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Clothing Optional: The Naked Cottage

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This is a true story though some parts may be slightly exaggerated others are as they happened, the cottage is real and we go there every year, names have been changed to protect those involved.

This is the first time I have ever written anything so apologies if there’s bad grammar or errors, please feel free to comment and vote, if feedback is good I’ll follow it up with our adventures at the lifestyle resort.

We decided it was time we had a holiday and with my wife Sylvia’s birthday coming up we thought it would be nice to celebrate it with a stay in a nice cottage somewhere quiet and relaxing. We sat down with the iPads and a glass of wine each to see what was available and soon found a lovely looking cottage in Gloucester that had its own hot tub and sauna.

The pictures looked lovely and a quick google of the area showed a restaurant pub 100 yards to the left and another 200 yards to the right perfect we thought no need to cook either so without hesitation we checked availability and booked the week we wanted.

A little about ourselves we are Scott and Sylvia I’m 56, 5’10” and keep myself in shape, people often say I look younger than my age, my wife Sylvia is 55, 5’5″ great figure all her curves and bumps are in the right places and again looks younger than her years.

I was recently made redundant after 30 years in a managerial position and the redundancy package was good enough to pay off the mortgage leaving enough in the bank to allow us both to go part time and enjoy life a little more.

Our life can be a little boring at times especially sexually, Sylvia is quite reserved and it takes a lot to get her going in the bedroom, I on the other hand am open to anything and I’m always horny.

A few days after booking the cottage some friends visited us for evening drinks and while chatting Sylvia mentioned we had booked the cottage for her birthday and pulled up the website on her iPad for Cindy for to have a look.

Cindy suddenly burst out laughing and passed the iPad to Rob who chuckled.

“Have you read this properly? did you guys know this was a clothing optional holiday?”

I reached for my iPad and pulled up the site.

“I can’t see anything on here about clothing optional” passing the iPad to Cindy who compared the two sites.

“It’s the same website but on Sylvia’s there’s an additional naturist page.”

“Well at least we won’t have all the washing to do when we get back then Sylvia” we all laughed and joked about the discovery.

When Cindy and Rob left I asked Sylvia what she thought about getting naked on our hols.

“Well I guess we will have to see when we get there the weather may not be great and knowing our luck we will need jumpers on.”

With that we cuddled up on the sofa and made out like teenagers, maybe we were both a little turned on by the thought of our naked adventure.

The journey down was uneventful and we arrived at the cottage around 2pm to be greeted by the owners Tom and his wife Zoe, after the usual greetings they showed us around the cottage and explained the hot tub and sauna controls letting us know that they would be back mid week to tend the garden and refresh the hot tub and asked if we were happy could they be naked as they are naturists themselves I replied that it wouldn’t be a problem thinking we would probably make the Wednesday they were coming one of our days out so we wouldn’t be there anyway.

The cottage was perfect and the website pics didn’t do it justice, totally secluded on all sides and so peaceful we settled down on the sun loungers in the garden with a glass of wine to unwind from the journey.

“Fancy a hot tub Sylvia it should be up to temperature by now.”

“I’ll go and pop my costume on I fancy a nice soak after the long drive you can top the glasses up while I’m changing.”

She passed me her glass and got up to change I reminded her that we were alone and totally screened from any prying eyes and that we wouldn’t need to wear bathers in the tub, I walked to the kitchen to get the wine bottle.

I was very surprised almost shocked when I came back out in the garden to see Sylvia stripped naked and heading down the garden towards the hot tub her sexy bum wiggling as she walked.

“Wow I didn’t expect you to get naked so quick, glad to see your entering into the naturist lifestyle” I joked as I hurried to catch her up.

It felt strange undressing in the outdoors the sun on my naked body felt lovely with the slight breeze around my genitals felling very nice.

We both slid into the warm water and I turned on the jets both sighing with contentment as the bubbles relaxed us. Sylvia slid over and sat beside me and I felt her hand reach out for my cock which was already semi hard from watching her getting naked into the hot tub.

“Seems this naked lifestyle might be too much for you if your going to walk round with a stiff cock all week, maybe I need to help you out with that.”

