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“Joanne? Hi! Aren’t you excited?” Tess could hardly contain herself. The fact that she can almost never contain herself anyway did nothing to explain this much enthusiasm. And the girl she phoned could expect no less, though her eagerness was of a different nature.

“Tess! I can hardly wait! I had a terrible day at work; I just couldn’t keep my mind on the job and off the concert! I’ll be ready right at 6:30 so don’t be late!” Joanne sounded as worked up as Tess did although Tess had no idea that it was not because of the concert. Sure, she and Tess were big NSYNC fans but Joanne had not been to any concerts in at least a year and that was by choice. She liked a few groups but never saw shows as the best way to enjoy their music. She preferred to listen at home, on headphones, to fully appreciate every little nuance of sound. The screaming crowds did little to enhance her musical experience. But, this time it was different. This time, Heather would be going to the concert with Tess and her. And, this time, Joanne would not fail to tell her exactly how she felt…

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about me being late! Heather is another story, though. I think she needs two hours just to plan her make-up! I’ll give her a ‘hurry up’ call just before I come to pick you up. You just make sure that you ‘dress to impress’ so that we have a shot at getting backstage as a group, OK?”

“You can count on it! I’ll see you in a few minutes,” Joanne said and hung up the phone. She didn’t care if it took Heather all night for her to get into her make-up! Just being around her would make it a night to remember!

Joanne actually did worry about what Tess would say if she knew that she agreed to go to this concert solely because she would get a chance to spend some time with Heather. Tess was a very sweet girl, but Joanne had wanted to get much closer to Heather for a long, long time. Every attempt to get close enough to talk to her had failed but Joanne was sure that Heather would listen to her this time and she was even surer that she and Heather shared a ‘common interest’. Tess, who always appeared to be as straight as an arrow, couldn’t possibly understand why Joanne needed Heather. And for Tess, the show, the crowds and the chance to get backstage were her only motivation.

True to her word, Tess arrived promptly at 6:30 p.m. and she looked great! Joanne was surprised at just how well she looked in a black leather mini-skirt, tight, white halter top, covered by a small black jacket, nylons, medium-high black heels. Jo had to take notice of her best friend’s good looks for the first time and liked what she saw. But, tonight was supposed to be her night to try to get closer to Heather. She could mess that up with too much attention to Tess.

“You look fantastic, babe!” she said, after giving Tess the ‘once over’. Tess obviously appreciated the compliment and gave Joanne a hug.

“And, you look terrific, babe!” she replied. Actually, Joanne did. She used her long, thin legs to great advantage by accenting them with tight, white jeans, and minimized her lack of a large chest by wearing a loose-fitting bright blue top and a small vest. She wore flats (Being over 5’10” had afforded her few chances to wear heels), but she was ‘quite a sight in white’, as Tess was fond of saying!

They left Joanne’s to pick up Heather and Tess kept up a steady monologue, blissfully unaware that Jo wasn’t responding much and had a dreamy look on her face. In fact, Tess never knew that Joanne was utilizing her tight jeans for some much needed “personal arousal” all throughout the ride to Heather’s. It didn’t matter, though; Tess was just happy to be going.

As expected, Heather wasn’t ready. Jo and Tess arrived at 6:45 p.m. to be greeted at the door by a handsome gentleman with longish graying hair and casual appearance.

“She’s still upstairs, girls. If you want to get out of here sometime before showtime tonight, I strongly suggest that you go on up and try to get her moving. Lord knows, I can’t!” Heather’s father said with a wry smile.

Joanne and Tess found Heather standing before a full-length mirror in nothing more than a bra and panties. Tess didn’t notice the way Joanne’s mouth dropped open, being so eager to help Heather get dressed. And, help her she did. Heather had been looking at her bra in the mirror and trying to decide if it was revealing enough. It was a thin white bra that did almost nothing for support and everything for appeal. Her choices of tops were laid across the bed and she had been leaning towards the see-thru black one, hoping that the white bra would show through enough but not too much.

“What do you think, Tess?” she asked.

