Kas 17

College Adventures

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In my second year of college I was 100% ready to experiment fully with other men. I currently still had a girlfriend, but she went to a school almost 40 miles from my school. At first this was a nuisance, but with the advent of online networking website and the occasional ad website, I found that indulging in my bi curiosity was a great way to stay satisfied.

I had actually known Doug through a mutual friend. Doug was confident, cool, calm, a quiet type, but a strong quiet type at 6’1 220lbs. He was by no means a little guy, but his presence was smaller than his physique. He was out, and couldn’t care less if people knew.

It was a boring night in my dorm room when Doug and I would become more than acquaintances. My girlfriend had fallen asleep drunk and high on my bed, and after unsuccessfully trying to rouse her for some midnight fun, I found myself reading online ads. I came across a profile who claimed he lived on my college campus. After a few back and forth emails, he told me to meet him at a back entrance to a residence hall, as he was an RA and had keys. I almost immediately knew it was Doug, but rather than verifying, I met him were he asked.

Doug didn’t recognize me, as we had never really hung out after being casually introduced a year before, and so as we walked to his room, I nervously thought of how he would react if he remembered that he knew me as some boring straight college istanbul escort guy.

We entered his room and he started kissing me. Doug’s tongue darted around my mouth, passionately, as his hands ran down my back grabbing my ass. I could feel his penis slowly erect against my waistline, a massive bulge running from my belly button to the base of my cock.

He undressed me, and I him, and I was shocked when i got down to his boxer briefs. Doug had a 8 inch cock, but the width was more impressive than the length. As I got on my knees to receive him into my mouth, I realized this was more cock than I had ever held. As I struggled to fit my mouth around it, I shoved two fingers into my ass, wondering how I was going to fit this massive rod in my little hole.

“Let me help you with that.”

Doug shoved three fingers in my ass, covered in spit, while I choked and gagged on his massive cock. His hard flesh filled my mouth, and I barely gasped for breath as I wet his member.

We moved to the bed where he put me on all fours. He licked my ass like a hungry animal, tonguing my whole, lapping at it, spreading my cheeks with his strong hands, smelling and taking in my ass wit his mouth.

He finally asked me.

“Can I fuck you?”

“Please fuck me.” I quietly responded.

After putting on a condom and covering his massive meat with lube, I felt his head stretching my bahçeşehir escort asshole. I gasped and quietly screamed into his pillow as the head made it past my rim. He was forcing his cock into me as slowly and gently as possible, but I couldn’t take it. He asked if he should stop, but I had lost control at that point and wanted him more than I had before.

“No, put it all the way in me.”

In a matter of moments, he was humping with a consistent rhythm. Deep thrusts pushed his 8 inches in and out of my ass, filling me up completely. With each full lunge I could feel his cock somewhere inside me, filling my cock with blood. He took me into all sorts of positions, even picking me up at one point to fuck me while he held me in the air like a small woman. Standing 5’10 and 170 lbs, I imagined Doug would struggle with my weight, but he was stronger than he looked. Finally I was riding him, slapping my rock hard cock on his stomach as he pumped in me over and over, harder and harder.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Cum all over me.”

With one storng hump of his cock, I jacked myself off, exploding onto his stomach and chest. I shot ropes and ropes of cum. I covered him. He humped me for what must have been 30 seconds of me cumming before I finished. The white sticky mess covered him, and he felt the urge.

“I’m going to cum too.”

“Cum on my face.” bakırköy escort I asked him, courageously.

“Cover my face in your cum Doug, I want your cock.” I begged him, I wanted his semen in my mouth, on my cheeks, I wanted him to cover me. He began shooting, the first shot right into my eye. He proceeded to fill my mouth with a huge load, which I let fall out of my mouth and down my chin. I slurped some up, tasting his hot load. He was a little sweet, but still a little salty. I swallowed a bit just to savor the taste of his drained balls.

“That was amazing…” He whispered, throwing the condom he had ripped off into the trash can.

“Want to shower?”

We showered together, barely touching, smiling at each other when our eyes would meet. My asshole felt ripped and sore, slowly beginning to recover from the ravishing of a fat cock.

“I feel like I’ve seen you around or something.”

“Yeah I get that a lot, it’s nice to meet you Doug.”

We chatted for a bit as I dried off and put on my clothes.

“So maybe you could come over again sometime?”

I promised him I would, leaving his room I stopped and turned around.

“You forget something?”


I leaned in, kissed him hard, and grabbed his cock.

“Sorry, just that. See you soon Doug.”

I got back to my apartment, the alcohol and weed I had consumed earlier in the night finally wearing off. My gf was a passed out mess in my bed, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t get to fuck her silly, but at least I had been fucked silly. I was looking forward to seeing Doug again, because meeting Doug for the first times was one of the best experiences of my life…

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