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Corrupting Amber Ch. 02

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All week at school I had been looking forward to Friday. Despite my initial plan of taking a break from our relationship to pursue my inexplicable desire to meet a girl ‘from the wrong side of the tracks,’ Amber deciding that she would fill the role was a welcome change of direction. Besides, I hadn’t concocted a real idea of how to meet this ‘bad girl,’ let alone how I’d put the moves on her. This was going to simplify things considerably while putting things at a pace that I could handle and with a person I already cared for. As for the plan itself, I was going to try to get Amber to drink alcohol for the first time in her life, and hopefully smoke a cigarette.

As I drove my car to her house with a six pack of Miller Lite, and a pack of Virginia Slims Ultra Lights my heart was nearly beating out of my chest. For years I had been dreaming about this moment and now it had finally arrived. I was finally going to get the chance to explore a part of my sexuality that I had only fantasized about. Even more, it seemed I was going to have some control over how it unfolded. Arguably the best part was going to be the idea that I was going to witness and nurture Amber’s very first forays into the world of drugs and alcohol. There was something especially sexy about facilitating and getting to see that loss of innocence first-hand.

As I pulled into her driveway her parents were just walking out the front door. They both waved at me, and I gave an innocent smile and waved back. They felt perfectly safe leaving their 18 year old daughter home with me as we were both known for our level heads and good decisions. They had even given Amber the go-ahead to let me sleep over whenever I would like because they were so comfortable with me.

“Good evening Mrs. Thomas, where are you guys going? I thought you were going to hang out with us tonight,” I lied, as Amber had already told me they would be gone.

“Oh no, we’re going out for dinner and to an opera. We’ll be sure to stay out late and give you two some time alone.” She smiled, completely unaware of what was really going to happen that night.

“Oh gee, we’re probably just going to hang out and watch a movie. Don’t worry yourself about staying out,” I said in the most nonchalant manner I could muster.

“You have a nice time Matt, and we’ll see you later.”

And with that they were in their car and headed down the driveway. Leaving me to begin the first stages of corruption of their daughter.

When I opened the door Amber was sitting on the couch watching TV and doing her homework.

“Hi sweety, how are you?” She said as she came over and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Good, and you?” I replied.

“I’m a little bit nervous actually, but I’m better now that you’re here with me.” She said as she looked into my eyes with absolute love and devotion.

“Don’t be afraid baby, I won’t let this get out of hand. Besides, I just want to get this out of my system so we can move on. The last thing I want is to have something as insignificant as an unfulfilled fantasy complicate our lives together.”

She hugged me again and held on a bit longer this time, squeezing me firmly.

“I love you, Matt,” her voice was soft, sincere.

“I love you, too.”

She finally let me go and looked me in the eyes again. Her face was so beautiful and angelic. I realized that I had almost complete control of this girl and I had to avoid abusing her trust.

“Let me run out to my car real quick and grab something,” I said as I remembered the beer and cigarettes.

I ran out and grabbed my red backpack that held the contents of corruption. I had paid my best friends brother who was 23 to buy the beer. I, not knowing anything about beer, told him to get something that tasted good and wasn’t very strong.

He had given me a six pack of Miller Lite. Seeing as I wasn’t going to drink any, it would probably be enough to get my 100lb girlfriend drunk. But I hadn’t told him any of that.

When I returned Amber was at her dinner table and sat with her hands together and fingers intertwined. She was smiling but her eyes were wide and she looked about to be sick.

Again I felt a twinge of guilt for putting her in such a position. But I had come too far to stop now, and hopefully tonight would clear my system of this fantasy. I sat down, put my bag on the table, and looked at her. She looked at me intently, obviously awaiting my instructions. I unzipped my bag and extracted the six pack of Miller Lite.

I had heard alcohol lowered inhibitions and figured she would be more relaxed after aydın escort a beer or two. Maybe then would be a better time to introduce the cigarettes. She looked at the silver cans for a moment and looked back to me with a smile on her face.

“So you just want me to drink these? That will turn you on?” She asked, giggling slightly.

Her innocence was so pure, and her angelic beauty only magnified that fact.

“Yeah, is that okay?” I asked with fingers crossed.

“I already told you. I love you Matt, and I will do anything for you.” Again she looked at the beer cans.

“So you want me to start?” She asked motioning to the beer.

“Yeah, if you’re ready,” I said, my whole body tingling.

There was so much anticipation inside me I thought I was going to faint. My heart raced as she reached out and grabbed one of the cans and twisted it loose. Then the crack of the can opening and there she was; The strait A student, my perfect little girlfriend with an open beer in her hand.

She looked at me one more time and lifted it slowly to her mouth. My crotch swelled as her lips touched a beer can for the first time in her 18 years. Her eyes closed as she tipped the can back a little and took a small sip. Her throat moved as it passed through her esophagus and into her young body. She lowered the can as she finished swallowing and opened her eyes once more.

“So? How is it?” I asked impatiently.

“It’s a little bitter and salty, but I could get used to it,” she mused while smacking her lips repeatedly, trying to analyze the flavor. After coming to a mental conclusion she brought it back up to her mouth for another small sip.

