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Subject: college ball-10 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower, and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge. ____________________________________________________________________________ COLLEGE-BALL-10 18 year old Clarence Johnson was beaming like a light as he and his college coach 45 year old Anthony Brown and a friend of the coach’s (Russell Collins) all drove up to the Baltimore Hilton to meet with Brown’s old college student Tomas Jackson. Jackson (now 26 and a successful forward for the Chicago Bulls) met with his old coach whenever time permitted. Brown and his party registered at the front desk, then was escorted up to Jackson’s suite on the 15th floor. “Relax kid…, he’s just another human being like the rest of us!” said Brown, trying to get Clarence to calm down. “I can’t help it Coach…! I’ve been a fan of Tomas’ since his career started! He’s one of the best forwards in the game since Jordan! He’s 6th in the NBA and was named rookie VIP of the year his first year in the pros! He’s clearing 20 mill in endorsements alone!” “Kid sounds like a true fan!” laughed Collins (Brown’s friend of many years) as they exited the elevator. “Just be yourself, CJ. Tomas is really down to earth, and very approachable!” assured Coach. “Thanks sir!” said Clarence, floating on a cloud all the way up to Tomas’ room. “Coach..!!” called Tomas as soon as he opened the door to his suite, giving his former coach a big hug hello in the hall. “Good to see you man! You too, Russ!” “You know I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to meet you whenever you’re in town!” insisted Russell, shaking the star’s hand. “Oh uh, Tomas…, this’s one of my current up and coming pro players, –Clarence Johnson! He plays point guard for J-U! Won state championship for his high school 3 years in a row! I’m predicting great things from him!” introduced Brown, pulling Clarence forward. “Nice to meet you, Clarence!” smiled the 6 foot 5 pro-baller. “Coach’s told me a lot about you!” “Really??” asked Clarence, giddy. “Would y’all like a drink?” asked Tomas, inviting them into his hotel room. As Brown and Jackson went on discussing names and places, Russell Collins started making drinks for everyone over by the suite’s bar. “What you drinking kid?” he asked Clarence, shoveling ice into 4 glasses. “Oh, uh…, I’m not much of a drinker…” said Clarence, stumbling over what to drink. “How bout a brew?” asked Russell, handing Clarence an import. “Thanks.” said Clarence, watching Russell rustle up the drinks without having to ask the other men what they wanted. “I see you all’r familiar with each other.” he said, taking his first sip. “Yeah. Tony introduced me to Tomas back when he was in college, we all get together whenever we can, usually before a big game.” said Russell, before walking the two drinks over to the old friends and returning back to the bar where Clarence was parked. Clarence noticed after only a few minutes of polite conversation, Tomas and Coach Brown disappeared into the bedroom leaving he and Russell in the suite. “Tony’s told me a lot about you!” said Russell, refreshing his drink after only a few gulps. “Yeah?” asked Clarence, wondering what the Coach told him. “Heard you got a real big dick!” smiled Russell, a sinister gleam in his eye. “He told you that?” asked Clarence, feeling betrayed. “Don’t worry…, Tony and I go waaay back!” insisted Russell. “Oh?” questioned Clarence, curiously. “I met Tony after he lost his pro contract, –before his divorce! He and I were FB’s…, if you know what I mean!” explained Russell. “FB’s?” asked Clarence. “Fuck Buddies!” said Russell. “After his wife split and the money dried up, we just keep kicking our thing on the side. Now…, it’s been like 15 years!” “15 years? Damn…, yall like an old married couple!” astonished Clarence, not knowing two men could fuck around together for so long successfully. “We have an understanding…” clarified Russell. “…and sometimes, like tonight, we do 3sums and 4sums! Helps spice up the relationship!” “Tonight?” asked Clarence, confused. “In the other room!” explained Russell. “What do you think we’re here for?” he asked before finishing his drink and heading for the bedroom. Clarence sat paralyzed as he watched Russell disappear into the next room with Coach Brown and Tomas Jackson. He didn’t know what