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Could I Spank Another Guy?

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It was a depressing time, as my wife Anna was going through hell at work and brought it home each and every night. We needed her income, she made due with the work problems, but they carried over to the bedroom.

We hardly ever made love, once every three months at best.

It was depressing.

Oh, there was Mr. Hand, and he did a nice job when I needed him to, spurred on by this web site and some amateur video sites. Seems as if others were getting sex regularly, so at least I could fantasize, right?

Every once in a while I’d peruse the various listing sites, but found that most of the postings were scammers, money grabbers or just big talkers. Nothing came to actual meeting and getting any action.

A few times I’d stray from the M/F ads to M/M ads and marveled how many guys were willing, in the ad, to fellate or wanted to get fellated. Pictures of big cocks were displayed with some, and the ads were always titillating. Not that I was going that way if you know what I mean.

Of course, there are always surprises, and I guess that’s what you could call the ad I saw late one night.

“In need of a good firm spanking. No reciprocation. Just come over, spank my ass, and leave. If it helps, I’ll be wearing lingerie and a skirt, but I’m by no means passible as a woman.”

Simple as that. It was very intriguing. I mean, the guy wanted a guy to spank him. I had to contact him to see if that was for real, never thinking I’d actually do that deal.

Sending a note, I thought it would disappear into the ether, but there was a quick reply.

“I’m not looking for a big talker, a scam artist or a flim flam man. I just want a spanking. I’m 60, and I will dress up and you can come over a lift my skirt and spank me. Period. If you need to jerk off that’s okay too. If you are a jerk, don’t reply.”

Well that took me aback. I mean, some would say I was a jerk. But suddenly my juices kicked in and the thought of spanking a guy and wanking while doing it was pretty hot. I mean, it wasn’t over the line because there wasn’t a sexual interlude there, right. I mean, of course, but no intercourse or anything. Damn, it was hot thinking about it.

I sent a note back, asked when and where, and closed my email. That night I slept fitfully beside my wife until waking up and thinking, what if this guy was an ax murderer or something? What if it was a set up for a robbery, blackmail or worse?

That morning I checked and there was a response.

“Look, my wife is at work tomorrow night, so between 7-9 you could stop over. I’m located at (a place about 45 minutes from my house).”

He talked about the need to dress casual but businesslike, in that his neighbors might question someone slowly driving down the street and asking questions. He said that he’d given his address to several guys who never showed up. He talked about how he just wanted to be spanked, ordered around, and that it was just something that got him Ankara bayan escort off.

He insisted the window of time was certain, as he had to pick up his wife at 9:30 from the hospital she worked. So, 7-9 was the time.

I decided to give it a shot, check it out, and if it seemed dangerous have an escape planned. We’d meet that night, one which my wife was at a work dinner so no problem getting away.

He sent the address and I checked It out on line. It seemed like a normal suburban subdivision in a very wooded area.

Showered, dressed in a shirt and denims, and left an hour ahead of time. Along the way I had a terrible thought. What if this was a scam, and I’d walk up to a house not knowing the name nor anything else and embarrassed myself in front of unsuspecting residents.

Damn. Stupid.

Pulling over, I sent an email to the guy (presumably) who was normal (presumably) and

who lived at an address (presumably) and who I didn’t know his name, looks nor anything else like phone number.

Back on the road, I pulled over at his exit and stopped, looking at my email while checking the surroundings to see if there was anything weird.

“Send me a note when you are a few minutes away. Come to the door and I will have it open. I will be on the couch, my ass in the air. Do you want me in women’s clothing?”

Replying that I would be there in five minutes, I said yes to the clothing and asked though that he wave to me from the front door so I would know he was real, and let me into the house.

Waiting a couple minutes to get my wits, the adventure continued. I drove up through a wooded area full of curves and bumps to the address on the GPS and slowed to a stop at number 29. Looking at the front door, I saw it open and an older gentleman peer out, look my car over, and wave me in.

It was time.

I parked the car with thoughts of escape. Locking the car and keeping a hand on my phone I walked to the house and opened the door. “Come in,” said the voice behind. Carefully walking in, I saw a guy in a skirt and blouse, wearing stockings without shoes, looking almost embarrassed.

“Thanks for coming,” he said, turning and walking toward another room. His ass moved like a woman’s, back and forth a bit, but he was clearly a guy.

He rose onto the bed on all fours, put his head down and lifted his butt up.

“I’ve been bad,” was all he said, moving his ass from side to side, skirt swaying and the tops of his thigh hi stockings showing bare skin above.

I couldn’t believe myself being in this situation. Did he really want me to spank him? I mean, here is was, on a bed, wearing girl’s clothing, head down and ass up. That was a big yes to me.

Looking around, I didn’t see any bogeymen, so I slapped the butt. Several times in succession. He merely laid there and took it without much of a whimper. Telling myself all’s fair in spanking land, I lifted the skirt up and held Escort bayan Ankara it on his back. On display were sheer pink panties and stockings, not pantyhose.

