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Cottage Getaway

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Our cottage weekend began like most other long-weekend vacations; with booking the site well in advance. After my husband and I browsed through pictures on the website, we could easily see why it would be more than necessary in this case. On the inside the cottage was fairly average although it appeared a lot cleaner and fresher than most places we viewed. It consisted of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a comfortable living room and a fully stocked kitchen. You could tell the owners weren’t simply looking to make a quick buck and genuinely cared about it.

Mainly, the thing which sold us on the place was the piece of land that the cottage stood on. A spacious timber deck dominated the back yard. From this deck, elegant stone steps led down to a wide lawn with a fire pit off to one side. Already from the lawn, the view over the lake was magnificent. There were just enough trees surrounding the area to give off a sense of privacy despite other cottages nearby. Past the fire pit, another wooden staircase opened into a high pier which accommodated a boat house underneath it.

Leo and I booked the property with two of his close friends who happened to be a couple. Keegan and Samantha had dated for many years and seemed very sweet and down-to-earth. I, however, had only spent time with them on a few occasions. Usually, we met up for birthday parties and other celebrations and this cottage getaway would be the first time we were doing something where it would just be the four of us.

Despite me not knowing them all that well, I could sense the four of us would get along just fine. Or at least get along well enough to survive a long weekend up north in close quarters.

Right away, I liked Keegan and absolutely understood how he and my husband could be friends. While their views and opinions differed, these divergences of theirs complimented each other rather than conflicted. They both also shared a sort of candid sense of humour which could turn childish if they were drinking.

I can’t say that I didn’t like Samantha because I did. She had hazel eyes, gorgeous light brown hair, a slender figure and an unflusterable type of attitude which made her easy to like. Unlike most women I had been acquainted with, Samantha didn’t indulge in catty, passive-aggressive behaviour. My tiny issue with her was that she constantly flirted with my husband who more than flirted back. They were friends for almost ten years so I could see where it stemmed from but I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it.

Prior to the weekend and in general, Leo and I discussed letting other people into our bedroom –with specific mention of Keegan and Samantha obviously— and I was wholly for it. Being cute, blonde and green-eyed with the right amount of freckles did have its advantages and definitely let me to have plenty of fun when I was single. In my marriage, I realized that I still had that wild side and was incredibly fortunate to be with someone like Leo who wanted to try new things out as well.

What I did not approve of was Leo and Samantha getting together behind my back or when I was away somewhere. While I loved and trusted Leo and imagined Samantha’s flirting to be innocent, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that they were always secretly trying to hook up. That’s why what happened that long weekend took me completely by surprise.


The four of us spent the day fishing on the lake. If the black flies hadn’t been trying to eat us alive, I might have called it enjoyable. Slightly sun-burnt and bug bitten, we returned in our little white and blue boat. We had a delicious late dinner consisting of steak and salad which Samantha gladly helped me to prepare.

“You’re slicing that cucumber wrong,” she told me at one point. “I used to be a chef, so I should know.”

She was teasing me and I indulged her, handing the vegetable over to her. I watched as she skinned and cut it in no remarkably unique way.

“That looks exactly like what I was doing,” I said, pointing with the knife at her handiwork.

“To the untrained eye it does. My cucumber slices are better,” she said playfully.

I stared at her for a second, gauging her comment. “You’re lucky that I know you’re joking.”

She glanced up and made a disappointed face. “Oh, did I mess up chances of us making out later?”

Needless to say, the whole foursome idea was somewhere, floating in my brain but I hadn’t expected Samantha to be so blunt about it. Definitely not about the two of us anyway.

“No,” I said sensibly, smiling at her. “I never said that.”

“Good,” she chimed, smiling back and depositing her cumber slices into the salad bowl.

In the evening, the four of us went on an adventurous walk around the cottage grounds and surrounding forests, looking for additional firewood. During the previous night, our fire quickly consumed the wood we bought. We went for a drive earlier that morning and bought more wood from the local town but we also wanted to collect extra just in case.

Our mistake was poker oyna deciding to drink before our venture. To be fair, after talking about it, we all agreed that alcohol would make our bug bites more tolerable –somehow— and so we were half in the bag when our search for more wood started. It ended with us not finding much in the forests and instead stealing the wood from a cottage property that certainly would not miss it. That might have been my suggestion, I can’t completely be sure.

