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Covid 19 Hotel

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Covid 19 HotelWell I just flew into an airport and was looking for a shuttle to the hotel that I had booked. I usually stay in a Chain hotel that I have loyalty points with and due to my loyalty I usually get a pretty nice upgraded room. I was expecting the same treatment again when I reached this hotel. The shuttle service arrived and I was even impressed as it was a long stretch black limousine. The driver took my bags and placed them in the trunk and I slid into the back. The privacy window was open, I asked the driver,“Hey how long to the Hotel.”“Not long was his reply and he closed the privacy window.”I relaxed in the back of the car and I opened the fridge. I grabbed a cold beer and twisted off the top. I opened the roof top and was enjoying the fresh air and the light rock that was playing on the radio. I took a long pull on the beer and thought about the week that I was going to enjoy while at the hotel. It took a little longer than I thought but finally we pulled up in front of the huge grand lobby of the hotel. The door was opened and I was greeted by a nice uniformed door man and the bell hop was already gathering my luggage from the trunk of the car. I was escorted inside and lead to the VIP check in desk. I gave the administrator assistant my membership card and credit card and was very quickly checked in and as I expected upgraded to the presidential suite. I took the elevator to the top floor and was guided to my room. After the bell boy showed all the workings of the room and I flipped him a 20 dollar tip he left. Soon there was a knock on the door and it was my luggage showing up. I flipped him a tip also and he was gone. I kicked off my boots that I had been wearing all day and I just flopped onto the bed. It felt great not to have to be thinking about work I had just come out of the Covid 19 lockdown and I had been at work for the last 3 months. Everyone though oh this will pass, I felt that I was going to be in for the long haul. Finally I got up stripped off my travel clothes and jumped into the huge oversized shower. I t felt really good to have the hot water cascading down over my body. I lathered up my whole body and gave my cock and balls a good going over. Once I was all clean and dried. I opened my suitcases and I selected a very casual pair of jeans and a nice shirt. I put on some cologne and I was off to the lounge to have a drink or two before I went for a nice steak dinner. I entered the lounge and it was empty. Just the bar tender and myself. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. I started some small talk with the guy and he was kind of a cool guy. Not long after I had told him of my three month long isolation in a mining camp and that I was just out. He asked me,“You looking for some female entertainment.”I smiled “Why not.” He made a few calls and then asked me,“What time is good for you?”I checked my watch and I told him that around 11pm would be good. He hung up the phone and came over to me gave me a slip of paper with a name and a phone number on it. He gave me the thumbs up and I ordered another drink. I looked at the paper and the name Brandy was written on it with a phone number. I thought to myself cool. I took the drink and went and sat at a table. I was flipping through my phone getting caught up on messages and texts and I did not even notice the tall blonde that came into the lounge. When I did look up she was sitting at the bar and was making small talk with the bar tender. After she got her drink she moved to a table just next to mine but it was an elevated table. She took off her business suit jacket and was wearing a tight fitting skirt just below the knee with a slit up the back, she had on a business style shirt that was unbuttoned to expose a very nice set of tits and a great cleavage. She had on nylons and nice pair of stiletto style shoes. Her long blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders and rested on the tops of her tits. From my vantage point f being a little lower that her table I was able to almost see up under her skirt but not quite. I busied myself again with answering texts and e mails and was not paying any attention to her. When I finally finished a leaned back in the chair and took my drink in my hand. I looked around the lounge and there were a few more people in the place but they looked like they were having small meetings or had just come from one. I noticed the blond was looking at me and I tipped my drink to her and she responded with a hello. “Where you off to?” I asked.“Nowhere just got out of lock down and I am heading to a resort or beach or somewhere.”I laughed “Yeah me too.”“I am staying here for a week then off to Mexico.”