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Cottage 69 Ch. 03

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This story is entirely fictitious; enjoy.


On Monday morning the rumour spread like a bush-fire through the Cedar Hill high school; especially among the boys.

“Have you heard? A junior boy claims to have seen up Miss Lambert’s dress last Friday. He said she wasn’t wearing any panty and her pussy was bald!” Frances (Fanny) Lambert and Janette (Jan) Prentice were trainee teachers assigned to the school for their practice teaching semester. They lived together in a cottage opposite the school.

“Are you sure, Walter?” Michael Lahore couldn’t believe it. He added, “Perhaps it’s just a story embellish by corrupted whispers and wishful thinking.” Michael was a friend of Walter Dickson, William (Willie) Schmitt and Richard (Dick) Quinn. They were the final year science nerds of the school.

“Well it could be true;” Walter suggested, “Remember last Friday there was a very gusty Southerly wind; it could have lifted the long skirt she wears.”

Michael corrected him, “I believe all of last week she wore thin skirts the same length as the girls’ uniform; probably because of the hot weather.” In Australian public primary schools and high schools, the students are required to wear a prescribed uniform; for the girls that is normally a knee-length grey skirt or tunic.

Then Michael added, “So her skirt could have easily been lifted by that Southerly Buster.”

Richard sat there, trying to hide his smile, as his memory ran through the pleasures he experienced with Frances Lambert the Saturday before: seeing her bald fanny under her micro-mini skirt; being screw to the point of distraction before she forced him to kiss her clit until she climaxed.

William entered the conversation with, “Richard; you’ve been mowing there; what do you think?”

Richard thought for a while; what to say without saying what he knew. Finally, he answered, “Don’t you remember, it was Miss Prentice that arranged for me to mow their lawn.”

“Yeah; but you must have seen Miss Lambert while you are there.”

“I haven’t seen her while I’ve been mowing.” Now that’s the truth! All of the fun has been after Richard finished cutting the lawn.

“Perhaps it wasn’t the wind that allowed that boy to see up her dress.” Michael thought.

“Then how?” William asked.

“You know the school has internal stairs without vanity screens below the handrails. Properly timed, accidently or otherwise, one would be able to look up a girl’s dress or skirt and see her panty or lack thereof.”

“You’re right; I did see up a girl’s dress once; by accident, of cause.” Walter admitted.

“Yeah; sure it was by accident,” quipped William.

“It was!” Walter insisted, indignantly.

“Did she notice you looking up?”

“I don’t think so; all the girls in that class seemed to be too busy talking to each other.”

But William wouldn’t let it go, “So what did you see then?”

“Nothing but a pair of horrible black scungies.”

Richard had a tough time catching up with Janette at school; she seemed to be avoiding him ever since their encounter a few weeks before. Finally, he cornered her at the end of Mrs Horner’s class, “How’s you mum? Miss Lambert told me she was unwell.”

“She’s improved; thanks.” Janette bit her lip and stared at her feet as she spoke; she didn’t trust herself to have eye contact with him.

“That’s great… There’s one other thing; can you tell Miss Lambert that there’s a rumour going around the school that she doesn’t wear any underwear.”


“Well allegedly one of the younger students managed to see under Miss Lambert’s mini-skirt and claims she wasn’t wearing any panties.”

“Ah; OK, I’ll talk to her. Thanks.” And with that Janette walked off, being sure not to look at Richard.

At lunch time that day Janette quietly told Frances about the rumour.

“That must have been last Friday when my rather thin mini-skirt was lifted by the Southerly, but I didn’t think anyone noticed.” Fanny was rather nonchalant about it.

“Well, it appears as though at least one of the male students got an eyeful and has let everyone know what he saw.”

“So, what do you want me to do about it?” was her indignant response.

“You could wear panties from now on.”

“How can I; I don’t have any.”

“What! You expect me to believe you don’t have a single pair?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“What about the bottom half of a bikini?”

“Sorry; I left my only bikini back home.”

“Good God! What are you going to do then?”

“I guess I’ll have to return to wearing longer skirts, or at least ones made of heavier material that won’t be affected by the wind.”

“Well how about borrowing a couple of my panties?”

“Err; I really don’t want to be wearing panties. I haven’t ever since I had a bad case of thrush.”

“Oh, OK.”

Just then the young art teacher Mr Moore sat next to them in the staff common/lunch room.

