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Coach Smith

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Coach SmithCoach SmithHigh School Fiction.Hii, I am Ashley a senior student at my high school. I have long blondish brown hair. Brown eyes, Luscious lips. Long slim legs and a very toned body. 36C boobs, Puffy nipples. Tight pussy and a round ass.I play many sports, I am in the Girls football team, On the Swimming Team and i do play more indoor and outdoor sports.There were Girls Football Team tryouts happening for the Captain of the team. Brit and Me, We were the two competing for the captains post.Coach Smith, Totally edible and yummie. Must be around his Mid 20’s. Brown hair, Hazel eyes and a body to kill for, Amazing booty and looked very cute, innocent and sexy.Brit was a bigger slut than i am, and way more competitive. Coach brought out a bag full of footballs, He was wearing his track pants and a white tee, while Brit and Me, We were wearing short black shorts, A hunky tee which was tied under our bust line exposing our bellies and the piercings and tattoo’s we had. Mine were stars just about my pussy and was very visible. Coach asked us to Dribble the balls around, Score goals and kept watching who was better.. Brit and Me, We both were equally good. The best of the football team. After the tryouts I headed for a Shower while Brit was in the Coach’s Office room and the door was closed. After my shower.. I went to the room and could hear Coach Smith spanking Brit bad and I could hear them both having sex. I obviously knew what was happening.. She wanted the extra credit and by being the Team Captain she would get that. After about 40mins, Brit came out of the room and had her tee on and her bra in her hand. She had messy hair and had the after sex look on.She came out and announced to me, “Well, I guess we know who is going to be the captain now don’t we. And I guess you better leave. I think Coach Smith has already made his mind up.” This got me pretty mad. Like I was as good as her and I wouldn’t let sex cost me a captains positon.I winked at Brit and said “Very well Brit, I know just how to get back in the race. And I will win it. Lets wait for the results tomorrow.” Saying this,I Removed my tee, Tossed it on the bench in the Changing asyabahis yeni giriş room. Undid my hot pink sports bra and tossed it aside. I picked up two Footballs off the floor and walked inside the office.. I could see Brit’s face, She knew she would have some major competition. Holding the two footballs agains my breasts, I walked into Coach Smith’s Office. His head was down, Doing some paper work. I walk in and stood by his desk, “Hello Coach Smith. So, Have you thought who would be getting the post of the Caption of out Football team” “No Ashley, I still haven’t decided. But i guess it will be Brit.. Mostly” Saying this coach smith looked up and saw me semi naked, holding two footballs agains my boobs. I saw his face light up. “Care to hand me the footballs Ashley?”, Coach Smith said. I tossed them aside giving Coach a perfect look at my 36C firm round breast and my amazingly puffy pink nipples. He let out a sigh, “Woah, Ashley. Look at you. My my.” Is all he could say, I could see the sparkel in his eyes. I pushed the paper work off his table and went and sat on his table. My legs spread infront of him keeping my legs on his Chair’s arm rest and my boobs were at his face level. Bending closer “You like what you see?” “Yes” Was all coach said staring blankly at my boobs “Well, You can have them. And have me..” “I’d surely like that Ashley. You look Yumm.” “Not as Yum as you Coach Smith” I said with a wink and suddenly he pulled my by my waist closer to him and in a fraction of a second my Boobs were in his possession.One hand cupping my left boob while the other boob was in his mouth, He was sucking and chewing on them while he squashed and played with my other boob teasing my nipples. All i did was moan slightly:: This went on for a long time. He was in aw of my boobs.. Chewing, Nibbling, Sucking and Squashing them was all he seemed to do. He then stood up and came to my back.. Kissing me all over my Neck, Throat, my mouth, Deep tongue involved his one hand trailed into my shorts and started rubbing my pussy roughly. He seemed to love my bald pussy and kept rubbing it.”You are getting very wet you dirty whote” he said. asyabahis giriş I just gave an innocent smile. After a while, He slid two fingers into my pussy