Slowly she began to slide her hand up and down my shaft making güvenilir bahis me instantly hard she motioned for me to sit on the edge of the hot tub, I pulled myself up and even before I had sat down Sylvia engulfed my hard cock with her mouth taking me as deep as she could almost gagging and began to bob her head up and down my cock, I’m not huge but at just over 7″ long and with a good girth I’ve never had any problems in that department and Sylvia always seemed satisfied.

Sylvia has always given great blow jobs but today she seemed to be really getting into it using her tongue as she licked around my swollen head before swallowing me down to her throat, her hand gently squeezing my balls her left hand pulling at her nipple sending shivers down her own body, I reached out and cupped her firm 36D breast and followed her lead tugging gently on her erect nipple.

“If you don’t stop I’ll cum in the hot tub and we don’t want to mess the water up on day one do we”.

With that she sucked me harder and deeper increasing the pace until I could hold on no longer I felt my balls contact and my cock spasm as I shot my cum into her mouth, she sucked me dry and then swallowed opening and showing me her empty mouth with a smile, Sylvia is not often keen on swallowing but I guess she didn’t want me to mess the water up either.

I leaned forward and we kissed passionately the taste of my salty cum on her lips and tongue.

“My turn now” she said as she swung her ass up onto the side of the tub and spread her legs wide offering me her neatly trimmed pussy,

“Lick me” she begged caressing her breasts as she lay back on the edge of the tub.

I needed no second invitation as I love to go down on her pussy and I could smell her sex above the aroma of the water and felt her heat as I slipped my tongue along her lips circling her clit and then licking back down to her ass.

‘Mmmm that’s sooooo nice”

she moaned as I continued to lick her sweet pussy darting my tongue deep in her hole and then up to her clit, she was so wet and so sweet I felt like I was in heaven.

“Don’t stop I’m going to cum”

She screamed as she continued to tug on her nipples and I worked on her clit, suddenly she shuddered as the first wave of her orgasm took hold followed by another then another until she was writhing helplessly on the side of the tub her thighs now clamped tightly round my head.

Sylvia begged for me to stop her clit now to sensitive to touch, she slowly released her grip on my head and I sunk back into the water watching her spasm and twitch as her orgasm subsided.

“Oh my god that was so intense I thought I was going to pass out”

As she lowered herself back into the water and cuddled up to me the timer on the jets kicked in and the water was calm I looked down at her body under the water still breathing heavily from her climax and thought I’m going to enjoy this week.

We woke early on the first morning the sun streaming through the large bedroom window, we watched as a squirrel swung from the bird feeder taking nuts, cuddling up naked under the thin sheet we both commented on how we could get used to this neither of us wanting to get up.

“I’ll make us some coffee”

Sliding out from the sheets Sylvia walked naked to the kitchen which was unusual as she would normally of put on a robe at home but she was obviously getting into the naked cottage as we now called it.

I got up and followed her a few minutes later to see her stretching at the back door her arms above her head with the sun streaming in silhouetting her naked body, seeing her ample breasts lifted by her stretch I couldn’t resist and grabbed the camera to capture the moment, click.

“What are you doing?”

“Capturing the moment you looked stunning with the sun streaming through the door.”

“Well I’m not sure about you taking pictures what if they get into the wrong hands.’

“Relax I won’t put them on the cloud they will just be for us.”

Ping! the kettle boiled and Sylvia shrugged and continued to make the coffee.

“Shall we have this outside it’s such a lovely warm morning and it looks like being a hot day today and I’m thinking maybe I won’t get dressed at all today.”

Sylvia giggled as she stepped outside with her coffee.

After coffee and some breakfast we made use of the hot tub before laying out on the sun beds to dry off.

“We better put plenty of sun cream on today if we are to be naked all day, you don’t want to burn your boobs or pussy and I don’t want my willy burnt, pass me the suncream and I’ll do you and you can do me.”

“I can manage thanks don’t want your cock getting hard again while your feeling me up”

Sylvia squeezed some cream onto each breast and began seductively rubbing her tits.

“I’ll get hard just watching you do that and your obviously enjoying teasing me as your nipples are standing out already.”

Sylvia smiled and made a show of rubbing the cream into her nipples I quickly grabbed the camera türkçe bahis and switched to video mode.