“Nice.” She said. I was paying as much attention to her face as I was to her legs as she turned her chair to be pointing a little more towards me. We were making small talk back and forth and I am not sure if she did it intentionally or not but she had wiggled her tight skirt up and little higher on her hips and she was able to spread her knees a little further apart. Not in a grotesque manner just in a little more comfortable way. This gave me a clear view of all the way up her legs and I could see =she was wearing stockings and that her pussy was covered with a very tiny pair of high end panties. I was hard for me to keep from staring at her perfect legs and tight little pair of panties that seemed to get more and more exposed to me every minute. “Hey I am going for dinner at the roof top restaurant would like to join me?” I asked. “Sure why not.” She answered. I charged my drinks to my room as did she and I offered my arm as we walked out of the lounge on our way to the restaurant. Once we arrived at the restaurant and we were seated we ordered out drinks and were looking at the menu. By now I had learned that the beautiful blonde’s name was Tiffany and that she was from a rather spoiled upbringing with a very rich Daddy and several mommies. I guess Dad can afford the payments hahaha. Now I was putting Tiffany in her late 20’s to early 30’s. She was certainly had a body to drive men crazy with but tonight it was I that was getting driven crazy. I had to get the upper hand somehow as she knew she was getting to me. So I devised a game that we could play and at first it was for shots then I was hoping to be able to move it into articles of clothing if the night so moved in that direction. Now for the rules of the game;•First we had to pick two different couples in the restaurant •Then we had to come up with challenges that we could put on each couple and see if they did what we bet on •And finally the bet. I was going to go first. I picked a couple that the guy was inn a business suit and the woman was in a nice evening outfit. My first bet was that he would order whiskey, the prize was a shot of Vodka. It was agreed and we sat to watch. In no time the waitress delivered a tumbler glass of an amber liquid and we both agreed that it was whiskey. I won and ordered a shot of vodka for Tiffany. Her turn she picked a couple and bet what they would order for food. Haha she lost that one two and she bet another shot. I was thinking I ws going to be able to win this easy. I picked a solo guy and bet on his drink again. Again I won wow I was getting good at this, Tiffany asked to change the bets because she was getting a little tipsy. I said sure, her bet she picked a lone guy and again bet on food, wow I was hitting it great as she lost again. This time she bet her jacket. So off it came again. Uhmmm this was moving in the direction I wanted it to. My turn so stepped it up a notch and I bet that the next person through the door would be a woman. Fuck me I hit it again I had not lost yet and she was getting a good buzz on so I leaned over and I asked her to give me her tiny little white and black tuxedo fashion panties. She looked quite surprised that I knew what she was wearing. I smiled and she looked around and then she excused herself from the table and left to the little girls room. I ordered her and I another round of drinks and by the time she came back the drinks had just arrived. Tiffany sat down and reached across the table and slipped her hand into mine and slid her very wet very tiny panties into my hand. I brought her hand to my lips and kissed her and then I slipped my tongue between her fingers and licked her finger there. I made her blush. I laughed bakırköy escort at her obvious excitement and I felt like I was going to be scoring something here a little later. Back to the game it was her turn. She was being very careful and she was eying the door to the kitchen. Her next bet was that the next dish of food coming out of the kitchen. Tiffany Bet the next dish was going to be a dessert. I gave that to her as a vague guess but she needed the win I thought. I almost burst out in laughter as the door swung open and waiter came out with an obvious steak dinner on the tray. Tiffany looked at the tray in disgust. I was waiting for her to commit to the bet. I helped her out by saying,“Look you cannot remove any more items of clothing without making a scene. May I suggest a bet?”“What would that bet be?” she asked. “Well let us just say that we need to finish up here and move to the lounge or even better to my room for the payment.” I smirked.“Ok I am done.” She blurted out. I called the waitress over and signed for the bill to be charged to my room and we proceeded to the exit of the restaurant. As we walked past the lounge the bartender waved to me and I told Tiffany to wait and I went to see him. He asked me.