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Conference Conception – Part 2

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Dear God! Was this what being drunk always felt like afterwards?It was late when I finally opened my eyes the following morning. The rest of the night had passed in a fitful sleep which had done nothing to refresh me. My head was thick, my mouth dry, my tummy heaving.I hadn’t actually been sick; if I had been more experienced in the world of drinking I might have made myself vomit; I would have forced myself to consume several glasses of water too and would consequently be feeling better. But I was a rookie in that respect and woke with for me, the grandmother of all hangovers.The only thing that made my situation any better was the certain knowledge that my husband’s hangover was worse; much worse if the green-grey colour of his skin was anything to judge by.The conference had officially ended the night before so there was no real need to go down to breakfast the next morning but, if I was to support my husband all the way, I needed to be present at every opportunity. William could not be seen publicly either to be unwell and could not afford to miss what would be the very last opportunity before the Board meeting for a little schmoozing so, reluctantly, we dragged ourselves from bed, showered, shaved, dressed and put on as brave a face as we could.It wasn’t until I was washing myself in the shower and came across a small knot of semen in my pubic hair that I remembered what had happened in the night. A shiver passed through me; the way I had felt and the things I had thought and said had been quite out of character but at least had been in private. Only my husband and Monica had seen me drunk.I soaped my flat tummy wondering whether my instincts had been right and there was indeed the earliest beginnings of a baby inside me. To my surprise, a warm glow replaced the shiver; the thought that I might now actually be pregnant was nowhere near as alarming as I would have expected only a day ago. In fact, the prospect had a real if unfamiliar appeal.The way in which my putative baby had been conceived came back to me too. Vivid memories began to fill my mind; how it had felt to be touched and entered from behind; how the complete darkness had heightened all my other senses. How very different my husband’s erection had felt in this new position; how it had filled me so completely; how his technique had been so very good, bringing me to an entirely unexpected orgasm before filling my body with the seed I had wanted so badly.If this was what being a more normal wife and mother felt like, perhaps it did have some advantages.Most of the other conference attendees had taken the opportunity to have a lie-in too so the breakfast room was busy as we arrived late and waited at the entrance to be shown to a table. The state of my tummy wasn’t going to let me have much to eat but copious amounts of strong black coffee were an absolute necessity.To my surprise, as we waited to be served and the diners began to notice our presence, the noisy bustle seemed to quieten down a little. Couples paused in their conversation and turned surreptitiously to look at us.I glowed with pride despite my throbbing head; the rumour machine was working. My husband must have done so well last evening that his place as Senior Partner was being openly talked about. I swelled with pleasure myself, after all, I had played a part in this success.***The next few weeks passed in something of a haze. Both Will and I were badly hung over all Sunday so beylikdüzü escort it was Monday evening before our lovemaking resumed. I was too embarrassed to talk about all I had said, done and felt in bed that Saturday night so pretended all had been normal. Fortunately for me, Will could remember little so my blushes were spared.All the same, it was a new me that lay beneath my husband that Monday evening, a new, softer, more sexually aware me who was happy to go through the motions of being inseminated again but who knew in her heart she was already pregnant.In our usual missionary position, my husband’s erection felt more like it usually did. As a result, I did not reach anything like the heights of pleasure I had reached at the conference but, as I could not conceive twice, I had not expected to.All the same it was a bit disappointing.Other good things happened in the coming weeks too.The first was that, at the very next Board Meeting, William was confirmed as Senior Partner. We both glowed with pride as we read the announcement first in the company’s internal newsletter then in the National financial Press.The huge increase in salary that this promotion included was going to come in handy too because very shortly afterwards I missed my period. A week after that a home test confirmed that I was indeed pregnant.William actually cried when I told him the good news.The warm feminine glow that filled my heart when I realised I was going to be a mother is something that will live with me the rest of my life. There could be only one possible moment of conception; I basked in the contentment of having recognised it at the time, however drunkenly.The prospect of being a mother changed things around us and changed me too. My all-consuming job began to seem somehow less important; my studies and reading began to feel like trivial indulgences compared with the reality of bringing life into the world.How could mediaeval literature possibly compare to motherhood? How could I write about the self-indulgent Beat Generation when the real next generation was growing in my belly?The fact that the baby had been conceived during the most intense sexual experience of my life was icing on the cake, but how could I study the climax of Twentieth Century fiction when the greatest physical climax of my life was still so fresh in my memory?My God! That orgasm had been intense! Did conception always feel that good? Why had I fought against it for so long?I wanted to talk to Maggie about this wonderful change in my life but for some reason she seemed to have been avoiding me since the conference. I had no idea why this should be; I hadn’t been so drunk I could have upset her during the weekend and not realised it. Indeed I was sure I had not.A possible answer came a few weeks later when I visited Will in his smart new office for the first time since the conference. By then I was a full ten weeks pregnant and although my bump wasn’t yet obvious, my clothes were definitely beginning to feel a little tight.Pregnancy had transformed our relationship completely. Though we had always loved each other, the passion I now felt for the father of the child growing in my belly was beyond anything I had dreamed existed. In return, Will seemed to view me as some kind of Goddess, his adoration manifesting itself in gifts, concentrated attention and an extraordinary vigour to our sex life that we hadn’t known since beylikdüzü escort bayan our earliest days together.I don’t think either of