he should do as he sat holding his beer. He’d only came there to meet one of his favorite basketball players, and to perhaps get an autograph. After a few minutes curiosity got the better of him as he sat down the brew and headed for the bedroom door. Inside he was shocked to see the 6 foot 5 inch Forward of the Chicago Bulls on his hands and knees on the bed of his hotel room with Coach Brown’s big 10 inch thick dick in his mouth and the Coach’s friend (Russell) on his knees behind Jackson eating his ass out. Clarence watched from the doorway as Brown fucked Tomas’ mouth, shoving his hips back and forth and he buried just over half his meat in the NBA star’s throat. Tomas fought to keep up with Brown’s vicious oral assault as he held the star by the head and fucked deeply into his mouth. Tomas loved sucking his former Coach’s dick. Brown had always been a personal favorite of his as he’d been an idol of Tomas’ when he was in junior high school. Tomas used to watch the Orlando Magic’s play against Alabama and loved how Tony Brown seemed to possess the court when he played. When he started college and found out that the legendary Brown would be his coach, he nearly pissed his pants with excitement. And when he finally got the opportunity to wrap his teenaged lips around the legend’s thick dick, he literally came in his pants as soon as he tasted the Coach’s cum. Coach Brown had been feeding Tomas a daily supply of his potency while a student at Jeremiah University, and to this day still manages to give him at least one good shot a year when he was in the area. Russell Collins lay behind Tomas, eating out the player’s wide spread ass as he buried his face between his golden globes. Russell had never really been a big fan of sports, he came across Anthony Brown by way of a friend who thought they’d hit it off sexually. Tony and Russell spent that first meeting fucking like soldiers going out to war. Russell had never met anyone who could match bursa escort his prowess, and Brown was really in the need for something good to come his way. The two men met and fell in sexual bliss, becoming lovers over the next 15 years. Russell had been there through many of Brown’s highs and lows, the only solid rock in his life after his family and career broke down. Over the years they grew to love each other as brothers, yet still hold a lustful side that took their friendship to another level. Short of calling themselves a couple, they did everything together on a consistent basis. Whenever something new and exciting happened in Coach’s life, Russell was the first one to know about it. He pulled Tomas’ ass cheeks as far apart as he could before burying his tongue into his hairy hole. Tomas gasped around the embedded dick in his mouth as Russell’s tongue bore a straight line into his anus. After wetting the hole properly for over 10 solid minutes of strict energetic tongue fucking, Russell pulled back his face and lined his dick up to the hole. Tomas felt the dick rubbing up and down his hairy crack, and groaned in anticipation of being fucked at both ends. As a high flying celebrity he’s had many celebrity dicks in his holes, having been fucked by actors, singers, star athletes, boxers, on air personalities, and many upon many fans in one niters across the country. Russell greased his long slender 9 incher before lining it up to Tomas’ spit slick butt-hole, and pressed in. Tomas felt the head wedging his anal lips open as he sucked harder on Coach Brown’s thick 10 inch sausage. Coach watched as Russell applied pressed and forced his dick into the hole. Tomas groaned aloud as the long 9 incher sank all the way in up to the balls. Russell grabbed Tomas by the hips and ground his meat around in the hot ass before he started to pull back and fuck. Gasping between muffled slurps, Tomas encouraged the two men to fuck him, his body impelled on hot hard dick at both ends. Russell was a stocky man, thick like Coach with a toned body, a big beard, a hairy mustache, and a balding head with black short cut hair around the edges. He looked to be about Coach’s age (40-45) with a lighter brown skin complexion. Clarence couldn’t help but be impressed as he watched the two older men fuck Tomas Jackson in a hot 3sum. Tomas sounded to be in heaven as his body was pulled and pushed between them, each man burying his massive dick in his hot holes, fucking him deeply with