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Coupling Coworkers Ch. 09

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After we got home from our Chicago weekend trip, Sara and I’s sex life got even more active. At her suggestion, even though it was something I had wanted to do for some time, we posted pictures of ourselves on an online swinger site.

Considering our looks, we had immediate replies. The next weekend, we met one of the couples at a local hotel on Friday night and another couple at their house the following night.

The following weekend, we met with a new couple each night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, of the three-day weekend. It was probably one of the greatest two weeks of sex any man could ever want. I had cum over 30 times with nine different women, including a few of my co-workers that I had romped around with before.

Sara was having just as much sex and loved having new cocks explore her mouth, pussy and asshole. With every new couple, Sara made sure there was some to time devoted to her getting double penetrated, which was now her favorite thing. In fact, it became a running a joke among our intimate friends about how much Sara loved to get fucked in the ass, almost more than in her pussy.

The couple we were with on Saturday night of the holiday weekend, told us about a local members-only swingers’ club that met once a month at a local hotel. Sara was immediately interested and took down the contact number.

On Tuesday, we met with the swingers’ club contact person over dinner. She interviewed us to make sure we were serious. After we satisfied her questions, we paid the membership fee and arranged for a room at the next meeting, which was this weekend.

When we arrived Saturday night for the club meeting at the hotel, we checked in and got ready. I dressed as if I were going to work, while Sara wore a revealing outfit, which left little to the imagination on her small, skinny frame.

When we walked downstairs to the meeting room, we were excited, turned-on and nervous. Our nervousness proved unfounded as we found everyone at the party to be very inviting.

For a few hours, we chatted, drank, danced and generally flirted with everyone we met, which was about all of the sixty to sixty-five couples there. Everyone ranged from mid-twenties to their sixties, while everyone seemed to be attractive enough (of course, some more than others). On the dance floor, it seemed to be fair game to touch and fondle anyone within arm’s reach. Of course, this only served to heighten the sexual state of the night.

About 10:30 everyone adjourned to the floor everyone’s rooms were on. A nice couple about our age, offered to escort us upstairs. They told us that once upstairs, you can get into lingerie or whatever, but most people now just show up to the designated social room naked.

They told us what to expect and the general rules. There was no sex in the social room, guys were not allowed in the designated “girls only” room, but if the door was open to any other room, you could enter.

Over the course of the next five hours, I came five times. I received a blowjob from at least ten different women, fucked probably twenty more women, including two in the ass. It was non-stop sexual ecstasy.

Sara had just as much fun. She reported to me the next morning on our way home that she had at least one cock in one of her openings for the entire five or so hours. She had lost count early in the night, but she figured that she had either sucked, fucked or been pounded by almost every cock in attendance.

We got home and went right to sleep for an afternoon nap. That night I told my wife that over the last year, I had lived out every fantasy I think I could muster in my mind.

“Well, güvenilir bahis I still have one,” she smiled at me.

“What is it?” I replied.

“I don’t wanna say, but will you let me live it out, no matter what it is?”

“Of course, but tell me.”

“No, but you have to promise me you’ll let me set it up. It’s the only fantasy I have left right now, at least until I get to star in my own professional porn scene, which might never happen.”

“I promise,” was the last thing I said before we began to drift off to sleep.

The next couple of weeks brought more sex, however, this time it was with people we had already been with, either co-workers or people from the swingers’ club.

A few weekends later, I slept in. When I woke up, Sara was gone, but she had left a note on her pillow. It read:

I know you’re playing golf today.

But stay away from the house between 5 and 7 tonight.

Stay at the club, shower there and be here

In our bedroom, naked.

Its fantasy night.

Needless to say, I had a hard time concentrating during the round. It was the first real nice day since winter had set in, so I was rusty, but my mind raced as to what Sara had planned. I obeyed her wishes, showered at the club and headed home. I arrived in the driveway exactly at 7:00.