“I think you’ll look great in that outfit! I just wish aydın escort that I had your figure!” Joanne, her mouth finally closed again, agreed silently and giggled. Both Tess and Heather looked at her so she went with the ‘easy out’.

“I wish I had your figure, too, babe!” she said, looking Heather up and down, stripping her with her eyes. Heather’s eyes went wide but the look on Tess’s face was priceless. Shock was replaced by a hesitant smile and she glanced at the door and then closed it, the three of them alone in the room.

“I may be a little dense, but that did not sound like a joke to me. Maybe you should be saying something that we need to hear, Joanne?” she asked quietly and kindly.

Joanne looked at her a moment and blushed. She wasn’t uncomfortable with her sexuality (which seemed to be bisexual) but she was worried to let her feelings for Heather become revealed like this. A glance at Heather changed all that, though. She was smiling broadly and giving Joanne a thorough ‘once over’ herself! Tess seemed amazed, looking from one to the other of her best friends, and seeing that her sudden revelation appeared to be all too true.

“I think you two already know what I’m just finding out! Am I correct?” Now, Tess spoke to both of them, looking first at Joanne who seemed embarrassed, and then to Heather who seemed thrilled. It was Heather who spoke, barely above a whisper.

“Tess, I’m sorry but I don’t know a thing! I have never talked to Joanne (or any other woman, for that matter) about how I feel right now, so I haven’t ‘held back’ on our friendship. But, I think Joanne and I are thinking alike. Joanne, correct me if I’m wrong, but you started feeling differently a few months ago, like I did. I still like boys and I want to …date, still.” (She laughed nervously, knowing that both the other young women knew she’d slept with a few guys more than once or twice.) “But, I think I need something more, something better than …you know, what they do. I started looking around and Joanne caught my eye right away and it looks like I caught hers, too!”

Tess saw that Joanne was shaking like a leaf. She couldn’t tell if it was fear, excitement, or both.

She looked to Heather and said, “Does your family know? Does anyone know besides us?”

Speaking for Heather and herself, Joanne finally spoke, “I didn’t have anything to tell anybody until now and, now, I think everybody that needs to know already knows. But, Heather, what should we do now?”

Immediately, Tess started to talk: “I’m sure that the nylons with the seam down the back are way over the top! Try the ‘nude’ pair with the shorts again. Yeah, I know it won’t work with the top, but, we can take another look at tops in a minute. See how cute that looks?” She paused only long enough to whisper, “I’ll listen and watch at the door. If I say ‘man-killer’, you’ll know your dad’s coming up or is too close.”

Heather looked at Joanne who nodded vigorously and they both looked at Tess who was smiling broadly and resuming her one-woman show for the benefit of Heather’s father. She nodded and winked, never pausing a beat in her monologue.

* * * * *

(Downstairs, Heather’s father heard the girls appear to ‘go back in time’: weren’t they closer to getting ready to leave 20 minutes ago? He was sure of it and paused in the reading of the evening paper to consider. Deciding to gave them a couple more minutes, he set a mental bookmark at the end of the Steeler’s coach’s comments and resumed reading.)

* * * * *

Joanne started to move towards Heather and stopped, looking completely embarrassed. Heather smiled and moved to her, instead, very slowly taking the taller girl into her arms for a friendly embrace. In a moment or two, both she and Joanne tuned out the animated drone of Tess ‘conversing, arguing, and considering’ the merits of various clothing options and their relative sex appeal. Heather pulled back her head and raised her chin, closing her eyes and Joanne waited only a moment before meeting Heather’s lips with her own.

The kiss, like the hug, began as an almost sisterly act but heated so rapidly that both girls were flushed with excitement when it ended. They instinctively looked towards Tess and she mouthed, ‘Wow!’ in between her nonsense chatter.

Joanne inclined her head slightly towards the full sized bed, and Heather nodded, leading her to it and sitting on the edge. Again, they kissed; it seemed as though it was necessary to kiss after every step they took and both girls felt it. This kiss involved a bit more rubbing together of their bodies and Joanne suppressed a deep moan.