their hard dicks as if he had no choice in the matter. Tomas loved being used by men. Besides basketball, getting fucked was his favorite past-time. He yearned to be fucked when he wasn’t playing ball, and playing ball when he wasn’t being fucked. Luckily he had steady dick coming at him from a myriad of ways to keep him happy. At home he had a stable of young boys he took good care of who took turns fucking him on a regular, while on the road he had a slew of former ball mates who’d visit him at his hotels and show him love, giving his holes something to remember them by, and then there was the fans. Right now he was enjoying Tony Brown, swallowing his ex-coach’s thick meaty 10 inch dick as far as his throat would allow while getting butt fucked by his friend. Clarence found himself rubbing the front of his pants as he watched the spectacle before him. His favorite ball player was being butt and face fucked front and back by two men, taking their dicks as easily as any whore he’d seen fucked by his teammates. He hardly expected this when he came up to Tomas’ room for a possible autograph. He watched as Brown removed his 10 inch whop, only to whack it viscously across Tomas’ hairy face like a club. Tomas gasped and moaned as his asshole was assaulted from behind, his face beaten by one of the thickest dicks he knew. Russell continued to fuck into Tomas’ ass, holding his hips in place as he fed the player’s ass his dick. Tomas was really loving the way he pounded into his bare hole when Russell suddenly pulled out, leaving him empty and open. Looking confused, Tomas was roughly spun around in the opposite direction as Russell slid his greasy slick dick into his mouth while Coach Brown aimed his solid hardon up to Tomas’ hole and shoved in. Tomas’ body stiffened as Coach’s entire dick sank in balls deep, leaving him with nowhere to run. Russell held him tightly about the head as he ground his 9 inch dick around in his throat, cutting off his groans as Coach assaulted his ass. Brown pulled back his hips, sliding his dick back and forth through the slickened anal ring as he poked away at the murky innards. Coach Brown held onto Tomas’ waist as he fucked his ass, driving his thick fat manhood in and out through the stretched ring muscle. He’d fucked into Tomas’ ass many times over the years (taking the boy’s cheery back in college), now as he fucked into his sweet ass, he could feel the difference in the elasticity of his anus. Sure the hole was still snug to the fuck, but gone was the tightness the Coach once enjoyed. Tomas’ ass felt more like pussy now, giving a thick dick pleasure in its deep wet depths and silky interior, but the muscles that once made the bunghole a struggle to fuck was now gone forever. At the head, Russell Collins was slamming his 9 inch tool into Tomas’ mouth with a fury. Clarence could hear the basketball star gasping and panting for air as Russell’s nine popped in and out of his throat and cut his breathing in half. Spit drooled from the corners of his mouth as he labored to keep up with the fast pace. Russell twisted his fingers around in Tomas’ soft curly hair, locking his head into place as his hairy balls slapped against his spit wet chin. “Fuck man…, I’m getting close..!” warned Russell, holding tight on Tomas’ head. “Go ahead and bust, man…, he has a couple hours before the game tonight, we might be able to get a few more in before he leaves!” suggested Brown, humping steadily at his ass. Clarence unzipped his pants and pulled out his long thick fat snake and began stroking it openly while watching the 3sum. Russell’s ass was moving at 100mph as he drove his dick in and out of Tomas’ mouth and throat. Clarence knew he was about to cum when he saw the older man shove his dick all the way down Tomas’ throat and hold it there by tightening his grip on his head. Tomas’ body convulsed as the first spurt of hot cum spit straight down the back of his throat and right into his stomach. Russell growled like an animal as he came down the player’s throat. Tomas’ body jerked several times, taking each cum spurt until Russell finally yanked his dick free and jacked the bursa escort bayan rest of his load across Tomas’ handsome face. Cum shot everywhere as Tomas Jackson panted for breath, his mouth agape as his face was sprinkled with cum droplets. “Fuck that was hot!” moaned Brown, picking up the pace at Tomas’ ass. He