I just sat there mesmerized as my pants became more and more uncomfortable. She again brought the can up to her mouth and took a slightly larger gulp. Her throat moving much more obviously with a larger quantity of beer.

Then she did something I didn’t expect. She raised the can and began to take another small gulp but tilted the can strait up and started chugging it. Her gulps could be heard as she swallowed wave after wave of beer at a time. Finally she stopped and raised the can away from her mouth revealing only a few drops that quickly dropped into her mouth.

“One down, five to go,” she beamed, setting the empty can on the table in front of me.

“Are you okay?” I asked, amazed and more than a little bit aroused.

“A little light headed but other than than that, fine. That’s what you wanted me to do right?” She asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah,” I paused, overcome with lust and excitement, “can I kiss you now?”

I wanted to taste the alcohol on her tongue before it was all gone.

She stood up and walked over to me, leaning in slowly. I could smell the slightly bitter hint of beer on her breath as she leaned in close to my face.

I opened my mouth and began kissing her trying to taste her as I did. My dick hardened even more as I tasted the alcohol on her tongue and on her breath. I placed my hands on the back of her head and kissed her hard as our breathing intensified. I wanted more but I let her go knowing it was going to get much better.

“Wow, you really like this role-playing thing huh?” she asked with a surprised smile on her face.

“Yeah, I guess I do,” I answered.

She walked back to her chair and twisted loose another beer. Just then I had an idea.

“Hold on, I want to try something. Do you guys have any funnels?” My heart raced as I dug through the drawers of her kitchen.

“Yeah, third drawer down.”

I opened it and saw several. One that was orange and had a large opening and a long thin tube and a smaller clear one with a shorter tube. I grabbed the orange one and walked back over to the table.

“You want me to drink out of that?” She asked pointing to the funnel.

“Yeah, would you?” I practically begged.

“Sure, I guess,” she said a little unsure.

“Why don’t you sit down and I’ll stand up. Hand me the beer and I’ll pour it in, and you just swallow as fast as you can. I’ll try to pour slowly.”

She handed me the beer and I gave her the funnel. She put the skinny opening in her mouth and held the base of the funnel. I opened the beer and looked into her eyes one last time.

She looked absolutely terrified, but at this point my hormones had taken over. I began to pour slowly and she was able to keep up as she swallowed rhythmically. I tilted the can a little more and she began to quicken her swallowing but kept up just fine. I remained at that pace and less than a minute later aydınlıkevler escort she’d finished the whole can. Amber set the funnel down, taking a deep breath and looking a bit dazed.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“My head feels kind of fuzzy. I barely even tasted it that time. I also feel a little dizzy but in a good way. Let’s try it again,” my dick lurched with her last words and I snatched another beer from the already half gone beer stash.

“This time pour it faster, I want to get really dizzy,” again my pants tightened up and my heart began to race.

She again placed the orange funnel in her mouth and held the base steady as I opened the can. I began pouring the beer and again she swallowed perfectly in time without any problems. I tilted the beer a little more and her gulps became audible as she began swallowing larger portions at once to compensate.

I then tilted the can almost completely strait up and her gulps became hard and fast. A little stream of beer started to leak out the side of her mouth and she grabbed the base of the funnel with two hands. She swallowed what she could of the last little bit of beer and I set the empty can on the table.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and giggled a little.

“I think I’m buzzed,” she hiccuped with a goofy smile on her face.

I could resist no longer. She had beer on her tight yellow Abercrombie t-shirt and a little on her low rider jeans. She even smelled heavily of alcohol. I picked her up and began carrying her to the couch.

She wrapped her legs around my back and started kissing me before we even got there. I laid back with her still wrapped around me and let her sit on top of me with her ass mashed on my dick.

We kissed feverishly and I could now really taste the beer on her breath and tongue as she plunged it deeply into my mouth. She left it there and I twirled my tongue around it, trying to taste it from all sides. We finally broke the embrace and stared into each others eyes breathing heavily.

“I love you, Amber,” I said between labored breaths.

“I love you too, sweety,” she replied.

“Do you want to try the other thing I brought?” I asked still out of breath.

“As long as I can drink some more beer,” she smiled, giving me a quick peck before standing up.

When we reached the table she sat down again and opened another beer, wasting no time before taking another huge gulp. I reached into my backpack and took out the Virginia Slims. I had asked the guy behind the counter what the lightest cigarettes would be and he had given me these. Suddenly I realized I didn’t have anything to light them with.

“Do your parents have a lighter?” I asked as she was in the middle of another enormous swig.

“No. But when my Aunt comes over she lights her cigarettes with the stove,” she said, replacing the can to her mouth for another gulp.

“Would you try that?” I asked with growing anticipation.

“Yeah, sure,” she said, taking a final swig before putting the beer down with the rest of the empty cans.

I handed the long, thin, white cigarette to Amber and walked over and clicked on the front burner. The stove roared to life and a circular blue flame appeared.

“So, I just put it in the flame and suck on it until it’s smoking right?” she asked.

