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Closing the Deal

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I had my first sex with another man one month ago. I still can’t believe it. Prior to meeting Mark, I never had the desire to have a cock stuffed in my ass and mouth. Now I couldn’t imagine going without it.

Mark was my new boss, he came into the company to tighten up the division I worked in. He quickly seduced me and we were having a discreet and torrid affair. We had frequent “working lunches” and golf games scheduled as cover, but it was just a cover for Mark to fuck me.

I was the bottom, another shocking development for me. Mark fucked me everyway possible, and I loved it. He could be gentle and loving, rough and dominating, and all points in between. He had a beautiful cock that I devoured and milked of its thick, salty load every chance I had.

One day Mark called me into his office to inform me of my promotion to Director of Technology Programs. His smiling face greeted me as I walked in.

“Close the door behind you,” he said.

“Sure,” I replied, closing the door.

“You’ve been doing great work,” he said, kissing me and grabbing my ass cheeks.

“Thanks,” I said, “It helps to have great leadership guiding you.”

“You’ve been promoted,” he said while going down on his knees.

“That’s good,” I said, “thank you.”

“Now you get a reward for your hard work,” he said while rubbing my now hardening cock through my slacks.

I leaned against his desk as Mark unzipped my pants and pulled out my now rock hard member. He looked me in the eyes as he slowly licked and sucked the head. He slowly took in more and more of my shaft with each moment until he had engulfed my entire shaft. He began pumping slowly and methodically, making sure his lips and tongue took in every square inch of my cock. He varied the pace of his sucking, driving me to the edge and slowing down before I came. I finally shot my load into his mouth, which took in every drop.

Mark had never given me a blow job before, and he was damn good at it. It took all of my self control to keep from groaning at the top of my lungs, which would have given away my dangerous secret.

“Keep up the good work, Jim,” Mark said.

“I sure will,” I replied, “especially if the rewards are anything like that all the time.”

Mark gave me a deep kiss, passing the remnants of my load into my mouth. We swapped the precious silver liquid between us for a few moments before he pulled away.

“I’ve got a special job for you,” Mark said, “one that poker oyna will require your special talents.”

“Sure,” I responded, “whatever you need.”

“I want you to be my right hand man while I close a deal,” he said, “by helping me make sure the client is comfortable.”

“I can do that,” I said.

“We can’t screw this up,” he added, “this is a big contract that could really propel the firm.”

“Anything I need to know?” I asked.

“Mike Allen is in charge of negotiations for those guys,” he replied, “we go way back, so give him whatever he wants.”

He left the room with that. I was surprised to be involved in upper level negotiations and I sure as hell didn’t realize I had any special talents.

The next week we met Mike at his hotel, a fancy downtown joint where he was occupying a large suite. It had two antique sofas and three chairs along with various antique tables. It was a magnificent room, the bathroom was bigger than the last hotel room I had stayed in.

Mike was in his fifties, well kept up for his age. He was about 6 feet tall, graying brown hair, a little overweight, and very light brown eyes. He had a stern look about him, like he was a taskmaster.

We chatted about various issues, including our business deal. The discussions became heated and tense as offer and counteroffer were made. We finally broke after five hours.

It had been predetermined that we would play raquetball for our break. Mike was reputed to be an excellent player and the hotel had courts. I crushed Mark and Mike in cutthroat, something that made Mike visibly angry.

“If you worked for me I’d fire your ass,” Mike finally told me after the game.

“Why?” I replied.

“You never humiliate a client in a game,” he said, “no matter what the sport.”

“I play to win,” I retorted, “and you’re supposed to be good at this game.”

“Where did find this asshole Mark?” Mike said, looking agitated.

“He’s my best man,” Mark replied, “he doesn’t like to lose.”

“He might lose you a contract,” Mike said angrily.

“No he won’t,” Mark replied, “he knows how to close deals.”

“We’ll see,” Mike said, looking me over in apparent disgust.

We retreated back to his suite where Mike showered and exited the bathroom just wearing a white bath robe. He sat on the sofa, his robe opening slightly to reveaal the head of his cock. It was a big bulbous head that hinted at a thick rod. I was wondering what he was aiming canlı poker oyna at when he caught me looking.

“You have the stare of a cocksucker,” Mike said, “no wonder you’re Mark’s pet.”