tightened his grip on the ball player’s waist and thrust in and out of his spread hole faster. Tomas grunted with each impact Coach brown’s pelvis made into his ass, the powerful thrusts sending ripples through his ass cheeks like waves through water. Clarence was so excited watching the grown men fuck in front of him like animals that his 12 inch pitch black dick started to throb openly in his stroking hand. Coach Brown withdrew his thick fat hard dick, pulling it completely free of Tomas’ round sucking anal ring only to ram it all the way back in, causing the ball player to yell in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He did this several times, nearly sending Tomas across the bed and off the other side when he shoved all the way in and came. “AAAARRRRHHH FFUUUUCCCKKKK…!!!!” yelled Brown, shooting masses of his thick rich coach cum up Tomas’ hungry ass. Tomas moaned erotically as his ass was emptied into, he could feel every pulse and throb Coach Brown’s dick made up his ass, planting thick creamy seeds deep inside his moist wet garden. “You gonna stand there and jack off all day, or you gonna come over here and get some of the NBA ass?” asked Brown, looking over at Clarence. “Really..??” asked Clarence, thinking himself unworthy. “Trust me…, Tomas here would enjoy that big pony dick of yours! Right T?” Tomas turned, his eyes widening with excitement when he took notice of Clarence’s deep dark slim muscular body and long fat hard foot long dick and grinned… “Hell yeah!” he said, flexing his hole joyously around the Coach’s dick. CJ shed his clothes immediately as Russell admired it as well, cutting Clarence off en-route to Tomas as he sank to his knees in front of Clarence and took the college ball player’s dick into his mouth. Clarence stood and watched his idol on the bed as Russell swabbed his 12 inch dick with his mouth. “Relax kid, you’ll have Tomas inna minute…, I just wanna wet this fucker for you!” he said, noticing the disappointment on Clarence’s face before taking his long black dick back into his mouth and began bobbing. Like Coach Brown, Russell Collins was a great dick sucker, having sucked Coach’s 10 inch whopper for the past 15 years, –deep throat was no problem for him. Coach Brown removed his softening dick from Tomas’ ass, leaving the man feeling empty and loose. Tomas turned around in bed and sucked Brown’s dick into his mouth, cleaning off all the slick cum coating the head and upper shaft while waiting for Clarence to fuck him. Clarence had a marvelous view of Tomas’ spread ass while he sucked Coach Brown. His dick pulsed inside Russell’s talented mouth with anticipation as the older man bobbed his head along his long hard shaft. Tomas swallowed Brown’s soft dick in his mouth, cleaning off all the anal lube and spent cum as Coach reached back and slapped him hard on the ass, giving Clarence a good show. He grabbed the meaty cheeks and pulled the crack apart to expose the carmel brown hole. Tomas knew the college kid was looking, and flexed his asshole in and out to entice him. Clarence’s eyes zeroed in on his target as Russell took his mammoth meat deep into his throat like a professional. “awww fuuuck…” groaned Clarence, feeling his entire 12 inch monster dong swallowed whole. Russell Collins mashed his face in Clarence’s pubes as he churned the hard dick in his throat. Slowly he pulled back, allowing the shaft to exit his throat as he dragged his firm lips along the thick column. “Damn…, you got a lot of pre-cum!” thrilled Russell, sucking feverishly on the head as his taste-buds awakened to the salty flavor of Clarence’s ball juice. “You trying to make the kid cum?” asked Coach Brown from the bed, laughing at his friend’s enthusiasm. “I want his load…!” said Tomas, pulling off Brown’s dick as he looked back at the pair over his shoulder. “Not to worry T’ baby, you’ll get it!” assured Russell, swabbing the head one last time before releasing Clarence’s dick. Clarence walked over to the bed, his thick heavy dick swinging ominously back and forth like a pendulum. Coach Brown climbed down off the bed to make room for the teen as Clarence got between his idol’s legs and aimed his dick up to his cum greased hole. “Yeah man, fuck me good…!” whispered Tomas with a raspy voice as he looked back at Clarence and waited penetration. Clarence’s dick head kissed the moist anus as he aimed his meat, then slowly