Kas 17

Cocklust Ch. 36

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The next morning, Chad and I donned our caps and gowns, and we got our diplomas. Our families were cheering us on, and our professors were congratulating us, though Chad and I were harboring a secret that no one else knew.

Chad’s ass still held my load from the night before. And my own ass held a load of Chad’s: he’d been kind enough to deposit it right before we left the house. It was really fucking sexy to feel my man’s DNA in me, and to know my DNA was in him, while we marked this milestone in our lives.

Our families bonded a lot faster than we’d expected. It was the first time they’d been properly introduced, much less spent any time together. Yet Linda seemed to get along great with my mom, and Patrick even connected with Amy. Unfortunately Chad’s father was nowhere to be seen, though we weren’t exactly surprised.

That whole weekend was a blur, between the ceremony itself, our families taking us out for dinners and whatnot, saying goodbye to our friends, and all the other stuff that goes with graduation. But even that was just a taste of the whirlwind to come.

By that point, we were in the home stretch of wedding planning. We’d gotten all the RSVP’s back, and once again, Chad’s father was notably missing. That part definitely sucked— there was no sugarcoating that— but we’d already resigned ourselves to the fact that we might never talk to him again. Chad kept a stiff upper lip, and we both swore not to let it ruin our special day.

We also signed a lease on a place outside of D.C., though we had to do it sight-unseen, since didn’t have time for travel. The city was crazy expensive, so we could only afford a crappy hole-in-the-wall with a long commute. Chad was supposed to start his job right after the wedding, which meant we’d need to take the redeye on our wedding night. Forget about any kind of honeymoon, at least for the time being.

Still, I wasn’t about to complain. I did think it was cool how Chad and I were venturing into the real world hand-in-hand, side-by-side. It felt like all the different parts of our lives were finally coming together. As if everything had been leading up to this moment.

By that last week, basically all the planning was done, and our guests were starting to fly in from all directions. I’d originally hoped to spend real time with everyone, maybe show them around the city. But there were just too many people to keep track of: friends, co-workers, aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it. We ended up putting some info on our wedding website, like things to see and do in the area, and directions to the venue; then we left it at that.

The rehearsal did feel a little weird. I wasn’t used to being the center of attention, at least among so many people for such a long time. It kind of felt like they were coming out of the woodwork, though it was also kind of cool, since they were all there to celebrate me and Chad. We’d been talking about the wedding for so long, trying to figure out every detail; now here we were, actually rehearsing the steps. Our moms were going to walk us down the aisle, while Amy and Patrick would give speeches at the reception.

I’ve gotta admit, the rehearsal dinner was a little bittersweet. Obviously I wished Bill would’ve been there. His absence was especially obvious since my own dad was front and center, even if he looked like a deer in the headlights. The reality of it all was definitely starting to sink in. As much as we’d tried to make this like any other wedding, there was no denying our marriage was going to be different, at least compared to most straight couples.

The thing that really got under my skin was our chance of having kids. We could obviously still hire a surrogate or adopt or whatever. But we wished we could get the job done just by fucking each other, like how straight couples could. By the same token, we wished we could have a kid with both of our genes, as if we were coming together into a single person: like with my eyes or body type, combined with Chad’s nose or hair color or whatever. But none of that was ever going to happen, at least not in that way.

I thought I’d already come to terms with that stuff, back when I’d come out to myself. But back then it seemed theoretical, not to mention off in the distant future. Now it was a very real part of my life. Not that I regretted being gay or whatever, but there was no way to get around those emotions.

Overall, though, I knew I couldn’t complain. After all, I was marrying the man I loved. The man who’d unleashed feelings in me that I never knew I could have. The man who still gave me butterflies whenever he looked in my eyes. And I knew how incredibly lucky I was to have him.

After the rehearsal dinner, Thaxter and Bruce asked us to swing by their house. We assumed they just wanted to touch base: since they were catering the wedding, we figured they might have some last-minute question. When we got there, the place was totally quiet, and all of the lights were off. At first we were confused, but then—


A istanbul escort bunch of lights came on, and a crowd leaped out of hiding. Chad and I jumped back, while the others cheered and blew their party horns.

“Holy shit,” Chad said. “I mean….”

