Kas 20

Corey and Noah Ch. 08

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The ball flew across the field, rising higher and higher into the brilliant blue above. The twenty six of us guys ran across the dry field, towards the end of it which coincided with the other teams Try-line. Falling, the ball landed in Nathans hands who wasted no time in pelting off towards the other end, towards our line. Nathan quickly got smashed into the ground by a rather chubby guy and his red-headed teammate.

Tackle One.

Struggling for a moment, Nathan managed to throw the guys off of him, and pass the ball to Lachlan between his legs which were dripping with sweat. I fell back and watched as Lachlan threw his little body in between two considerably larger men, and dodge another. The crowd of parents and onlookers began cheering with anticipation of a Try which was followed almost immediately by a groan.

Tackle two.

Lachlan passed the ball to Michael who sped past me and –


I wasn’t sure who yelled this, but the crowd cried in dismay when Michael fumbled and dropped the ball. It was intercepted within seconds by a member of the opposite team sporting a green-jersey. Luckily, he was tacked almost immediately by Lachlan and Noah, forcing the bitter looking man to pass the ball to another rather slimmer teammate with black hair. The black haired guy veered to his left and with a jolt in my stomach, I realised that he was heading towards me. Throwing everything I had into it, I ran forward, reaching the possessor at the same time as Tom. Tom and I both threw our weight forward and grabbed wildly. In that split second, several things happened at once. My arms enclosed around the black haired guy; I could feel my legs slipping out underneath me as I was dragged forwards and I could sense two people coming up behind me, going in for the tackle as well.

Next thing I knew, my face was being flung forward into the clearly outlined ass through the shorts of the black haired ball possessor. My heart rate increased rapidly as my face fell forwards, taking in a strong smell of sweat and the feeling of the tight latex against my cheekbone. My face was pressed so hard into his ass in fact, that I could feel the whole outline, from his large butt-cheeks to the thin vertical line of his crack. Longing for my dick to behave itself and not think about how much I wanted the little hole which rested within that crack, I untangled myself from Tom and the other team member. The black haired guy got up and ran after his teammate who had just been given the ball. I watched his ass as he ran away, before shaking my head and participating in the game once more.

After around five minutes, and much back-and-forth between the two teams, the referee finally blew the whistle to signal the end of the match and our teams defeat. Groaning, my teammates and myself reluctantly shook hands with members of the other team where we could and headed back to the change rooms. Most of the guys around me seemed really put-out by the result. I suppose that I was as well. After all, we had all trained for weeks, and put everything we could into it. The other team was just better I suppose. At any rate, at least I couldn’t say that I was as upset as some of my teammates, with one or two of them possibly on the verge of tears. It was only a game after all.

Some of the guys stayed to shower, notably Tom and Corey who were already butt-naked and running around the change room slapping each guy on the back and ass; their dicks swinging back and forth rapidly while announcing Ankara escort to the team loudly that ‘We’ll get em’ next time boys!’

Laughing with everyone else, Noah and I left the change room. We didn’t need a shower, we weren’t really that dirty. Taking our shirts off and draping them over our shoulders, we decided to walk into the beach in town for a swim considering it was only around five minutes away.

We talked about the game mostly as we went, about the tackles we made, the Try’s we stopped, and that point when Noah did a runner from one end of the field to the other and was only stopped from making a try by some monster of a guy smashing into his side.

‘I swear I have a broken rib man.’ Noah laughed, rubbing his right side as we approached the overcrowded beach.

It was a very hot day. The sun bore down from above, willing anyone and everyone to proceed to the nearest swimming pool, beach or water filled hole. It was unusual given that summer was well and truly over; this was sure to be one of the last hot days before summer came back in December. As we reached the sand which had been disturbed by thousands of footprints, I was glad once again that I got to share another brilliant day with Noah.