The fire we started was spectacular. In fact we had to move our benches back due to the heat. We did the camp fire routine; marshmallows, ghost stories and, of course, more drinking. As the night wound down, all of us grew tired and it got to the point in the evening when you either opened up another bottle of wine or went to bed. We opted for the second choice but once again our fire had gobbled up most of our wood. Three games of Paper, Rock, Scissors later, Keegan stood up, cursing loudly at Leo and amicably accusing him of cheating. Nonetheless Keegan and Samantha, as the loosing team, willingly went to ‘borrow’ more wood.

Seconds after they disappeared into the night, Leo and I looked at each other and grinned like a pair of horny teenagers. Quickly, we made our way down to the lowest dock, the one which was used to accesses the boat house.

“Get in there,” he said, laughing and pushing me in through the door.

We began kissing but both of us were rather impatient about the whole thing. When he made me moan, I immediately became self-conscious, straining to hear if Keegan and Sam returned. It was silly considering we were all adults but I wasn’t a big exhibitionist either. Nothing but the crackle of the flames floated down from the dirt hill.

Ineffectively, I tried to keep quiet but it seemed like Leo was intent on making me moan as loud as possible. Before long, we were both getting noisy and I could’ve sworn the boathouse was swaying with us.

Once we finished and dressed, the silence around us felt tremendous. The fire pit shone like a beacon and the worn, grassy path from the boathouse was easily navigated by our dark-adjusted eyes when we finally came back up. Felt like we were in there for a long time, certainly long enough for Sam and Keegan to have returned.

Somehow, I knew that out of the two of them, Samantha would be the one sitting alone by the fire. Spite emerged in me, taking me by surprise since I didn’t have a reason to be angry. Not like I didn’t enjoy the romp with Leo. But suddenly, I was convinced that she wanted to hear him as much as he wanted her to hear, like it was their secret plan from the beginning.

“Hi Samantha,” he said to her. “Where’s Keegan?”

Leo was being too casual, sounding like he was hinting proudly at the fact that he just fucked me. He didn’t have to be so obvious; I knew she had been listening for a good portion of our activities. I could see it on her fire-traced features and the smugness of her posture. Samantha shifted her shoulders up and down indifferently.

“Up at the cottage,” she answered. She was not sure nor did she care about Keegan in this instance which made me feel sad for him and disliked her.

“I’m going up to get another drink. You want one?”

I wished she would say no to Leo’s suggestive courtesy but of course she didn’t.

“Yeah, I’ll come up with you.”

She was already getting up as she spoke, eager for this excuse to be alone with him and incredibly I realized that my sweater was still in the boathouse, that I couldn’t even follow them. Maybe all of this was in my head, maybe I was being naively jealous. Still, I couldn’t help it.

“My sweater is gone,” I said, hoping Leo chose to come with me. He didn’t and I didn’t want to sound insecure, as if I was incapable of trusting him, and ask him to accompany me.

“It’s probably down there. I’ll meet you at the cottage.” Leo was talking to me but his eyes were trailing her. They left while I was stuck getting the stupid sweater.

Leaves and small twigs got caught under my shoes and I booted them out of the way impatiently while going along the path to the lower dock. Then, with my sweater clutched in my fist, I flew back up the path and past the fire pit. I sought to get up to cottage faster than he was expecting me because I wanted to catch him doing exactly what he promised me he wouldn’t do.

When I got near the stone steps leading to the back patio, I noticed heaps of firewood. It looked like Samantha and Keegan borrowed quite a bit of wood but Keegan was still nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was in the bathroom, being sick. This thought made me livid all over again. Sam should go and console him instead of asking my husband for another drink.

I came up the steps, knowing I’d be out of sight initially. Leo and Samantha were standing in the entrance of the cottage’s sliding back doors, silhouetted by the light shining out of the living room.

Samantha was casually leaning on the metal frame of the door. Her body was canlı poker oyna tilting up to him. He was doing the same, bending down, his face close to hers and completely unaware that I was witnessing this. I disliked them both in that second. Irrational thoughts flew through my mind. If they were so horny for each other, they should have done something about it long ago. Before I or Keegan came into the picture.

