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CockSucker get’s More Gay

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CockSucker get’s More GayMy favorite part in adult flicks, was to watch the bitch drop to her knees and lick the man’s cock. I loved watching the cock fucking the mouth of the subdued bitch. I also loved the sight of the whore getting showered with thick white mancum on her well fucked face. I knew I had to try it. Only, I didn’t want to shove my cock in a woman’s face. I wanted to get down on my knees and get my face fucked by a well hung man.The problem was, that I had no one to ask for it. I had no faggot friend, and I was afraid that, if I asked a stranger for it, he would then fuck my ass open wide. The idea of a burning manrod stretching my tight rectum open, was terrifying me. The natural choice was Jim. Well built and handsome, he had always had great success with women. His bitches always looked great and were raving about his beautiful cock. I was going to taste it soon enough. After all, he was a friend of mine and would never open my ass against my will.For days I looked for a chance to ask him for his cockseed. Finally, a day we were hanging out at his place, I did. He froze with surprise. I was afraid he was going to beat me up instead of feeding me his rod, but he didn’t. I started begging for it. I said I wanted to lick him good and hard, and that I would tell no one. My cock was getting rapidly hard and I understood I just loved begging for it.Finally, he looked at me and said “ If you want to lick it Angel, go for it”. I almost came when I heard that, but restrained myself. I bend towards his crotch and unbuckled him. I was about to take his cock out of his pants, when he grabbed my hair and stooped me. “Not like that. Get up and get naked. I like my bitches stripped when they blow me”. I got up from the couch we were both sitting, and started to undress trembling with lust and horniness. I turned my back at him and took my clothes off. I had just asked for his seed in my mouth, but was too shy to strip facing him.As I bent istanbul escort myself to take off my boxers, I felt my asshole stretching and heard Jim moaning with lust. “What an ass” he said and grabbed my left asscheek, shoving the tip of his finger in my little hole. I jumped and turned around, only to be faced with a naked Jim.A great cock was waiting for me. He had stripped naked himself and stood there wanking his cock softly. It was a good 9incher and thick, an absolute fantasy. “Get down on it Angel” he commanded, and I obeyed instantly. I dropped on my knees and he forced it past my lips. I grabbed the rod and took over. I started licking his shaft from its base to the sweet cockhead. Its taste was much better than I had hoped. I could get easily addicted… I slurped at his cockhead, either licking his peephole or taking it in my mouth. I loved it. I took it out, held it up and went for the sack.It was there, big and beautiful. I worshiped it with my tongue, licking each ball or wrapping the whole sack with my lips. I could only fantasize of the load they had in store for me.Jim was moaning with pleasure. I looked at his face and saw him looking down at me with immense lust. I went back on his cock, taking it in while I still had his balls in my palm. I licked and wanked him slowly until I felt his balls tighten. He took his cock out of my mouth, a string of saliva still connecting his beautiful shiny cockhead to my well fucked lips. He started jerking off like a madman, only inches from my face and my open, waiting mouth. And then I got what I had worked for. He shot his jism all over my face. On my forehead and my nose, on my eyes and in my mouth. He shot a lot and I loved the feeling of hot cream coming down my face and dripping on my chest. He tasted great and I wanted more.I grabbed his cock again and started licking it clean much to his pleasure. I had soon avcılar escort licked it dry, but was happy to see that it wasn’t going limp, so I went for it. I started blowing him again. I wanted him to cum in my mouth this time. I wanted his cum straight from the source.But Jim had other plans for me. “You had your pleasure, Angel, now I am gonna have mine. I want you on your hands and knees. This load is not ending up in your mouth, sweetie”. I was scared to death. It was ridiculous of course. I had just received his load on my face and was working hard for a rerun, but was scared shitless when It came to him shoving that stick of his up my round bum. On the other hand, I knew I would want to know what it feels like to have a cock opening your rear passage. Instead of having a stranger brutally fucking my little virgin ass, I would rather give my cherry to Jim right now.I stood up silently, took a pillow from the couch and threw it on the ground. I knelt in front of it and bend over it, my elbows and chest resting on it, my legs spread as much as I could. I felt my hole stretching and got hornier than ever. He kneeled behind me and started to play with my ass. He massaged my globes and fingered my tight hole with as much as three fingers. I was looking over my shoulder at him, a grimace of pain on my face, a grimace of excitement and lust on his. He put his burning cock on my crack and started going up and down slapping me on my hairless asscheeks. Suddenly, he put his head in my butthole and pushed. I yelled and grabbed the pillow, biting my lower lip which was still covered with cum.He was too big and my little boyish hole was – still- too small for him. This was soon going to change, but it hurt like hell. He kept pushing but just couldn’t get past my sphincter. I took my hands of the pillow, grabbed my globes and pulled them apart as much as possible. Now that I had dropped on all fours, I would şirinevler escort have him fuck me even if it ripped me apart. “Fuck my ass open, big guy” I told him over my shoulder and he did. With a powerful thrust, he went past my ring and deep into my rectum at once. I screamed in pain, embraced the pillow again and let my cheeks cling around his cock. The feeling of being bent and fucked by a powerful man, your ass helpless at his disposal your rectum belonging to him, was great though painful.From then on, it was a revelation. Each push took him further inside my body. Each inch gave my ass new measurements. When he was all the way in, I could feel his pubic hair scratching my ring. He kept still for a minute giving me time to relax. And then the real fucking began. He started going in and out with increasing speed. He ended up pounding my ass, me shouting when he came in and moaning for more when he went out.He was obviously experienced and my anal passage soon relaxed as much as possible under the circumstances. He was fucking the living hell out of my ass, making himself a whore out of me. After a good and long fuck, he shoved his cock in my belly held still and started cumming in my ass. His cum filled all vacant space, warm but soothing for my ripped rectum. After he was done he bent over my back and whispered in my ear that this was the best ass he had ever had.In the meanwhile, I had already cum twice. Once when his cockhead went past my ring, and once when his cum filled my bum. I was satisfied and was thinking I should have bent my ass open a long time ago.After he went soft, he pulled himself out and helped me sit on the pillow. It was difficult with my newly stretched butt sore from the fucking it had received, but I managed. I took his limp cock and cleaned it with my mouth. It would be ungrateful to leave my worshipped sodomite like this…“You are a great fuck, Angel, and I have a final gift for you”, he said pulling his cock from my mouth. I had a gift of his coming down my face and one coming out my asshole that was still trying to take its former size, so I would take anything he wanted to give me. He aimed at my well fucked face and started peeing forcefully. I didn’t try to avoid it. I kept my eyes shut and opened my mouth to taste his final offering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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