I went to our room and noticed Sara had placed our position pillow on the bed. It was not much more than just covered foam, but it allowed for its users to get into different sex positions that would be uncomfortable without it.

I got naked and sat on the bed. After a few minutes, I had my wife’s heels clicking on the hardwood as she approached our room. When she entered, she was wearing nothing but strap-on cock. It was obvious to me that her fantasy was to have my ass fucked.

This was something I was not opposed to doing. I had been curious in the past, however, the thought of being with another man disgusted me. I just could not find men attractive enough to ever get turned on by one. If I watched my wife getting fucked by a man, that was hot, but for a man to approach me with his cock, just did nothing for me.

However, the thought of my wife fucking my ass, now that was a different story. Seeing my wife with a flesh colored penis that looked remarkably real, started to get me hard.

“Don’t say a word,” my wife said before I could say anything. “Just get on the pillow with your ass in the air.”

I did as she instructed.

“Now, I’m gonna handcuff you to the pillow so you don’t squirm too much,” she said as she placed the handcuffs over my wrists. “And to make this really exciting for you, I’m blindfolding you.”

“Just relax and enjoy,” she said placing the blindfold over my eyes. “Hopefully you’ll get a feel for what its like to take it in the ass and why I love it so much.”

She went to work kissing down my back before she started to lick at my asshole. She was lubing with her spit as she began to work a finger into me. I moaned with pleasure as I heard someone else in the room.

I felt Sara get in behind to penetrate me, when someone else got onto the bed.

“Open up your mouth,” I heard Missy say to me. I did and it became apparent she was also wearing a strap-on and she was going to give me the experience of having a cock in my mouth.

As Missy eased her strap-on into my mouth, my wife eased herself into my anal opening. Each took it a little at a time. I had no problem adjusting to the strap-on in my mouth, but the pain of my wife going into my ass was almost unbearable. After a few minutes, I had Missy fucking my face at a nice steady pace türkçe bahis and my wife all the way in my ass and fucking me. The pain began to subside and the pleasure began to take over. I had never experienced intense pain and pleasure at the same. I have to admit, it felt wonderful. I was thoroughly enjoying the experience.

My cock was as hard as a rock and was rubbing on the pillow, which increased the stimulation. As I was thoroughly enjoying everything, when something struck me as amiss.

I could have sworn I felt the strap-on Missy was fucking me with in my mouth have a spasm. I was trying to figure out what the hell that was, when she pulled out of my mouth. Before I could say anything about it, I felt a stream of warm liquid hit my tongue and go down my throat. Another stream of liquid also went down my throat, causing me to choke on the liquid as I was trying to breathe.

I started coughing violently as another stream of warm liquid landed on my tongue. I was now coughing violently as my body was trying to expunge liquid out of my windpipe. While I was coughing, I felt my wife pull out of my ass, but then I felt large streams of warm liquid land on my back.

I finally stopped coughing, but I was still a little choked and could not talk.

“OK, next,” I heard my wife say.

I felt two more people get on the bed. My mouth was filled with another cock, as was my ass.

It was finally, then, that I realized that it was not my wife and Missy fucking me with strap-ons, instead it was real cocks, attached to real men and that the warm liquid that was on my back and down my throat was real cum.

I was furious at my wife. How could she do this to me? She knew how much the thought of having sex with another man disgusted me. However, I could do nothing about it. I could not say anything because whoever was in front of me was jamming his cock down my throat. I was handcuffed to the position pillow and some guy behind was plowing his cock into my ass with reckless abandon, which, despite everything going on in my mind, felt really damn good.

In fact, it was better than damn good. It was un-fucking-believably good. It was at that point I realized the purpose of the blindfold. She knew I would never go for this if I knew it was men that would be fucking me. But she also knew that if I was going to get a real feel for what it felt like to get fucked in the ass, and how good it felt, it would have to be from real cocks.