“Do you want me to cancel the girl?”“No I said I think it will be fine.” With a sly grin I told him. I returned to Tiffany and we went to the elevator. I used the key card and pushed the top floor. As soon as the doors closed I leaned into Tiffany and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Out tongues met and were entangled with one another as the elevator continued to rise. I slipped my hand down between her legs and she groaned into my mouth when I slid my hand up her thigh to her very wet and slick pussy. She pulled me tighter to her body as I slipped a finger into the folds of her cunt and started to rub up and down. We were so engaged in out make out session that I had even noticed that the elevator had stopped. I noticed once it started to move again and I pulled away from Tiffany. When I turned around there standing in the lift was a room service boy and he was staring right at Tiffany’s bare pussy. I still was rubbing her pussy and she was moaning and also staring at the boy. The elevator stopped at the top floor and we pulled ourselves apart and Tiffany blew the young man a kiss and we laughed as we walked out of the lift. I reached the room and passed the key card over the lock and the light turned green and I opened the door for her. As tiffany walked passed she brushed her hand over my hard cock encased in my pants and I laughed and grabbed after her ass as she scooted into the room. The room was a suite so we walked into the lounge area and there was two large chairs at the end of a long coffee table on the one side was a large leather couch and the other side was a large screen TV. Just passed the lounge area was a nice table with 6 chairs around it for dining. To the left was a kitchenette with all the utilities needed to cook light meals and to the right was a bar area with 4 bar stools pulled up the elongated wooden top. I went behind the bar to mix Tiffany and I a cocktail. I passed her a drink and placed mine on the bar top. I walked around the end of the bar I turned Tiffany to face me. I lifted her easily up onto the bar top and I moved one of the bar stools between her legs and I sat down. I placed her legs over my shoulder s and looked at her face and smiled. I lower my face down to her pussy and I could scent her magnificent perfume and woman orders combined. I dipped my head and kissed her pussy. I heard her moan as I slipped my tongue through her folds and lightly sucked on her clit to pull it out from it hiding place. I trapped her clit with my teeth gently and I sucked and licked it until I felt her start to wiggle from the sensations that I was giving her. Her thighs began to tighten around my head and her hand reached down and held my head in place. She pushed her hips up off the counter top and forced my face hard into her pussy. Her moans and groans were muffled by how tight her thighs were now around my head. She was balancing on her feet and one arm and she was pumping her hips back and forth pulling my head with her. My lips never left her pussy and I kept her clit as my main focus of attack. She squeezed her thighs so tight now against my head I thought she was going to pop my head off my neck. Then with a huge moan she released my head and spread her legs wide. She collapsed back onto the counter top and was trying to push my face away from her pussy. I wrapped my arms around her ass and I held her tight and I was not letting her now very sensitive pussy and clit out of reach of my darting tongue. She was almost screaming with the attack I was giving her clit. She was wiggling so much on the top trying to free her ultra-sensitive clit that I thought she was going to fall off the top. Finally I released her and lifted my face from her very wet pussy. She was looking at me with a wide look of passion on her face. And she was grinning and I sat back down on the stool and laughed. I lifted her down off the top and she took the drink I offered her and we cheered one another and took a sip of the cocktail. I looked at my watch and it was ten minutes to eleven and I remembered my other guest was about to appear at the door. Tiffany took her drink and as she walked towards the bedroom she looked over her shoulder and told me she was going to take a shower. I thought to myself perfect. Shortly I heard the water turn on and almost instantly I heard a knock on the door. I straightened myself up and went to the door. There standing at the door was the true picture of what a escort should look like. She was tall Very sexy makeup on her face. Her long blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders and rested on a set of obviously large man made tits. She was wearing a low cut top that exposed her very deep cleavage to her waist were the sparkling little jewel was imbedded in