“Ellie!” Leo jumped away from her as soon as he detected me approaching. “What are you doing there?”

“Enjoying the show,” I snarled and they exchanged a look I couldn’t figure out.

Samantha did not move when Leo had jumped, seemingly not caring about what just occurred. I couldn’t figure this out either. She didn’t even flinch when I came near her, passing by her to get inside the cottage. The TV was on loudly, tuned to some black and white horror film. I ignored it.

“It wasn’t anything. We were just joking around,” he insisted, following me along the hallway to our room.

“Fuck off Leo,” I told him and I meant it.

I was tired of this thing between them. Especially since we had specifically discussed this exact situation and he promised me nothing would happen unless I allowed it. And maybe I would allow it if it wasn’t so goddamn obvious that he was trying to do something without me seeing it.

“Ellie, come on!”

I slammed the door in his face and closed myself off in the small space of our room. Leo and I always managed to talk through the most complicated problems and I knew I’d eventually forgive him. But at that instant, I wanted to be angry. I deserved to be angry.

“Just . . . let me be,” I said through the door when the knob wiggled from his attempt to twist it and he stopped.

Sure I was irritated, but I loved him and I needed him to understand that I had to be alone just then. I heard Keegan stumble out of the bathroom which was situated amid our two bedrooms and his strident chatter cut off anything else Leo wanted to say. Our argument would have to wait until the two of us had some private time and this unresolved tension would fester in him. Good, I thought, he should think about what he did.

I kicked off my shoes, threw my jeans off, tossed my sweater on the single seat sofa and lay on the downy sheets of the bed, happily avoiding the late-night festivities in the living room. I did want to talk about what happened before Leo and I went to sleep but the respite would help us both to sort things out.

I slept outright or maybe lightly dozed. I wasn’t sure which nor how much time passed. The next thing I became aware of was the door quietly opening. Innersprings of the mattress contracted and bed dipped where Leo advanced on it. Something was wrong. I could sense it, yet I feigned sleep, imagining that I was inventing it. He straddled me and in my sleep-clouded mind, I sluggishly thought he should be heavier. Then he leaned over, his hair cascading on my upper arms, shoulders, cheeks and it finally got through to me that it wasn’t Leo. My eyes flipped open in the dark.

She stared at me and I was too shocked to say anything. Tentatively, waiting to see what I would do, Samantha pinned my wrists to the bed. I did nothing. Not like she was heavy or overtly strong. I think part of me didn’t believe it was real.

“Samantha? What are you—” Was all I managed before her lips came down on mine.

There was nothing slow about the way she kissed me. She thrust her tongue in my mouth, tasting like marshmallows and charcoal and I found myself opening wider, my body responding faster than I could comprehend what was going on. An almost stunned moan fractured through her nose. Maybe she wasn’t expecting me to be so responsive. As a warning, as if trying to make it clear who was in control here, she nipped at my bottom lip.

I tried to sit up then, an incredible lust to conquer her coming over me but she shoved me back down, growling, grinding her pelvis hard into mine and I have to admit that I loved when she did that.

“Did you enjoy listening to him? Did it turn you on or something?” I suddenly grunt out when her mouth moved off mine, remembering what happened earlier, remembering why I was alone in the room and getting angry all over again.

“That’s not what turned me on,” she said, bucking hard against me, the seam of her jeans amazingly digging into me through my thin panties. “Hearing you turned me on.”

I gasped, arching up against her. I had not anticipated that answer and I definitely didn’t expect how quickly and capably it turned my emotions from anger to lust. She licked a path from my collarbone hollow to my jaw, her nails burrowing in my forearms and leaving crescent moon shapes. During my university years, I had my share of girl-on-girl action. But for some reason, I had never been so fiercely turn on by another chick as I was with her.

Her mouth was on mine again; her hips pumping in jagged rhythm against my own and a loud moan emerged from my throat. Anew, I strained upward, harshly internet casino threading my fingers through her hair, yanking her head back while I rearranged myself in her lap. This time I drove my tongue inside her mouth, exploring her and she moaned softly, trying to push me down but not succeeding due to the way I was clutching her hair. It was one part power struggle, one part unchecked hunger for more. We couldn’t stop touching and it was so fucking crazy.