Jannette welcomed him, “Hello Stuart, how have you been?”. He was one of the few male teachers that was pendik escort still unattached, and both Janette and Frances fancied him.

“Hello ladies… Oh; hello Junko.” Junko joined them as he spoke.

“Hai Stuart-san.” Junko bowed slightly as she replied.

Miss Junko Niioka was the exchange cooking teacher from Japan; this was her second year in Cedar Hill high school and her last year in Australia. She was one of those tall Japanese ladies and she always dressed immaculately in a pin-striped mini-skirt and matching suit coat or vest.

Junko was also extremely fond of Stuart. Janette and Frances were not pleased when she joined them.


Richard and his friends had their chemistry laboratory on Wednesdays during the double lesson between the tea break and lunch.

The schedule of lessons in Cedar Hill high school was the same as that of all public high schools within New South Wales. That is, there are eight 40-minute lessons each day; starting at 9 o’clock, there are three lessons followed by a 10-minute tea break; then there are two lessons before a lunch break of 30-minutes; the day ends at 3 o’clock after the last three lessons.

For subjects that involve special equipment, such as wood-work, sewing, cooking, or the laboratory associated with physics and chemistry, the students go to the associated room or lab. For all other subjects, the students remain in their ‘home room’ and the teachers move between rooms as necessary. The double lesson between the tea break and lunch was the normal time for some laboratories.

During their chemistry lab the students worked in pairs. Michael and Walter worked together; Richard had been assigned to partner Jeune; so, William was paired with another boy. Jeune Turner was one of the few girls doing chemistry that year.

Jeune normally left early, so Richard generally had to clean up the equipment on his own and was always the last to leave the lab.

As Walter, Michael and William left the lab they met Miss Lambert in an otherwise empty hallway. They stop her and Walter asked, “Excuse us; but have you heard about the rumour started by one of the younger male students? It’s about you.”

Frances was not disturbed by their direct question. “Yes, Miss Prentice told me about it.”

“Is it true?”

“Do you mean, ‘Was it true that the boy saw me with my skirt about my waist?’… Well?”

“Isn’t that the same thing?” Walter enquired.

“Well no. He may have seen me in a compromising position, but what he thinks he saw is debatable. Have you considered what impression flesh coloured panties would create?”

“Ah!” All three boys exclaimed.

Michael was not fully convinced; suddenly he reached out and lifted her skirt way up. “Don’t!” She protested, “Stop it!” But her protest seemed insincere and too late, they had already seen that it was true; she wore no panty and her fanny was totally bald.

She pulled her skirt from Michael’s hands and pushed it back down. “If you tell anyone about this, I promise you will live to regret it!” Frances scowled, pretending to be angry.

As she walked off, she thought, ‘I wish that had happened anywhere but here at school; I could have had so much fun with those guys.’

Walter said what they were all thinking, “Did you see that? That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. God, how I’d love to put a leg over.”

“Oh yeah!” the other two agreed.


The ramifications of the original rumour were many; the following is just one such instance.

There were many buses that brought the students to the school from the outlying farms. They came from all the directions of the compass. The bus from the west carried Gloria, Sharon, Roslyn, Sue, John, Stephen, Gordan, and Geoff, among others. The boys were polite, and at school they always allowed the girls to enter the bus first; this meant that the girls generally sat toward the rear of the bus.

Gloria Swanson was an invisible ugly duckling, however on this particular day things changed once and forever. Her freckled face was surrounded by shoulder length, unkept mousy-coloured hair. Her figure was not noteworthy in any way; she was neither short nor tall; not fat or skinny; she was just there.

On the way home that Friday, Gloria rose from her seat as the bus passed the McDonald’s farm, just as she always did. She started down the aisle toward the front of the bus. When she reached John she suddenly became visible. The boys couldn’t explain why, but they noticed this beautiful swan for the first time.

John reached up under her tunic and tugged at her panty, managing to pull it down a little on his side. Gloria instinctively pushed away, only to have Geoff tug at the other side. Two boys later and her panty were about her knees. Gloria was both upset by the boys’ actions, and quietly thrilled to be at last noticed by the boys. She moved her knees together and let her panties fall to the floor; she stepped out of them and left the bus. The aisle was soon full of boys fighting tuzla escort to see who was to commandeer her panty.

