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Confession Ch. 01: First Time Swallow

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It all started when…

Sammy had talked to Billy many times over smoking pot about the fact that sucking dick is natural, after all, “it is just the right size for a mouth,” he would say. He talked about how “cum is actually good for you and it is a shame that women seem to get it all.” Sammy often pointed out that, “it is an acquired taste but when you get used to it, it tastes good.” Several times it seemed like Billy was about ready to suck his dick, but then something always seemed to interrupt the mood.

Privately Billy was having mixed emotions about it but was thinking about it. He dreamt about it and a couple times and woke up with his mouth open in a circle, lips stretched outward and his neck stretching forward. It sort of embarrassed him to think about it. He was about ready to try it just to see what he really thought about it.

One day Billy came over a bit upset looking. He didn’t talk much at first so they had some pot. After smoking some, Billy gradually started to tell Sammy what was up.

Choking up a little, Billy started telling Sammy what happened. “I went over to Larry’s apartment to look at a stereo set he had for sale.” Larry is a married man just a little older than Billy. “It is a nice set. We listened to some sample music and smoked a few joints to enhance the experience. Larry’s wife was out of town for a week. He wore tight cotton shorts with nothing underneath. The shorts could have passed for underwear. They were nearly like a speedo swim suit. I couldn’t help but notice the guys genitals were clearly outlined, I could tell the size and shape of the balls, the shaft and circumcised head of the cock. I found myself looking at it and wondering if my eyes were deceiving me because it looked like it was getting bigger.”

“We were stoned and neither one of us spoke, we just kind of sat there in a daze. Then Larry reached over and calmly smoothed and petted my hair, and then lightly pulled my head forward a little. It felt soothing and caring as he brushed his fingers through my hair, I was stoned already, and just let him pull my head closer. I didn’t try to think about what the heck Larry was doing, after all he was supplying the smokes and the music. Before I realized it my face was against the shorts and I could feel the contour of the cock with my face. I could feel the warmth and the heat from his cock. Larry took his fingers, and lightly pushed my eyelids shut. While my eyes were shut Larry must have gently slipped his shorts down, exposing his dick. Larry pulled my face to it again and rubbed against my face, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, and in the process let it brush across my lips several times. He told me to blow on it and I could feel the heat off it on my face. I don’t know why I didn’t do anything. He took a finger and opened my lips. Then he painted precum all around my lips with his cock head, lightly pushed against my lips making a small smacking sound with the precum drops. I licked my lips and it tasted good and salty. It was my first time tasting precum.”

“Larry pushed my lips open a little more and pushed just the head of it in my mouth. That is all that was touching my mouth and I didn’t think much of it at first. Then he said Lick!”

“I licked and twirled my tongue, and felt the pee hole with the tip of my tongue just like I have dreamed. At first I gently sucked just the tip, then the entire crown, then I sealed my lips behind the flare, licking and sucking, trying to get more pre cum. Larry pushed it in further and I tasted and licked the skin of the velvety cum vein, savoring the taste better than I had dreamt. Slowly he pushed it in all the way to my throat and swiveled my head on it. I made swallowing motions on the tip of the dick. I made motions as if trying to take it deep throat. Larry was gentle and understanding the whole time, saying very little. Ankara escort I could feel the pulsing, and finally a bigger swelling.”

Larry said, “seal your lips around it and keep it in your mouth,” and about this time Larry shot jets of cum ropes in my mouth. He said, “hold it in there for a few minutes, taste the cum, and suck my dick clean as it softens.” Larry finally pulled the dick out and said, “kiss it.” He guided Billy’s head to kiss the tip, up and down the shaft, all the way down between the balls, and kissed the balls. He turned a little side ways and said, “lick right here,” indicating the side of his butt cheek, turned some more and let Billy lick his entire ass. “That was pretty good for your first time sucking cock and swallowing cum. You are pretty good at kissing ass too!”

Sammy looked at Billy and said, “I wanted to be your first one!”

Billy looked up mournfully, and said, “I’m sorry.”

Sammy asked, “Did you suck his balls and lick his asshole?”

Billy said, “no.”

Sammy was pulling down his pants as Billy was already looking at his dick which made it get hard. Sammy put his dick in Billy’s mouth and said, “show me how you did it.”

Billy gave an immaculate blow job, even better than the first one. He showed the cum in his mouth on his tongue, swished it all around his mouth to taste it in every crevice of his mouth, and then swallowed the cum. Sammy saw the swallowing.