hole and fingered it roughly.. I was moaning throughout.. It was Amazing. I was going to have Sex with a coach on his desk in school, All for what.. To get Brit down and be the Captain. TOTALLY WORTH IT.Bring his finger to my mouth, I sucked off my juices and he then kissed my mouth saying that he could tast the sweetness of my juices in my mouth and it was yummie. He then slid off my shorts and my thong and laid me flat to my back on his desk. “I’m going to fuck you badly you dirty little whore” Saying this he slid off his clothes and wow what a body did he have. Revealing his Abs and toned body almost got my into a daze and then lifted my legs to his shoulder and had 3 fingers inside my pussy hole and 1 inside my ass. Wow, What a rush did that send. I was cuming in no time and it felt wrong but wonderful. After roughly fucking my pussy and ass with his fingers his face slid down and he was eating and sucking my pussy and kept telling me how amazing my juices tasted and that he loved my pussy. His tongue sliding in and out of my pussy, he was totally teasing me. “Get ready for my cock darling, Cause I’m going to ride you badder than a wild horse” and he slid his cock inside of me. WOW, It was Thick, Hard and Huge. He was fucking my pussy so badly i was sure i wouldn’t be playing football for at least 3days after this amazingly crazy sex.He fucked me bad, rough and wild. His cock thrusting inside my pussy going deeper and deeper opening my tight cunt for his thick cock and he kept getting deeper and deeper.. and then banged me like a wild whore.. “Ohh yeah COACH SMITH, Just there.. Ahhh deeper Yeah, Just like that. Deeper. Harder. ROUGHER. Use my cunt. Use it like you own my cunt.. Ahhhh” was all i could say as i was getting banged by my super hot coach. “Oh yeah Ashley. Ahh haaa.. Yes, You like it rough you dirty little whore, Seducing your coach, Well I am impressed and i am loving it. Your cunt is soooo wow”He said and kept banging me till i had multiple orgasms.. Just asyabahis güvenilirmi before he was about to cum.. He removed his dick from my pussy and shoved it.. In a single thrust inside my Ass hole and gave out loading out hot cum.. WOW, It hurt. Having cock that thick shoved into your ass in a single thrust but it also gave an insane amount of pleasure. He then ****d my ass hole badly and i was enjoying it and moaning away to no end. “OH YES COACH SMITH:: AHH MY ASS”Then after he finished fucking my ass so nicely, I knew he was going to cum again and i offered my mouth “In my mouth please, I want to eat your hot yum cum. I want it in my mouth” I was begging for it. He then came up to my mouth and I gave him a nice deep Blow job and he gagged me a lot going deeper and deeper. Then shooting a load of HOT cum inside my mouth. It was yum and I drank all of it. He then went back to Kissing my mouth while squashing my boobs as rough as anyone could get. It was a wonderful fuck we had had. After a while of fucking over and over again I was pretty numb and sore. He got me off the table and asked me to lick all the cum off the table and i did just that. Coach Smith then took me into the shower area. It was after school hours that we had the selections between Brit and Me, So by now the school was totally empty. We went for a shower where we pushed my against the wall and slid me up and we fucked all over again in the bathroom. I loved his thick cock inside my tight pussy. He came inside my pussy this time and I assured him i was on the pill “Oh yes ASHLEY, This is the best sex any student has given me.” was all he said and kept fucking me. Kissing me and eating me. Then he washed us both up and got us both dressed. Took me back into his office and gave me a seat “Well Ashley, I must Admit, That was the best sex ever and it was totally worth it. Congratulations, You are the new captain of our Football team” and bent down and gave kissed my mouth roughly. “You deserved it. I hope to see you more often in my room now as you have a great duty to perform for your School, Team and Me.and i am in love with your boobs and cunt.””Yes, Of course Coach Smith” was all i said with a smile and a wink and left. It was pretty late. We had wild crazy sex for about 3hours with no stop. I got home by 7:30pm and and updated my status saying “Well, Guess i am the best. After all, I am the Team Captain bitches.”Do Vote and Comment :)Thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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