Kas 17

Co-worker’s Man Ch. 30

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I hurried back up to my desk and got there just as my lunch hour was ending. I grabbed the sandwich I had made this morning from the lunch room fridge and started eating it at my desk. I looked up to see Lori leaning over the side of my cubicle partition with a big smile on her face.

“Hey Jon. I just wanted to let you know that Frank will be picking you up outside at 3:30. I’ve cleared it for you to go at that time. You should be able to get everything done tomorrow by lunch time which is good because I think he wants to start heading back around 1:00 or 2:00. Anyways, since you’re going to be doing the work on the Newman account with me for awhile, I think Derek is probably going to talk to you about some of your other files,” she ended with a sly wink and then moved off back to her office. I watched her succulent ass sway back and forth as she leisurely walked away from me. I turned back to my desk and did some work and then about fifteen minutes later, my supervisor, Derek, stopped by my cubicle carrying a few files under his arm.

“Hi Jon,” he said as he perched on the side of my desk. “So Lori’s asked for your help on the Newman account so that’s gonna take up quite a bit of your time. I hope you don’t mind working under her for awhile.” If only he knew I’d been under her for over an hour this morning! “So gather up the files you’ve been working on for me and bring them into my office. I want to see where you’re at on them.” He stood to go and the files he held started to slide out of his hand. He tried to grab them and ended up almost juggling them before they fell to the floor in a mess of papers.

“Oh shit,” he exclaimed as he knelt to gather them up. I leaned forward to help and the photos in my shirt pocket fell out on top of the papers strewn about the floor. We both stopped dead as I realized what had happened and Derek saw what was on the photos. He picked up one and I noticed it was one which clearly showed my face half covered in cum and Mr. Wolfe’s big cock lying across my cheek.

“Oh fuck! Uh……sorry Jon,” Derek said in a nervous tone and dropped the picture back on the floor. I said nothing but hurriedly gathered them up and stuck them deep into my pocket. I was crimson with embarrassment as I helped get together the rest of the dropped papers and handed them back to Derek. Neither one of us said a word and he headed into his office and closed the door.

“Oh shit!” I thought to myself. What a mess I was in now. I wondered if Derek was going to say anything to anyone about the pictures. What a fucking disaster! I had no idea what to do and just hoped he would try and forget the whole thing.

I pulled out the files I’d been working on for him and gathered together all the pertinent information I thought he’d need to know. With my tail between my legs, I carried all the documentation to his office and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” he said after a lengthy pause. I entered his office and saw him turned halfway around in his seat looking out the window. I closed the door behind me and brought all the files over to his desk.

“Here’s the information you wanted Derek,” I said sheepishly as I set the folders down on the corner of his desk.

“Uh, yeah. Thanks Jon,” he said turning back towards me. “Sit down. We’ve gotta go thru some of this stuff. So tell me where you’re at on the Gulliver deal.” I felt comfortable that he seemed to be ignoring our earlier awkward situation and for the next half hour I brought him up to speed on the files I’d been handling.

“Well, that’s great. Thanks Jon. You do good work.” He paused but made no move that would indicate he was done talking to me. “So you’re not married, right Jon?”

“No,” I answered softly, wondering where this was heading.

“Oh yeah, I guess not. Sorry. Yeah, I guess you’re lucky that way,” he said with a nervous laugh. I knew that Derek was married and had three young children. He was about forty and I’d seen his wife a number of times in the office and at social functions. She was attractive and pleasant but not an overly friendly person. “After the third kid, things just haven’t been the same between Julia and I. We put up a good front but I haven’t been too happy with things for a few years now.” I wondered why he was spilling his guts to me about this stuff but I sat patiently and nodded in agreement where it seemed appropriate.

“Ummmm…..those pictures…..you ummmm……you look like you’re enjoying yourself in those,” he said nervously.

“Ummm….yeah….I guess.” I wasn’t sure how to respond. I didn’t want to get into any trouble but I didn’t want to lie to him either. And I knew it was obvious from looking at the pictures that I was definitely enjoying istanbul escort myself.

