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I had been working with Tony for about a year. He was smart, funny, good looking, and gay. While he was not flamboyant or a queen by any stretch, he was did not try hide the fact or flout it. He simply was who he was and people for the most part accepted that. I had worked with Tony on a few projects and always in enjoyed it. As I mentioned he was smart, so I always learned something new, and he was a lot of fun and was quick to laugh or make a joke when things were getting stressful. Sometimes I couldn’t help but notice how good of care he took of himself. He was always well dressed in a tailored shirt and tie, rarely a suit, but sometimes a tie. He wore a couple of different types of cologne. Never too overpowering, but sometimes when he would lean over my shoulder to look at the computer screen I couldn’t help but notice how good he smelled.

I guess I’ve been bisexual all my life. I’ve always found men and women beautiful, exciting, and sexy. Over the years I’ve explored both sexes and love the differences and the similarities. However, I’ve always been very closeted about my “gay” sex life. No real surprise why in a society that is quick to judge and scorn homosexuality. Because of this it has often made it difficult to male lovers. I couldn’t help but respect and admire Tony’s willingness to take the subtle, and not so subtle, remarks and comments. Over the year that we have worked together I had begun to fantasize about him. What his kisses would taste like. What his chest would feel like. How his arms would feel around me. How his cock would feel driving into my tight ass. Sometimes I would jerk off and let me cum drip down my hands and then lick it up imagining tasting his hot salt cum. As time passed, I found these fantasies creeping more and more into our working day. Sometimes he would catch me staring at him a little too long, and would give me a little smile, but for months that is all that we did. That was until our last project together.

It was the usual project. Under funded, under resourced, and not enough time to deliver, but we dove and began to burn the midnight oil. Day after day poker oyna we worked until 9pm or later. That was okay for me as my dating life has sucked for the last couple of months, so it beat sitting at home jerking off to porno movies. So we worked night after night, until at last the final night came when we were finished. It was almost midnight and we sat in the bullpen across from each other leaning back in our chairs. The office was dead quiet and all the lights were off but some emergency lighting and our two desk lights. Even the cleaning staff had come and gone hours ago. I let out a deep long sigh and said, “Well, we did it”.

Tony, looked back at me with a smile, “We sure did”. “We deserve a party!”

“Sounds great!” I laughed, “Lets hit the club and cut loose!”

Tony’s eyes lit up and he grinned a little mischievously as he said, “Well, I don’t think that we have the same taste in clubs.”

“Hey, you never know” I replied, grinning as much as he was. I could feel my heart pounding. Were we flirting? How far should I take it? “I might just surprise you.”

Now we were staring into each other’s eyes as Tony giggled and said, “I bet you could surprise me. You quiet ones are always the best.”

My heart skipped a beat, “What do you mean?”

Tony paused for a minute as he knew we were quickly approaching a point of no return, “Well, the quiet ones are the ones that need to just fuck the most and are insatiable for cock once you start them up.”

I blushed and couldn’t help but lick my lips, but managed to reply, “I didn’t know I was that easy to read.”

“For most people maybe not,” Tony answered, “but I’ve noticed your lingering looks, and I don’t need 20/20 vision to see your cock is bursting to get out of your pants right now.” He was right. My cock was throbbing and my fuck hole was twitching at the prospect of where we were going. He rolled his chair across the bullpen and stopped right in front of me.

“See how hard I am too?” His had reached down to his crotch and squeezed his hard cock. Even through his pants I could see the clear outline of canlı poker oyna the head of his cock. Again, I licked my lips unconsciously. “Do you want to feel it?”

“Yes” I replied almost whispering. As we were almost touching now, all I had to do was lean forward and reach out and replace his hand with mine. I could feel his cock jump through his pants as I touched it and it was hot and hard. I squeezed gently and felt it throb even more. Leaning forward had brought my face within inches of his. Tony’s cologne filled my senses and I looked from his eyes to his lips which were parted slightly. Almost simultaneously he leaned forward and kissed me as his hand reached down and grab my cock. For a few minutes, I just closed my eyes and savoured his lips as we kissed with a passion that had been locked up inside me for months. As his tongue began to explore mouth I let myself fall into the moment and just savoured him. When we finally came up for air, I could only gasp, “I need to taste your cock.”

With that I slid out of my chair onto my knees before him. My eyes were fixed on his cock, which was now bursting to break through his zipper. I brought my mouth to him and began to kiss and nibble at his cock through his pants. I undid his belt and slowly unzipped his pants. His underwear were taut with his cock. Right over the head of his cock was a small damp spot from his pre-cum. I quickly began to lick and suck the sweet juice from his underwear. Tony’s moans and thrusts of his cock up to my mouth let me know that I was driving him wild too.

When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I pulled his pants down to his ankles. His legs were shaved and bare. “I hope you don’t mind”, Tony managed gasp; “I’ve always liked to be bare.” I didn’t reply, but spread his legs and began to lick and kiss his inner thighs and I slowly made my way up to his balls. Pulling the inside of his underwear aside, I let one of his balls pop out. It was bare and smooth too. I began to lick and kiss it, which sent shudders radiating through Tony’s body. Finally, when neither one of us could take it any longer, I moved up internet casino to his cock again. Slowly, I began to pull down his underwear. His cock sprung out at me hard and twitching, with a glistening ball of pre-cum on his head. Grabbing his cock with one hand, I used the tip of my tongue to lick up the sweet ball of juice and spread it across the head of his cock until it was glistening and wet.

After a few rounds of my tongue around his cock, I pressed the head of his cock against my lips and began to slide it into my mouth across my lips. When just his head was surrounding by my lips, I began to run my tongue around his throbbing head in my mouth. With one hand gripping his cock, I used my other hand to pull his underwear down so that I could hold his balls with my other hand. Slowly, I began to go down on his cock as I gripped him and held his balls. I could feel his hips rise up to meet me and soon I had a good four inches of his cock inside my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock at the back of my throat and it filled my mouth. Soft and hard at the same time. Slight salty from his sweat and sweet from his pre-cum that continued to flow into my mouth.

Within in minutes I was pumping his cock with my hand and mouth. With each stroke I could feel him throb and hear his moans of pleasure. Minutes seemed to stretch on as I lost myself on the taste, smell, and sensation of sucking his beautiful cock. I knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold back for long and I didn’t care as I wanted to feel his hot cum explode into my mouth, and as the pace increased and his moans increased, I knew that he was going to give it to me. With a final squeeze of my hand and mouth, I began to feel his orgasm pumping his cum through his cock and hot jets of cum exploded into my mouth and throat. I swallowed hungrily and then withdrew a little and began to jerk him off as his cum exploded into my open mouth. As his orgasm began to wane, his cum began to drip down his cock and my hand that gripped him. Gently, but hungrily, I began to lick his sweet cum off of my hand.

Looking up at him with his cum on my lips and hands, I managed to whisper, “I think we should go back to my place and continue this.”

Still quivering and breathing heavily from his orgasm, Tony managed to gasp out “Oh yeah! I’m definitely not done with you yet.”

Part II…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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