Their farm was small; only a hobby farm. To supplement the family’s income, Gloria’s father worked at the saw mill further west. There wasn’t any cedar any more, but there was still plenty of useful timber in the mountains. Walking the 100 yards from their farm gate to their house, she enjoyed the breeze wafting up around her uncovered pussy. She felt liberated. She was no-longer invisible; her appearance had changed; she walked tall; smiling; her face glowed.

“I’m home!” Gloria shouted as she entered.

Her mother turned toward her; she thought Gloria seemed different somehow; a little more mature; more contented; more confident; she wondered why it was, “Did you have a good day?” she asked hoping for a hint of an explanation.

“Yeah; OK.” There was no way Gloria was going to tell her mum what had happened.

Her mother suspected that there may have been a boy involved, so she suggested, “I think it’s time we had a woman-to-woman talk. I’m too busy now; how about after dinner tonight?”

“OK mum.” Was Gloria’s automatic answer, although she was too distracted thinking about what had happened to have heard what her mum had said.

Gloria went to her room and changed out of her school uniform.

Ring ring… Ring ring. “Hi Sue; what’s up?” Sue and Gloria were best friends and never kept any secrets from each other.

“Are you able to talk?”

“Yeah; I’m alone in my room. Why?”

“I’m worried that you may be very upset by the way the boys stripped you on the bus.”

Gloria smiled. “You know I’m rather flattered that they thought me sexy enough to do that.”


“Well up until then I had felt that they never even knew I existed; like I was the invisible ugly duckling.”

“You’re not ugly!”


“No, it’s true.”

“Yeah; maybe now. But you know, this is the first time I actually felt like it. Walking along the path to home, I thought of Miss Lambert and that rumour. As I strolled along, I experienced what it was like to have no underwear and wondered what it must be like to have a bald pussy as well.”

“It’s great. No hairs to get wet while peeing.”

“What! You never told me you shave.”

“I don’t any more. I used to; but I convinced mum to let me have laser hair removal on my legs, and I had my pussy done at the same time; although mum doesn’t know that.”

“Really! When was that? … And how did you convince her?”

“About a year ago I cut myself a little while shaving my legs, so mum insisted I stop shaving; but I asked if I could have the laser treatment out of my own pocket money.” Sue admitted.

“Sneaky. Like I said, I’ve been thinking about shaving my pussy.”

Sue was very encouraging, “Yeah; go for it.”

“You know what else; I’m really stoked that Geoff was one of them that tugged at my panty.”

“Oh yeah; I remember now, you once told me you had a crush on him… Guess what?”


“He fought so hard that he’s the boy that finally ended up with your panty.”

“Really? Do you think maybe he likes me?”

“Could be… Perhaps you need to find a way to let him know how you feel.”

“Yeah… I’m like already thinking about it… Let’s see…” Gloria thought about sitting next to him on the bus; nah, that wouldn’t be enough; perhaps walking up and kissing him… What if he doesn’t really want me; then having him push me away would really be embarrassing; better be subtle and let him make a move and just don’t stop him.

“Well, I’ll leave you to your thoughts. Bye”

Later that night her mum entered Gloria’s room, “Can we talk now?”

“Mum, you don’t have to tell me about the birds and the bees; you know we’ve been having sex education ever since sixth class primary school.”

“Well, it’s not really about that as such; but you have become a beautiful young lady, and I have no doubt that there are handsome young men who would just love to date you.” At this point Gloria thought about Geoff and blushed a little.

Her mum continued, “I just don’t want such a young man sweeping you off your feet and getting you preg…”

“Mum!” Gloria protested.

“It’s alright; I’m not going to stop you dating; in fact, I’ll be happy for you when you do; but, I just want to make sure that getting carried away once or twice won’t ruin your future.”

“You don’t trust me!”

“Yes, I do; but you’re young with a mass of hormones racing through your body; so, I would like you to start taking the birth control pill.”

“Really? Is that what this is about?”

“Yes; what do you think?”

“OK; I guess.”

“Good, I’ll make an appointment with Doctor Finlay for tomorrow afternoon.”

Early on Saturday morning, Gloria’s mum did make that appointment.

That afternoon, Gloria and her mum arrived at Dr Finlay’s office on time. “Gloria Swanson to see Doctor Finlay.” Gloria informed the receptionist.

After kartal escort a short wait, Gloria was called. “Come in Lassie… Now what would ye be wanting today?” She loved the sound of his Scottish accent.

“Ah; my mum wants me to start using the err; the birth-control pill.” Gloria said a little embarrassed.

“Oh Aye. Would ye be having a steady boyfriend, then?”