her belly button. Her very short mini skirt barely covered her pussy and as I stepped back to take her all in I could see a little bit of her tiny panties that were covering her pussy. She had great long legs and was wearing a pair of sky high hooker shoes that were held to her feet by straps. I invited this fuck machine into the room and I asked her name. Brandi she said and I thought yeah right. I gave her the settled upon amount of money that I was told and I informed her that there was two of us and that Tiffany was in the shower. She did not even blink just asked for a nominal fee more and I paid her. She dropped her purse on the couch and looked around the room I offered her and drink and she accepted. As I was making the drink I heard the shower shut off and I quickly walked from behind the bar again and gave her the drink. I stepped behind her and I slipped my hands around her waist and pulled her back into me. I felt her tight ass rub against my hard cock and I pushed my hips into her to make sure that she knew what she was in for. I slid my hands her under her barely there top and I was massaging her tits and rolling her nipples between my thumb and fore finger. She rolled her head back against my shoulder and I lifter her top up over her tits. Brandi lifted her head off my shoulder to allow me to remove her top completely. I discarded the top and grabbed both her tits in my hands and was massaging them semi roughly and she was moaning with the way I was man handling her tits. Her free hand dropped down to the front of my pants and she gripped my rock hard cock through my pants. Just then Tiffany walked into the room buck naked. Tiffany stopped in her tracks and took a quick look at the pair of us. I looked at her with a smile and introduced her to Brandi. Tiffany’s long hair was wet from the shower and it hung is ropes down her shoulders and over and between her large man made tits also. Her nipples were slightly turned upwards and were light pink in color. The areola around her nipples was also very pale almost invisible to the eye. Her long slim waist was very well toned with a six pack for abs. obviously a few hours spent in the gym. Her thighs were tight and she had a good amount of thigh gap exposing the very tight pussy and her pussy lips were slightly visible. She was tanned all over to perfection beşiktaş escort either spray on or tanning bed I thought. To my delight she was still wearing her perfectly applied makeup and she looked fucking hot as hell. I was massaging Brandi’s tits waiting for a response from Tiffany when she just looked at me and grinned. Tiffany walked across the room and she gave Brandi a deep passionate kiss with tongue. Mt cock was busting to get out of my pants now. Brandi pulled Tiffany into her and they were making out like a couple of teenagers first getting together. Brandi’s hand slid down Tiffany’s naked body and came to rest on her pussy. I was able to feel her arm moving back and forth as she was rubbing Tiffany’s pussy. Tiffany had her hands raised and was holding Brandi’s face to hers as they were making out. I reached around Brandi’s waist and I fumbled a bit but I found the clasp that was holding her mini skirt on and I quickly flicked it open. I bent at my knees as I pulled her tight skirt down over her hips down her legs and off. Brandi stepped out of her skirt and I tossed it to the side. Remaining in this lower position I reached up and hooked my thumbs in her panty straps and I pulled her panties down and off also. When I looked back up at her perfect formed ass I saw that she was wearing a jewel headed butt plug and I could see that she was also wearing some dangling jewelry from her pussy. Brandi slightly opened her legs and I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and into her very wet pussy. This girl loved her job as she was so slick from her juices. I kissed each cheek of her ass and I started to slide my fingers in and out of her pussy. I could hear Tiffany moaning and the way that Brandi’s hips were swaying I knew she was finger fucking Tiffany hard. With my other hand I reached around her hips and started to play with her clit and I could feel that the jewelry that I could see was not from her clit and must be from a labia piercing. Brandi was so wet that I was easily able to start to finger fuck her with two fingers. She took a wider stance and I was able to really speed up my thrusting in and out of her cunt. I heard her moan now also and I could feel her pussy muscles clenching around my fingers. Tiffany rolled back her head and let out a great guttural moan and I could see her juices were leaking around Brandi’s fingers as she was having a strong orgasm. I was licking around Brandi’s Butt plug and she was moaning quite a bit now also. I was stroking my cock still encased in my