Lyn father behind walking with my Mother.Lyn was waiting at the church door inside it was standing room only we walked the aisle together towards the alter and the Bishop who was going to perform ceremony.Has the ceremony finished he said you may kiss I took Lyn in my arms our lips met.

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