“Well we’re not really ah, not going steady yet; but I’m hoping we will be soon.”

“And he will be having regular sex with thee?”

“I don’t know that it will be regular, but ah, but possibly…”

“Aha. However, before I write the prescription for thee, I will need to be giving thee a full examination to be making sure everything is bonnie.”

“Oh, OK Doc.”

Various instruments were laid out on the table in front of Gloria. The doctor took her blood pressure using a small automatic machine. Then he looked into her ears with another instrument. He used a timber tongue depressor while he examined her throat and the inside of her mouth. When he tested her eyes with a torch, he thought he saw a hint of cheekiness.

“Please go behind the curtain, strip down to the waist, take off your knickers, and sit ye on the table.” Dr Finlay instructed.

When the doctor came behind the curtain, he was carrying a stethoscope. Gloria felt embarrassed since it was the first time she had been naked in front of a man.

He walked behind Gloria, placed the stethoscope on her back, “Cough… Take ye a deep breath, hold it. OK, breathe out.”

He moved in front of her and placed the stethoscope on the right side of her left breast. Two of his fingers were touching her nipple as he listened to her heart. “Cough… Take ye a deep breath, hold it. OK, breathe out,” he moved his fingers slowly around the nipple.

The doctor put a latex glove on his right hand, as he informed Gloria, “Wee lassie, now I have to check for any wee lumps in your breasts.”

He applied a lubricant to her left breast and began to massage it all over. Gloria enjoyed this; she relaxed a little. Then he did the same thing to the right breast. He further caressed them as he wiped the lubricant off. Gloria was now slightly aroused and less embarrassed by her nakedness.

“Please lay ye back, lift up your knees and spread them so that I can examine your wee vagina.”

Gloria did as instructed.

The doctor applied lubricant from the top of her slit to her vagina. “Now this won’t hurt thee, lassie.” He said to re-assure Gloria.

First, he massaged her clit very lightly. Gloria’s excitement grew enough that she was unable to stop herself rocking her hips minutely. She hoped he didn’t feel it.

When he slid his fingers down the slit, he briefly rubbed her inner lips between his fingers. Then he proceeded to run one finger around and around her vaginal opening. Gloria closed her eyes as she sighed under her breath.

As soon as the doctor glimpsed Gloria’s hymen, he asked, “Bonnie wee lassie, are ye still a virgin?”

“Err; yes Doc.” Gloria was hesitant to admit it.

“Oh aye; then I’ll just press down on your perineum so my finger will slide in easily, OK”

“Sure Doc.”

So, he proceeded to penetrate her with a single finger. Initially he just pressed down at the opening, as he said he would; then he slid it in to the first knuckle, withdrew a little; and pressed it in further, up to the second knuckle. His finger-tip touched her G-spot; Gloria twitched as a jolt of pleasure shot through her body.

He placed his left hand on her mound as he felt around the inside of her vagina. Gloria shook each time his finger grazed her G-spot.

Dr Finlay saw that his examination had already made this wee lassie quite aroused. Her nipples were enlarged and erect, standing nearly a centimetre. Her breasts had grown larger and firmer. Her outer labia were open and swollen, and the inner labia were reddish and extended so that they protruded beyond her outer lips.

“Wee lassie, would ye like me to surgically remove your hymen so that your first intercourse will be enjoyable; without even a wee bit of pain?”

“Will the removal be painful?”

“Nae wee lassie; I’ll use a local anaesthetic and a wee laser cutter.”

“Oh OK Doc.” Gloria sighed; as her body quivered under his continued probing.

Dr Finlay withdrew his finger and then he fetched a tube of cream and a plastic bag from the instrument draw.

He applied the numbing cream to Gloria’s hymen and the surrounding area before he removed the latex glove which he then discarded into the nearby bin.

He massaged her clit saying, “I’ll just massage the area while we wait for the cream to work.”

“Oh yes, that’s nice; ooh!”

A few minutes later, he unwrapped the laser cutter from its sterile cover; it was only the size of a ball-point pen.

He inserted the cutter into the little hole in her hymen and with two swift circular motions of his forearm, one clockwise and the other anti-clockwise, he removed her hymen in one piece. The laser both cut and cauterised as it went.

“There wee lassie, it’s done.” Gloria was relieved; she breathed out with a sigh and relaxed.

He discarded the plastic cover and her hymen into the rubbish bin; put aside the laser cutter and returned the tube of cream to the draw.

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