* * * * *

(Heather’s dad finished the article and looked at his watch. aydın escort bayan It was too late for the girls to make it to the concert before the crowds gathered now. They would have to wait outside in a long line in typical Pennsylvania winter weather, something they were all accustomed to but, nevertheless, bitter. He quietly put down his paper, studied the cadence of Tess’s silly patter and quietly moved to the head of the stairs. From there, he could see that the bedroom door was closed [as it usually is when Heather is dressing, now that she’s becoming a woman]. He could hear the lack of voices answering Tess’s questions and comments and went back to the chair where he’d left the paper. There, he rustled it once or twice, yawned loudly, and walked noisily to the stairs.

As he climbed them, he heard something, no, two things which caught his attention: the first was a word strangely out of place when girls are talking about sweaters – ‘man-killer’. It was said all by itself in the middle of the discussion of sweater choices. Odd. The second thing he heard was the very slight sound of squeaking, like someone had risen from the bed. This last almost made him hesitate. He was able to continue up without much of a pause and, from the top of the stairs, he now heard all three girl’s voices. Continuing down the hall, he passed Heather’s closed door and entered his bedroom, going directly to the bathroom at the other end. There, he closed the door and sat on the toilet lid, thinking. Reaching a decision after a moment or two, he flushed the toilet and made his way back down the hall and the stairs to return to his easy chair.

There, he again rustled the paper and set it down, reaching for the television’s remote. Before turning it on, he thought about the two girls [Women, actually. They were all 19 years old now.] who were upstairs with his daughter. He had known them both for at least 5 years and was very happy that they were friends of his daughter. They had never given even the slightest indication of trouble [just like Heather] and he felt sure that they wouldn’t ever cause any. He thought about his daughter and how happy she had seemed once she was headed to the concert they were now about to miss and decided that everything was all right. Only then, did he release the mute button and begin to watch an old movie he’d seen in the theater as a child. He smiled remembering that, at the time, he was nineteen, too.)

* * * * *

Tess heard the first rustle of the paper even through her chatter but wasn’t concerned until she heard the yawn. That sounded like someone that was tired and ready to climb the stairs for bed! It seemed a bit early for that but that’s what it sounded like, anyway. And then, when she heard the footsteps coming to the stairs and starting to climb, she was certain he was coming up! Being the budding young actress she was, she slipped the codeword into a sentence beautifully and neither girl noticed. Joanne’s hand was delicately gliding across Heather’s bared breasts, pausing at a nipple and Heather was caressing Joanne’s long legs and thighs. (Tess was now very glad she had not slid a hand into her own pants as she watched; she, too, may have gotten caught up in the heat of the moment!) As it was, she was able to refocus and try the word again. This time, she gave it a bit of space between the rest of her chatter and both girls heard it at once. They looked at her alarmed but she went to them, continuing to talk and encouraging them to do the same. They readily slipped into the easy talk of friends that have known each other for a long time.

After a moment, returning to the door, Tess listened and heard the footsteps pass the closed door and continue down the hallway, finally stopping as the master bedroom’s bathroom door closed. Tess gave the others a ‘thumbs up’ and as soon as they all heard the toilet flush, they were actually back to discussing the clothing options for Heather to try on. By the time the television’s sound restarted in the living room, they were all relaxed, though still not any closer to dressed for the concert.

This time, it was Tess who moved first. She casually took Joanne’s hand and returned it to Heather’s breast and reaching for Heather’s hand, she placed it on Joanne’s thigh, just where it had been before.

“He’ll watch TV,” Heather said in a whisper, “for the rest of the night and then he’ll go to bed. I’m sure that he won’t come up and disturb us, and he might go straight to bed afterwards. Are you both all right? I mean, I know that this is a little awkward with Dad downstairs but I can explain to him that we took too long deciding and chose to just have a sleepover instead. And, Tess, are you ‘OK’ with what you’re escort aydın doing? Because, if you’re not, Joanne and I could…”

“Don’t even go there!” Tess whispered quickly. “I know what’s going on here and, if you both don’t mind too much (we’re all friends here!), I want to see it. I’ll still be the lookout but I really want to see. Please don’t stop because of me!”