sank it in. Tomas felt his asshole stretching to accommodate the kid. He moaned lustfully as his asshole opened to swallow up the massive dick. As Clarence slid into him he bit his lower lip at the intensity his rectum felt as over half the mammoth meat sank inside him. By the time Clarence buried his entire shaft, Tomas has his head down on the mattress whimpering like a baby. Clarence took a moment to ground his dick around in Tomas’ heated bottom, savoring the feeling of his idol’s asshole surrounding him in comfort. Tomas’ hole flickered around Clarence’s deeply embedded dick, squeezing the shaft and massaging the thick column with his anal walls. After a few moments Clarence started to move back and forth, sliding just a little of his dick in and out of the clinging hole. He loved looking down to see Tomas Jackson (big time celebrity basketball player) on his hands and knees offering up his ass to him to fuck as he slid slowly in and out of him. Tomas was a beautiful mixed race black man from Mobile Alabama. His grandfather was half white with very fair skin, and though both Tomas’ parents were black, he was left with a lite carmel complexion, soft thick curly black hair which he often wore tapered about the back and sides, full luscious lips, and a slightly hairy body with a fat beefy ass. Clarence held onto the soft fat globes as he see-sawed his thick dick between them, fucking the asshole with deeper harder strokes. Tomas loved nothing better than to be pounded up the ass by some hot young jock with too much dick and too little brains. He lay with his head on the covers, his ass being served well by the thick 12 inch monster steering in and out of his depths. Soon Clarence was fucking him freestyle, digging deep and going long as he used his entire 12 inches to completely pulverize the rectum. Tomas’ groans got louder the harder Clarence fucked him. He slammed his ass backwards escort bursa to get the full impact of Clarence’s dick as it pummeled deep inside him with each thrust. “Damn son, fuck that ass!” encouraged Brown, afraid at first that Clarence might be intimidated by the All Star. But while Clarence may have admired Tomas’ game on the court, when it came down to man to man and dick size, Clarence knew he was tops hands down. He hammered his hardon into Tomas’ ass with increasing speed, using his strength and his youthful energy to fuck the living shit out of the living legend. Tomas squealed like a pig whenever Clarence’s dick punched too deeply in his gut, threatening to tear through the walls of his very intestines as he brutally lay wood in his colon. Tomas innards felt the definite strain of Clarence’s labor, his vitals taking a brutal beating as the 12 inch sword stabbed over and over and over again. “Shit man…ride that ass, don’t break it! Dude still has to play a game against Baltimore tonight!” warned Russell, watching Clarence go crazy. “Relax…” laughed Brown, knowing Tomas’ limits. “…he’s enjoying it, believe me!” Tomas said nothing as he lay face down on the mattress, his mouth agape with tiny whimpers and grunts escaping his throat. “I’d love to feel that big dick in MY ass sometime!” said Russell, daydreaming. “That may be arranged!” smiled Brown, watching his student take command of the NBA star’s ass. Clarence fucked Tomas for 25 solid minutes on his knees before pulling his dick out to change positions. Tomas flipped over on his back with the quickness as he threw his legs up over his head to expose his hole for more fucking. Brown noticed a thick trickle of cum oozing from Tomas’ anal lips, the volume of semen seeping from the spreading hole indicated that Clarence may have already came inside the star without acknowledging it. Clarence shoved his steel rod back in the cum lined anus and rammed it balls deep, causing Tomas to gasp aloud in sudden pain as the dick bore straight through him. For the next 15 minutes Clarence fucked in and out of Tomas’ ass in missionary position, pounding his ass face to face as he hammered his fat long pipe in and out of the hot sheath that held him so snugly. Tomas stared up at the 18 year old as he fucked him furiously, his balls slamming into his ass cheeks repeatedly as he drove his manhood home time and time again. “Fuck man…” gasped Tomas, shooting cum from his 8 inch hardon across his hairy stomach without touching himself. Coach Brown climbed back up on the