“I guess, that seems right,” I replied, despite not exactly being the expert myself.

Amber walked over to the stove and placed the white filter between her thick pouty lips. A sight that would surely be burned into my memories for as long as I were alive. She bent down slowly with her eyes trained on the flame, one hand holding back her hair and the other guiding the tip of the cigarette into the fire.

Her cheeks hollowed slightly as she began sucking on the cigarette. She would suck a little and puff it out, keeping the smoke in her mouth for no more than a moment at a time. It actually reminded me of how people started their cigars. After a few puffs she stood up and sucked on it again. Upon being satisfied that she’d lit it properly Amber carefully removed the cigarette from her mouth and blew a little puff of uninhaled smoke into the air.

“How does it taste?” I asked with a full hard-on now.

“Actually it’s the perfect balance to the taste of the beer. It’s not as bad as it smells,” she admitted, obviously surprising herself by not immediately hating it.

“You should try inhaling it,” I suggested.

“Like breath it in?” She asked.



She raised the cigarette ayrancı escort up to her mouth again and took a small puff, but this time she closed her eyes and slowly began to breath in through her nose.

Her shoulders raised and her chest puffed out. When she had breathed all the way in she slowly began to exhale. Nothing happened and then slowly smoke began to come out of her nostrils. The smoke was fairly light and was fully expelled in only a couple seconds.

Amber opened her eyes and rubbed them as they’d become a little teary.

“That made me feel really weird. Like all tingly and stuff. It even made my eyes water a little,” she said with a smile.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“I don’t know. It made my chest feel really heavy, and it also made me even more dizzy.” She giggled a little. “I don’t hate it, but I can’t really see why people get so addicted to it either.”

Just then she seemed to come up with something in her head. She reached down and grabbed one of the last two beers and twisted it off the plastic ring.

“I bet this will make me really dizzy,” she said, flashing a wicked smile like a little kid.

She opened the can and put it in her left hand while raising the cigarette to her lips with her right hand and taking a healthy drag. Amber’s cheeks hollowed out until her cheek bones were pronounced and dragged for at least 3 full seconds before taking the cigarette out of her mouth and inhaling sharply and deeply.

Without exhaling she proceeded to start chugging the beer at a pace that any frat boy would be proud of. As she continued swallowing smoke began to stream down her face from her nostrils.

Reaching the final stretch Amber closed her eyes and continued to drink as the smoke streaming from her nose thickened to two distinct jets that indicated the strength with which Amber had pulled on her cigarette. Finally after a few seconds she slammed down the empty beer can as smoke was still leaking from her mouth and nose.

“Holy shit…” she said, nearly falling backwards.

“Are you alright baby?” I asked, grabbing her to steady her.

“I feel good right now Matt,” she said while looking at me through glassy eyes.

She reached up and kissed me wetly on the lips, allowing me to taste the smoke and beer on her breath. Our tongues lashed and my cock swelled as I held my drunk, smoking girlfriend by the back of her head. She pulled away and lifted the cigarette to her mouth again and took a medium sized drag.

She extracted the cigarette from her mouth and inhaled deeply, letting her chest expand to make room for the smoke in her lungs.

She then pursed her lips and blew the stream of smoke into my face. Right before the smoke was completely expelled I kissed her hard on the lips and was fed the remaining smoke directly.

The smell of smoke was too much and I took the cigarette out of her hand and put it in one of the empty beer cans and scooped her up. I carried her to her bedroom and laid her on the bed. She took off her shirt and bra as I quickly pulled off my pants.

I impatiently pulled off her jeans and she lowered her panties but I didn’t give her a chance to finish taking them off. Before she could pull them all the way down I was pushing my swollen dick into her vagina.

She bowed her knees as well as she could with her panties still around her ankles and I sunk into her all at once. I began bucking wildly as I kissed her hungrily trying to taste her sin.

The smell of cigarettes and alcohol was strong on her breath and neck and hair. I fucked her relentlessly and she screamed like I had always wanted her to. The alcohol releasing inhibitions that had been holding her back.

“Yes, fuck me. I’ll be your bad little girl baby. Fuck your bad little girl. Make me cum.”

My stomach began to tighten and my toes began to tingle as the cum that had been brewing all night was primed to be released. Amber’s eyes were closed and her forehead was sweaty as she bit her lip and I pounded away.

My stomach smashing into her milky white skin. I clenched my teeth and pushed into her as far as I could before releasing my cum into her womb.

My sperm blasted out of me and into her as I kept my dick planted as deep inside her as it could go.

“Oh Matt, I feel your cum. I love you so much. Fill me with your cum,” she whined as my long awaited orgasm sputtered to a close.

I collapsed on top of her and tried catching my breath. She began softly playing with my hair as we laid on the bed together.

“Thank you Amber. You’re the most wonderful person I have ever known. You’ve made me the happiest I have ever been in my life. There’s no way I can ever repay you for doing this for me.”

“There’s one thing you could do,” she replied.

“What’s that?” I asked puzzled.

“Grab me the last beer and another cigarette.”

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