He was indeed dressed for the occasion.

Early on in married life I’d spanked my wife in a similar outfit, twice actually. But she soon tired of the play acting and that has not been in our repertoire for more than a dozen years. But spanking this guy’s ass brought back those memories, and it was as if it was my wife I was spanking and not some 60-something guy I didn’t even know.

Up and down went my hand on his ass, alternating harder and softer spanks on that pantied ass. These brought more than grunts from the guy, he almost had a little murmur coming out of his throat. Almost a yes!

“Spank me, I’m bad,” said the man.

I did, but not before slipping those panties partially down his thighs and baring his ass to the air. I restarted my spanking of his ass, giving him slow, direct slaps that landed on different quadrants of his ass. In my mind I wanted them to sting, but also wanted to hit all over his ass not merely one place to spread the pain.

I noticed that while I wanted to pull his panties down further they were held in place by his lengthening cock. That’s right, I realized his cock was holding the front of the panties secure while the back was partially down his thighs. Reaching under I grasp the elastic and pulled it around his cock head and down and the panties were down to his knees.

The spanking continued for a couple minutes, maybe 50 or so slaps to his ass. I commented while spanking that his ass was reddening, and the guy mumbled something about deserving it. Hell, I could tell he had a boner, and realized I matched his hard on with one of my own.

At first I was embarrassed at getting hard from the spanking, but soon soothed myself with the knowledge that it wasn’t my ass being pummeled. And oh his ass was getting spanked, as it was beet read and the moans from the guy were a bit louder.

My hand was starting to get tired but the excitement of the act kept me going. After a bit though I stopped the swats and rubbed his ass. I could tell it hurt, yet he didn’t mention anything about stopping.

“You’ve been a bad girl, and I am going to continue teaching you a lesson!”

The guy moaned, “Yes.”

Directing him off the bed and over my knees, I watched while thinking his ass must really hurt. But he wanted more.

Over my knees he went, his boner pushing against my leg.

I’m embarrassed to say what happened next, but I reached under him and grasp his cock, moving it between my legs. There it was secure against my briefs and the right next to my hard cock. Damn, this was somewhat gay, somewhat man-on-man, but quickly my thoughts went to his ass.

Rearranging the skirt, I restarted the spanking, this time pausing for a second after each swat and holding my hand against his hot red butt. I still Bayan escort Ankara could not understand or believe this situation, but it was so very erotic to be spanking him with his panties down and skirt up. Bare ass wide open to my onslaught.

“I’m so sorry I blew Jimmy,” said the guy between sobs. “He wanted to fuck me, and I wouldn’t let him. So I sucked him off. I’m sorry daddy.”

Oh, that’s where we were going.

“You are such a bad girl,” was my reply, spanking that ass.

I wanted to continue forever but quite truthfully my hand was hurting, so I decided to give him 20 more vigorous smacks.

One after another I swatted that ass, as hard as I could and as fast as I could. He was squirming under me, trying to evade the painful spanking of his ass. I smiled at his sobs, and as his cock pushed against me as my spanks hit his ass. He was masturbating against my legs. The little jerk was moving against me while getting spanked. Damn.

After completing the pounding, I stopped and told him to get up, reminding him that he’d been taught a lesson!

He did, saying he was sorry but by the same token thanking me for caring. We looked at each other for a moment, then the guy surprised me my dropping to his knees and reaching into my underwear. He pulled out my cock and began licking it almost before I realized what was going on.

Totally shocked, but surprisingly excited, I watched as the guy licked away at my manhood, holding my balls in his hand. Soon he released that hold and began licking all over my balls while stroking my cock. It was incredible. I mean, I didn’t understand what possessed him to take control of my dick but I moaned that I liked what he was doing.

Gazing at the skirt and stockings, panties around one ankle, I for a moment thought this girl was something else. Of course, then I wanted to slap myself back to reality. My goodness, a guy was sucking my dick. I mean, I’m not gay.

Still, the guy’s actions, the blow job, was incredible.

Closing my eyes, I luxuriated in the ministrations on my throbbing cock. He was good at it, maybe even better than my wife but I’m not telling.

He jerked the dick while sucking and with all the pellets of erotic actions of the night I couldn’t help myself. My dick began spurting out volley after volley of cum into his sucking mouth. It felt incredible, and I stood and enjoyed all the sensations.

The guy sucked my dick well after it was spent and began shrinking. He swallowed as much as possible, wiping his face with his hands to remove the final splotches of residue.

My mind was jumbled, but I knew it was time to leave. I tucked everything back into my pants and zipped up as he arose.

“You really did a job on my ass, I’m thinking it will hurt a little driving over to the hospital,” said the guy. “My wife’s a nurse. Have to pick her up in a half hour or so, but I will be thinking about the great job you did tonight. I hope we can do it again?”

I said I’d send him a note. Damn, again? I mean, he’s a guy! But then, I guess I knew that before I got there so it wasn’t a surprise. The surprise was how much this had been an enjoyable evening.

I’m thinking I will be back.

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