It was fulfilling for Billy to know Sammy let him get so close and personal. He felt a strong tie with his friend.

Billy finished by kissing and licking Sammy’s cock and balls, sucking and tasting every bit of the balls. He sucked the ball skin in his mouth and savored the taste and the feel, even of the pubic hairs. He licked behind the ball sack and the perineum all the way to the brown wrinkles of Sammy’s asshole. Sammy laid back and pulled his legs up to give full access. Billy licked and rimmed his asshole good, unrehearsed, then kissed and licked his ass cheeks and all the way up his ass crack as Sammy moved around for him. He sucked in some of the butt skin in little French kisses all over it and both sides of the ass crack. As Sammy turned around again, Billy kissed and licked all through his pubic hair and around the base of his cock, and then all around the base of his scrotum, making sure he tasted, licked, kissed, and sucked the entire pubic and pelvis area normally covered by underwear. Billy sucked the balls good and savored the taste of the scrotum pulling the skin in his mouth while sucking and mouth massaging.

Sammy hugged Billy and said, “that was good, do you feel better now?”

Billy said, “Yes that was good.”

Sammy said, “Ok it is my turn, let’s take your clothes off.”

Together they took Billy’s clothes off. He liked how Sammy helped him with the belt buckle, and how he slid Billy’s underwear down and free of his ankles.

Sammy said, “Lay over the bed with the corner of the bed between your knees. Now spread your knees wide.” Sammy was getting a second hard on.

Sammy took some lotion and started rubbing Billy’s ass.

Billy said, “That feels good.”

Then Sammy opened a jar of Vaseline putting a gob on his fingers and rubbed it into Billy’s asshole. He put more and more of it, and worked it in until his fingers slid into Billy’s asshole with no resistance.

Billy was amazed that Sammy was also willing to be so close and personal. He didn’t mind the fingering of his butthole. After all Sammy was his close friend.

Sammy said, “How does it feel?”


Then Sammy took some personal lube and holding Billy’s asshole open a little squirted some drops in it, then he rubbed some on his own cock. Sammy rubbed his cock head on Billy’s asshole.

Billy was not sure what Sammy was doing. It felt like he Ankara escort bayan was firmly massaging lotion in his butt crack and on his asshole.

Sammy said, “Relax.” He kept firmly massaging his cockhead on Billy’s asshole. His cock was getting harder and harder. Nudging the head a little on the high side of his anal rim he then pushed it downward opening the hole just enough to get the very tip of his cock head started in. Pumping very slowly and gently he pushed a little until the anal ring relaxed a little and the lube allowed slightly more entrance. With the lube just keeping firm pressure allowed the cockhead to go in a little further. Billy’s asshole was naturally adapting in slow motion with the help of the lube, Sammy’s cock head finally pushed in until the flange of his cock head had passed in.

Sammy held it there and let the asshole adapt and then very slowly continued to push as the shaft of his cock started to enter. He felt Billy reflexively clinch, and it felt warm and good.

Sammy said, “Relax. Now open it up and push back.”

Going deeper Sammy started to twist and spiral it a little. He said to Billy, “Kind of hump and twist on it.”

“How does it feel?”

Billy said, “I feel full.”

Little by little he worked it all the way in until the base of his cock was all the way in and his pubic hair was against Billy’s crack, and his balls were rubbing on Billy’s balls.

“Reach under and massage our balls.” Billy reached under and it was a thrill and a revelation to fondle two sets of balls. “Reach back down your crack and feel the thickness of my cock where it is going in your ass.”

Just the words talking about a cock in his ass was a sudden reality to Billy. It was a little bit of a thrill, but now he could feel the cock starting to slide in and out with small motions. Finally he could feel the cock slide nearly all the way out and then all the way back in. When it was pulled out more quickly, he uncontrollably grunted. Likewise when it was pushed in more quickly he grunted in a different way.

Sammy said, “Each time it is all the way in, I want you to clinch it and hold real tight, as I pull it out. Then I want you to hump and twist a little bit as I push it back in.”

Billy felt and heard a loud “Smack,” as Sammy spanked his butt. The sting added a little more thrill to the whole thing and he clinched harder. Billy could hear Sammy’s stomach smacking against his ass.

Sammy said, “When you clinch my cock I want you to clinch your asshole, your butt, and I want to see your whole body flex.”

Soon Sammy swelled and clinched as well pumping and unloading a good volume of cum in Billy’s rectum. He rested, then slowly pulled out letting Billy clinch to squeeze out every drop of cum. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it up and down Billy’s slick crack, pushing the ass cheeks together over his cock like a hotdog in buns.