“When were those taken,” he asked with a curious tone to his voice.

“Ummm….two days ago,” I looked down and felt my face turning red with embarrassment.

“The other guy in the picture……is he your uh….boyfriend?”

“Not really, I guess,” I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

“So if he’s not your boyfriend…..what kind of relationship do you two have?”

“He…uh….well…he….uh…he likes me to service him,” I stammered as I looked down at the floor, ashamed of myself.

“Service him? You mean, like, you suck him off when he wants you to?”

“Yeah, I guess. And other stuff.”

“Other stuff……..like what?”

“Well, sometimes he fucks me and sometimes I lick his asshole and sometimes I even drink his piss.”

“Holy shit! You’re kidding me?!”

“No sir.” I don’t know why I called Derek “Sir”. We had a very relaxed office atmosphere and only referred to our supervisors by their first names.

“Sir, eh?” Derek said and paused as he fixed me with his gaze. “I’m going to be brutally honest with you Jon. It’s been a couple of years since Julia and I have had any kind of sex and she hasn’t given me head since the first kid was born years ago. After seeing those pictures of you a little while ago, I just can’t get those images out of my head. They made me really fucking horny and I can’t stop thinking about you with that cum all over your face. So….well…here it is….could I ask you to do me a favor and suck me off?” His words came rushing out of him as he seemed to finally get up the nerve to get his feelings off his chest. I looked up at him and could see both the anxiety and nervousness on his face.

“Yes sir. I would love to do that, Derek.”

“Okay, great!” he said and it looked like a wave of relief washed over him. “Go lock the door and then come over here,” he said as he turned his chair sideways from his desk. I went to the door and threw the lock. When I turned around, Derek was standing next to his chair. He had kicked off his shoes and was undoing his belt as I walked towards him around the desk.

“Here, let me do that for you,” I said as I dropped to my knees in front of him. With my face inches from his crotch, I could see a good sized package bulging from within his pants. I undid his belt, opened the top tab of his pants and slid down his zipper. I pulled his pants down and helped him step out of them. I was confronted with a massive bulge tightly encased in a pair of white fitted boxers.

“Oh man!” I exclaimed as I just stared at the straining package. I reached my hand up and felt the heat of his hard cock right thru his underwear.

“Yeah, that’s one of the reasons Julia and I haven’t screwed in a long time,” he said. “She says it hurts her every time we fuck because of the size. And when it comes to blowjobs, she never was able to get more than just the head in her mouth. And then if she ever did it long enough so that I did cum, she’d always spit it out.”

“How big is it?” I asked as I started to pull down his underwear.

“A little over 9″. But it seems to be the thickness that bothers Julia more,” he said. I slid his underwear down over his straining member and when it cleared, the tip snapped up and slapped noisily against his stomach. Holy shit, this was a big thick one! No wonder his wife complained. It was a circumcised thing of beauty. A perfectly straight shaft capped by a large mushroom head. It stood up tall and proud as I reached my hand up and wrapped it around the velvety hard skin of the pulsing shaft.

“Do you think it’s too big? Do you think you’ll be able to suck it okay?” he asked. Obviously Derek knew nothing about cocksuckers like me.

“It’s not too big…it’s just perfect. And I’ll think you’re gonna like the way I suck it. Now just sit back and let me do all the work,” I said as I pushed back on his taut stomach. He dropped into the chair and I crawled forward between his spread thighs. I pushed the tails of his shirt to each side to give me free access to his rearing cock. I reached my hand around his thick girth and pulled his rampant erection down until it pointed directly towards my waiting mouth. I gripped the base of his shaft tightly and milked it firmly forwards as a glistening drop of precum appeared at the gaping eye. I could see that he was already starting to breathe heavy. Just before I slipped my lips over his engorged cockhead, I looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“I hope you won’t think bad of me if I swallow your cum, Derek,” I said as I reached out with the tip of my tongue and slid it around the drooling tip.

“Oh fuck no! beşiktaş escort I’d love for you to do that,” he said with a glazed look in his eyes. He looked on intently as I ovalled my full lips and then ran my tongue around them. He moaned with anticipation and then I leaned forward and slid my lips over his hot engorged crown.