pants. Finally Tiffany almost collapsed from her orgasm and she fell back on the couch. Brandi leaned over her and supported herself with her arms and I stood now behand her and was thrusting my fingers in and out of her every more sensitive pussy. I could see her arms starting to shake and her legs were bending at the knees she was almost right on top of Tiffany. She lifted her head and let out a groan and her pussy clamped down on my fingers and her juices started to squirt out of her. I kept pumping in and out and she completely collapsed on top of Tiffany as she was spraying her juices all over me. Finally I pulled my hand back away from her and I slumped down on the couch beside these two. After a few minutes I stood and gathered the drinks and brought them to the girls. I took mine also as I suggested we move to the Bedroom. Brandi grabbed her oversized purse/bag and brought it with her. Now she was still wearing her sky high hooker shoes so she was so much taller than Tiffany. When we reached the room Brandi quickly turned Tiffany around and pushed her back on the bed. Tiffany landed and bounced and laughed. Brandi had spotted my open suitcase and she quickly grabbed some of my neck ties and she threw some to me and she kept some as she pounced onto Tiffany and stretched her arms up over her head and to the corner of the bedpost. I caught on quickly and I grabbed Tiffany by the ankle and pulled her leg to the opposite side of the bed to a bedpost. In no time at all Brandi and I had Tiffany secured spread eagle onto the mattress. Brandi scooted off the bed and came to me as I was standing now beside the bed also. Brandi reached down and grabbed me by the belt and in a quick motion she had the belt unfastened and had my pants down around my ankles. Now I rarely wear any underwear and today was no different so my rather large hard cock was swinging in the breeze so to say. I stepped out of my pants and I bent over and pulled my socks off. While I was doing this Brandi had grabbed her bag and was rummaging through it. I could see that she through a couple of wide elastic type bands on to the bed. Tiffany was watching her intently as she was unable to move. Then Brandi pulled out a magic wand battery operated vibrator. You know the kind with the really large bulb style head. She flicked on the switch and smiled at me. I was standing stroking my cock. Brandi unfasted the bands that I thought earlier were elastic but they were actually Velcro straps. She placed the vibrating head of the wand right on Tiffany’s pussy making sure that it was also touching her clit. Then she secured the device in place with the bands. Tiffany was moaning almost immediately as Brandi made sure that it was secure and was not going to be moving anywhere. Now Tiffany was moaning and attempting to wiggle free from the bonds but to no avail and she was in a position that the vibrator was going to torture her until either one of us stopped it or the battery went dead. I looked at her and I could almost see the agony and pleasure together on her face but I had my own pleasure about to start. Brandi came over to me grabbed my cock and she was kissing my mouth and stroking me. I raised my hands to wrap around her and she slid her tongue almost down my throat. Our tongues were n a battle and I was massaging her tits. I was about to slide my hand down to her pussy but she kind of pushed me back a bit and she bent over at the waist and sucked my cock into her mouth. Oh my God that felt so awesome. She lowered herself to a squatting position and she was sucking the head of my cock and stroking the shaft with one hand while frigging herself off with her other hand. I was holding he head and was started to move my hips back and forth into her mouth. She moved her hand off her cunt reached around and pulled my hips into her face taking my full length down to the base. I could feel her throat muscles tightening and loosing around my shaft almost in a massaging motion. Then something I had never had before, whit my cock fulling embedded in her mouth and throat she slid her tongue out and flicked it over my balls. Well if you have never had this before trust me you have to find a true slut and have her do this to your unit. I gripped her head and held her in place and she was literally milking my cock with her throat and teasing my balls with her tongue. It was not too long and I felt myself start to rise Brandi was again stroking her head up and down my shaft and every time she hit the bottom she would lick my balls. I was getting super excited and I could tell I was not going to hold off for too much longer. I was getting ready to blow and BAM she stuck her finger up my asshole and I gripped her head and started to fire off round after round of my jizz down her throat. Brandi was stroking my cock and