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Subject: Coach Gilbert and Me Disclaimer: This story is complete fiction. My name is Clark, my first time was in the ninth grade. I was the typical queer, I excelled at everything a boy shouldn’t excel at and hated gym class. I resented everything about gym: the goddamn blue uniforms we had to wear, the prepubescent boys trying to out-jock each other, I even hated shower time. During showers, the boys would have to strip down to their nakedness and use soap. I would try to find a shower away from the rest of the boys, so that I wouldn’t get caught if I looking or be hazed if an erection would start to sprout. I would also move myself directly in front of the mirrors that were hung up around the locker room. Coach Gilbert would stand by the door to his office; he would stare into the mirror just to make sure things were “business as usual” in the showers. The boys were in the midst of puberty. Some of them were beginning to work out because they would enter high school next year and wanted to be on the varsity teams. So they were this perfect hybrid of boy and man. Their bodies were beginning to develop muscles and most of them were beautiful. As I lathered myself up, I fantasized about any one of them sneaking up behind me and grabbing the soap. We would lather one another softly. I was a swimmer. I was really serious about it too. Most days I would work out both in the morning and at night and had damaged hair and constantly smelled of chlorine. My shoulders were broad and my arms were toned. I didn’t have a six-pack, but my stomach didn’t stick out either. I have short brown hair and had hairs beginning to cultivate around my stomach and chest, which I resented. Swimming is extremely tiring, however most jocks don’t consider it a real sport. The usual gym class consisted of running laps around the perimeter of the PE building, sitting down on the basketball court in front of Coach Gilbert and his desk. He would usually quiz us on the different muscles of the body, while flexing each and every one of his and pointing to it. It was incredibly butch and the boys would all worship his body as much as I’m sure he did. Coach Gilbert did have an incredible body, and he knew it. He was very image conscience. He bleached his hair and teeth and visited a tanning salon once a week. He wore polyester shorts that looked two sizes too small but outlined every single muscle perfectly. His shirt also looked like it was purchased from Kids R Us, not that anybody minded. He was quite the lady’s man, even though he had a little lady and some kids at home. His flirtatious manner was a product of being blessed with killer looks and a great sense of style. After the muscle show we would usually play some game that involved throwing balls at each other. Some type of Darwinist chauvinist manly game where only the agile didn’t sit out through most of it. It was spring semester, and after a good swim workout, I felt extremely competitive. It was third period, kızkalesi escort around eleven, right before lunch. We were playing Darwinist chauvinism with the balls and I was not going to be out, damnit I was going to be in the game until the bell rings, not going to get hit by the ball. I was doing well, sweating, and pushing my elbow into the other boys’ chests, fighting to keep playing. As the bell rang I saw the Wilson logo on the volleyball come towards my head, I was hit, the asshole threw that thing hard, everything went white, then black. As I came to, I saw Coach Gilbert holding an ice pack to my forehead. Everything was blurry, but I could see his bleached white teeth smiling at me as he explained that I got hit pretty hard. I had been moved from the basketball court to his office the door was closed and I could hear that the locker room was emptied, the showers were off and nobody was talking. “Everybody else has gone to lunch,” he said. He grabbed my hand to bring it up to the ice pack. He went to his cabinet for some crackers. “Here, eat these.” “Thank you,” I said. As I started eating he patted my knee. I had regained coherency and my eyes started shifting around pretending that I wasn’t looking at the coach’s Adonis-like form. He moved behind me and started giving me a back rub. “You know Clark, the guys in your class don’t know it, but you are quite the powerhouse.” “Thanks.” “I hear you are going to state finals in your swimming,” he continued rubbing. “Yeah, I am favored to win.” I began to get aroused. His hands started working their way down my collar bone, to the fleshy part of my chest. I was not relaxed, and my stomach began to churn. “You’re really tense. How’s your head?” he asked. “Feeling better, but still sore.” I replied. He got up and went to his cupboard again for some aspirin. He handed me the pills, and I swallowed them without water. I got up from the chair, getting ready to leave. “Can you give me a back rub?” He stopped me. I hesitated, but responded shyly, “Sure, I guess.” He took off his shirt and sat in the chair that I had just abandoned. Seeing his bare chest made me flustered and aroused all at the same time. I could feel my penis filling up with blood and I had to quickly adjust myself as I approach his beautiful back. His shoulders were golden brown with clusters of freckles. My hands touched his skin and we simultaneously exhaled. I began rubbing, molding his firm back and hearing my heartbeat in my ears. My head was throbbing still and I began to get very warm. “Oh that feels so good,” he said. His right hand was resting in the inside of his thigh, near his crotch, and he began to rub the inside of this leg in time with my strokes across his shoulders. I watched as the tarsus escort hand moved towards his polyester- outlined package that was making more of a presence. He grabbed his member and