He turned Billy over and let Billy lick the last drops off his cock head, and then let him suck his balls, and lick his ass.

Billy sat on the edge of the bed, put his head in his friend’s chest and hugged him, with his hands squeezing and fondling Sammy’s ass.

Sammy asked, “Did you like it?”

Billy replied, “It was awesome!”

About a week later Billy went back to Larry’s to see if he could get some speaker wire. Larry was wearing some thin clingy shorts again. Billy could see the cock through the material in the right light. They had an amicable conversation over smoking pot. Larry did not mention that he had spiked the pot with some meth. The conversation became humorous and personal.

Billy remarked, “Hey I found some shorts almost as good as yours. Do you want to see them?”

“Would you like to lick my ass first before I get the speaker wire?” Larry turned so Billy could see the cheeks of Escort Ankara his ass showing.

Billy said, “Yes.”

Larry said, “Ask me if you can lick my ass crack, and promise me you will do a great job.”

“Please let me lick you ass crack, and I promise I will lick it all and do the greatest job.” Billy had a begging tone.

Larry said, “You can slide them down and start kissing and licking even better than you have ever done.”

Billy was already stoned. As he started kissing and licking he tasted and smelled the different portions of skin, the sides of the butt crack, the brown wrinkles, the funnel shape on either side of the asshole, the asshole rim, and the wrinkles. He savored it all and then licked and tasted the butt cheeks.

Larry was starting to get hard and said, “Let’s see your shorts.”

Billy dropped his pants to his ankles.

Larry said, “Those look like panties, and they are too big for you. Leave your clothes there and come in here I have some that may fit you better.”

Billy followed him into the bedroom. Larry pulled open his wife’s drawer and took out several pairs of panties, choosing different styles. “Put these on,” handing a thong to him. “Now turn around and bend over, show it to me.”

Billy said, “How does this look?”

Larry said, “Good but try these on,” and handed him a bikini pair with some frills and lace.

Billy sniffed them, then put them on and pranced and walked around some.

Larry was getting so hard he couldn’t stand it. “Come over here and bend over the bed right here.” It was close to the night stand.

Billy stood facing the bed and then bent over, following the suggestions in good faith and humor.

Larry came behind, momentarily rubbed his cock in Billy’s ass crack, “do you like that?” Then he pulled the panties down. He reached to the bedside table and took a tube of anal lube rubbing it all over his hard cock and then coated Billy’s asshole.

Billy asked, “What are you doing?”

Larry said, “Relax you will find out in a minute.”

He slapped his cock against Billy’s ass cheeks a couple times, then rubbed it up and down Billy’s ass crack a few times. Then he guided his cockhead to the anal indention pushing firmly. “Tell me where you want this.”

Billy said, “Put it in my butt.”

Larry was surprised that his cock started to slide in without too much difficulty. “Do you like that.”

Almost mesmerized, Billy gasped, “Oh yes!”

Gradually Larry started pumping and was surprised when Billy clinched and wiggled just right and humped at the right times. Larry said, “You are good at this. Tell me if you like my cock.”

Billy said, “I love your cock, it feels so good. Uh, uhh.” He grunted and groaned.

Larry spanked and smacked Billy’s ass. He pulled on his hair, then held him by the neck. His stomach smacked against his ass.

Larry turned Billy over without taking his cock out of the ass, pushed Billy’s legs up, and laid over him stomach to stomach. “Now cross your legs over my back and hold my ass while I fuck you.”

The words “fuck you” turned Billy on. Billy’s cock was getting hard. He could feel Larry’s balls smacking on his ass crack.

Larry turned him back over fucking from behind again. “Do you like my cum?”

Billy said, “I love your cum. Give it to me. Please.”

Larry turned him back over once again and straddled Billy’s chest. “Open your mouth.”

Billy opened his mouth.

Larry put the head of his cock over Billy’s anticipating mouth and at the last second, pushed it in and came in heaves filling the back of Billy’s mouth. Billy rolled it over and over in his mouth with his tongue cleaning off Larry’s cock head.

Billy had a lot of taste sensations and savored Larry’s cock. After about five minutes he started sucking Larry’s balls, and followed up with rimming his asshole.

Billy snuck away with Larry’s wife’s panties, and as he said good bye with speaker wire in hand, he pulled some pubic hair from his mouth. He couldn’t wait to show Sammy his new panties.

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