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Cliten , Cumster Part 1

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Damn! The day was finally here! I had been waiting for this day for years! Well, actually, three months, but they felt like years. Now, the day was finally here! I was standing at the airport watching everyone deplane. I scrutinized every dark-haired woman as they streamed off the plane. Some noticed my intensity but quickly saw that I had already moved on to the people following behind.The plane had been packed since Denver was a major hub. Many of the passengers immediately looked to the departure monitors to see where they needed to go for the next leg of their journey. She did not. As she stepped out from behind a large man who had stopped to scan the monitors, my breath caught in my throat. Her photos had not shown me how truly beautiful this lady was.She stopped as well but was scanning the crowd of people waiting for their loved ones. I had made a small sign. It read Cliten. When she finally saw it, she blushed beet red. My previous girlfriend had named her sex.We started out texting back and forth on Skype. Texting had quickly moved to sexting. I told her about my previously written stories. She had even read a couple. One day I asked her if she had a name for her pussy, saying that I didn’t want to use our real names, were I to write about us. She had said, “No,” but would think about it. The next day she texted back, “Cliten.” I immediately told her that I loved it!I quickly put my sign away and waited for her to exit the restricted area of the terminal. There was some awkwardness bursa escort at our first meeting. This was our very first meeting. Do we hug? Do we kiss like long-absent lovers? What do you do with the woman which you fell in love with online? Since her hands were full with her coat and carry-on, I kissed her on the cheek and took her carry-on bag. I had not been to the Denver airport for over two decades, so I arrived early to locate the terminal baggage claim. I took her by the hand to lead the way.Her flight had a long layover in Dallas. My drive had been nearly eight hours due to the previous night’s snowstorm. We were both tired but had so much adrenalin pumping through our bodies that we couldn’t stop talking and asking each other questions. I asked her about her flights, and she asked me about my drive to Denver. Honestly, I doubt either of us heard the other, but we kept talking along with everyone else in the terminal. Finally, at the baggage claim, we stopped to wait for the carousel to bring the luggage out.Everyone was much quieter while waiting. We whispered some but mainly stood there holding hands and taking furtive looks at each other when the other wasn’t looking. Yes, we had been talking through Skype texts for months. We even seemed to have fallen in love with those texts, but we really didn’t know each other.As the carousel started, I let go of her hand and asked her to get her ticket out so security could check if they wanted to. She jumped as if startled. As it turns bursa escort bayan out, her bag was one of the first off the plane. She pointed it out, and I went to retrieve it. Then, we left the baggage area. I was pulling her suitcase with her pulling the carry-on. I reached out to hold her hand again. Was I being possessive? Absolutely! I wanted to show the world that this beauty was mine. She didn’t seem to mind, holding my hand tightly.As we walked out into the parking garage, I kept a wary eye out for thugs. The Denver airport parking garage had a reputation for crime. We were lucky and arrived at my pick-up truck without incident. I used the remote to unlock it as we walked up. I opened the passenger side, put her bags in the back seat then took her hand to help her up onto her seat. I stepped onto the running board and reached across my lady to buckle her seatbelt. But, I had an ulterior motive. We were finally alone. I looked into her eyes and leaned forward to give her our very first kiss. She instantly wrapped her arms around me and kissed me quite soundly. Just as we were about to come up for air, someone a few cars away shouted, “Get a room!” I looked around to see the couple that had shouted was smiling at us. I said, “Oh. We will; we will.”They laughed and got into their car. I leaned in for another quick kiss, then went around to get in the truck.We left the parking garage, found our way to I-25, and headed North. I reached over to hold her hand as I was driving. The escort bursa traffic started to thin as we left Ft. Collins. I looked at her (from now on, I’ll call her, Cliten). I looked at Cliten and asked her if she knew why I brought this big truck to get her instead of my car. She asked, “Because of the snow?” A good guess, but my car has all-wheel drive, and the snow would not have been an issue.I had planned to take the truck regardless of the weather. The pick-up has a center console just like the car, except the truck console, lifts up and back to make a center seat, which has its own seat belt.I told her it was partly due to the snow but more to do this. I lifted the console and pushed it back to lock in as a seat back. I asked if she would like to slide over next to me. She smiled somewhat shyly, unbuckled, slid over to me, and found the new seatbelt to buckle in. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders as if we had been riding that way for months.She put her left hand on my thigh and reached up to hold my right hand on her shoulder. I had considered reaching down to cop a feel of her breast but thought it might be a bit too much, too soon, so I remained the gentleman.It was still early afternoon as we drove through Cheyenne and on North. Cliten had had a long day with one flight, a layover at DFW then the second flight to Denver. I caught her stifling a yawn a couple of times. With my eight-hour drive to Denver, I was beginning to have drowsiness issues myself. I had made plans for this.I exited the interstate at the first Casper exit. She looked at me with questions in her eyes. I just smiled as we pulled up at my favorite Casper hotel. Cliten gave me a wondering look.I just said: “I’ll be right back.”

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