I had to take a second to look around. A huge cross-section of our friends were there. Some of them were obvious, like the guys we’d met through Thaxter: Mason, Madison, Kyle, and Jean-Jacques. But a bunch of our college buddies were there too, all in town for the wedding. A lot of them were our fraternity brothers: Marcos, Ryan, Drew, Hunter, Travis, and Shane. Plus the guys from Wildcat Pride: O’Mac, Garrett, and Andre. Even Chad’s old friend Brandon was there. Jean-Jacques had apparently pulled come strings and had brought his friends from Vitruvian Men: Flynn, Vince, Logan, Nate, Ray, and Ethan.

“Woah,” I said. “You guys seriously didn’t need to do this….”

“You said you didn’t need any bachelor parties,” Marcos said, “but you were cool with us doing something for the both of you. So here we are.”

I’d completely forgotten about that. “Oh yeah,” I said without thinking.

Marcos put his arm around Chad’s shoulder. “Plus we wanted to show our support. Considering your dad’s bullshit—”

“If he doesn’t stand by you,” Ryan said, “at least we want you to know you’ve got others who do.”

Chad clearly didn’t know what to say, and to be honest, neither did I. I knew Ryan and Marcos had been a big help to Chad years before, especially when he was struggling to come out to his family. But Chad had kept the more recent stuff pretty private. The fact that Ryan and Marcos remembered— and that they knew it was still going on, and that they still cared— was pretty damn impressive.

Thaxter cleared his throat. “It’s like I’ve always said… queers like us have got to stick together.”

“Wow,” Chad said, and he gave Marcos a big hug. Then he hugged Ryan, Thaxter, and a couple of others. Meanwhile, Kyle turned on the music, and Drew started passing out drinks.

I started to realize how much thought they’d put into this. The beers were the same ones I’d recommended to Thaxter years before. The snacks were all Chad’s guilty pleasures like chips and guac, seasoned popcorn, and cheese puffs.

Bruce made a toast, and everybody drank to me and Chad. I have to say I was flattered, though I knew we couldn’t drink too much; we couldn’t risk being hung over the next day.

We definitely appreciated being able to catch up with our friends. We hadn’t seen the twins, Mason and Madison, in ages. They’d been through a pretty tough time, since their family had completely cut them off, but they insisted they’d come out of it stronger.

“Here’s what we learned,” Mason said. “You know that cliche about the family you’re born into, versus the family you choose? I mean, Thaxter’s right. As long as someone’s got your back… it doesn’t really matter which category they fall into.”

“Yeah,” Chad said, “I guess when you put it that way—”

“In your case,” Madison said, “no matter what happens… you’ll always have your man.”

I snorted. I was kind of flattered that they’d put it that way, but I felt the same way about Chad. As far as I was concerned, he was my rock, much more so than I could ever be his.

As we talked, some of the guys started getting in the pool, starting with Garrett, Andre, and Nate. Chad and I were tempted to join them, but we didn’t have swim trunks with us. Bruce told us not to worry; he and Thaxter had extras, which they let us borrow. Vince and Logan did the same thing, so they started swimming around while Chad and I soaked in the jacuzzi.

“By the way,” Brandon said as he walked over to us, “I never got to thank you for your advice.”

“What advice?” I asked.

“Chad was giving me all kinds of pointers. About coming out and stuff. And he connected me with these guys.” He pointed to Thaxter and Bruce.

“It’s cool,” Chad replied. “I mean… you would’ve done that for me.”

“Yeah I guess,” Brandon said, “i-it’s just, well, it feels like I’ve got a lot left to learn.”

Chad shrugged. “You and me both,” he replied. “I’m not exactly a fountain of wisdom. I’ve just been out of the closet a little longer than you.”

“Yeah I guess….”

Just then, we all saw a blur of skin as Travis jumped in the pool buck naked. He did a cannonball into the water, which sent a big splash all over us.

Apparently the others were out of swim trunks, but Travis didn’t seem to care. As soon as he surfaced, he made a beeline toward Nate and the others. As he swam, his bare ass bobbed up and down.

Brandon diverted his eyes, as if he was scared of seeing something he shouldn’t. But he was clearly intrigued; all his inner conflicts were being broadcast on his face.

“Dude,” Chad said as he lowered his voice, “it’s all right. You’re at a gay pool party… you don’t need to look away.”

Brandon blinked. Then halkalı escort he turned his head just in time to see Hunter strip down too, then get in the water himself. Ethan followed a split second later.