Once I realized this, I started to get turned-on again, which sent my cock back into its hard state. In fact, I started to feel an orgasm building in the base of my cock. The feeling became more intense. The guy behind me must have sensed I was about to cum, because he grabbed my hips and pulled back into him, which forced my sphincter muscles open, even though they wanted to contract as I was about to cum.

Then the world shook. I came harder than I had ever cum before. Warm cum shot out of my cock onto the pillow I was handcuffed to, which created a rather large wet spot for my to lie on. My orgasm seemed to last forever. After my body went limp, the violent spasms that had flown through my body just minutes before had sent to the two guys fucking me over the edge. I felt warm semen shoot up the middle of my back. At the same time, the guy fucking my mouth, pulled out and shot his cum in my mouth, on my cheeks and my chin. This time I was prepared and kept the cum in my mouth. I have to admit, it did not taste all that bad. I was not planning on swallowing it until he stuck his cock back in my mouth for me to clean off the extra cum, which forced what was on my tongue down güvenilir bahis siteleri my throat.

My body was still limp when I heard my wife say next. Within seconds I felt another cock start to enter my ass. This time, however, he was not as gentle as the others had been. With one quick thrust he was completely inside me. My anal muscles had relaxed and I accepted him into it without much trouble. As this new guy quickened his pace, I began to lean back and push him further into me, which brought me back to an aroused state.

Another cock was placed in my mouth. I had gotten used to this also and had learned how to tilt my head in order to allow his cock to go down into my throat without gagging. The guy in front of me was pulling my head toward him so that he could get more in my throat. He was face fucking me and my nose was hitting his abdomen.

I could myself starting to choke a little, but he would not let me take my mouth off his cock. I started to try to cough, but his cock down my throat would not let me ease the tickle that was building. Again, my convulsions of trying to couch must have made me clench, which brought both guys over the edge.

I felt the guy behind withdraw and shoot more cum on my back, while the guy that was ramming his cock down my throat pulled my head all the way into him, which forced his cum down my throat as he came.

Again, the cum must have hit my wind pipe because the second he pulled out of my mouth, I began to cough and gag. However, my wife would not let me recover at all because I heard her announce the finale.

I was now expecting the unexpected, but she said something to a guy named Jim. Someone got on the bed behind me, but I noticed no one moved to in front of me.

Pretty soon, I felt some pressure being applied to my ass and a cock slowly start to enter. He took his time, but I quickly found out this was not a normal cock. He was not very far into me, but I could feel his width begin to tear my already abused hole.

I started to let out a cry of pain, but as my mouth opened, someone, I am assuming my wife, tied a clothe around my mouth to keep my from screaming.

It took this guy about a full two minutes, but eventually he had his entire cock in my ass. He must have been at least three inches wide and ten inches long. Once the pain subsided, the feeling turned to pure ecstasy. He was slow at first, just filling me, but soon began to thrust back and forth. He would pull almost completely out of me and then push all the way back in.

This complete thrust had me completely turned on and hard. His pace quickened, but he continued to use the entire length of his cock to move back and forth in me. The thrusts were again pushing around on the pillow, which acted as a massage for my cock.

This continued for a few more minutes until I began to feel another orgasm building. I released into the pillow again, which forced the guy fucking me to reach orgasm also. He pulled out and shot the largest load of the night onto my back.

My body was completely exhausted as I felt the blindfold being taken away and the rope untied. I rolled off the pillow to see my wife on the bed next to me.

“Thank you for that, I have had this fantasy of seeing men fucking for a long time,” my wife whispered into my ear.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and got off the bed. When she did, it opened up my view of the room. I saw that Missy was busy with two of the guys and my wife joined the group by getting in between two of the others.

I was spent. I could feel the cum dripping off my back onto the bed, but I was too tired to do anything about. I found myself drifting off to sleep. The last thing I heard was my wife, or it might have been Missy, say something about having her ass fucked tonight. I would have loved to stay up and watch that, but I was soon sound asleep.

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