Heather looked at Joanne who looked at Tess and they all smiled. Heather slipped from Joanne’s touch for a minute to write a small note and place it on the outside of her door with a little tape. She then turned off the light and both Tess and Joanne whispered, “no!” at the same time. Heather chuckled, surprised and yet delighted, and lit a small floating candle on her dresser. The candle’s light, reflected by the large mirror behind it, filled the room with a warm, dancing illumination. Turning to both the other girls now, they looked at each other and again whispered in unison: “Perfect, babe!” All three girls laughed and Heather rushed into Joanne’s arms while Tess returned to the door and resumed her chatter and listening. Both lasted less than five minutes as she watched her two best friends lay back on the bed and lovingly remove each other’s clothing. This time, Tess couldn’t resist; once her patter had stopped, she could hear the gentle breathing, see the increasing intimacy of the touches and keep her own hands from herself no longer. She sat in a small comfortable chair at the foot of the bed, opened her shorts, and slid her hand under her panties and to the spot she’d only recently discovered. With slow, easy swirls, she drifted on a thin cloud of ecstasy, never too involved to miss watching a hand slipping across a twitching belly, or a mouth opening from it’s embrace of a breast. Tess watched Heather explore Joanne completely with her fingers, hands and lips, while she teased herself by moving her hand away for a moment.

Heather softly moaned, really feeling it as Joanne began a slow fingerdance between her thighs, and Tess almost came right then, nowhere near bringing herself that far but being caught up in the intense pleasure before her eyes. But, when Joanne lay over and then on top of Heather, kissing and licking just inches from her, Tess could hold back no more, coming as quietly as possible, so as not to distract the lovers. She need not have worried; Heather came seconds later and, though she really tried to restrain herself, she cried out with complete release and satisfaction.

* * * * *

(Still listening to the movie, Heather’s father heard his daughter’s orgasm and gently eased up the volume, smiling. ‘Well, good for her’, he thought. He surfed channels for a few minutes and went back to the movie.)

* * * * *

Tess was sure that she hadn’t made much noise but Heather’s coming was completely unrestrained and loud. She gasped and listened intently. Hearing the TV didn’t make her feel much better and she started to go to the door in hope of heading Heather’s father off if he knocked or worse. But, she was greatly relieved to hear the television changing channels. He was obviously looking around the stations and she was greatly relieved when he returned to the old movie.

Neither Joanne nor Heather seemed to be aware of anything outside of the room. Both were as intent upon each other as before. And, Joanne, still above Heather was getting closer by the minute. Tess could see the look of calm concentration on Joanne’s face and then, a little more movement from beneath her as Heather pulled a small, silver vibrator from somewhere near the head of the bed. In a few seconds, a new sound was in the room and, with a small gasp, Joanne lifted her face from between Heather’s open thighs and stared directly at Tess.

Tess was looking back and had returned her own hand between her legs, this time, also spread and completely uncovered. Joanne looked at Tess working her fingers around, over, and into her own moist crotch, and, feeling the magic of a woman’s touch between her legs, came hard, groaning while burying her face back between Heather’s legs.

It took a long time for Joanne to finish but Heather held her tenderly, rubbing her legs and hips, murmuring endearments into her soft, downy hair. After a minute or two, Tess released, again silently, and then joined her friends, lying beside them on the bed. When both could move and speak again, they lay on both sides of Tess and began to kiss her.

* * * * *

(The movie now long over but thoroughly enjoyed again, Heather’s father lowered the sound of the television and sat for a while. Hearing no more from the bedroom above, he turned it off completely and climbed the stairs for bed. He saw the note, removed it, and took it to his bedroom, reading it only after he’d undressed and prepared for bed. The note was short and the handwriting hurried but since he knew about the girls’ “change of plans…too much time changing…and it’s too cold to wait outside!” already, he smiled easily, turned out the light and peacefully went to sleep).

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