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I could feel my cock twitching in the pants of my suit with the excitement of what would be waiting for me as I pulled my car into the driveway of the lovely home I share with my wife.

I quietly let myself in the front door and heard music coming from the kitchen. Smiling to myself I tiptoed toward the sound and through the doorway I saw her.

She was naked, as I knew she would be. It was a rule we had established a few years ago, when we had only recently been married. When she was home alone or with me, she would always be naked.

She had her hands in the sink washing some dishes, with her back to the door so I stood to watch her for while. She is gorgeous. About 5’7 and 130lbs. Long, dark hair falls in waves down her tanned back. Her small waist tapers out into lovely hips and the softest peach of an ass.

My cock was rock hard now and the anticipation that I feel all day had come to be unbearable.

I unzipped the fly on my suit trousers and pulled out my cock. Fully erect, it’s around 9 inches and thick enough to make a woman gasp at the feel of it sliding into her, as my wife did when I walked up behind her and crouched slightly, slowly pushing into the space between her legs.

“Hello baby,” I whispered into her ear, before gently trailing my lips down her neck making her shiver. “I see you’ve been waiting for me, you’re such a good girl.”

I slid my cock back and forth against her pussy a couple of times before angling upward and gradually pushing my head past her warm opening.

She opened her legs slightly to allow me more space, but didn’t stop washing dishes. It was part of the game.

Once I was satisfied that my whole cock was nestled inside her, I reached round her to grab a fresh glass off the draining board and filled it with water from the tap and took a drink.

My wife placed the last plate on the side and dried her hands ankara eve gelen escort on a nearby towel.

“Do you want to relax honey? We can sit and watch a movie and in a while I’ll cook some dinner.”

With my cock still pulsing inside her pussy, I smiled at her. “I’d love that, let’s go.”

Walking with my cock inside her can be awkward at times but we’ve been living like this for so long it’s normal to us now. We slowly turned together, away from the sink and across the kitchen. While she walks, her arse jiggles from side to side and the motion of our steps causes my cock to naturally pull in and out of her so I’m fucking her while we walk.

Still fully clothed, I fucked her beautiful naked pussy all the way down the hall to the living room, pausing once to give her a few hard thrusts while she held onto the wall for support.

Once in the living room, I unbuttoned my pants all the way and expertly pulled them down while keeping myself inside her. I never usually wear underwear due to the fact that it makes it easier to fuck whenever and wherever I am. I kicked my pants off and I backed myself down onto the couch, pulling her with me, my cock never leaving her pussy. I let her choose something to watch on TV while I held her in my lap with my hands underneath her thighs, slowly fucking in and out of her.

Satisfied that she’d found something good, I slowly manovered round to lean on my side on the arm of the couch with my wife in front of me and her round arse backed right up into my crotch.

We lay there still for a while and I stroked her hair. Every now and then, my cock would twitch inside her and she’d squirm at the feeling of its hardness filling her.

I love the feeling of being turned on even more than the climax. By keeping my cock inside my wife the whole time we are at home together, I get to stay in a gaziosmanpaşa escort constant state of arousal and it drives me crazy. My wife was unsure, at first, if this lifestyle would be for her, but I am now able to bring her to orgasm several times a day. I love to lay together on the couch like this, slowly pushing my cock all the way in and then sliding back out of her while playing with her beautiful pussy, until I feel it clamp down rhythmically on my cock, and then I leave myself resting inside of her until she is ready again. Sometimes I will sit up on the edge of the couch watching TV or play video games with her on all fours on the floor in front of me, our naked bodies constantly connected by my thick, hard cock. We don’t even need to fuck, I just love the feeling of her warm, wet pussy wrapped tight around me.

I made her orgasm while barely paying attention to her show. Her quiet moans and gasps almost sent me over the edge, I love how much she now enjoys it. Sometimes I will blow my load inside her and wait for my cock to become hard again, ready to carry on fucking her cum-filled pussy, but not tonight.

I was beginning to get hungry and I told her so. She agreed, and so I reached around her from behind and scooped her up, cradling her in front of me so that I could carry her to the kitchen, fucking her as I went.

I stood her down in front of the fridge and fucked her some more as she bent over to rummage around in the bottom drawer for ingredients. I followed her around the kitchen as she cooked with my cock hanging out the back of her, assisting her where she needed, and fucking her while she stood stirring the wok on the stove.

When dinner was ready we sat at the kitchen table, me on the chair with her on my lap leaning slightly forward. She had her bowl on the table while I held mine to my chest which allowed us to stay gölbaşı escort together at the crotch.

I love to fuck her when she’s busy, eating or reading, even sleeping, the thought of her ignoring me to let me carry out my sordid fantasy on her turns me on so much.

Once we had finished eating, I carried her back to the living room, where I span her around on my cock to face me and sank back into the couch. I looked into her gorgeous blue eyes while we chatted about our days and other meaningless things, laughing and joking together as if my cock wasn’t buried deep inside her pussy the whole time.

Eventually, after she’d ground herself out another orgasm on my cock while we were talking, we decided to go to bed. We got ready in the bathroom together. Naturally I have to remove myself from her to use the toilet, but my wife can go with my cock in her pussy. We stand in the shower so she can pee, I love the feeling of it running down my balls as it streams out of her.

After cleaning us both up with the shower head and bringing her to her final orgasm that evening, we walked, and fucked, to the bed and laid down so that I could spoon her.

It was only after I’d felt myself beginning to drift off, that I let my load go inside of her. I didn’t need to move. I had been hard for hours and the cum I had been holding all night just started flowing from my sore balls as I relaxed. I grunted heavily into her ear while she whispered to me.

“Shh honey, that’s it, let all your cum out into me. I want you to have a nice relaxing sleep now baby.”

Her words soothed me and the feeling of my cock finally releasing deep inside her warm hole was incredible. It must have pumped 10 or 15 times before the orgasm subsided. My cock twitching with the aftershock, I gave a couple of slow thrusts, swirling my cum around inside her. I felt a few drops leak onto my balls and I pushed my cock as far as it would go, plugging her pussy so no more would escape. I wanted to keep my cum and my now softened cock inside her while she slept.

And it was like that, we fell into deep sleep and by the time morning came, my cock was hard once more and ready to go another day inside my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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