sucking the head of it as she was massaging my anus and special glands down there. I could not stop cumming and I was pumping her full of man juice. I was still spurting and pulled the head of my cock out of her mouth and let me shoot the last few spurts onto her face. She slipped her finger from my ass and I fell forward over top of her onto the bottom of the bed. My head was spinning and I almost lost my balance as I was reeling from the orgasm I just had. Finally I caught my breath and balance and I stood back up. Once I got my senses back I could her Tiffany freaking screaming as her orgasm just kept rolling over her body. I moved over to a side chair and sat down. Brandi had recovered also and was licking the cum off her fingers as she swiped it from her face. Tiffany was totally zoned out as she could not move the vibrator from her pussy and clit and she was just rolling from one orgasm to the next. I almost felt sorry for her but she looked so beylikdüzü escort fucking hot. I grabbed my phone and I quickly snapped a few pictures of her in this complete state of arousal. Brand had stood up and went to her bag of goodies once again. This time what she pulled out was a huge double ended strap on dildo. I watched as she inserted on end into her pussy and then passed the straps around her waist and thighs to secure it in place. I was watching and slowly stroking my flaccid cock that was starting to show signs of life again. The she walked over to Tiffany on the bed and she shut off the vibrator and removed it from her pussy. I could almost hear the heave of relief from Tiffany but I was sure she had not seen what was about to happen. Brandi tossed the vibrator to the bottom of the bed and she mounted Tiffany and was lining her huge cock up to Tiffany’s well soaked pussy. Brandi leaned over and gave Tiffany a deep kiss and at the same time she slammed the full length of the dildo into her. Tiffany’s muffled scream was silenced my Brandi’s mouth over hers. Brandi had placed her hands on each side of Tiffany’s head and she pulled the cock out of her pussy. She broke the kiss and Tiffany’s eyes were wide open and I could almost see fear in her face but also she was so fucking horny that I also saw her anticipation as Brandi again assaulted her pussy with the huge black dildo. This time Tiffany held back her scream but let out a huge moan and grunt. Brandi giggled as she was getting the stroking motion in her pussy also from the other half that was embedded in her. Tiffany was still tied to the bed and she could do nothing but take the pounding that Brandi had started to give to her. Brandi was ruthless with her attack and it was not too long and Tiffany was moaning and starting to cum again. There was little left in her I thought but Brandi kept up the onslaught until she herself was also cumming. I could not tell whose juices were whose as both of them started to squirt juices past the shaft of the huge dildo. Finally Brandi had finished her orgasm and she pulled out and rolled to the side of Tiffany. Tiffany did not move she just lay there breathing heard and whimpering a little from her sexual satisfaction. Soon Brandi sat up and she got off the bed she went to all four corners of the bed and released the binds that held Tiffany. By now my cock had risen to if full glory and I was horny. I was stroking my cock and I watched as Brandi was looking at me. She got on the bed and rolled Tiffany on top of her. Tiffany was starting to move again and I watched as Brandi reached down and slowly slid the big dildo back into her pussy. Tiffany was moving slowly back and forth on the slipper plastic cock and she was moaning slightly. What an insatiable slut she was. Tiffany was full on now fucking herself on the cock and Brandi looked at me and reached around and spread open Tiffany’s ass cheeks. I looked at the side table and there was a bottle of lube, I grabbed it squeezed some onto my cock and stroked it a few times to make sure it was well coated. I climbed on the bed behind Tiffany and I squirted a little lube on her beautiful little pink rosebud of an asshole. Tiffany did not stop pumping herself on the cock and I maneuvered myself between both of their legs and I leaned over supported my weight with one arm on the side of Brandi’s body and with the other hand I gripped my cock and lined it up with Tiffany’s ass hole. With every backward movement she made she made more and more contact with my cock. Then she pushed back against me and almost let the black dildo slip from her pussy. I pushed forward the head of my large cock split open her ass and almost with a pop I slid into her. Tiffany bowed her head forward and buried her face into a pillow and let out a scream. Her fists were balled up tightly gripping the bedspread. I pulled back a bit and slid forward farther