us had ever been this happy in our lives.To get to Will’s new lair I had to walk through the sales office. Convinced that the world could see my swelling belly, I was more than a little self-conscious but in fact, the staff seemed to be avoiding my gaze rather than staring at my bulge. Maybe it wasn’t considered appropriate to stare at the Big Boss’ wife.As I made my way along the walkway between the desks, I passed Phil Gibson’s office again. It was empty; he must have been out with clients so I couldn’t resist having a look at the frame full of cards hanging over his filing cabinet as I went by.I froze when I saw it! On the extreme right hand side of the frame was a new card; the queen of diamonds.My mouth dropped open. If the rumours were right, this meant Phil had added one of the two remaining Partner’s wives to his list of conquests. If Maggie had told the truth, until the conference she and I had been the only wives to have resisted Phil’s undoubted charms.Now it appeared only one wife remained unviolated…Maggie must have succumbed! Oh my God!My heart sprang back into life and began to race. After all she had said to me about him, my chatty, gossipy friend had actually let the company’s worst lothario get into her knickers.I had seen her talking to him at the conference but had lost track of her shortly afterwards. Maybe she had been with him. Maybe they had been in his room! They had certainly seemed to be getting on well the last time I had seen them together, but would she really have let him have sex with her?The cards told me all I needed to know. And if I could tell this, the rest of the business would know it too.No wonder Maggie was avoiding me; the shame and embarrassment would keep her away from anyone work-related for a long time. And what if it hadn’t just been a one-night stand? What if they were having a longer term affair?Though older than me, Maggie was still a good-looking woman; a woman with a past too, that might mean she was better in bed than her nature would suggest.My mind was spinning as I left the parcel on William’s desk and made my way back through the office. This time I could feel enquiring eyes on me as I passed, as if hoping to see my reaction to the revelation I had just experienced.***I didn’t see or speak to Maggie for nearly another month, and then it was only because she came up to me in the supermarket.Me in a supermarket? Surely not!Before my pregnancy I would always order groceries online and have them delivered to the house. Much of it was convenience foods to fit in with my busy professional life and of course I insisted on eating out often. Now, nearly sixteen weeks gone and with a noticeable bulge, I preferred to take a trolley around the store, looking for ideas for my husband’s dinner. I had even started cooking more and more from scratch.Indeed I had taken to the role of current wife and future mother with an enthusiasm that surprised me. I now worked only three days a week and had halved the hours our cleaner spent doing the domestic chores I used to hate but now actually enjoyed. My severe work suits had already been replaced with softer, more feminine dresses and leggings and would soon be followed by real maternity clothes. The prospect actually appealed to me!I could tell Maggie escort beylikdüzü was a little taken aback by my appearance but looked pleased to have found me. We took our shopping into a quiet corner the shop’s busy café and sat down to talk for the first time since the conference.The atmosphere was strange to begin with. I looked at the woman I confidently believed to have recently cheated rather publicly on her husband but could see no obvious sign of change. Indeed, Maggie seemed to be eyeing me with suspicion instead but I took that to be a result of my new shape and more casual clothes.It took a good ten minutes of banal chat before either of us referred to the subject we both knew eventually had to arise.“I haven’t seen you since the conference,” I said as casually as I could. “Have you been hiding from me.”I made it sound as much a joke as I could but there was a frown on her face.“It’s a bit… awkward,” she began slowly.“I hope we can still be good friends,” I replied. “I know Will is Brian’s boss now but that shouldn’t affect you and me. We’ve been friends far too long to let that get between us.”She looked at me strangely again. It unsettled me more than a little to the extent that my next words took even me by surprise.“And that thing with Phil shouldn’t come between us either.”Maggie’s mouth fell open in shock.“Sorry Maggie,” I hastily added. “I can keep a secret, I promise. It’s your business after all.”“YOU can keep a secret?” she asked, stunned.“Of course. You’re my best friend, whatever happened that night.”She paused then looked at me quizzically.“What exactly do you think did happen that night?”“Well… you and Phil obviously,” I whispered confidentially. “I saw the card in his office?”“What card?””The Queen of Diamonds of course.”“And you thought it meant he’d had ME?”“Of course. I saw you talking to him in the bar. He looked like he was giving you the full works and that you were enjoying it. I didn’t see either of you again after that. Then I saw the queen of diamonds had been added and…”“And put two and two together?” she offered.I nodded.Maggie took a long sip of coffee then sat back in her seat.“Can you keep a secret?” she eventually asked.“Of course.”“You were right. Phil was trying to seduce me in the bar.”I smiled in satisfaction.“He’s a very attractive man; a woman my age is more easily flattered than someone younger and I was enjoying the attention. Brian doesn’t seem to see me as a woman anymore; our love life has been in the doldrums for years and it felt so good to be the centre of an attractive man’s attention again.”I nodded but kept quiet, not wanting to break her flow.“Deep down I knew he was only doing it as part of his challenge but I was a bit drunk and Phil is nothing if not persistent. Eventually I decided not to resist any longer. Phil had made it plain that he wanted me and I had actually decided to give in and let him have me.”“Goodness!”“Oh! I knew it was wrong, but life with Brian had become so unbearably dull that even a one night stand with a man that good-looking seemed a release. I’m not stupid Carole; I know what he’s like. I knew it wouldn’t be much more than a quick tumble but after twenty years of Brian’s deathly dull bedroom technique, even an hour in bed with Phil seemed irresistible.”She blushed and leaned even closer towards me.“I was so desperate I’d wet my panties before he even touched me.”“Maggie!” I gasped.“I know. I’m not proud of myself but it’s true. I might have been back in a school disco, I was so wet.”This would have been an extraordinary confession if the memories of my Conference Conception that the conversation was generating hadn’t been having a similar effect on my own body. Even talking to Maggie in this way was making me lubricate.

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