bed and started feeding Tomas his 10 inch, shoving it in his mouth as he moaned erotically with each spurt of his own juice across his chest. Clarence felt the anal muscles flex around his plunging dick as he slammed his tool in all the way and came a geyser of hot spew deep in Tomas’ bowels. Tomas felt the massive dick pulse and throb inside him, pumping out thick ropes of young sperm deep in his gut. At that moment Coach Brown leaned over Tomas’ face and started to hammer hard at his mouth, driving his solid 10 incher balls deep with every thrust. Tomas’ body reacted to the facial fucking as he choked and gagged on the meat from the awkward angle. As Clarence eased out of the well fucked and cum dripping anal orifice, Russell quickly took his place by ramming his hard 9 incher straight in. “Aww shit this pussy’s nice and wet now!!” he gasped, loving how wet and open Tomas’ ass was. He fucked hard into the worn hole, cum coating his entire shaft as he slammed it home again and again, digging deep into the cum abyss already laid by Coach Brown and Clarence Johnson. He watched Brown fucking deep into the player’s throat, the star athlete’s throat ballooning again and again to make room for the thick girth. Russell leaned forward and licked up Tomas’ spilled cum, even as he continued to fuck him. Brown started to grunt as he slammed his dick home. Tomas’ face was turning redder by the second from the sheer strain. Tomas reached up to push at Brown’s flaring hips as he drove his dick inward. Just when Tomas felt he could take no more torture, Coach Brown pulled his dick from his throat and started stroking his meat furiously on his knees. Tomas’ gulped down as much air as he could as the color slowly started to return to his cheeks. Just then the first burst of cum shot out and splattered against his face. The basketball star opened his mouth wide like a baby bird as Brown aimed his dick head into the open orifice and filled it with the rest of his warm load. Russell watched his friend and partner cum all over the athlete’s face, and started to cum in Tomas’ hot asshole right then and there. “Shit…!!” he yelled, trembling severely as he added his seed to Brown’s and Clarence’s before collapsing sideways on the bed exhausted. Tomas got up on his elbows, looking around at all the limp dripping dicks his body had exhausted. Licking his lips he could still taste the fresh load of Coach Brown while his ass dripped the loads of 3 men. “Well it’s been fun, gentlemen…, but I’ve got to run!” said Tomas, looking at the clock as he got up off the bed. “You’ve drained us, as usual!” smiled Coach Brown, getting up to hug Tomas goodbye. “It’s always good to see you, Coach…” said Tomas, hugging Brown tightly as they stood chest to chest. “…til next time!” he smiled, kissing the Coach quickly on the lips before turning around to say goodbye to Russell. “Russ’…, thanks for cumming again! You and Coach always know how to make a brutha feel luv!” “Anytime, anywhere!” smiled Russell, shaking hands with the 6 foot 5 inch man. “And YOU…!” said Tomas, turning towards Clarence. “…WE definitely have to meet again! You’re welcomed up to my house in Chicago anytime!” “Okay man, thanks!” smiled Clarence, shaking his idol’s hand. “Oh, man…, can I…, can I get an autograph?” he asked, remembering the reason why he came there in the first place. “Sure man! What’s your name again?” asked Tomas, walking over to the desk where he had his glossies. “Clarence…, or CJ!” smiled the college baller as Tomas scribbled something in marker for him. “Here you go, kid. Keep playing ball!” he said, walking off towards the bathroom shower, cum dribbling down the backs of his legs from the brutal pounding his asshole took. “C’mon fellas, lets give him time to get ready for the game!” suggested Coach, gathering up his clothes. Later that evening at the game, the Chicago Bulls triumphed over Baltimore. Tomas Jackson scored a game high, helping to lead his team to victory. The video tram caught a close-up of him leaving the court, sweat stains covering his jersey as well as the crack of his loose team shorts. Coach Brown saw Tomas reach behind to dig the material out from between his cheeks, and wondered how much of the wet stains were from sweat, and how much was from their earlier aol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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