Some of the others noticed Brandon’s reaction. “You wanna join us?” Logan asked. “Don’t be scared. The water’s fine.”

Brandon looked back at me and Chad. He didn’t say a word; he just scratched the back of his head.

“You know,” Chad said, “it’s not like you need my permission.”

Brandon took a deep breath, pulled off his shirt, and flicked off his flip-flops. Then he yanked down his pants, revealing his well-toned ass and his package. And he tiptoed into the pool.

Chad and I both looked at each other. “So,” I said, “I guess you’re his mentor now?”

“Not really,” he said. “I just helped him put on the training wheels needed. Where he goes from here… well, that’s up to him.”

By that point, the patio had basically turned into a dance floor. A lot of the guys were busting a move, though Mason and Madison put the others to shame, being professional dancers and all. The two of them kept gyrating their bodies, first against each other, then against Jean-Jacques and Ray who weren’t about to resist.

The party gradually got rowdier from there. Nate seemed to take a particular interest in Travis’s naked body. The two of them just flirted at first; then they started chasing each other around the pool, and they kept splashing water at each other. Travis’s anatomy was bouncing around the whole time, in full view of everyone.

Ethan got out of the pool, and for a second or two, he just let the water drip off his naked body. He swung his head from side to side, and drops of water went every which way. Then he walked across the patio, acting totally casual, never mind his penis swinging freely beneath him.

I wanted to ask Chad what he thought, but then I realized I didn’t really need to. I could tell he liked what he saw, and to be honest, I did too. We stared in each other’s eyes for a second, then clasped our hands together and snuggled up against one another. Then we relaxed our bodies, and we let the jacuzzi water swirl all around us.

Logan seemed to have taken Brandon under his wing. He gave him a tentative kiss; at first Brandon didn’t move, but then he responded in kind. Slowly but surely, the two of them started making out.

It didn’t take long before Ryan, Marcos, and Drew followed suit. All three boys were sitting on a lounge chair, kissing and caressing each others’ bodies. But unlike Brandon, they seemed completely at ease. They’d been a throuple for so long that they were totally comfortable with each other, not to mention totally into one another. All of them seemed to know just what to do.

I gotta admit, even though I’d known those three for years, I still kind of marveled at their relationship. I couldn’t imagine having an extra man in my life, but if there was one thing I’d learned throughout this whole experience, it was that you should stay true to yourself and love who you love. And since all three boys were clearly into each other, as far as I was concerned, they were right for each other.

By this point Nate and Travis had stopped running around the pool, and they’d started making out too. Travis’s dick was getting visibly harder. Nate was still wearing his swim trunks, but we could all see the outline of his cock, and it kept getting stiffer and stiffer.

Chad and I kept eyeing them more and more, till we were practically transfixed. I hadn’t forgotten how Logan and Nate had been the first guys I’d ever jacked off too, and Brandon had been Chad’s first-ever boy crush. Not to mention Travis had been the one who’d made us jack off in front of one another, while Ryan, Marcos, and Drew had given us revelations of their own. Now here they were, all indulging their own urges, right in front of our eyes.

Logan laid down on the patio, pulled off his swim trunks, and motioned for Brandon to service his dick. Brandon clearly wanted to do as he was told, but he still seemed nervous.

“It’s okay,” Logan said. “None of us are gonna see anything we haven’t seen before. Remember… we’re all cocksuckers too.”

Brandon looked around at the other guys. Then he turned back to Logan, opened his mouth, and wrapped his tongue around Logan’s dick.

The throuple was also getting randy. Ryan pulled off Marcos’s shirt, while Marcos pulled off Drew’s, and Drew pulled off Ryan’s, all while they kept on making out. Then they went through the same drill with their pants, except in a different order: Marcos pulled off Ryan’s, which sent Ryan’s dick flopping into the open, after which Ryan pulled off Drew’s, and Drew pulled off Marcos’s. All three of them laid flat against their lounge chair, and their naked bodies started to intertwine.

By now Logan had spread his legs to give Brandon easier access. Brandon was starting to lose his inhibitions, sucking Logan harder and harder, mecidiyeköy escort while Logan gasped and groaned.

“Oh fuck,” Logan said as he swiveled his hips. “You’re a fucking natural at this….”

“Mm,” was all Brandon could say with his mouth full.

“So,” Logan said, “do you wanna ride this cock?”

Brandon blinked, but otherwise he didn’t respond. He just kept on sucking away.