then back then forward farther again. Until finally I was all the way into her ass. My hips were bumping against her rock solid ass. Tiffany lifted her head and gave Brandi a deep kiss and she moved back onto the dildo. She was now completed impaled on both of these large units. Brandi reached up and from behind she gripped Tiffany’s shoulder to hold her down on the cock. I pulled back almost to the point that I could see the head of my cock coming out of her ass and then I leaned forward with all my weight and buried my cock into her ass again. She groaned and grunted with the effort. With Brandi’s cock still buried I started to stroke in and out of her ass building momentum and force with every thrust. Tiffany was moaning and grunting with every push. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and Brandi attached her teeth to one of Tiffany’s nipples. She let out a little yelp and I slammed back into her again. I felt that familiar feeling again and I grabbed my cock and was squeezing the shaft to hold back as long as I could. Tiffany was groaning and I could feel her ass convulsing around my cock as she came on Brandi’s cock. I pulled out and I stroked my cock aiming my load at both of their faces. And I let fly with my load. I was impressed as I shot a few good streams right on their faces and some on their tits. I was completely spent and I collapsed off the bed onto the arm chair in the corner. Tiffany completed exhausted also collapsed and Brandi pulled he cock out of Tiffany’s pussy. All three of us laid out for some time until finally I got up enough strength to make my way to the shower. As I was soaping up my body completely Brandi and Tiffany came I and joined me in the oversized shower. All three of us cleaned up real good and I made my way out with just a towel wrapped around me. When Tiffany and Brandi both came out of the shower I was actually pretty impressed they had both put on some light make up I guess from Brandi’s bag and they were also both dressed. I walked them both to the door and I gave them both a great kiss as they left. I returned back to my bed and collapsed and fell quickly into a deep sleep. I am not sure what time in the morning I woke up but I grabbed another shower looked around the room and was surprised it was in as good a shape as it was after the fuck fest that occurred last night. I made my way to the restaurant for breakfast and after I grabbed my food I sat down and was looking out the window at the view. I heard someone clear their throat and I turned to see Tiffany and a guy standing at my table. The guy spoke up first and he asked if it was ok to join me. They both sat down and I was a little surprised. Tiffany sat down and slid right over against me and she put her hand down under the table onto my cock. And she moaned. She then said.“This is my husband, David.” I must have had a shocked look on my face as it was obvious that Tiffany was stroking my cock under the table. David then spoke up,“I understand that you looked after my wife quite well last night.”I nodded my head and groaned a little as Tiffany now had slipped her hand under my waist band and was gripping my hardening cock. This was obvious also. She leaned over closer and kissed me on the neck and nibbles my ear. “I have to leave today for work but Tiffany wishes to stay a little longer.”I nodded.“Can I ask you to look after her for me for a few days?”I nodded again still in a little bit of shock. “Great.” David said and with that he stood up never touched her and he turned and left the restaurant. I looked at Tiffany and she smiled and said.“He is my cuck and I fuck who ever I like and I like you right now so I told him he had to ask you to look after me.”I laughed and slid my hand inside her upper thigh and felt that she did not have on any panties. She then said.“See that young girl by the pool.” “Yes.” I answered “I like her and I want to seduce her today to join us tonight.”I laughed and told her to go ahead I had a few things to do today. Tiffany leaned off and gave me a deep kiss and asked if there was any one that I was interested in. I just laughed and I told her I would see. I left Tiffany at the pool side and as I left the pool area I saw my friend the bartender at the bar and he asked me if everything was ok. I just laughed and told him everything was great. He then asked if I wanted different company tonight and I glanced back at Tiffany who was already talking to the little blonde at the pool. I leaned over to my new found best buddy. “Yes send me someone just like last night same time and tell her it is going to be a fucking orgy.”Buddy just laughed as I left the area to go back to my room and rest for the day as the night was going to be a long one and lots of fun I imagined.

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