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Controlled by Aunt 5

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Controlled by Aunt 5I looked my aunt in the eyes and said yes we have a deal, deep down I knew I still wanted to fuck my uncle and knew when my aunty wasn’t around I would probably still tease and flash him or even let him fuck my ass with his big fat cock. But I knew I needed to keep my aunt happy so she would allow me to get the much-needed cock I so desired.I slept for a long time, my body needed to repair the damage all those cocks had done to my once tight virgin ass. I woke up to the sound of voices coming from downstairs. I pulled on my dressing gown and made my way down to the living room. I stopped as I turned the corner of the hallway that led into the living room. There sitting with my aunt was the biggest black man I had ever seen, he looked to be around 6ft 6 and built like the side of a house.My aunt noticed me and stood up saying high honey this is Charles, he will be working on the barn for a couple of weeks. I hope you will be nice to Charles as he is a good friend of the family and often comes over to help us to repair the farm. I now wish I had put more clothes on under my dressing gown, my nipples went hard and pressed through the silky material, as my breathing got deeper and quicker my gown seemed to raise up and expose a little more of my ass and thigh to anyone who was looking.Charles stood up and walked towards me as I walked towards my aunt’s open arms beckoning me to come closer. Soon Charles and I were at arm’s length, he reached out his large black hand offering to shake mine. I looked at my little white hand as it disappeared into the large black mass of fingers and thumb. The contrast of his dark black skin against the white of my arm extending out of his grip made my pussy tingle and start to leak down my leg, the throbbing sensation in my clitoris and nipples made my legs feel weak and my head feel like I was dreaming.I think Charles felt me going to fall so he pulled me to him and used his spare arm to cup me up and lift me towards him and hold me steady. My aunt looked at me with concern asking if I was OK. I looked at her and said yes I just felt a little faint there for a moment. My aunt said yes you have had a very busy day, you probably need to sit and relax for a moment, let me go and make you something to eat to help build your strength. As my aunt turned and walked away I could feel Charles big strong arms holding me tight, but I could also feel his hand cupping my naked bum cheek as it sat in his big hand while he held me up. I turned towards him to say I was feeling better and he could let me down now onto my feet, as I did this without realising it made my dressing gown open up and give him a full view of my little white curvy slim body.The look of panic of Charles’s face as he realised he had pulled my gown open and could now see my naked body was a picture, then I got the shock of my life as his large cock started to grow and grow under his denim dungarees and poke out towards me. Charles let go of me quickly almost causing me to fall over, he dived onto the settee and pulled a pillow into his lap attempting to hide the monster cock that was now still growing under his clothes.I pretended to fall forward and land over the arm of the settee anadolu yakası escort allowing my tits to fall forward letting him see them hanging there in front of his face as he tried to hide is BBC from my hungry eyes. I am sure I could have reached into the side of his dungarees and felt his cock sticking out the waistband, but I thought better of it with my aunt just down the hall in the kitchen. I held my position there for a couple of seconds making sure I pressed my arms around my breasts to squash them together as I faked how hard it was to gain my balance and push my body back to a standing position.I turned away from Charles as I pulled my gown up and around me pretending I was embarrassed and trying to hide my breasts from him. I was doing this really so as I pulled and lifted the gown my sexy curvy little ass and pussy would be on full view to Charles. I am sure I saw him grab and stroke his cock out the corner of my eye as I bent forward a little pretending I couldn’t close the front properly in my panicked state, this allowed Charles to take a good long look at my ass and pussy as he groped and stroked his now fully erect cock through the side opening of his dungarees.I had just managed to cover my self up when my aunt walked into the room with my sandwich and drink, she placed it on the table across from the settee and said here you go this might make you feel better. My aunt then sat in a chair across from me and in front of Charles, she started to talk with Charles explaining what work she needed doing and what items she would need to order in for Charles to complete the work.I moved around the table and sat in the chair I hoped would allow Charles to see between my legs as I sat down to eat my food. I sat down allowing the gown to fall open under the table, but still, stay closed covering my boobs so my aunt wouldn’t get angry with me. I pushed my feet onto tiptoes and bounced my legs up and down as I sat in the chair, this allowed the gown to fall fully open around my lower body and allowed me to bounce and move my legs around opening and closing them as if I was bobbing along to a song or music. I made sure I was looking away from Charles to make him think he could look without me knowing he was looking. I could see him out the corner of my eye keep looking at my aunt then as she looked upwards as she was trying to work out or remember what she needed he would be ogling my fresh smooth little pussy. I have never eaten a sandwich so slowly making sure I teased my new voyeuristic friend for as long as I could. My aunt then asked if we would like another drink and went into the kitchen to get another drink of lemonade for everyone. I lifted my arms above my head pretending to stretch and yawn to make it seem natural, knowing this would cause my gown to fall open and allow Charles to see my pert white breasts above the table and my smooth pink pussy below the table. I was looking up at the ceiling with my head bent backwards making sure I pushed my tits as far forward as I could. I then lowered my head before my arms and caught Charles looking directly at them whilst pushing his arm down the side of his ataşehir escort dungarees stroking his cock. I am sure I could see the large purple head sticking out the