“Where are the guys?” I was able to pant out, realizing for the first time that they must be somewhere and questioning how Samantha snuck away.

“They went out to smoke a doob,” she breathed, looking me in the eye for the first time. “I told Leo I’d talk to you.”

I laughed at this. “You’re doing a great job of talking.”

“Hey, they do say that actions speak louder than words,” she answered, smiling and unexpectedly, her hand slid under the waistband of my panties.

“What are you doing?” I asked, stunned she’d take things this far.

“You ask too many questions,” Samantha said, raising her eyebrow in a challenge.

Body buzzing with want, I found it hard to stop her. So I didn’t. Her fingertips were soft, beginning to rub my clit and instinctively I widened my legs. I became nervous, my hands almost going to halt her actions but she presses just the right way and my libido took over again. Slowly, I let out a guarded exhale of pleasure.

“Good girl,” she whispered, her fingers exploring my slit and a ripple, hot as fire, licked across my skin.

Smoothly, she sunk a finger inside and I gripped her arms, rocking into her while sitting in her lap. She was good; better than I thought had I thought about her this way. She was thrusting her fingers slowly, seemingly understanding exactly what I craved and I let out a gruttal moan, abandoning myself to her. Hearing it, she shuttered, her hips involuntarily responding against mine.

I wanted to return the favour but before I could do anything, she kissed me again, gently this time. The combination of her fingers working between my legs and her mouth sent me spilling over the edge.

Weakly, after what seemed like many minutes, I opened my eyes again. Samantha was sitting on the bed, cross-legged, watching me.

“What was all that about?”

“Well I was supposed to talk to you. But you just looked so hot sleeping there in your t-shirt and panties. I don’t know what I was thinking,” she replied, turning away from me almost shyly.

“It’s fine. Not like I didn’t enjoy it or anything.”

“Leo and I . . . we honestly were just messing around. I wouldn’t do anything with him,” she said sombrely as if this normal conversation existed prior to her bringing me to orgasm.

“He would. If you didn’t stop, he would,” I told her, not really wanting to talk about it but understanding it would be better if we did.

She shrugged, leaning back on her arms and not saying anything.

“What about Keegan? How does he feel about it all?”

“He knows we flirt. I don’t think he likes it too much but he trusts me.”

We were both quiet then. Outside the window, I could hear birds beginning to chirp. “And this?” I asked her, motioning between us.

Personally, I didn’t feel guilty because Leo wouldn’t be upset. But I didn’t know Samantha that well. I had no idea what she was thinking and if this was something that would leave a black mark on her relationship with Keegan.

“This?” She asked totally taken aback. “You mean what we just did?”

I nodded and there was enough light in the room for her to see this.

“Oh this doesn’t count as anything,” she said, laughing lightly. “Keegan doesn’t care if I do something with a chick.”

Most men didn’t but I really liked Keegan and would hate to think I had done something he would not approve of.

“So we’re okay?” She asked, sliding off the bed and going towards the door.

“Yeah, we’re okay,” I replied, not sure how we were on good terms but knowing I was no longer angry at her. “Not Leo though, he’s still in trouble.”

“As he should be,” Samantha scolded light-heartedly.

She opened the door and I could hear the TV all the way from the living room. “I think they’re watching some classic horror film festival,” she said, motioning towards the outside.

“Well tell them to turn it down.”

“Will do.”

The door closed behind her and a moment later I heard her voice and the volume of the TV diminished.

Leo came later in the night or rather early dawn. We talked briefly but didn’t have a full discussion until the morning. He apologized as I knew he would and shyly I told him about what happened between Samantha and I. Really I couldn’t be positive of how he’d react considering the situation. We had talked about me being with another woman as well but talk is talk. As soon as I confessed though, he wanted all the details and was more upset that he wasn’t there to watch more than anything else.

To this day, the four of us are all still very good friends and yes eventually we did end up messing around together. That seemed inevitable after what happened at the cottage. Still, I’ll never forget the way Sam pleasantly surprised me that night.

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