“You and that camera you’re be wanting to make a porn movie next.”

“Why not you really don’t know how hot you look right now besides if you watch it back and don’t like it I’ll delete it.”

Sylvia raised her eyes and tutted but didn’t stop rubbing the cream on her breasts, she continued to apply the cream to the rest of her torso and arms then moved down to her legs starting at the ankles and working up, she slightly parted her legs to cream her inner thighs her pussy glistening in the sun a sure sign she was getting turned on by me filming her seductively applying the lotion, she spread her legs even more when she reached her pussy and let out a little moan when she rubbed her mound her fingers sliding slowly across her outer lips.

“This is so hot honey I’m rock hard watching you tease me.”

“I’m not teasing you I really do feel horny I could happily rub one out right now.”

“Do it then I’d love to film you masturbating and coming on your fingers I could jack off watching you right now.”

“Show me how you play with your cock and I might just do it”

Sylvia moaned as she brushed a finger over her clit, I moved in front of her and started to slowly stroke my cock, god this was hot Sylvia had masturbated in front of me before but never made such a show of doing it but here she was rubbing her pussy staring at me with the camera recording.

Sylvia parted her lips and slowly inserted first one finger then two fingers while her other hand rubbed her swollen nub, she lifted her hips to gain better access and started to slide her fingers deep into her pussy her skin now glistening with perspiration and her breathing getting harder, she added a third finger and moaned deeply as she stretched her pussy wide.

I had stopped jacking off and was concentrating on watching and filming my wife pleasure herself her eyes tightly shut now her breasts rising and falling with each heavy breath, suddenly without any warning her hips bucked and she squirted her juice all over her hand soaking her inner thighs and wetting the sun bed.

“Oh my god what just happened.”

“You just squirted for the first time and it was so fucking hot, it looked like you enjoyed it.”

“It felt amazing I’ve never done that before and now I’m glad you recorded it as I want to see what happened, now pass me the camera I want to record you jacking off now it’s only fair I get to watch you now.”

I passed the camera over which was still recording and started to stroke my cock I was so turned on by what had just happened it didn’t take long before I felt my balls tighten and knew i was about to cum, I turned slightly side on to the camera and let my cock go as the first rope of cum shot out across the lawn followed by a second third and fourth, I don’t think I’ve ever ejaculated with as much force it must of shot six feet across the garden, as my cock slowly stopped twitching I looked at Sylvia who lay on the sun lounger open mouthed.

“Wow I’ve never seen you cum so hard mutual maturation certainly had us both having firsts, I need a shower now let’s both have one then I need to see that video.”

We showered together cleaning each other off both still horny from what had just happened, I couldn’t believe the change in my wife she’s never this horny and normally would of killed me if I’d of snapped a pic of her even in her bra at home yet here she was settling down to watch a video of herself squirting while naked in the garden and me jacking off on the grass.

Sylvia watched the video with her mouth open hardly daring to believe what she had just done, when it came to her squirt she gasped.

“Wow look how much came out I’ve never done that before but I’d love to do it again it felt so good and look at you look how far you shot your load god, I’m glad you recorded this”

With that Sylvia pushed me back on the couch straddled me and drove her pussy down on my cock in one swift move. We fucked for what seemed like hours Sylvia coming multiple times as we switched positions and locations around the cottage, I came twice the first time with her riding me reverse cowgirl on the lounge floor the second time taking her from behind over the kitchen counter, exhausted we went back out to the garden to relax and enjoy the rest of the day in the sun.

Day two began much the same as the first day, breakfast followed by a dip in the hot tub then lazing in the garden till lunch time.

“Shall we go to the pub for lunch today I don’t fancy cooking today?”

Between the bouts of sex yesterday we had thrown some bits on the BBQ as we really didn’t want to go out but today a nice pub lunch sounded good.

We dressed around 1pm with Sylvia wearing a new top which was for her very low cut and showed off her ample cleavage and a pair of short shorts to show off her nicely tanned legs, I dressed in shorts and a tee.

We wondered over to the pub to the left all of 100 yards güvenilir bahis siteleri away and entered to find it quite empty with a few single people at the bar and two other couples sitting at tables waiting to eat, we ordered drinks and food from the menu and decided to sit at one of the outside tables to enjoy the sunshine.