“I bet you do,” Logan said. “I bet you’ll love this dick up your ass….”

I could tell Logan was right. Brandon’s cravings were obvious from the way he devoured that man meat. His head kept swinging from side to side, and he had an eager look in his eyes.

Vince handed Logan a condom and lube. At first Brandon kept sucking Logan’s dick, as if he didn’t want to stop, but then he pulled back.

“Are you serious?” Brandon asked.

Logan didn’t answer at first. He rolled the condom on his dick, then coated it with lube. “It’s all yours,” Logan said.

Brandon paused for a second, then jumped out of the pool. Water came pouring off his body, with the biggest streams running down his back and his buttcrack. By this point his dick was visibly throbbing. He climbed on top of Logan’s body, then lowered his ass toward Logan’s cockhead. “Fuck,” he said as his hand guided Logan’s dick up his butt. Finally Brandon threw his head back, and he started bouncing up and down.

I looked over at Chad, who was openly staring at Brandon. I couldn’t help wondering if Chad was a little jealous; after all, if things had gone differently, that could’ve been his own dick in Brandon’s ass. But Chad didn’t seem the slightest bit bothered. If anything, he held me tighter as he kept watching the show.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Logan said as he thrust into Brandon.

“Yeah?” Brandon said. “You like that?”

Logan grinned as he kept gyrating his hips. “The tighter the better,” he said.

On the other side of the pool, Ryan, Marcos, and Drew were busy playing with each other’s dicks. Their arms, legs, and torsos were spilling over the sides of the chair. Drew practically fell to the ground, but he didn’t seem to mind. Marcos plopped down next to him, grabbed his dick, and started sucking away. Then Ryan followed; he put his dick in front of Drew, while he himself went down on Marcos. Finally Drew started blowing Ryan, creating an unbroken chain.

Nate and Travis just cut to the chase. Nate took off his swim trunks and got himself ready, while Travis laid down on his back. Then Nate slid his dick into Travis, and they started banging away.

“Hot damn,” Hunter said as he watched the boys go at it. Hunter was still naked himself, so we could all see his cock standing at attention, while his balls twitched ever so slightly. He was obviously yearning for some action of its own.

By now Ethan was openly touching himself. Ray was too, except he was still wearing pants; at first he just played with his dick through the cloth, but then he unzipped his fly, pulled out his rod, and started full-on stroking away.

Chad’s dick was also standing at attention. I could tell he was oozing pre-cum, though it wasn’t visible underwater. But to my well-trained eyes, his hormones were practically seeping through his pores.

I whispered in his ear. “If you want to jack off too,” I said, “go ahead.”

“No,” he said. “Remember… it’s our last night as unmarried men.”

“W-what does that mean?”

“I want to do something special. Something more than jacking off.”

I nodded. “Okay,” I said, “if you want to end our single years with a bang—”

“Babe… you know our single years have been over for a while.”

“Well….” I ran my hands across his chest, and I had to resist the urge to reach for his crotch. “Whatever you want to do tonight… I just want you to feel good.”

Chad looked in my eyes, and he put a few fingers on my lips. “With you, Babe,” he said, “I always feel good.”

I couldn’t argue with that. I just kissed his fingers, and I didn’t say a word.

Just a few feet away, Brandon was still riding Logan like a champ. Brandon put his arms up, giving us a nice view of his pits. His cock and balls kept flopping around, up and down, back and forth, while Logan reamed his ass.

Chad’s eyes did follow Brandon’s body in perfect synchronization. I knew what Chad was thinking— or, rather, what he was lusting after— though I didn’t mind it one bit. I’d meant it when I’d said I just wanted him to feel good. So long as I got his dick in the end, like how Brandon was getting Logan’s.

Apparently Chad and I weren’t the only ones getting turned on by that sight. The throuple was still going at it, with each of them blowing another, but Ryan was watching Brandon too. “I fucking need that,” he said to his boyfriends. “One of you is gonna need to fuck me right now.”

Marcos and Drew just looked at each other. They didn’t seem sure who should do the honors. “Is it your turn or mine?” Marcos asked.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Ryan said. Then he got on all fours, and he stuck out his ass, letting everyone see his eager pucker.

“You take the other end,” Marcos said to Drew. Both boys kneeled over Ryan’s body, and they offered him their boners: Drew in front, with Marcos in the back.

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