“I’ve sucked cock before,” I said defensively, “I won’t lie about it.”

“How about coming over here and sealing the deal then,” Mike ordered as he opened the robe to expose his half erect cock.

I looked at Mark, who nodded in encouragement as I approached Mike.

“Take off your clothes,” Mike commanded, “I want to get a look at you while you suck my cock.”

I did as ordered and stripped down. I knelt down between his legs, slowly licking his big head as I caressed his thighs and balls with my hands. His cock was thick and very hard to engulf with my mouth. I slowly worked down, Mike’s rod stretching my mouth as I slowly deep throated his spectacular shaft. I started pumping him slowly with long, deep strokes of my mouth. I saw Mark out of the corner of my eye, jerking off at the show.

“You’ve found a nice cocksucker, Mark,” Mike said, “now wonder he’s one of your favorites.”

“Good help is hard to find,” Makr replied, “and I like to have the best people around me.”

I continued to pump his rod, licking and sucking his cock faster and faster. He was groaning louder, squirming on the sofa as I sucked him hard. He returned my attention by fucking my mouth as his balls tightened. He finally let out a beastly growl as he pumped his hot load into my mouth, holding my head on his cock as he spurted his entire load.

“Why don’t you keep this little cocksucker warmed up,” Mike said, “I’m gonna want another turn with him.”

Mark moved over and kissed me, tasting what was left of Mike’s spunk. He licked and kissed down my back until he made it to my asshole. He licked and teased around my anus while he slowly jerked me off, his tongue slowly penetrating my ass. Mark was so good at rimming. I was in heaven. My body was trembling and I was moaning softly at his advances.

Mark stood up and sat down on the sofa. Where he began stroking his cock with lube. I knew where this was heading and I had to have it.

“Come here and mount up,” Mark said, with a malicious grin on his face.

I put may back to his face and slowly guided my ass to his cock. He spread my cheeks and lubed my ass before letting his head touch me. I lowered myself gently onto his mighty rod, gasping with delight as I took him in completely. I started internet casino to ride him slowly, picking up pace steadily. I made sure to drive his cock all the way in my ass and grind against his pelvis, magnifying our excitement.

Mike had moved across the room and stood in front of me with his limp cock at mouth level. I took it in my mouth and stroked it with my tongue. It was rising with my attention until it was again to full massive size.

I was getting so hot having two cocks to work over. The feel of Mark’s cock grinding my ass while I revived Mike’s erection was spectacular.

I pulled Mike’s cock out of my mouth, jerking him off slowly while I rode Mark.

“You wanna fuck my ass?” I said to Mike, almost begging.

“Oh yeah,” Mike replied, “I’m going to stretch that ass out.”

I was fucking Mark fast and hard by now. His groans were getting louder as I saw his balls tighten and felt his cock twitch. I knew he was ready to blow and I pulled off of his cock faced him and jerked him off to finish him. His cum spurted all over his chest and stomach as he groaned loudly as he climaxed.

That’s when I felt Mike’s powerful hands grab my waist and throw me face down on a rug in the floor. He pinned me down by pressing down on my shoulders as he pressed his lubed cock into my ass as fast as it would take the thick slab. I cried in delight as he drove deep into me, stretching my ass as pushed.

“Time for your fucking,” Mike said as he started pumping my ass.

“That’s it fuck my ass,” I begged, “I want that cock to come in my ass.”

Mike was fucking me like an animal, thrusting faster and deeper with each stroke. Each thrust drove me into the carpet, giving me rugburns on my face and chest. The pain didn’t matter as Mike continued to fuck me, his cock filling my ass.

Mike was groaning and grunting as he approached his climax and then with one giant scream he began to pump his hot load into my ass. I could feel his cock shudder against my asshole with each spurt. Mike didn’t stop pumping until he drained his cock into me. I was moaning with pleasure as he finished his business.

Mike pulled off of me and I turned over. I could feel Mike’s cum dripping from my anus as I did. I gave my cock a few jerks and began coming almost instantly, coating my chest and belly with a hot shower of semen. I then collapsed onto my back, feeling like I had just run a marathon.

“He’s your best negotiator yet,” Mike told Mark, “you’ve got the contract.”

“I knew he would make a great a great closer”, Mark replied.

I felt used, Mark had planned this. I couldn’t argue with the results of his scheming, it was the best sex I’ve ever had.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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