“Oh shit, that feels so fucking good,” he exclaimed as I slid my lips past his thick corona and bathed the throbbing red head with my salivating tongue. I moaned loudly into the velvety soft membranes and then slid my head further down his shaft.

“OH FUCK…..OH…..OH……AAAAAAHHHH,” he bellowed as his cum started to spew into my mouth. I was initially shocked by how quickly he came but then I remembered him talking about his recent history and he must have been so turned on by the whole experience. I felt the first blast slam against the roof of my mouth and then locked my lips on the head as it kept erupting into my mouth. I pumped my hand furiously on his throbbing rod as it spasmed and continued to unload relentlessly into my waiting mouth. It tasted wonderful, strong and manly as if he had it stored up for a long time. I kept as much in my mouth as I could and I could feel some start to leak out the corners of my lips as he just kept shooting and shooting. His moans of ecstasy were a delight to my ears and I kept sucking as I tried to coax as much cum out of Derek as I could. His climax had his legs twitching and he was bucking his hips up into my eager mouth. He finally slumped in the chair and his ragged deep breaths signaled me that his orgasm had finally finished.

“Oh my God,” he said. “That felt incredible. I’m sorry it happened so fast. Did you swallow it?” he asked curiously. I slipped my full mouth carefully off his still-hard dick and looked up at him. He looked intently at my cum-covered chin and then I opened my mouth.

“Oh fuck!” he said as he looked at my mouth brimming with his milky seed. I took his hand and placed his fingertips on the side of my throat. I closed my mouth and started swallowing. I could tell he would be able to feel the muscles along my neck as his creamy load slid down my throat.

“Oh geez. That is so sexy,” he said as he let his fingertips slide along the side of my throat. After I swallowed the cum in my mouth, I grabbed his hand again and stuck his fingers into the cum dribbling down my chin. He got the idea quickly and started pushing it into my mouth with his fingers. He enthusiastically fed me the rest of his spilled load. I was purring as I licked the final gooey drops off his fingers.

“Jon, that was fucking amazing. I didn’t ever think I would like it with a guy like this.” He paused for a second and then looked down at me. “Ummmm……..I think I can cum again, if that’s okay with you?” he asked timidly. I never answered but just slid my lips back over his upright cock. I started to bob my head on his rigid shaft and I actually took his hands and put them on both sides of my head. Derek was a quick learner and started to direct my head up and down on his throbbing shaft. I bobbed up and down on his erection for about five minutes as I kept my hand pumping away at his lower shaft. I then pulled his cock down forwards and angled my throat. I pushed forward with my stretched lips until I felt his wide cockhead hit the entrance to my throat. If his wife barely got the head in her mouth, he was in for a real treat. I hummed against his throbbing member as I slid my mouth forwards. He watched in awe as inch after thick inch disappeared down my throat.

“Oh fuck!” he moaned as I kept moving forwards until I felt his pubic hair scratching against my face. I nibbled around the base of his cock with my stretched lips as I swallowed. He let out a series of groans as the muscles in my throat massaged his blood-filled tool. I withdrew until just the head remained in my mouth and then rammed myself forward. He was gasping with lust as I kept up insistently deep-throating his massive member. I cupped his swollen balls and rolled them in my hand as he twitched and convulsed under my oral assault. His lust was escalating as I would take him to the brink of climax and then slow down and then start all over again. For about another twenty minutes I teased and tormented him until he was almost whimpering with need.

“Oh please Jon. I’ve gotta cum,” he pleaded. I plunged my face forwards taking him balls deep into my throat again and again as I took my fingernails and started scratching around the taut skin at the base of his cock. I saw his cum-swollen balls rapidly drawing up in their protective sack.