I was sweating from my walk home from the beach. The road was so hot, that the tar looked wet in some places. I left Noah around ten streets back, and proceeded home, my bare feet willing me to alternate between the road, the gutter, and any grass that didn’t look too infested with bindies. Finally, I reached the house and walked straight into the hall with the intention of going upstairs to my room and turning a fan on. It was only after I crossed the hall did I realise that I wouldn’t be alone however. A rowdy sound coming from the living room told me that my dad had friends over. Only drunk men could make the kind of noise they were making; kind of a mix between a freight train and an atomic bomb.

Hoping to avoid the scene, I sped to the bottom of the stairs before…

‘Where have you been Corey?’ came the heavily slurred voice of my father.

I froze. Years of experience told me that it was best to say as little as possible to my dad and then slip away quietly for a few hours. He wasn’t having that today however, mainly due the fact that he noticed the footy shorts along with the jersey and boots I was clutching.

‘Have you been playing rugby? Why didn’t you tell me?’ He hiccupped, creases appearing across his face, ‘What’s wrong with you, not telling your old man what you’re up to?’

Well that’s a bit rich, I wouldn’t matter if I told him. He would never have made it to any of my games or brought any supplies for me or anything. The shorts I was wearing and the jersey were given to me by the club after all.

‘What kind of man are you, you little piece of shit? All the shit we ever did for you!’

Sure, I’d accept that in the early days; that’s why my rooms full of comic books and toys. But in the last eight years or so…

‘WHY AREN’T YOU FUCKING SAYING ANYTHING?’ my dad roared unexpectedly, causing the rabble from the living room to subside somewhat, ‘WHY DON’T YOU EVER TALK TO ME? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU FUCKING LITTLE FAGGOT?’

In those few seconds, the word hung over me, before I did something I hadn’t done in years. I opened my mouth to retort.

‘BECAUSE YOU ARE A FUCKING PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A FATHER YOU DRUNK FUCK! -‘ that was when the first punch hit me, clean across Ankara escort bayan the side of my face. My ears ringing, I went on, ‘Y-YOU AND MUM ARE WORTHLESS AN-AND DRUG-FUCKED -‘ the second punch hit me in the gut, forcing me to keel over, ‘YOU NE-NEVER CARED ABO-BOUT ME A-AND I FU-FUCKING HATE YO-YOU!’

A smack to the ribs, to the arm, to the head again; a kick to my shins and knees. The full force of my father crashed down on me. His sickening breath plaguing my senses as he smacked every part of me he could reach. Then, I saw his friends run into the room and try to pull him off of me. The last thing I saw before succumbing to darkness was my dad turn on his mates, throwing punches left, right, and centre.


I couldn’t bear to open my eyes, yet I was vaguely aware that I was conscious. I could feel something soft beneath my still naked back which stung slightly as I took slow breaths. My pulsating head seemed to be resting on something soft as well, although I could barely feel it through the headache which was worse than any I had ever experienced.

I could have laid on the unfamiliar softness forever, but a sound brought me to my senses. Opening my eyes slowly, I saw that I was on a brown leather couch in a living room which I didn’t recognise. I panicked for a moment before realising that I wasn’t alone. Sitting on an armchair opposite me, his near naked body dripping wet following what must of been an afternoon swim, was Reece.

‘Hi Corey.’ Reece whispered.

Reece stood and moved off the chair to my side when he realised I was awake. I took note of the concerned look on his face, as well as the black speedo’s he had on which was the only reason I couldn’t describe him as nude.

‘Re-Reece, wha-?’

‘It’s okay, don’t move, Reece said, holding me down by my shoulder, ‘You’re hurt.’

I glanced down at my chest and noticed how unnaturally purple and blue it was. I didn’t even want to imagine what my head looked like, which seemed to be the weight of a bowling ball at that point.

‘My dad was at your house.’ Reece explained, ‘Him and his mates beat down on your dad after…’

Reece trailed off but I wasn’t worried. I didn’t want to hear him talk about it.

‘My dad reckons that you haven’t got any broken bones or anything.’ Reece said, at a feeble attempt to console me.

‘Well that’s something.’ I answered in a barely audible whisper.

