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Corrupting My Co-worker

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My name is Nadia, you may remember me from such stories series as “My wife Nadia”. I’m hoping I’m not the only one at least breaking a smile to that corny reference?For those that aren’t interested in reading that other series, I wanted to tell a story from my perspective, unrelated to that series. I’m a 5’10 brunette with Eastern European heritage. I was quite shy and lacked some confidence through high school.My husband and I married young, in our early twenties. He was my first for a lot of things, including sex. I was in my mid-twenties and had just started to explore myself sexually, while also having recently been laid by a good friend, Matt. My husband and Matt were both quite athletic and take-charge kind of men. The self-conscious part of me sometimes wondered “Why me?” I doubted myself “being in their league”. They were both great confidence builders though.My husband’s work took him (and Matt) out of town routinely and for up to a month at a time sometimes. Which meant he left me home alone and horny.I worked a retail job that I enjoyed. Typically it was only myself and another person working and customers usually made appointments.I had a new coworker one summer, Jonathan. Poor Jonathan was about to find himself working with me as I was starting to explore my naughty side.Jonathan was nerdy, not in a disparaging way though. He was smart, not the rough and tumble type. The type to frequently quote the Simpson’s. A slim, handsome six-foot frame with a cute smile. A jeans and a tucked in polo shirt type. We got along well, he was quite funny as he started to open bahis şirketleri up.One evening we were working in the backroom tidying up after closing. I had worn a loose-fitting blouse with the summer heat. I stood up from leaning over and rummaging through a box, and realized Jonathan had been kneeling near me, looking at me quietly. When I caught him looking, he was so flustered that I got embarrassed enough for both of us. It wasn’t until I was walking home that it dawned on me that Jonathan had been looking down my blouse!I was so horny that night thinking about how Jonathan had stared at my cleavage. I had perky breasts, cute B cups and when I’m cold or horny it looks like I have tight little pencil erasers for nipples. I like my little breasts but only three men had seen them. The thought of Jonathan being flustered seeing my cleavage and my little bra had my nipples tight and my heart raced a little.I wanted to play.I had a bra that was ill-fitted and too big, at certain angles, from above, my nipples were visible. It was a favourite of my husband who stood almost an entire foot taller than I. When he explained why he liked it so much, I felt very self-conscious wearing it.For the next couple of shifts, I wore loose-fitting blouses and my potentially revealing bra.As an aside, at this point in my life, it actually feels silly being so horny about a guy seeing my cleavage. I was really this innocent shortly before this point in my life.One evening I found myself in the backroom with Jonathan and after a little repositioning, I knew he was looking. He was bahis firmaları kneeling unpacking a box, I was bent over rummaging through another box. Jonathan had stopped moving, I knew he was looking down my blouse and I could feel he was getting a full view. I had a brief moment of panic and just stopped, I couldn’t look up at him. We had both stopped moving, were both silent. I finally gathered my wits and looked up at him, he panicked.Jonathan stammered, “I, uh, I… I’m sorry.”I felt a wave of guilt for his embarrassment and immediately, instinctively apologized. We were both flustered again. I did notice Jonathan was careful when he stood up and moved away, there was a noticeable bulge in his jeans. His slim nineteen-year-old frame couldn’t hide the pressure in his pants. If only he’d known that day how wet and horny I was.I was incredibly turned on when I got home and knew I’d be working with Jonathan again the next day.My husband’s other favourite bra was a white underwire with shear, almost-transparent cups that formed and stretched around my breasts. My tight nipples would print through any tight or thin shirt. I pulled out a tight, thin blue tank top with a little over-the-shoulder sweater for the next day.Jonathan and I had a slow day and had to deal with inventory in the back room. I had taken my sweater off to get to work in the back and between moving around, being horny, and hyper-aware that Jonathan was spending as much time as he could in front of me, my nipples were as perky as they could get. My panties were also starting to get soaked.The store kaçak bahis siteleri had closed and we had an hour left to do inventory. My husband was still away for a week. I was incredibly horny. I mustered the courage to confront Jonathan when I caught him gazing at the pencil erasers apparently trying to cut through my tank top.I managed to stammer, almost whispering, “Do you like?” with a nervous smile.Before Jonathan could muster an answer, I added, “I’m sorry, I thought it would be fun to tease you a little.”We shared a few nervous giggles as we worked out that I’d been teasing Jonathan and he appreciated the view.With about thirty minutes left in our shift, Jonathan surprised me. He’d been so flustered and blushing about getting caught looking, I was caught off guard by his next question.“If you knew I was looking, and you wore that on purpose, do I get to see them?” he asked.Now I’d been caught off guard, “See them? My boobs?”My heart was racing. I was incredibly horny, I felt like my legs were almost shaking. I glanced at the door, it was closed. This handsome nineteen-year-old guy that I’d been incredibly horny thinking about teasing, wanted my shirt off.I was almost beside myself as I pulled my tank top off. Standing there, at work, in my sheer bra and a pair of black slacks.The bulge in Jonathan’s pants was obvious. I walked up to him without thinking, grabbed his hand, and placed it on my breast. It was warm and a little sweaty. Jonathan wasted no time grabbing the other one, and squeezing them. There was nothing subtle about it. I was breathing deeply, Jonathan was so consumed playing with my breasts. I pulled the straps down my arms and snuck my breasts out of the sheer cups, placed a hand on his head and pulled him down to my chest. He started nibbling, licking, and sucking on my nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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