“OH FUCK…..THAT’S SO GOOD…..FUCK….HERE IT COMES!” he shouted as I beylikdüzü escort felt the big vein on the underside of his cock start to pulse. I pulled back just in time as he started to flood my mouth once again. I savored his musky manly taste on my tongue as the creamy wads of his semen continued to spew into me. I wrapped my other hand once more around his throbbing shaft and milked out shot after shot onto my waiting tongue. I held it in my mouth again as I knew that being new to the situation, he would love to see me swallow it. It was a big load again and I wondered when the last time was that he got off. His cock kept spasming and shooting as his climax continued. It felt like he was dumping a whole can of mushroom soup into my mouth! He finally slumped back in the chair once again as his shooting cock gave up the last of its load and gradually started to deflate. I eased my sucking mouth off his softening cock and sat back on my heels. Derek anxiously sat forward as I opened my mouth once again to show him the big load he’d just dumped into me.

“Holy shit. That’s almost as much as last time. Here, put some in here,” he said as he held a cupped hand under my chin. I pursed my lips into an “O” and let his pearly liquid slide out from between my lips to pool in his cupped hand. When his hand was almost overflowing, I stopped. I looked up at him again with the remaining warm semen still visible within my gaping mouth. He took his other hand and set it alongside my throat. His fingers felt warm and comforting against my smooth skin.

“Okay, go ahead,” he said as he nodded towards my cum-filled mouth. I closed my lips and let out a soft moan of pleasure as I swallowed his thick musky seed. I could feel the warm viscous liquid bathing my ravaged throat like a soothing balm as it made its way down. His fingers softly rubbed along my neck as I swallowed.

“Okay, time for the rest,” he said as he moved his hand from my neck and put it on the back of my head. I could tell Derek was really starting to get into it as he pushed my face down towards his overflowing hand. I could feel him watching intently as I slid my tongue out and sunk it to the bottom of the slimy pool. I could feel the tip of my tongue pressing against the skin of his palm as I played in his load of cum.

“Oh fuck! That’s beautiful,” he said as he kept his hand pressed firmly on the back of my head. As he looked on as if mesmerized, I started lapping up his milky semen like a cat with a bowl of warm cream. I was even purring like one as I slurped and savored his handful of potent seed. I continued licking at his palm and fingers until there was nothing left but my drying saliva. I felt his hand leave my head and he sat back as I looked up at him and ran my tongue sensually around my lips looking for any last drops of his precious cum.

“I think you got it all. I’ve never felt so fucking drained in my entire life,” he said with a grin of pleasure on his face. As he sat back, I leaned forward and wrapped my hand around his softening cock. I milked it firmly towards me and a final whitish gob gathered at the opening of his piss-slit. I extended my tongue and he watched as I scooped up that final gob of his jizz and drew it lovingly back into my mouth. I kissed the end of his dormant manhood affectionately as he looked on in wonder.

“Thank you for letting me suck you off, Derek,” I said as I looked up into his smiling eyes.

“Oh shit, Jon. Thank you!” he said enthusiastically. “Ummm, this will be our little secret, okay?” I nodded in agreement. “Great! Uh……do you think we could do this again sometime?” he asked with a look of anticipation on his face.

“Sure, I’ll suck you off everyday if you like.”

“Oh fuck! That would be fantastic. Look, if I’m gonna be using your mouth on a regular basis, I’m gonna give some of your work to Sharon so it doesn’t look like you’re falling behind. That should free up some good chunks of time for you to work closely with me. Okay then, you better get back to work now.”

“Derek, do you think I could just suck on it a little bit more,” I asked as I slid my tongue over the sensitive tissues of the spongy head.

“Oh shit…..that feels so good…..okay…..go ahead,” he said with pleasant resignation as my suctioning lips slid over his crown. I sucked lovingly at his spent cock and within a couple of minutes, I felt it lurch as it started to fill and harden. I soon had over 9″ of hard thick cock filling my mouth and after another fifteen minutes of teasing and tormenting him, I left Derek’s office with another bellyful of his thick creamy cum.

What a day it had been! Not even mentioning the condom full of Frank’s cum from last night and my own load of cum that Lori had fed me from her glass, I’d tasted five loads of Lori’s sweet nectar and had ten loads of fresh man cum dumped into me already today.

Frank was due to pick my up in about half an hour. I wondered what the rest of the day had in store for me……….

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