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Crash Landed

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Crash LandedThis is a fictional story about how two men who happened to have very bad fate ended up falling in love.John and Andy were both on the same plane together when they took off from the United States. They were both employees that had never met each other but since they both worked for a shipping company they had to take a flight down to South America. Their pilots were fresh out of training and didn’t have much experience and did’t have any idea what to do when the clouds began to come in. The clouds were dark, the pilots didn’t want want to go through the storm so they divided to try and go around it. They said they would have just enough fuel but began to worry when they got out of radio contact. All their radio and phones were dead, no one was answering and they began to worry and even began to panic. After about 2 hours of trying to fly around the storm the plane was hit by lightning. The plane quickly went down.. The pilots knew that they were going to go down, they also knew that they would have to land it safely on the water or else all on board would not live. So the flight attendant gave John the inflatable boat, at the time Andy was in the bathroom… he got knocked out when they got hit. The attendant put a vest on Andy and pulled him out of the bathroom and put him in a seat. As soon as the plane hit both the pilots died and the attendant flew forward hitting her head, John quickly escaped by swimming out of the broken glass in the cock-pit and inflated the boat. The boat shot him up and he quickly surfaced and was on the boat in no time. The plane was a wreck, everything was destroyed, on fire, or sinking and just in that moment when all the shock hit John he saw a body floating on the surface not to far away. He quickly paddled to him and gave him CPR, John saved his life by doing so… After kaynarca escort a couple of hours they both fell asleep on their raft; once Andy woke up he saw an island just feet away from where he was floating so he paddled to it and made it to the shore, John was still out at this point. Once they made it to the shore Andy quickly realized what happened and that his pants, shirt, and underwear were torn to shreds, they were so torn that they couldn’t even hold up and quickly fell off. Andy didn’t give a shit though since a way worse event had just happened.John woke up a few hours later and was shocked that he was lucky enough to land on an island even though he knew that he would never get rescued since the plane went out of radio contact 2 hours before it crashed. After a little while of exploring the island John locked eyes with Andy who was just coming out of the forested part of the island. John didn’t consider himself gay but once in a while he would catch himself checking out some man walking down the beach in a speedo or shorts.”Hey! I’m glad that you’re finally awake. I was beginning to worry about you!””Thanks. What happened and why don’t you have any clothes on!?””You passed out on the raft. I brought us to shore and all of my clothes got torn to shreds at the crash…””Oh fuck… well did anyone else live? and how big is this island?”It’s a decent size for 2 people, there’s lots of vegetation and fish around so it should be fine but I haven’t seen anyone else so I’m guessing that we’re the only survivors.”After two days John told Andy that he knew they wouldn’t get rescued. Andy took it pretty well since it was a beautiful island and he didn’t think that it would be too hard to survive. After a week or two John began to get pretty horny. He wasn’t too used to not being able to jerk off orhanlı escort or have sex and that’s when it all began. John began to stare at and check out Andy any time he saw him, when Andy would bend over to get a crab or clam or something John would just imagine fucking his ass.”What am I doing?! I have a girlfriend back home” He thought to himself.Considering Andy had no clothes on it made it a lot harder on John. After about a month of surviving on the island John knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold it in much longer… he just had to either jerk off or fuck Andy. John decided to try and jerk off but quickly stopped since Andy was around every time he was about to even try.Another week went by but one day Andy caught John staring at his ass while he was bending over to pick something up. That night Andy decided to tell John that he was gay. John already suspected this but didn’t say anything and he also thought that it was a plus at the moment. The next mid-day John decided that he would also take off all of his clothes since it was way too hot and he also wanted Andy to try to make a move on him. Andy was a very shy guy so he didn’t often make moves but after going over a month with out masturbating or having sex he just wanted to fuck John.”What happened to your clothes?!” Andy said.”It was way too hot for them plus you’ve had yours off for over a month now!” “Good point.” Andy looked in the sky and saw storm clouds forming in the distance.”We should definitely make sure that we go in our shelters tonight since it’s gonna storm.””That’s a great idea. Once it’s going to suck once it does though!””It sure will!”John and Andy sheltered in their shelters but the storm was way worse than they thought. It completely blew away John’s shelter but Andy’s was holding up strong so John went into his for tepeören escort the night and slept as close as possible without getting too intimate. Andy wanted to fuck John so bad so he spooned up next to him. By this point John decided to try and put the moves on Andy so he scooted back so that his ass was right up against Andy’s cock. Andy began to slide his hand up and down John’s leg and once he heard him let out a slight moan he knew it was his chance. Andy quickly began to grind on John’s ass while John just moaned and whimpered slightly. By this point they were both rock hard and ready for some real nice hard action!”Do you want to flip around and 69.” Andy said.”I would love to! “John and Andy sucked each others cocks for a very long time before they were about to blow, so they stopped.Andy flipped John on his back and put his dick against his tight pink hole and just before he was about to shove it in John said”I’ve never been fucked before so go easy at first.” “Oh I will but then I’m going to fuck you nice and hard like I’ve wanted to ever since i first saw you!”Andy began to stick his tongue as deep as he could inside John’s asshole. Every time he went in and out John would let out a moan that motivated Andy even more! After a while Andy slid in two of his fingers and worked his asshole till he thought that it was loose enough to fit his big cock into his ass. Andy pressed his dick against his ass hole and felt some resistance but quickly got passed it and slid right in. “Ahhhhh fuck me nice and hard!”Andy then began slamming his ass and fucking John as hard and fast as he could.John’s moans and screams of ‘YES’ and ‘FUCK ME HARDER!!!’ made him on the verge of cumming. After what seemed like an hour of fucking Andy blew the biggest damn load he ever had inside of Johns ass. Just as Andy began cumming John also began to cum and sprayed loads of cum all over his chin neck and stomach. After they both went limp they fell asleep but with Andy’s cock still inside of Johns ass. They both fucked like crazy every day almost all day from there on out!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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