We sat quietly for some time. Reece kneeling beside me, and me looking around the living room. It was relatively neat. A fireplace rested in the middle of the room, a television in the corner, and a few armchairs here and there. The room did hold a slight feel of neglect, however, it was nothing like my house. My eyes eventually landed on Reece, who it appeared, hadn’t taken his gaze from me. My eyes glazed over his six-pack and toned legs before creeping up to the part that interested me the most. Although I wasn’t in much of a fit state to care, I took note of the unnaturally large bulge protruding from his speedo’s. Was he rubbing himself before I woke up?

‘Are you okay?’ Reece said.

I longed to say, “I’m fine”. That was frequently my answer to that question. This time however, the word’s got stuck in my throat. Instead, I simply shook my head.

‘Corey, I had no idea.’ Reece said, leaning in a little, ‘You should have told someone. You don’t have to put up with that shit. You’re eighteen, you can fuck off out of there.’

‘I know!’ I had Escort Ankara unexpectedly jumped to my feet.

Below me, I could make out the shock on Reece’s face.

‘Corey, lay down again.’

‘No, I’m fine thanks. I have to go. I’m okay, really.’ I said firmly.

I started towards the double glass doors which led off of the living room before realising how much of a toll those few steps were taking on me. My knees, hips and ribs ached terribly. Before reaching the door, I had matched the speed of an old woman. My head was the worst part however. It thumped against my skull as if hoping to escape. Soon enough, I had collapsed into an armchair by the doors, panting as if I had just ran an Olympic race.

Reece was right by my side again his boner even more visible from the new angle, ‘Stay down you idiot. You don’t wanna hurt yourself.’

I stared down into Reece’s soft blue eyes which seemed to sparkle in the dim light. It was only then that I realised it must be late afternoon.

Then, before I could do anything, Reece was kissing me. His body leant over mine, yet he was careful to avoid hurting me. He was kissing me with such passion, it was almost like something from a movie. I was shocked for a moment, taking in the abnormity of the scene before I faintly smelt sweat and salt water mixed with deodorant. The result was a musky scent which I found very infatuating. It made me want to pull in closer to his warm, wet lips. I could feel the long dark hair of his fringe brush onto my forehead; his waist resting against my knees and all too soon, his tight masculine hips and back under my rapidly moving hands. I began to kiss Reece back. The feeling had completely taken over, so much so that the pain seemed to leave me for a time.

His mouth, his lips were all that was in the world. The breath that left his nose in something of a moan and before long, the feeling of his tongue rolling over mine. My hands quickly became more daring, moving from across his wet butt to his thighs. I began to bring my hands up and down his thick, hairy thighs before brushing against the rubbery material of the speedo’s. As soon as I did this, I felt Reece’s dick jump dramatically and, needing no further invitation, slipped my hand under the material. Reece gave a gentle moan as my hand began to run up and down his warm cock under the speedo’s.

After around a minute, we broke apart to catch our breath. I was still rubbing Reece’s dick when I looked into his face and noticed the smile he flashed me; a devilish smile. Then, with an all too familiar flair of mischief, he winked at me. In less than a second, I was stunned. My erection was subsiding, my feeling of elation fading, and my hand on his penis slowing.

‘What’s wrong?’ Reece asked quickly.

‘I have to go.’ I said, jumping to my feet for a second time.

‘Corey-‘ Reece looked up at me, obviously appalled.

‘I’m sorry Reece, I just can’t…’

Then limping but notably, staying upright, I tore myself from the room. Crashing out of the front door, I discovered which street I was in, and made north. Luckily, Kelp Street wasn’t far away; if I could just stay balanced and focus on where I was headed…

I rounded the bend into Kelp Street, looking for the familiar cream coloured, weatherboard house of number sixteen. Upon finding it, I gathered my last ounce of strength and climbed the stairs before reaching out and ringing the doorbell. There was a movement within and the front door opened.

A shocked looking Noah stood before me, still in his rugby shorts and a white tee. I looked into Noah’s eyes, and said the only word I could muster together, ‘Help.’

Then, I collapsed in a heap on the welcome mat.

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