side opening as he pulled his hand away quickly once he knew I was looking at him.Again I pretended I hadn’t noticed my breasts were out and carried on eating my sandwich for a couple of seconds then gave a little scream and covered them up, my face went red which Charles probably thought was from me being embarrassed, but the reality the scream and the red face was down to my slutty little pussy went into a short electric type orgasm that sent little jolts of electricity to my clitoris and nipples making my stomach feel like it had butterflies dancing around in there.My aunt returned and looked over at me, she could now see my gown was open below the waist, and that the top wasn’t fully covering my breasts and allowing Charles to have a good look. She just shook her head and said I think it is time you went and got dressed young lady while I finish off with Charles. I said yes Aunty and stood and walked around the table and off up the stairs. I made a loud banging noise and shouted ouch as I bent over at the bottom of the stairs with my legs open and my gown pulled up, this allowed Charles to turn and look towards the stairs and have a good look at my sexy little ass and juicy pussy there for his taking. I then shouted everything is fine I just tripped and moved off up the stairs allowing Charles to see my ass wiggle for the first couple of steps until I vanished from his view.I went into my room and allowed my gown to drop to the floor. I stood in my window naked and flicked my clitoris and tweaked and pulled on my nipples while closing my eyes and thinking of that big black cock head I could see popping out the top of his dungarees, it must be around 11 or 12 inches and very fat dark and yummy looking.I could hear the door open and then could see Charles walking out towards his truck. My aunt shouted her goodbyes and then closed the door, Charles got into his truck then looked up towards my window. I just stood there naked playing with my body. I wasn’t sure if Charles could see as he just seemed to lift as clipboard and start to write something down. I moved my hand from my pussy and used it to squeeze my boobs together with both hands to show my deep cleavage and erect nipples to my new black voyeur.Charles started his truck and drove slowly down the drive putting his window down as he went past me moving his arm out the way to let me see he had dropped the front of his dungarees and was stroking his BBC as he drove past. I raised my arms and pressed my body against the window allowing him to see my tits squashed against the glass.My aunt then walked into the room and grabbed me by the hair, she pulled me face down onto the bed and then sat on my lower back, she then started to spank my bottom with slow hard smacks that made my bottom tingle and smart, she was calling me a dirty slut and telling me how I needed to control the devel that was inside my body or I would end up pregnant and lonely living on the streets.I begged her to stop and tried to wriggle and writhe around ümraniye escort so she would lose balance and fall off me so I could get up, this just made her press down on my further and slap my bottom harder. I squealed and begged her to stop as she changed hands and smacked my bottom harder and harder making my whole body quiver and shudder as my orgasm ripped through me. My aunt noticed I was having an orgasm from her spanking so she shoved three of her fingers into my ass without any lube and fucked me whilst slapping my bottom.When my orgasm had finished she got off me and grabbed my hair and led me down the hall to a room they had at the back of the farmhouse, she unlocked the door then dragged me in, the next thing I knew she had me bent over some form of leather bench while my hands were being clasped into leather couplings, to which the straps were being pulled tight, my ankles were then pulled wide apart and strapped into leather couplings.I asked what the fuck was going on and felt my aunt slap me across the face, calling me a dirty little slut who needed to be taught a lesson. I was then told to be a good slut and take my punishment. I shouted for her to let me go and stop being such a bitch, but all she did was remove some form of paddle from the wall and spank my ass with it, she said there, there little slut lets see if your dirty little pussy likes this and will dare to orgasm when you are being punished.The paddle felt wide and smooth and sent a nice jiggle through my lower body as she spanked me with it. I was soon entering into the buildup for another orgasm when she stopped and walked around to the front by my face, she said you little slut I can tell you are ready to orgasm again if I continue with this, she then turned and removed an item which I later found out was a nipple clamp with a clitoris clamp attached. She turned me to one side then the other attaching these clamps to my erect nipples, she then pulled the chain to make sure she had attached them securely, then moved down to my pussy lips, she clamped them open, then put the larger clamp onto my pussy, now my pussy is nice and big and very sensitive, so this pressure from the clamp drove me wild. The more I bucked and writhed around the more the clamps gripped onto my nipples, pussy lips and clitoris, the more pain and pleasure I felt pulsing through my body.I had never felt pleasure like it, my whole body was pulsing with pleasure, my pussy was leaking juice all down the inside of my legs, even my mouth was dribbling as the pleasure just continued to build and build. It only took the first slap of the paddle to send me into a mind-blowing orgasm that took over my body. As my body started to calm down I felt something large and rubbery entering my ass. I looked to my side and could see mirrors all around the walls allowing me to watch my aunt as she fucked me with her big black strap-on cock, she told me how this was half the size and thickness of Charles, and even this was having trouble getting into my tight little white ass. She was telling me not to tease Charles again as if he was to take her, they would not be able to protect me, and he would want my whole body for his pleasure, he would not just be happy with my ass and my mouth, he would want my pussy to breed as that was a black man thing, they liked to fuck little white girls and make them pregnant.I begged her to stop fucking my ass as it was sore but she just laughed and told me little sluts don’t have a say in their punishment.If you would like part 6 let me know

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