began to rub it through the shorts. Stifled moans escaped his lips and I continued rubbing. His free hand reached down around behind him and grabbed my calf. “Do you mind, if I, pull it out?” he asked, his eyes were closed. “No.” that’s all I could say, and I was surprised I even got that out. He reached up and slowly unclasped his shorts and pulled them down, he wasn’t wearing underwear. His penis was about six and a half inches, but not fully hard. It was about the size of a fifty cent piece in diameter. His sandy blond, curly pubic hair matched the roots of his head. His testicles dangled below his shaft and slapped his thigh as he sauntered. The smell of his manhood flared my nostrils and made my knees weak with lust. He began stroking himself while he kicked the short of from his shoes. He stood up, turned around and rubbed my stomach, tugging at my waistband. “You can get more comfortable if you like.” He encouraged, as the began tickling my stomach. I didn’t protest as the slid his hands up my side bringing my gym uniform above my chest, exposing my nipples. He thumbed my nipples and pinched them for a short while before removing the shirt completely. “Go ahead and take those shorts off.” I obeyed. He caught me staring at his now fully erect member. “Touch it if you want to.” He smiled and looked down at mine. I gently reach down and felt his erect cock; the skin was soft and dry inside my hands. I began feeling the rest of his body with my other hand. He kicks back his head while I explored my coach. Before I knew it, his hands were guiding my head toward his prize. My mouth opened out of instinct, or anticipation. My lips wrapped around his dick mid-shaft and I began to suck. He moaned and the first sensation. He allowed me to explore the feeling of him in my mouth and allowed me to begin a rhythm before placing his hand on the back of my head and making me intake more of him into my mouth. I nuzzled my face into his pubic hair and licked his testicles. I worked my tongue up his shaft and he grunted and stroked my head. In order to get better leverage I moved my hand to his rock hard butt. My finger dug into his fleshy tush and I continued to pump my head. “Oh, Stop.” He tugged on my hair to get my mouth from off his dick, his balls constricted themselves and moved higher on my chin, he was about to cum. He relaxed himself. “Do you want me inside you?” I just looked up at him, not certain what he was asking, not wanting the moment to stop. He bent over and put his hands underneath my armpits. He lifted me up and guided me toward his desk. He rubbed my flesh in a voracious manner, then he guided anamur escort my arms to the top side of the desk and clasped my fingers to hold on tightly. As his hand held me into place, the other slid down my back towards my awaiting ass. He found my tight pucker and stroked his finger around it. My head kick back and I sucked air through my teeth and his middle finger finally entered my anus. It hurt and burned, all the while filling a carnal void. “Its okay,” he told me, “Just relax.” He pushed me back down. After awhile of him pump me with his middle finger he began using both his middle and index fingers to loosen and relax me. I moan in pain and ecstasy. “Are you ready for it? Want me to stick it in you?” he asked. I just lay there, breathing hard and patiently awaiting. He bent over me while still holding me down he reached down, opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle of Vaseline. He opened the jar and fingered it inside me. He bent over me as he hurriedly lubed his dick. He kissed me across my back. The moisture from his kisses lingered, began to evaporate and felt cold, which excited me. He aligned the head of his penis to my opening and gently pushed. I exhaled and I felt the intenseness of his insertion. “Oh my god, you’re so tight!” he said as he pushed himself in all the way. I let out a brief squeal as I took him in his entirety. He took a moment to let me savor him, and then he began to slowly thrust. His hands found themselves tightly clutched around my waist as he pushed himself deeper inside me with every thrust. I felt my insides spasm and my eyes fastened themselves closed. As his trusts became a cadenced pounding, the coach reached around and wrapped his hand around my stiff shaft. He began stroking my cock to the beat of his thrust. I could feel the sweat from his abdomen on my lower back a he slid in and out of me. I knew he was close to coming, I was too. He probably understood that I was going to be quick to cum, which is why he delayed touching me for so long. “Oh, Jesus, ahhh,” he screamed as he filled my ass with his hot cream. I felt his man-juice shoot throughout me. It was incredible. He kept stroking and pounding as my entire body clenched around his member. He milked my penis as I shot a huge load all over his desk. He kissed my back as he withdrew himself from inside me. My heart was still racing and my penis was still hard as I grabbed my gym uniform from off the floor. I used it to cover myself, from just what, I don’t know. Coach Gilbert looked at me and smiled. “How’s your head feeling?” He chuckled? “Fine,” I said, still intimidated. “Well, get out of here.” He tousled my hair, “Lunch period is almost over.” I turned around to go into the locker room and put my street clothes back on. He grabbed my shoulder before I reached for the door, and spun me around. He pulled me in for an extended embrace and placed his lips firmly against mine. My eyes were instantly closed, and I savored his flavor one last time. I walked out and got dressed. _______________________ Note: This is my first try at an erotic story, If you liked it, or hated it. Please let me know: hoo. Thank you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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