A couple around our age were sitting at the table next to us talking about the holiday caravan they had rented saying how shabby it was and that they regretted booking it as the site was noisy and the pool was small and always crowded, the husband looked over to us and noticed we had been listening he asked if we were from the same site and if we felt the same about it.

“We are not staying there we’re staying in a cottage nearby”

I introduced myself and Sylvia to him and his wife he responded likewise saying he was Gary and his wife was Shelly, as we were chatting their food arrived so we took the opportunity to order more drinks asking if they would like a drink also.

“that’s very kind of you I’ll have a white wine and I’m sure Gary would have another beer.”

I ordered the drinks and we left them to their food, the drinks arrived along with our food soon after.

Gary asked if we would like to join them at their table we accepted and moved over sitting opposite to each other me beside Shelly and Sylvia beside Gary.

We talked over lunch about this and that but mostly about how disappointed they were with their accommodation.

“So how’s your cottage?”

I felt guilty telling them how good it was with the beautiful garden hot tub and sauna.

“We should of looked harder for somewhere to stay but it was short notice as we were asked to attend a party on Friday so we thought we would make a short break out of it but never mind we will make the best of it and enjoy the party later in the week”

Shelly as she got up from the table.

“I’m just going to powder my nose shall I order more drinks on my way back?”

“I’ll come with you I need the loo and I’ll help you with the drinks.”

As the girls walked back into the bar I couldn’t help notice Shelly’s bottom very shapely in her very short dress which clung to it seductively as she walked sowing of her long legs accentuated by her 4″ heels.

“She is sexy isn’t she.”

“Sorry Gary I didn’t mean to stare but yes very nice if you don’t mind me saying.”

“Not at all mate and likewise your missus is very well endowed and I struggled not to stare at her cleavage during lunch.”

We both laughed and chatted while waiting for the girls to return.

After several more drinks we were all getting along well when Gary asked how far away the cottage was.

“Just over the road would you like to come take a look then maybe next time your in the area you could book it if you like it.”

This surprised me a little coming from Sylvia as she is normally not so forward with strangers.

“Oh that would be lovely if your sure we don’t want to impose, is that ok with you Gary?”

“Yes great let’s grab a bottle of wine and get out of here.”

We paid our checks and wondered back to the cottage.

“This is awesome your so lucky to have found this place we must take the details for the future, have you used the hot tub much since you’ve been here?”

“Yes Shelly every opportunity we have we’re in there we love it and Scott loves the sauna but I find it a bit claustrophobic.”

We opened the wine and sat drinking in the sun letting our food go down when Gary asked if we smoked as he had some weed with him.

“Well it’s been a while since we partook but if Sylvia doesn’t mind it’s fine with me.”

“Go ahead I quite fancy getting high though the wine has already had an effect I’m feeling quite tipsy as it is, maybe you could roll one up and we could have it in the hot tub?”

“Shame we didn’t bring our swimwear Gary I would have loved to have a soak in the tub.”

It must have been the drink as Sylvia blurted out.

“That’s ok we haven’t worn anything in the tub since we’ve been here in fact today’s the first day we’ve put clothes on.”

Everyone burst out laughing and I explained the clothing optional side to the cottage.

“Well I’m up for it if you are Shelly what do you say fancy a naked hot tub with our new friends?”

“I guess so but I think I need that spliff first” Gary finished rolling the joint sparked it up he took a long draw before passing it to Shelly who drew deeply blowing out the sweet smoke from her sexy lips then toked again before passing the spliff to Sylvia, now it’s been a while since we’ve had a joint so Sylvia was cautious not wanting to get wrecked she exhaled slowly her eyes glazing over from the wine and the smoke, she passed the joint to me stood up and swiftly lifted her top over her head exposing her breasts held in a shear white bra her dark nipples clearly visible under the fabric.

“I guess someone had to be first” she giggled “who’s next”

Shelly stood up and pulled her dress up and over her head she stood before us wearing a black thong and matching bra, her breasts were smaller than my wife’s but very peart for her 50 or so years, her legs looked even longer standing there in just her heels and underwear.

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